How to embrace my loneliness

I think that the real issue is that you think you need to connect with others because you think you're separate. This is much more common than you might understand, you're not alone at all.There's two kinds of answers to

How to fight loneliness alone

Well, there's lots of Way for avoid Loneliness and Actually you are actually doing one thing from that list by Reading Quora. so Keep Reading.Now, If you're bored with Reading than here's the list. GO for Run, Now. Don't think. Just get the hell of out your

Is it possible to go mentally crazy because of loneliness?

I think it is very possible to go crazy from loneliness. Humans are naturally social creatures so it is hard when we don't get as much social interaction and don't have a lot of support. It has even been known that some elderly

What can I do to overcome my loneliness?

I think I am more eligible to answer this question.I am the only child of my parent, so right from childhood I spent my most of the time in loneliness. Particularly if you see other children having fun with their  brother/sister, it just becomes unbearable. (On the top of that I was living

Do people get more lonely as they grow older?

I will assume that by "grow older" you mean something other than "go from 20 to 25 years of age," and that you have in mind being within a relatively few years of the end of a natural life-span.Somewhere there must be a play that consists of two old people sitting on a park bench commiserating for

Why do people feel lonely?

Loneliness is the pain that our genes provide when we are not participating in the kind of social behavior that is responsible for our civilization. Just as a burn on the skin tells us that we should take our hand

Can someone with ASPD feel loneliness?

General ASPD, possibly. They have a wider range of access to emotions. My uncle had general ASPD and he was kind of sensitive with a lot of anger issues, while he could be abusive to his family, he was also very protective of them (kicked me out of his house once because of something

Do rabbits feel loneliness?

They absolutely do. These are social creatures, generally born to a litter rather than as a single birth. Their first few weeks are spent surrounded by their litter-mates - their mother only coming into the nest to feed them once or twice

Do successful people feel lonely?

YES YES YES YES YES....AND YES.I could tell you so many stories on this. I've seen it and I've lived it.Just look at all the recent suicides by very successful people.Seven years ago I was living a life that looked like a dream. Had a well paying job sorta prestigious, owned my own home in San Diego. Had a

Does online gaming make people feel lonelier?

Than what?Sure it'll probably make you feel lonlier than offline/solo/campaign gameplay, but online play is a more realistic representation of life.When was the last time you walked into a store and were greeted with

Is it possible to be alone and happy?

Well, Joel V Benjamin put it best.I'll just add to it if I may.People  are lonely when they experience a feeling of lack, emptiness inside of  them. We then tend to look for something outside of ourselves, that will  fill that void. It is largely

What do you do when you feel lonely?

In my point of view if you feel you are alone ... Then you are blessed with peace ... There are people who are crying to be in that state of mind.... Just convert your loneliness to the being peaceful to yourself.... It's from my own experience...  I am working for a very

Why do I feel lonely even when I'm around many people?

Feeling lonely does not mean you have deficient social skills, but apparently feeling lonely makes people less likely or able to use the skills they have. People who feel lonely are likely to perceive themselves as doing all they can to make friends and to find a sense of belonging and also believe that no one is responding.

Why does loneliness feel so bad?

Science has shown that connection, social interaction and social acceptance, love, is the most basic motivation living creatures feel. It is the foundation for anything else. It is the most needed feeling a baby needs to feel. Even animals need to feel it. The fulfillment of that need, to feel that feeling is called happiness. That is when your

How to feel less lonely after divorce

I can't speak for myself because I am blessed not to be in that position and that I never will have to be. On behalf of my parents who went through the divorce process, each just kept a good close circle of friends and family that they interacted with regularly and each in their own way directed their focus

I feel lonely after breaking up. What should I do?

Until you move on -Make new friendsSpend more time with familyGet a petKeep yourself busyLearn some musical instrumentsPlay some sport or any physical activityWatch or ready something that makes you laughGo on trek or travelRead some good novels or booksDo something productiveTake a break from people who remind you of your ex or if you are strong