Can a U.S. state secede from the Union? Is there a clause in the Constitution which allows states to secede from the Union, or can this process be done by voting?

What Americans are taught about the War between the States by a government-controlled education system. The same government that waged an undeclared war against a nation made up of States that lawfully responded to several threats to their existence by seceding.What must be asked is why it

Why is the phrase 'One nation under God' not in conflict with the U.S. constitution?

The First Amendment has both the Establishment clause and the Free Exercise clause, so issues of religion in public life will always involve balancing those two conflicting commands.If it were still the law that schools could make students say this Pledge or be expelled, you might have a point. Since, however, you can opt out of the

Does the U.S. Constitution work?

The Constitution, like any set of good laws, can work if you want it to.Let me ask you a question. Why are there are places in the world that are referred to as lawless even though they have laws? Generally speaking it's because the laws they have are not being followed or because they have what most people

How would the U.S. government be able to regulate Google searches?

For the most part they can't.#1: Any rules that would apply to Google would apply to all internet search engines.Something that Trump seams to be missing is that you can't legally apply rule to a company and not a industry.#2: It's not going to pass in Congress/House. Because they simply don't care about Trumps Bruised Ego.#3:

Does the U.S. Constitution prohibit states from seceding from the Union?

Secession is unconstitutional.The United States is referred to as a

If there was no Establishment Clause in the U.S. Constitution, would U.S. Christians persecute U.S. non-Christians?

There are historical precedents we can look at, within the US, for what life was like with established state religions.Several of our states actually had official, established religions long after the 1st amendment was ratified.The original meaning and purpose of the anti-establishment clause was to allow states to have whichever official

What is a good way to summarize The Second Amendment?

You have to look at the Bill of Right's Document as a whole and what or who it represents. They were all written as individual rights that the Constitution didn't touch on and they were all ratified by all the states in the union. They outline the individual rights of

Is POTUS accountable to judicial authorities?

As prescribed in the Constitution, he can be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate, as President Bill Clinton was in 1998–1999 and President Andrew Johnson was in 1868. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the trial.

Can a U.S. state secede from the Union? Is there a clause in the Constitution which allows states to secede from the Union, or can this process be done by voting?

The basic answer:There is no clause in the US Constitution that prohibits it. The US Constitution only addresses the method by which a state may be partitioned into two or more states, or by which two or more states may be joined as a single state.

How different would America be today if the Lochner era had never ended?

I assume you are referring to the era after the Supreme Court's decision in Lochner v. New York, and the ensuing decisions striking down any governmental attempt to regulate business activities in the areas of minimum wage, working conditions and so on. Professor Paul Kens at Texas State University has written a