What are some major differences between western states such as Wyoming, Colorado and Utah compared to Northeastern states like Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts?

Besides being much bigger, more sparsely populated, and more mountainous?All but a few pieces of New England, New York and Pennsylvania are fully incorporated (the exceptions being mostly in the far north of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire) and the primary divisions of government for getting

Is life better on Florida than in California?

It depends what you value. For example the beaches in Florida are better in the sense that the water is much warmer. California's coast is spectacular visually but the water is freezing. Don't get me started on taxes. The two places are light years apart. So, without knowing the things

Why are taxes in New Jersey so high?

First, a high population density. In fact, the highest population density of any state. Much of the state is dominated by two metropolitan areas - NYC and Philadelphia. This means that there is a demand for significant infrastructure, including public transportation.Second, New Jersey on

Is San Francisco a culture shock to small town America?

I once took someone from Wisconisn out to a big Chinese Dim Sum place in SF and he was freaked. out. He barely ate anything and looked completely bewildered. He was the only non-Asian person there. So then I was shocked by his freaked-outedness as I thought it would be a fun experience for him. This was in the