Ambition: Why isn't everyone ambitious?

Lack of self-efficacy.Turn on the TV or read the news and you are presented with this reality:"Here's some people doing a lot better than me in life, in every imaginable sense."Most people respond with this thought:"I don't have the means to do the

Are most writers introverts?

16 Super Successful Introverts Here J.K Rowling is list as being introverted.Authors need to spend lots of time alone in their head and this might be a very difficult task to accomplish as an extrovert.Most people think Introverts cannot be extroverts but this in not true. Introverts

Are successful people introverts?

An introvert is a person who is more interested in his own thoughts and feelings than in things outside of himself and is often shy and unwilling to speak or join in activities with others. The survey shows that half of the Americans are introverts.But

Are you more attracted to introverts or extroverts?

As an introvert INFJ, I am attracted to both introverts like myself and extroverts.My husband is an extrovert ENFJ. I like the fact that he is able to talk to anybody, is confident in all situations, able to make difficult phone calls

Attractive Women: What characteristics can make a woman exceptionally irresistible?

Everyone is giving their own answers to this, and pretending that they have absolutely unique tastes. My good friend User-13415495195380945687 just listed some of his personal interests- and that's fine- but I think we're missing one of the few universally attractive traits.ConfidenceIt doesn't matter if you're a Barrel-Chested monster of a Man or the

Do shy and introverted guys end up single?

Yes... and for a long time indeed. This is basically due to the logistics. I am not going to mix the traits shyness and introvert/extrovert and use them interchangeably. They are different things. Here shyness is the culprit. We are also not factoring in the "goodness" of the person,

How are personality traits useful?

Because without them, you're like a useless robot.They make us all unique.Now while they make us unique, they make us of some worth because we all have something different to offer to the world.Personality traits make things unpredictable and interesting because you certainly won't have the same set of those as anyone else, and nor will anyone

How to change my husband into a responsible person

I feel for you because I have a dreamy husband who isn't cut out for the high-powered executive life, but he is my guiding light and love of my life. He is my brick-shaped cloud. He looks solid but he's barely there. I had to make major

How to become a more interesting person? Travel more? Learn a new language? Take a class and learn something new? Talk to more people

I've extolled the virtues of books elsewhere on Quora, and I can definitely say the worlds that reading and writing have opened up to me have indeed made me more "interesting" in one way or another.But... "How do I become a more interesting person?" is another variant of "How do I stand out?" "How do

How to get over bad memories and bad relationships

First things first, we Quorans would like to assure you that a lot of people go through this kind of thing; so you're never alone in any of this. Also you have this big, wonderful community to help you be a better person. That's some

How has your personality changed since you started exercising?

While I was active all of my adult life I started running regularly when I was 41 year old. Running made me - Healthier - Happier - Wiser - Wealthier- My weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and cholesterol all went down -

If someone is having a bad time and wants to take their frustrations out on someone, what kind of person are they likely to chose, and why?

Based on people I know the kind of person someone like you described will choose either of two types of people. The first being a person who is hard to phase and is strong enough to take the abuse (this can include the bad boy type,

Is Tyrell Wellick (from the show Mr.Robot) a sociopath?

Tyrell is a sociopath. Sociopaths can exhibit anxiety when their own person is in danger be it extreme physical harm or capture. Tyrell exhibits several traits on the checklist for Anti-Social Personality Disorder/ Sociopath. The most notable is his facility to assume personas like a chameleon. He can be charming or menacing, gay

What are some common traits of the highly emotionally intelligent people?

It has been my experience that there is an additional factor affecting emotional intelligence in human beings, and that is an acute awareness of their own tendencies, behaviors, and subjective responses to what goes on around them. Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to reflect on oneself and

What are some examples of character traits?

Q. What are some good character traits?One cannot know other people by only physical appearance. One should not be intimate with other people by knowing only a short time.-Those who do not constrain physically and mentally travel the world by pretending as one with constrained mind and body.-It is through living together that a person's virtue may be known,

What are some of the most likable personality traits?

.          "What are your favorite personal personality traits of others?" For me personally I like others to have intelligence, courtesy, and bluntness. While I can't stand racism, I much prefer politically incorrect dialogue which is accurate and unaffected. While I don't mind clever witticisms, phony

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?

People who are capable of high intelligence usually:Learn new information rapidly, easily and efficientlyFeel less discomfort than less gifted people when confronted with information that challenges previously accepted beliefsSolve problems using out-of-the-box methodsAre victims of jealousy, prejudice, and physical or emotional bullyingPossess an exceptionally large vocabulary, often well in excess of 30,000 words which is considered

What are the most common personality traits?

Everyone is unique and obviously not according to our preference.No one is that perfect to be preferred. It's a completely misguiding concept. You cannot classify a person, he/she is simply one of their kind. We accept what we personally like and not on the basis of what conditions a person fulfills.Traits preferred by one individual from the other depends

What are the qualities of someone admirable?

Self-improvement: I admire people who constantly strive for self-improvement, particularly of the character and the mind. These people do not let complacency and smug self-satisfaction hold them back. They love to learn and grow.Thoughtful: I am drawn to people who

What are the weirdest personality traits that intelligent people have?

I am not here to blow any trumpets but I will give you a few of the more damaging ones. First, before I present something I will look over, and think it over, and not realize that I just spent 5 hours looking it over! The mind is

What can be a person's personality traits?

A person should be true to his ideologies and his principles and should always abide by them whether he is being observed or not observed and it can be best judged when one is around. Suppose a person preaches of being a modest man has a

What do you believe to be your most defining personality trait?

Yeshua Ha Machiah aka Jesus Christ in me - His Holy Spirit.Here's why:My Testimony (My Testimony)Appendix to My Testimony (Appendix to My Testimony)My objective is to testify what's happened to me that you may draw from to use to increase your own personal confidence, as well answer to

What do you think is your underrated personality trait?

The ability to deal with people being an asshole to you and keeping completely calm and not showing annoyance or getting visibly upset. I am a police officer and have this trait. Unsurprisingly I come across people that don't like me specifically because of my uniform so I don't take

What does it mean to be a 'jumper' when it comes to the Objective personality concepts of sleep, blast, play and consume?

Thank you for asking this question because I think understanding it helps a lot of people who feel as though they don't quite fit some of the MBTI stereotypes. The

What is considered to be the most desirable personality trait?

Greetings!The most desirable persanility trait would differ from person to person, community to community but the commonly accepted are as follows.SimplicityHumilityGentlenessStraightforwardnessHonestySincerityTruthfulnessCheerfulnessToleranceGenerositySerenitySelf-controlChastityNon-violenceDedicationDisciplineConfidenceCarefulnessDynamismPerseveranceSelf-containmentMagnanimityCourageFearlessness

What is my personality trait?

There are several factors that determine the formation or shaping of our personality.Among them the three major factors are: Heredity, Environment and Situation.There are five Big Personality Traits which have a significant impact in individual's life.a) Extroversion: Extroverts are sociable, lively, and

What is the least common trait in people?

From my personal understanding, it would be selflessness.People can be very helpful towards others, but most of the time it all boils down to them. Most people have the idea that if I help someone, they will help me. Can you see

What is the most admirable character trait you seek in a partner?

Charter trait?Um I'm assuming that's meant to be character lol.While it may seem awful of me, I want someone who is smart enough to hate people but also smart enough to realize they need them to some degree. That way they will need me and their love for me will only grow.I want

What is the most amazing personality trait to have?

Selflessness. The willingness to think of others and realise that not everything is about you.It goes against everything which evolution teaches and, at times, puts someone else's welfare before one's own.At times it is counterintuitive, causes pain to oneself and you may not get anything in return.It is, of course, tied in to self-sacrifice. And we hear of

What is the most detestable personality trait?

Not addressing your own emotional needs and the ones of others that concern you.This is really the number one killer of any relationship and it includes many many other traits that come as a result. This is the basic source for behaviors such

What is the most important personality trait that a person can have?

Accountability.In my free e-book, The 5 Essential Forces of Success, I go into detail on the five qualities of game-changers out there in the world along with full examples, but for now I will outline the most vital of them all: Accountability.Definition (from

What is the most pathetic trait a person can have?

Self-loathing and self pity, which are two sides of the same coin. Basically, someone sits around thinking about how miserable they are, decides that they want and deserve to be miserable, and then decides to make everyone around them miserable. This usually dovetails with passive-aggression.You know the

What is the most unattractive personality trait?

Any of the following...An unhappy face - Without a smile, alwaysA know-it-all attitude - Unwilling to learn. never listens to anyone else and keeps projecting self as the smartest among the groupThanklessness - Taking help from people and bashing them laterArrogance of any

What is your least favorite personality trait?

My least favorite personality trait is self-Deception or people who lie to themself. I was one of these people for many years. First i want to write a little bit what self-Deception is.Self-Deception is the action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling,

What kind of people do you hate the most?

I am a very crazy person with some strange characteristics. In general, I have a very strong sixth sense, so when I meet someone for the first time, I can feel the evil or good in him / her after just seconds. Until a few years ago, I left

What makes a person boring?

I have a friend who is very boring. He is a very nice guy who by the way has won the genetics lottery. He is athletic and handsome. But women keep leaving him.For a long while I did not understand why.Then one day we

What makes some people more ambitious than others?

What makes people ambitious and others not?I believe it's a combination of things - nature, nurture, values and spiritual beliefs.I've seen people who are temperamentally like their parents in characteristics like ambition to a degree that seems to go far beyond the example they observed from their parents.So we are born with certain tendencies - goal orientation, persistence, mental

What personality trait do you appreciate most about other people?

Honesty. Especially when telling the truth means putting themselves at risk.I found honesty, nowadays, is a rather rare character trait. A lot of people I know personally would make little lies one time to another for no good reason. Quite a number of them even lied unconsciously. Could you picture that? Does that sound surreal to you? It

What personality trait do you like least about yourself?

The inability of self acceptance.The fact that any of us including myself ever have to look at ourselves and think thoughts of how far below the grade we are. We live in a competitive world and simply enjoying oneself for who we are isn't possibly, certain

What personality trait increases the most with increase in intelligence?

I suppose it depends on what sort of intelligence you're referring to, in which sort of person. Personal assumption of great knowledge? - Arrogance and an inability to see what isn't yet known. Emotional intelligence? - The ability to read people and calculate their (and your own)

What personality traits do you value in the average American?

It is very hard generalize. A lot of things do depend were a person coming from. It is a huge country after all. But after saying that I would like to tell about one thing that Americans value. Thing that I

What personality traits in others do you find yourself most attracted to?

There is nothing more desirable than a person who can take hardship and come out of it with wisdom and energy. This is what I consider resiliency.Resiliency is fundamental to survival and that speaks to my primitive brain. I value resiliency because life is not always easy-it hasn't been

What's the best trait of the worst person you know?

I'm going to refer to this person as D (for anonymit).D was from my class when I was studying Architecture.Reasons why I deem her as the worst person I know (so far) is because her behaviour reflects a classisist, bigoted, judgemental, arrogant and conceited individual who is inherently

What specific personality trait do you feel is the most important?

IntegrityI grew up thinking being street smart is cool. Lying your way around and feeling clever sure feels good. I also sometimes used to pick up stuff from supermarkets and just leave without paying. I thought, the world is rarely fair to me,

What trait of personality do you think is unforgettable?

I think people who have the capacity to forgive are the most amazing. I know someone who does that and he's a rare find. Very mellow man. Best character I've ever seen. Sometimes people do him serious wrong. He does not let them treat him as a doormat, but he forgives. It is a wonder to behold.

What traits do highly sexual people have?

I cannot speak to traits that individuals who suffer from a sex addiction possess, but I would suspect they are not unlike the traits that other addicts commonly exhibit.People who are in control of their sexual behavior, but have a great appreciation for the activity tend to be:  Adventurous and perhaps known to

What's a negative trait that you have?

oh wow, this list could go on and on, but for a couple:I'm too cynical. I have no belief in human nature being inherently good. I believe everything that everyone does is done for a reason that will benefit them in one way or another.

Which personality trait do you hate the most and why?

Hate is a terribly strong word, you know. There are certain personality traits I automatically find off-putting and that I absolutely couldn't abide by should I have to spend a lot of time with the person who had them, and

Can depression affect the whole personality?

Depression can't depression doesCan be small or big, but affect.Depression is a chronic illness that do not have a cure.But can be treated and controlled.Depression is a weakness in some glands of your brain and the limbic system.

Do psychopaths have different personalities?

I'm going to have to go with Elijah Bailey on this one. It's easy to spot some ‘primary' psychopaths, because they usually have a ‘permanent' flat affect. They never seem to respond to compliments or humor with genuine emotion. In fact,

Do you prefer to be overrated or underrated?

I prefer to be underrated!!!:)Weird..... isn't it????Well that's true and that's my way of approach to work!!!Whatever I do , I never say so easily that I doing this or I am doing that.I always prefer to work in low-profile so that I can improve myself to my best as possible and moreover, being underrated

Does being short in height affect one's personal life?

Growing up:At six years old, I got bullied a lot. Older boys would pick on me and once I got thrown into a garbage bin. When I was nine, during a trip, kids picked on me and pushed me around

Does not being emotional make a strong personality?

No, definitely not.A "strong" personality (as you put it) is one that is balanced and has all the human qualities in the right proportion. Being excessively emotional may not be a very good thing, but not being emotional at all is

How can we determine what makes a person strong?

We can't. We can't even really agree on what strength looks like in a person. Certain qualities that might be considered strong in one culture might be considered disgusting or even insane in another. For instance, In America if you build a business empire

How do we identify a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder? What are the characteristics and behavioral patterns of an NPD person? Do they require psychiatric help?

There are different things to look for depending on how the narcissist views you. The easiest one is if you are a potential romantic partner. Look for idealization and for the narcissist to try and match your interests or personality. You might

How has your personality changed since you started exercising?

While I was active all of my adult life I started running regularly when I was 41 year old. Running made me - Healthier - Happier - Wiser - Wealthier- My weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and cholesterol all went down - I ran 300+ race

I'm an extreme introvert. What are some jobs that would fit my personality?

The best job for any person is what they like to do. If you can convert your passion or hobby into your profession then it won't matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert. So try to analyze & come up

Is it possible for a person with good job, family, health to still suffer from depression? What can be the cause of depression in such a person who apparently has a good life?

You may as well be asking if someone with all those great things can develop cancer. Or diabetes. Or multiple sclerosis.Depression is an illness.It's not a choice. It's not a mindset. It's not a bad mood that you snap out of.It's entirely independent of how much

Is there a set type of person who goes to the gym?

No. Lots of people go for lots of different reasons. Seeing is not always believing. Huge muscles are not only found in the gym. Nor does it equate to total or ideal fitness. You could argue that heavily narcissistic people frequent gyms more often but as a

What are some advice for an introvert to become more social and interact with others?

What are some advice for an introvert to become more social and interact with others?The introvert-extrovert spectrum has to do with how people become energized, not with sociability. Introverts prefer to recharge on their own or with a few people. Extroverts are energized by spending time with lots

What are the most common reasons why people develop difficult personalities?

The question is rather like asking, "Why does a broken bottle form shards?"People can be very fragile. It is very easy to do a lot of damage to a person and very hard to put them back together. By the very nature of how wonderful, special and unique we all are, we also

What are the things that make a person strong?

The things that make a person strong:The ability to accept the reality.The one who lives life without restrictions and dependencies.Having the courage to accept mistakes and rectify them rather than blaming others.The one who moves on with time rather than cringing for the things that

What can an introvert do to become an extrovert & vice-versa?

This might be the most popular question of Quora and because I want to answer it every time it comes up but not start from scratch I have a boiler plate response prepared:1. We choose our words carefully so others don't have to wade through a river of words

What do you consider your strength and why?

My strengths:- I am a great writer. I know it sounds egotistical, but I believe I am as good as anyone out there, and better than many of the hacks- I am extremely honest. I would never steal money, an idea, a girlfriend or anything else. This has been a detriment in my

What do you find most attractive about someone's personality, what grabs you?

That rare and hard to find anymore quality of a girl who actually listens to what you say and looks you in the eye-because she values your thoughts. Of course I personally enjoy the part when they become so enamored on what you are saying- that only God knows why but they get that look in their eye..and within

What does it feel like to be an introvert? Do you ever feel lonely? If yes, when?

I feel frustrated when I explain to someone that I need alone time and she responds, "yes, I need that every once in a while."  No you don't get it, that is my preferred mode, almost all the time I would prefer to be alone.  I was just making it sound casual so I wouldn't offend you

What incident changed your personality?

this happened only a couple years ago actually but I gotta go into detail on a few points first.i was adopted from Russia when I was almost 2 years old, as was my sister.I was put up for adoption because my Birth mother drank both with me (actually didn't have any effects from it, no ADHD, fAS, or anything

What is the best career according to my personality?

Personality is only one factor for success in a career. Other more important factors are that it's something you will always find interesting and fulfilling, and it suits your natural abilities and aptitudes.Don't rely on just one personality test, take a few and note the differences in

What makes an inspiring person?

There are hundreds if not thousands of traits that inspiring people have. There are entire books written on the subject. So I'm afraid I won't be doing your question any justice here. What you are about to read is a really oversimplified explanation of what an inspiring person is.An inspiring person has two core beliefs. They believe

What makes people have an anxious personality?

Anxiety is a form of fear. All humans have an instinct to fear during times of danger so they can better survive. Some people, however, fear when there is no danger, which leads to being anxious.Cortisol is a hormone released

What sports do you, as an introvert, play?

When I was a child, sports was covered by games, and games generally meant fun.Getting older - the number of games shrinking - actual sports with actual rules grew to be more interesting. But how to decide upon a discipline? The number was sheer endless (the exaggeration of my childlike mind; little did I know

What sports should introverts practice and why?

I'm not sure that I can speak on behalf of all introverts everywhere, not having been duly elected by anyone that I'm aware of, but I'll tell you what sports I've been involved in.I tried soccer (halfback position) and hated it. I would work my butt off and because

What's a good career for an introverted/reserved person?

Whoever tells you that your personality doesn't matter don't know what they are talking about.As an introvert you will struggle when it comes to extroverted careers like hr managers, physicians, psychologists, nurses, teachers, etc.Yes, you can do well but at the end of the day you will get burnt

What's the most attractive thing about women?

AVAILABILITY!As they say is sports... The best

When did your personality change?

Being an INFJ, my behaviour adjusts to the situation and the people around me.That's just my behaviour, which is

Which MBTI types are most likely to invent the next technological innovation?

A lot of people will say INTJs, but I disagree. I like INTJs but they play things too safe to be innovative from what I have seen.I could be wrong, but the question was

Why do I have such a boring personality?

Boring is all relative. And the interesting thing is that it is relative to you. Meaning, it is your attitude in Life. If you think you are dull and boring, well then maybe, just maybe, you are, but hey, it is not the end of the world.If we feel that we are

Are intelligent people more likely to be introverts?

Yes, they have a higher propensity to be introverted but with one significant caveat; they are capable of switching when the situation necessitates it.I'm certainly of the belief that the higher one's intelligence the more cognisant you become of yourself. This often manifests itself in the

Are successful people introverts?

An introvert is a person who is more interested in his own thoughts and feelings than in things outside of himself and is often shy and unwilling to speak or join in activities with others. The survey shows that half of the Americans are introverts.But how

As an introvert, what are your biggest interpersonal challenges?

My biggest interpersonal challenges are that I typically hate socializing, and love solitude. I can easily get along with and have fun with anyone, but I quickly tire of others when they don't share the same traits and interests as myself.I hate talking on the phone unless it's necessary,

Can an introvert hate being alone?

Yes. They are no different than an extrovert who is alone. Being an introvert does not mean they spend all of our time alone in a dark cave.It simply means they need solitude to regain a sense of balance when they have been otherwise overstimulated. As with an extrovert, they need to regain balance by

Can you find someone attractive if you don't like their personality?

There are a lot of attractive women out there but why would you want to be with a girl just because she's attractive. Looks aren't everything. To me the most important thing is not her looks it's her personality and how we get along . I've dated some very attractive women and one or two of them I

Do introverts dislike people?

Nope. At least notnabsolutely all.Common misconception is that introverts dislike hanging out with other people as they are shy and a quiet kinda of people.Why is this?Introversion is a state of energy. Introverts gain energy when they are by themselves. They are happily stimulated by their own minds without

Do introverts end up hating themselves?

Yes. There is a possibility of that happening. I mean look at all the shit extroverts post on social media. They always seem happy and energetic. They have lot of network and it seems they have got some one to help when they are in any kind of trouble. It sometimes feels like life is unfair. Moreover, in

Do introverts hate themselves for being introverts?

Vivacious in own solitudeA good listenerless friends (but the best friends)self motivatedshyAlways prefer to be in comfort zonePerson acquiring these properties are termed as INTROVERTS. Being an Introvert has its own pros and cons, coming on to the question,YES!! sometimes I hate myself for being an Introvertwhen you really want to talk to a person and you don't have

Has the number of people identifying as anxious and/or introverted dramatically increased in recent years - or does the internet just make it easier/safer somehow to reveal themselves in larger numbers?

Funny you should ask this question, as I asked my therapist, who works for a very large psychiatric organization in this area, the very same thing at my last session. Without hesitation, he told me their case loads had increased dramatically the last two years or so. Their waiting list for just an appointment has become unmanageable, because

How to still be a quiet person, when there are certain people/person you meet daily who really don't leave you until you don't show them aggressiveness

They may like the aggression, they may see it as a sign of caring, as if they can still get under your skin.Like they still

How to change my habit/ personality

Takes 30 days to develop a new habit or routine. So pick somebody who is what you want to be and copy what they do and how they live and do this for 30 days to start developing new habits and maybe a new personality.You

How do we describe a person?

Before you describe someone, know them. Don't describe someone you have known only for hours.There are certain circumstances in life that change people.Following are some ways to describe a person -Appearance - how do they look. This includes all the physical factors

How many people are introverts?

Modern personality theory doesn't really distinguish between introverts and extraverts. Instead, it's a matter of degree; you might score 10/100 on extraversion, or you might score 40 or 90. It's a continuum with no clear distinction between what score constitutes

How people consider introvert people?

Rude. Boring. Weird maybe.Introverts are misunderstood by many people owing to their inability to initiate or respond to small talks. Being one myself I tend to face a lot of uncomforts in social gatherings when people say how shy I am. It

In your opinion, are introverts more inclined to relate or subscribe to nihilism?

You mainly put attention on the outer, extraverted world do not mean you are outgoing or good at socializing.You mainly put attention in the inner, introverted world do not mean you are inward-looking or bad at socializing.Here are 4 kinds of nihilism and 4 kinds of ‘Superficial doctrine'(I do not know the word)nihilismunrealistic & recklessimmobile

Should I change myself?

You don't wear your principles and policies on our sleeve. Don't force them on others - because they do have their own principles and policies. Never ever try to force any thing on others - including your wife or your children, Give them vast scope / platform to play around

What, according to you, is the fine line that finds its way between a person being good or bad?

Philosophers have been debating what is good and what is not for centuries, and many people find that it's more complicated than just being kind. While every person's journey is different, being good has a lot to do with discovering yourself and your role in the world.

What are the most common misconceptions about being an introvert?

I think the biggest misconception about being an introvert is that we are shy.I'm not particularly shy. Now, I know lots of introverts who are shy. Some of them are even painfully shy.In fact, I would be surprised if most INFPs considered themselves to by shy (for example.) I think that one reason that some MBTI types

What body languages and facial expressions do narcissists display?

There is really no one answer to this question, unfortunately. If you are looking for one