What do you think makes you feel lonely?

The desire of wanting others to feel, to understand or to connect with us is the root of feeling lonely.Rid of the desire and you will need not to feel lonely anymore. But the feeling serve as a purpose telling us we have such desires or expectation in life. Once you have recognization of

Is it possible to be alone and happy?

Yes, it is possible to be alone and happy. I say this on the basis of first-hand experience. I was married. I am now divorced. I have no wife and no girlfriend. I am happier than I was when I was married. But there is moreI have realised that I could have

What does it feel like to be lonely?

Everyday you wish you had someone to share ideas, love, activities, thoughts etc with.Everyday seems sort of empty and bland. Nothing except for yourself seems real. People and the world around you seem almost like aliens if you're lonely long

What does it feel like to be lonely?

Everyday you wish you had someone to share ideas, love, activities, thoughts etc with.Everyday seems sort of empty and bland. Nothing except for yourself seems real. People and the world around you seem almost like aliens if you're lonely long

What does it feel like to be lonely?

Everyday you wish you had someone to share ideas, love, activities, thoughts etc with.Everyday seems sort of empty and bland. Nothing except for yourself seems real. People and the world around you seem almost like aliens if you're lonely long

Why have singers/musicians said that being a singer/musician is a lonely career/lonely?

I was talking to one of my friends about this the other week. My friend is retired from the music industry now, but was at the top of his game back in the day. I mean, I could reel off the bands he was in and youd know every one of them. Im not going to

Have you felt loneliness in your life?

I am just discovering loneliness in a new way (for me).In my early days, as a child, I never felt lonely, even when being alone. In fact I often tried to be alone, to do all the things I wanted to do.I didn't "need" someone

Why do I feel lonely even when I'm around many people?

This is a feeling I have dealt with most of my life - although in later years I have been more comfortable with the whole thing by adopting the attitude of ‘I've earned the right to be crotchety and I am going

Does everyone feel awkward eating alone in a restaurant?

No. Nothing is awkward as long as you are with yourself. You can be your greatest friend as well as greatest enemy.  As far as it is concerned with going alone to a restaurant, I'll tell you an incident that happened with me a couple of months ago. I had a terrible fight with my then best friend.

When travelling alone, do you ever feel lonely?

Yes... but not in a way you might think.I'm never lonely in a

Why do I always feel alone?

In a nutshell .It's because of people around you who have differences to you and your lack of willingness to bow to the sheep mentalityAs someone who is living outside my country away from my family. I have realized that what makes

Why do I always feel nostalgic whenever I'm alone?

There could be two reasons, number one is that you were living very happy in your life before and now missing those days, or decisions you took before is now affecting you and the number second is that you were living a below than average life and

Why do I feel alone while I'm not alone?

That means you need to build closer relationships with some people.I felt lonely for a long time... Now I even created an online course for man Find The Woman Of Your Dreams-Faster Than You Ever ImaginedFor you to feel not alone you must be understood. For that

Why do I hate the feeling of loneliness but I also don't mind being alone?

I imagine that it has a lot to do with choice.We can choose to be alone, loneliness is more of a state that we can't actively choose to feel.For some people, they can be at a party, surrounded by people and hence not alone, but

When do you feel most lonely? How did you overcome it?

If you feel lonely, you are not alone. Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling that people get when they desire but are denied social contact with other people. People can be surrounded by other people, yet still feel socially isolated and lonely. The experience of loneliness is universal and occurs in all cultures. It may have

Why do I always feel nostalgic whenever I'm alone?

You miss those years and that is okay. I love my early years and I have decided to NOT stop thinking about them=) They were really special and I have decided to incorporate them into my life. Here is what you should do: You can find the music you listened

Are there any lonely people out there?

Hi,There are many psychologically lonely people in this world.In most cases the feeling of being lonely is a choice exercised by those people.Its all within you. You can come out of it through a bit of re-engineering your self! write a two page self-characterisation of yourself -

When do you hurt yourselves while being alone or lonely?

I am not sure what you mean by asking

How many people feel lonely like me?

Depends, how lonely are you?A lot of people feel lonely after experiences where they're made to feel either

Do successful people feel lonely?

Hi Jeffrey, success... as measured by you? the next door neighbors? the competors at work?.........by God?As you can see, the pursuit of self-aggrandizement can take many paths; but the destination is the same place; they compare the toys, the achievements, and anything

Do animals feel lonely?

Animals can feel emotions same as a person can.I've found dogs to be quite expressional in this case. The way they run to you when you return home after leaving them alone for a few days shows a lot about how they missed you

Are introverts even supposed to feel lonely?

well i don't think so ..... introverts tend to live alone and enjoy their own company.....i am an introvert....i like to stay quite at public places ....not that i cant talk but i like to

Sometimes I feel so very alone. Am I normal?

Yes. You are perfectly normal. Learn how to manage your loneliness by investing in your brain and compassion for yourself and others. Everyone takes their turn with the loneliness beast. Let him visit but don't let him move in. That's the trick to beating the beast. We get better

Why are some people chronically lonely?

You know , being intelligent would suggest that one would be great at making friends. After all, an intelligent individual would have the observational skills to keep up appearances and give people what they wanr. They better then anyone else see the mask others out on and they know how to

Why do lonely people always loved to be alone?

Lonely people and loving to be alone are two completely different scenarios. They actually don't have much in common with each other.Being lonely can be a painful condition that happens to people. And is mainly due to isolation from loved ones or having no friends. It

What should lonely people do?

Loneliness... Everybody wants to know what to do about loneliness. Well, we are all alone. I wish I could tell you something positive that would just make everything feel better but in the case how people feel, no one can fix that. Only the person who was feeling it can. But

Is it possible to be alone and happy?

Well, Joel V Benjamin put it best.I'll just add to it if I may.People  are lonely when they experience a feeling of lack, emptiness inside of  them. We then tend to look for something outside of ourselves,

Do lonely people eat more?

The question should be; ‘Do lonely people have appetite to eat more'But I'll tell you out of my own personal experience. I eat a lot and it has got nothing to do with me being lonely.. As a matter of fact, the only thing that

Are some people just naturally lonely?

Maybe. I'm what you term a ‘introvert' I enjoy my own time and basically withdraw from majority of social anything really. I find small talk a mind-numbingly boring waste of time. Am I lonely? Hell no! I'm lonely when I'm

How to feel good about being alone

Bro.Yes, even though you are a girl.Bro,.. being alone.. Do away with that notion that being alone is that image you are picturing right now in your head of that little boy staring at his reflection in a pond. That one that's hanging

Is it true that beautiful people are lonely people?

There can be people of all sorts that are lonely. Just because one is surrounded by a lot of people doesn't mean that those friendships, relatives, bonds, relationships are deep and real. They could just be with them because of their good looks, and then they are off to the next person. Beautiful and not all that

Why are most lonely people not alone?

I think that our obsession with seeing single as some kind of failure makes most of us choose partners that turn out to be incompatible for long-term relationships. I'd like to propose a new higherarchy of happiness:To be with someone where time continues to INCREASE their certainty

Why do I sometimes get the feeling of being lonely?

In fact, all of us born alone. Since we live in a society, we feel the need of friends. So we develope friendship. There is nothing wrong in it. But ,by this way we invite happiness and unhappiness. If friends say good to me, I feel good. If not, then I feel bad. So my friends are the

Major depression and anxiety, no friends in 4 years. How do I overcome loneliness?

First, let me tell you how sorry I am you are feeling so bad. I can relate. Sometimes it is truly a battle dealing with depression. ( good news I am mostly winning these days). There are many ways of coping with depression.

Why do people feel so disoriented sometimes?

When we install a new game,there are three levels:**Easy***Intermediate***Hard level*If we jump up at hard level ,without playing easy,hard,We get frustrated, because we do not know about it!

Whats the best way to cope with loneliness?

Your question has been asked by very many people who use Quora. I repeat some of what I offered to some of them - some outlets that I've used in my 91 years of life, and what some of my grandchildren use.1 - Get involved with a cause you believe in.2 - Join a group and quickly become

What is worse, being alone and feeling lonely, or feel lonely in a relationship?

The answer to that is personal and individual. As for me, my job required travel: when I learned that I was happier alone without him than I was with him - I left. It was an easy transition. You can be lonely when you're with others, and that is the most painful loneliness of all.

Why do I have many friends, but still feel lonely?

I'm a very introverted person and am very happy when alone, there are only a couple of people in my life that I love being around but even with them it can get exhausting.  But when I'm in a group of people I

Why are there so many lonely people?

First, please allow me to be pesky: people ARE not lonely. People FEEL lonely.People feel lonely because they perceive themselves to be alone, separated or isolated from the web of creation (i.e. plants, creatures, people, spirit).The reality is that we are never alone.

Why do some people end up lonely and socially excluded?

As a loner for a very long time.Being lonely is my only answer to all my question. I have friends, a few to be exact, some be friend me for maybe a reason or some are just friendly. As a loner we are able to answer question that cames from ourselves. What

Does ASPD make you lonely?

Reiterating that there is no one type of psychopath or sociopath that fits a cookie cutter model. ASPD branches from Cluster B in the DSM. Psychopaths and sociopaths can be subsumed under it. There's a fundamental difference therein being born versus being

Why do I sometimes feel the need to be alone and just not talk to anyone?

I found this little piece of gold some years ago.If the image is not working, try Guide to Understanding the Introverted [Infographic] | Daily InfographicBottom line: you don't need to.

Why do people feel lonely?

I suspect that all of us, no matter how introverted we are, desire to have at least one person who really "gets" us, accepts us, and loves us. Until we have that, I think we are incomplete and loneliness is effectively a form of hunger telling us there is something we

What are the signs of loneliness in a child?

Hi Kelly,The inability to communicate effectively, be understood by most people, and hear normally is potentially devastating for the intellectual and social development of a child. As such, at the first indication of developmental delay in regards to the inability to produce sounds easily