Are women scared that men are growing away from them (not caring about them and their desires)?

In the main no, the general population of women have no idea that men are walking away and why although the number of women that are realising something is going on is increasing in line with the number of men who are walking away.Now this is clearly a reference to mgtow

As a man, what things do women do that creep you out?

Toxic femininity.Yes, femininity can be just a toxic as masculinity. But let's set a couple of definitions, to help keep things focused.Like its masculine counterpart, toxic femininity is the twisting of the natural evolutionary patterns of behavior and biological programming in a direction that is coercive and destructive.

Do women ever check out men's bodies?

Yes, but it works differently than you'd expect in my experience.The things that help seem to be...Confidence: You need to have confidence in yourself, and your appearance. You should stand up straight, and feel strong. You don't have to be he-man, just feel good and strong.Body: Yes, it matters. You should be toned, and solid, even if you aren't

Do women need men in this modern world, or should they be alone for their whole life?

I would say yes absolutely!Many women who's deluded by feminism think they don't want a man and can live by themselves. But they don't realize they were wrong until they are 35 or 40. By then it would have been very

How does our protective attitude towards women and the fact, that we value female life over male's (see 'women and children first'), influence or help the success of feminism?

It's why feminism has become such a prolific monster. Feminists don't want equality, except on payday. Monday through Thursday, they want to be treated like delicate snowflakes.The only reason feminism has any power are the legion of white knights who put women

How reliable is the claim that men work more hours than women?

It's BS.You can find many similar survey among webs. Just google women work longer hours than men or men work longer than women you will get different survey supports different opinions.First of all, how the statistics comes from is dubious. How do you know if

In which countries do women ask out men at around the same rate that men ask out women, or at least where men are not expected to do all the approaching and asking out?

I believe it's a random process and this is not destination based that if you go to a particular place in the world, girls will come and ask you for a date. Sometimes you have to approach, and if you have attractive personality and charm than girls can come and ask you out.

What are some things men should learn about women?

I don't claim to know a lot about women, but I was asked to respond to this question and will give it a try.Women tend to say what they believe they are supposed to think or feel rather than how they really think or feel. They are usually quick to tell someone

What are some things women can say to women but men can't say to men?

Let me start with some things men could, but won't say to men that women will. Some of these have outliers, meaning I'm sure some men do these things and some women don't. This is just based on my experience.Man, your ass

What are the differences between women and men?

Disclaimer:-It's purely based on what I have seen and what I do. If it doesn't feel good, please ignore. Don't hate me and send messages that are beyond my capacity to understand.Try to be bouyant sometimes. Not every answer requires to be sprinkled with

What are the jobs men do that women cannot do?

Anything a man can do, a woman can do too. Unless their physiology restricts it. I can only think of something to do with or around penis functions. Male porn star for example.This is 2018, we should be passed all that women can't do this rubbish now, but we're actually not. Take sports as a classic

What are the worst things about being a woman, from a psychological, physiological, or historical perspective?

I'm not a woman, but I was asked to answer; so I suppose I'll make a guesstimate. Please keep in mind though, that this is merely a guess. My first-hand experiences with being a woman are non-existant. Also; like my answer  to the equivalent question for men this is Norway-centric.CareerA high fraction of

What can men do that women cannot?

Men can solve problems in a more logical way.Men can understand football and can talk about it for hours. (There are so many women who can understand sports, but that's not me).Men can understand physics better than women. (Again there are women who excel at physics, but that's not me).Men can do anything to see that little

Who benefits more from marriage, men or women?

The benefits of a man and a woman in marriage is not designed to be equal even if women are seeking for equality, even In marriage.Below are my reasons why I think women benefits more before marriage and in marriage:Anytime I take my fiancee out on a date or for shopping, I

Who makes more of a contribution to our society, men or women?

Without women there are no men, without men there are no women.Let's phrase the question in another way, what is more important in a computer: the CPU or the cooling fan? One may seem to make more of a contribution (The CPU) but without the fan and heatsink, it is

Why are most people way more open with the appreciation of female beauty than of male beauty?

Female desire/ sexuality is not considered valid by mainstream society. This is one reason why many people think two women kissing is "ok" while  the same person might think two men kissing is degenerative. Women are socially forbidden from expressing any desire without coming off as desperate, strange,

Why do more men go to gyms than women?

There are a number of reasons for this. Though you asked this question primarily with regard to Western society, I am obliged to write about what happens in a country like India as well. Let's start off with a few easy reasons

Why do teenage boys idolise girls?

They are taught so. The media, movies, books, ads and even people around them, are there from day one to encourage them to think of girls as either deities or an extraterrestrial species. The term "girls" in the media has hyper-sexualizing connotations as soon as a young woman

Why is it that, despite the fact that I live in a patriarchal society, every time I look around, it seems as though women and girls have many privileges of which I'm jealous? Why does it seem to me that they are more privileged than men?

That depends on the circumstances.Are you a man who has to register for the military draft? Well, that's because your country doesn't want women to risk their lives when they could be making babies at home. Some countries allow women to enlist voluntarily, but they

Why is there a double standard for men and women when it comes to the amount of people we have slept with?

There's two distinct reasons why a man who's had several sex-partners is often admired or at least respected, while a woman who's had several sex-partners is often judged a lot more harshly.Tilted casual sex marketFor most average young women, at least those living in relatively liberal countries, casual sex in effectively unlimited amounts

Are girls afraid of boys (between 15-18 years old)?

Hello, 16 year old (nearly 17).I do not find boys that I know frightening in the least. Nor do I find scary those who have kind or gentle faces, or those who laugh a lot.In fact, the only boys of whom I was wary

Are men generally more straightforward than women?

I was walking to class senior year of high school when a girl my junior stopped me in the hallway. Her hair was fire red. She wore a baggy plain white T-shirt. She must have been a good 50 to 60 pounds overweight. And to make matters

Are there men out there who like dominant women?

I love dominant women however they are difficult to find and date-so I figured out an approach that actually works! For 15 years I searched for a lady in the alternative lifestyle community by attending lifestyle munches, sloshes and play parties. But sadly it's incredibly difficult to find

Are women in general more social than men?

Yes.When you put it into an evolutionary perspective women were required to be more social than men to survive. Think about it, in a world of survival of the fittest, how could one woman survive over another?Part of that is their ability to attract a

Are women more confusing than men?

For men, it boils down to three things: Food, sex, and sleep. Everything else is just superfluous.For women, I can't begin to even list the things it boils down to, and wouldn't have the room on this page if I tried.Of course, both of

Are women more emotional than men?

No, that's actually not true. Emotion is a wide category of different mental and cognitive processes that form both the motivational mechanisms/priorities to act in the world as well as internal tracker that responds to events happening in the world. Emotions

Do men dismiss women's claims because they just don't experience the world as women do?

This is a really, REALLY great and important question, especially at this time in history. And I hope we get many answers from men weighing in on this.But before any men answer this, read the link.Don't just answer off the cuff. Answer after

Do men know when women are menstruating?

In my university days I shared a house with three women. I was the only non-scientist. I was the only one with a car and so I tended to do the large grocery shopping. One day I tossed in a packet of tampons for one of the woman. When I gave

Do men really need women in their lives?

Short answer... nope.Some people think they save us time by cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids. The problem is, in current times, we (men) do a lot of those things, and even in other times, it would be WAY cheaper

Do men suffer more than women do?

More? No, Less? No.Women and men suffer around the same.It is just women and men suffer in different ways.Men (generally) are much stronger than women are so women have every right to be scared of some man that is acting strangely around her. It is true that men are safer when it comes to doing

Do women suffer more than men do?

If the intent of the question is to note if women, as a group, experience more chronic pain than men, the answer is a definitive "yes". The medical clinical and medical scientific communities are of one mind on this issue.

Has the world ever seen a female-dominant society in history, in contrast to the male-dominant ones in present times in almost all countries?

First of all thanks for the a2a shrey kalra .Most of us are in a perception that today''s world is predominantly male dominant or is a type of society where men and women have a 50-50 share.You would be surprised to

How to stop men subtly physically dominating you

You can try and win playing their game, which is difficult because they have had so much practice and their actual authority (when they are the POTUS) bolsters their little tricks.My take on this is to let them play their little dominance games. Just don't BE dominated. Play this game of your own with friends. Lie on

The concept of gender is used broadly to refer to gender roles, how man and women behave, what a woman and a man are, what it means to be born in a woman or a man's body. So, is gender socially constructed or biologically determined?

The concept of gender is used broadly to refer to gender roles, how man and women behave, what a woman and a man are, what it means to be born in a woman or a man's body. So, is gender socially constructed or biologically determined?In my opinion it is socially constructed using

What differences do you notice in the ways men and women workout in the gym?

Men usually work significantly harder; The Average Guy probably does twice the sets and reps as Average Grrl.Look: despite what they might say, most women find the whole gym thing boring; it just ain't their favorite place. Rather, they're at the gym

What is a male dominated field that could benefit from having more women?

Weirdly enough... Police...It has been shown that women are usually better at conflict resolution, although only if accompanied by a man. The combination of the more diplomatic female officer and the intimidation of a male officer can help quite a bit and reduce use

What is something men always get wrong?

They will follow and stalk a beautiful looking, attractive girl.Dream about her all day all night, forgetting every other thing.Then they will convince her using all their father's assets and unsecured loans from friends.Next they will act like the

Who is more easily offended, men or women?

It's quite possible women are more likely to take offense than men, because men and women are raised with different communication styles. This isn't necessarily the most likely conclusion, however, so I'll discuss that as well. Since I'm mostly familiar with studies based on U.S. populations, be aware that these are culture-specific and probably vary internationally.American women are raised

Who is more sexual, women or men?

Man is the most lustful animal on the earth. Every animal has a season when the male becomes interested in the female. Sometimes the season is only for a few weeks, sometimes a month or two months, and then they forget all about reproduction. That's why they're not in a situation of overpopulation. It is

Why do more men go to gyms than women?

There are a number of reasons for this. Though you asked this question primarily with regard to Western society, I am obliged to write about what happens in a country like India as well. Let's start off with a few easy reasons that are generally

Are women more flexible than men?

Aside from any biological factors, from an early age girls in the US are encouraged to engage in recreational activities or habitual patterns of movement that encourage bodily flexibility, while boys tend to be encouraged to do activities and habitually move in ways that use only a much smaller range of motion.This leads

Do women lose muscle mass faster or slower than men as they age?

My belief is that biologically the loss is about the same. HOWEVER, women start out with less muscle to begin with. Add in lower activity levels, and what should be simple

Do women objectify men as much as men objectify women?

To a lesser extent, yes. And most of that comes out of the remnants of patriarchal traditions which men themselves are forced to uphold.One of the ways in which men are objectified is when women only see them as providers. They bring in money and they ‘take care' of the family.

Is dating harder for men or women?

The ones who have it the easiest are men.The ones who have it the hardest are also men.It's just that they're two distinct groups of men.Like it has been the case throughout history, the individuals at both the apex of the socioeconomic food chain as well as at the very bottom, are males.I'm speaking specifically of the Western

Is it important to men that women like sports?

It honestly depends on the man. If the man is involved and/or interested in sports, he would probably like women who appreciate sports. If not, why would he care? It is important to know that a lot of the time, men keep their friends and girlfriends separate; hopefully making time for both. If

Men in general are stronger than women in the physical sense. Then what is the one aspect in which women are stronger than men?

Worth. This will be a long explanation, keep attention.People talk about mental maturity as being something stronger in women, quite the opposite. That's an old belief that people have. People think that for very simple reasons: If not the body, then the mind, right? What else is there?Another reason they think that: Women are more willing to

What are some things women should do to better understand men?

What should women do? Nothing. Women aren't under some special obligation to understand men. If they want to understand men better, they can. How? How would you learn anything? Read, discuss, observe. Avoid reductive books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus;

What are some ways men age worse than women?

There's one disadvantage compared to women -a they loose their hair much more often, than check do. But then again, one can argue whether it is really a considerable disadvantage, because majority of men look very good without hair.Apart from that - women's skin age more rapidly, and their body images also have a tendency to deteriorate faster

What are the dating tactics women use on men, but men generally don't know about?

Hmm well i hear a lot of woman basically telling the same old manipulation tactics they have used to control men for ages. And sadly for some lonely, immature and inexperienced men they still do work!But for experienced, mentally strong and intelligent men who have heard and seen all these tactics many times not only do they not

What is the biggest issue women have in understanding men and or making men understand them?

I would say that one of the biggest issues that women have in understanding men is in understanding masculinity. You can see this in everything from the articles that are written about

What is the scientific reason for men being physically stronger than women?

Testosterone is the obvious answer, but it goes deeper than that.Muscle in men is distributed differently than in women. They have less lean muscle tissue in their upper body than lower body. Men have greater amounts of large muscle fibers in both the upper and lower body as well as greater muscle area. Genetically

What's something that sucks about being a man?

Well, I am a woman! But, I will try to answer from a man's perspective!A woman sees a handsome man in the metro. She stares at him, admires his physique. Maybe she starts imagining sexual stuff in her head, maybe not. But whatever she thinks inside her head, does not shows on her

Which gender is physically stronger?

In short, Men. For those about to write angry comments, Not every man is stronger than every woman. Statistically if a man and woman of the same age meet, the man would be the stronger person. I thought that this was just a fact of reality that everyone knew, but

Why are men considered emotionally stronger than women?

According to your words, "men  are stronger emotionally is only because they are strong enough to  control their feelings and do not express easily, whereas women are  believed to be very sensitive by heart and thus they are unable to hide  their feelings".

Why do gyms have "women only" areas but not "men only" areas?

Because unfortunately we are at a point in society where misandry is allowed but not misogyny. Don't get me wrong, I do not approve of sexism against anyone. I simply think that if we're going to be giving special classes or areas to one sex then they need to do

Why do people say men age better than women?

I know this is a year late, but oh well. Today, it may be said that they age better, but they don't. Women eat better and take better care of their skin, so the biological advantages men have over women don't matter too much anymore. For example I hear men citing

Why does it seem that women are more in demand and less likely to be single when there's approximately the same number of men as women?

It's an illusion caused by the fact that you're male and you don't know the female perspective. In fact, they feel the same way. Here's a quote from the movie The Big Chill:Meg: They're [men are] either married or gay. And if they're not gay,

Why don't women admit that they objectify men?

Because they think it's OK; many women think it's the MAN'S responsibility to do all/most of the paying even if they marry and they outearn their husbands; these kind of women don't want the responsibility of having to respect men as HUMANS they way

Are girls more likely to listen to their parents' advice than boys are?

As a guy with brothers and a sister, I have to give this one a resounding

Do men need to masturbate?

If a healthy man cannot get sex with a female partner, he will need to masturbate.It is a bit like asking: Do humans need to sleep? Yes you need to sleep. Do humans need to go to the toilet? Yes they need to go to the toilet. Do men need to masturbate? Yes they need to, otherwise

Do men think about women as much as women think about men?

I assume that you are asking about same kind of care from both sex.I have one friend who is my Ex. Due to some problems we can't be together for rest of our life. so we decided to come out of relationship and be like good friends. I still love her the way I used to love her

Do women become more depressed than men after getting divorced?

Both men and women get depressed with divorce.. It is true that women are more emotionally attached so they become more depressed after getting divorce..But in India the legal procedures are so lengthy.. In contested divorces there are so many allegations are put on each other.. So by the time the divorce comes they are mentally exhausted.. So

Do women cheat more then men?

If women cheat, who do you think they are cheating with?Heterosexual women cheat with men. For every cheating act of a woman, a man is required.If you count professional sex workers as accessory to cheating, then estimated by the sheer number of female

How come some gay men naturally sound like women, without the use of hormones? Even their mannerisms are the same as women, do they try to act that way or is it natural?

Gender is a spectrum. Testosterone levels varyAlso mannerisms etc are partially socialised.Humans are not production line produced robots.I know straight men who sound like women.We need to stop trying to categorise people or expecting them to fit stereotypes.And yes some gay men are trying to fit their idea of the stereotype.

How is that men and women were randomly formed to reproduce humanity?

it's not random at one point everyone was female. Then there was a scarce population. Then either a an alien came to the Earth invented man diffuse the seeds. B woman with the power of her mind and physical illusion created the first boy. As someone with

If marriage benefits women more than men, why is it that men are much more likely to remarry?

The research actually suggests that marriage, at least in the US, benefits men far more than it does women.Men earn more over their lifetime when married than single, women see the opposite effect. Men report higher rates of happiness and satisfaction with life when married versus single, women have the opposite. Men's health outcomes improve

'Men don't respond to words; they respond to no contact.' True or false?

Somewhat agree.Men do respond to words, but there are some tendencies in the way men and women might communicate differently that mean that women often don't feel heard because men haven't understood what they wanted.'No contact' is an extreme example of

What does a woman have that a man needs?

Where does a road go?Oh-wait, what? There are different roads? They all go different places? Excuse the confusion-I'm a woman and geography isn't my strong suit.

Why do most women actively reject men who are initiating intimacy whereas most men would openly welcome a woman who was pressuring them?

Women are approached a hell of a lot more. It's tedious and not all men take rejection well. Instead of encouraging it by default they shut it down as a defence mechanism. As for men? Not all approaches are welcome as we have our own biases for type etc.Focus on making yourself better and it will naturally attract

Why do some parents prefer male child?

People have preferences based on various factors we can't certainly talk about, for it varies from person to person. What I believe is, it is only a tradition that has been carried forward. During our forefathers time, it wasn't very easy for a woman

Why don't women like sad men?

Honestly I don't think anyone, man or woman likes a sad person.If someone goes about life sad because they are sad they won't be attractive to the possibility of a new friendship much less a relationship. If a person has known someone for a while and sometime in that time a person goes through

Why is the percentage of ambitious women less than that of ambitious men?

Conditioning of thousands of years ,social pressure working through family and relatives make woman reluctant in stating her ambition as openly and boldly as man. It does not mean she does not have ambition.When crisis arises between what is expected from her and what she herself wants from life ,it is very difficult even for man to