Can a U.S. state secede from the Union? Is there a clause in the Constitution which allows states to secede from the Union, or can this process be done by voting?

I come across questions like this periodically. I usually give a version of the same answer, and get a lot of people telling me that I cannot predict the future, or X, Y or Z could happen to make secession a realistic possibility. So let me try to be very clear and

If Joe Biden ran for presidency in 2020, could Barack Obama be his VP?

Actually yes.Here's the deal. A vice president has to be eligible to succeed to the presidency and the president is term-limited by the 22d amendment. The catch is that while a president is limited to two elected terms he or she is also limited to a total of

Why the same-sex marriage Supreme Court decision applies also to Puerto Rico when the Fourteen Amendment does not apply to territories?

The 14th Amendment Due Process Clause says nothing about the federal government does it? However, the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause mirrors the Due Process clause in the 14th Amendment, and, per SCOTUS, they apply the same rulings incorporated against the states via the 14th Amendment to the federal government (and arguably its territories) through the 5th Amendment.

Should U.S. Attorney General William Barr be impeached?

Upsetting House Democrats is not a valid reason to impeach the AG. There are those, such as Nancy Pelosi, who has stated that

What is your most controversial opinion about the U.S. Constitution?

That the ENTIRETY of the Constitution must be interpreted under the rules of Strict Construction. An immutable doctrine that takes every word literally. If the Laws of the United States must be changed severely pursuant to the Nation's need to reflect the changing times and

Did the Founding Fathers believe we have a 'living, breathing Constitution'?

The very ironic thing is - the "Founders*" who would be closer to a lot of Originalist or Anti-Living/Breathing thinking today:  (thinking Madison and Jefferson) were closer to a living/breathing than the type of "Founders" that would go originalist. thinking Hamilton, Washington, others.Every constitution,

How long (in minutes) would your average civilian Second Amendment believer last against a battle-tested squad of GIs?

Uhh...Wow, I don't even know where to start.Let's talk capability then let's talk philosophy (I love the good ole

How will the US Supreme Court rule on same-sex marriage cases in 2013?

Dan Holliday has a rather robust answer here, and I agree with a lot of it. I won't bother rehashing the legal stuff because he does good job with it, so I'll simply leave what little I have to quip about it to footnotes and commence with the rundown:ConservativesScalia: He'll almost certainly

What is the most important law in the United States?

My vote would go to the first amendment to the Constitution, which reads,