Are there any positive benefits of laziness and procrastination?

By my estimation, I would be getting paid around $20,000 a year (commission factored in) to do precisely nothing and be super lazy.It was awesome. I liked it. I like doing nothing.For about 3 or 4 hours a week, sometimes, I would walk around Battery Park at the tip of

Are you ready to become better and better each day?

Does this question pre-suppose that up until just moments ago, I *wasn't* ready to become better and better each day? (Have I just been stagnating all of my life, and only *now* have I finally realized that I want to experience some self-improvement?) It's basically a loaded

Can you improve your intelligence through hard work or is it fixed to a certain point?

Can you improve your intelligence through hard work or is it fixed to a certain point?Your intelligence is the result of the capability of your brain. During your first five years, your brain makes new connections at a rate of millions a

Can you motivate me to eat healthy?

Here are some facts:I was born very weak (my mom was not well when she delivered me), as a result I was not able to drink her milk...My immune system has been weak from start. Up until my teenage years, I was under the weather, at least a dozen time. Like once a month.I knew the moment the weather

Can you tell me some interesting 30 day plans to become more productive?

These things, if done daily, will turnaround your life in a few weeks:HEALTHSleep by 8:30-9. Wake up at 4-5 am every day. Do about 20-30 mins worth of physical exercise.No eating after 5:30pm. Perfect digestion is key to happiness.MINDExercise your brain: solve creative puzzles, read different genres, write ideas, etcEMOTIONSDo what

Do motivational talks and videos really motivate?

Motivation is that which moves a person inwardly to behave in a certain manner. In other words, it is simply ‘a reason' behind a person's actions. Without motivation nothing happens in life.  Even if it is a simple act of moving from one room to another, there

Does listening to music while studying improve concentration?

There are different theories regarding Music listening and studying. I personally find Music distracting while I read a text and/or study. Some people like background noise and claim that it helps them concentrate; I think they don't want to be alone or it somehow alleviates boredom. It's a form of multi tasking, and some people cannot do

Does one gain confidence by working out?

I run regularly, usually around 5km (3.1 miles) at a time.All my life I've done team sports, like netball, which kept me fit. But they never raised my confidence the same way running does - there was always someone better, and most of my teammates were fitter, than me.But running is different. It's

Does reading make you a smarter person?

Reading teaches you to absorb information quickly - the better you can read, the less effort your brain uses to process language, leaving more brain power to deal with the meaning rather than the language syntax and grammar.A lot of people love to read fiction - I think this is more about

Epiphany: What sudden realization has changed your life?

They say the universe is not made up of atoms and molecules. Instead it is made up of stories.Everything here in life is a story. Think about it. Everything turns out to be a story. The story of a boy, story of an

How bad is it to have no ambition at all?

I hate to be a contrarian, but here goes. It's a very bad to have no ambition. Without ambition and drive you might as well be a rock sitting on a beach somewhere. You're sitting somewhere right now on a computer. Which means you have a better than 70%

How can a woman stop being jealous of her husband?

If there is no justification for your jealousy then it is you who needs to be fixed. I don't see the wisdom in sending a perfectly good man packing just because you can't trust. Notice I didn't say can't trust him. If your feelings are based on evidence and his attitude is one of

How can extrinsic motivation sometimes kill intrinsic motivation?

Extrinsic motivation is fueled by goals. These are usually set and quantifiable. Something that can be measured; Run a faster time, sell more this quarter, get all A's this semester. They are also usually followed by rewards or punishments whether or

How to become more motivated and energetic

Do you remember when you were young and it seemed like you had an infinite amount of energy and curiosity?You were a whirlwind of action and chaos.But in all that time, did you ever consider the concepts of energy and motivation?Of course not. You were too busy expressing life the way only

How to become my own motivator

Motivation without Action, is useless: No matter how motivated you are, if you don't actually do anything, nothing will change. You have to take action. You have to take action even when you don't feel like it. World class athletes, they don't actually like pushing their body beyond its limit during practice, but they

How to build confidence in myself

I had a friend. She got a degree from a tier-2 engineering college and found a job on graduating. The job allowed her a sense of financial independence, handing over a fat paycheck. She could travel to a few locations on everyone's bucket list. Her life looked rosy on Facebook.Despite that, she

How to develop and maintain a healthy emotional state

A lot of people don't talk about this, but your emotional state is driven more by our biology than we admit. We like to think it's all about mindsets and mantras and meditation and happy thoughts. In reality, it's much more boring. It's helpful

How to find the motivation to work out when I hate it

If you hate working out then you're more likely not able to find your motivation because you have all the reasons why you don't want to work out.It's not how to find your motivation to work out, but why do you want to work out?Before you seek your solution, you need to understand your reasoning.Just like

How to focus my mind on study

It will take time to train your mind, as the mind is a bad master and a good servant. In everyday life we concentrate in many ways. It has been described as an internal, mental process, not a muscular exercise. Through internal concentration the attention of the aspirant is drawn to an

How to get rid of my feet pain

68% of Americans think it's normal for their feet to hurt. Why is that? Because when people ask others if their feet hurt, they usually say YES.There are many causes of foot pain. These include things such as:Plantar FasciitisMetatarsalgiaSesamoiditisNeuromasTarsal tunnel syndromeArthritis of

How to improve my mindset with fitness

When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I stopped working out regularly for a year and a half.This happened after my first year of working out, so I basically lost everything that I previously gained.The excuse was more or less always the

How to improve my self-control or exercise my will power by physical exercise

Hell yeah!Have you ever heard of cold showers? Marathons? The Olympics? All these require your will power and self control.It's self-explanatory.If you commit to becoming healthier, fitter, stronger, etc, then you will need to control yourself and use quite some will power.An easy way to see how you need

How to increase my concentration during the day

An efficient way to fight procrastination and get things done is to make yourself accountable for your actions (or missing to take action in this case).You can improve action-taking by focusing on:minimizing your distractions,setting weekly goals,breaking your goals into daily tasks with deadlines (creating time blocks in your

How to increase studying hours without losing concentration

LONGER STUDY HOURSHave many short intervals 5/10 minute: put an ice pack on eyes. Have very slow very long very deep inhalations through nostrils and complete exhalations through mouth.........................Vipassna may change your personality.Switch to Vegan diet.For many persons, animal's milk and all dairy products are Dangerous for brain. Our

How to keep myself get motivated to goto gym, irrespective of difficulties that I face

Hi Neela. Thank you for the a2a. This is something we all struggle with from time to time.Before you before you even start, go online and read about physiology and working out. Watch videos about techniques, posture, execution, and form. Technique and form are

How to keep myself motivated and healthy

MOTIVATIONPure motivation arises from a pure purpose. If you have a clear purpose that i m doing this thing because of such and such reason than definately u will remain motivated for that task. Whenever u get any sort of distraction while doing

How to make my brain more intelligent and smart

Everyone is very interested in this question, and so am I. After all, who doesn't want to be smarter and stay sharp and ward off Alzheimer's etc. The answer is to practice using your brain a lot, especially in the area that practices what you want to be better at. For example,

How to make my stomach strong

Many people try to make their stomach stronger, flatter by exercising or dieting or both together and only few get the results. Because most of the people stop DOING necessary things. You can say that they don't strong will, but it is not entirely true, the thing is they have a FAT SELF-IMAGE.

How to make myself better each day

First of all success is not a coincidence but a result of deliberate training knowing you are pushing your limits. So, is the same with my favorite Sachin who's life has been a constant source of motivation. And if we apply these principles everyday we will be than yesterday!

How to make myself feel better everyday

See, every living being is born with God's blessing. He is showered with His love,affection. That is why you find young children are so energetic. Life is flowing within each of them. youthful. Full smile occurs in each one's face.A child never asks to be better. It is because he is already in a better

How to motivate my friend to lose weight

Hey! Try the following let me know! - Have a role model? Have their pictures on your phone screen or mirror somewhere where you can see them every morning or night. ( for example I've always looked up to the rock, and admired his work ethic and humble persona)- Write

How to motivate myself and start making myself better

You know that promise you made yourself? Or that thing you told yourself you wouldn't do anymore? Or even that thing you keep telling yourself you will do more of?Stick to your word.You don't need motivation, you need to do the things you said you were going to do (or not do).I ask my self these things often:

How to motivate myself doing something that I think almost every second of a day

GentlemanIf u think about anything everytime which u want to do then there is no motivation required to do that thing,only the willpower is required then ,because if u have motivation it won't last longer but if u have willpower for any particular work

How to motivate myself everyday to run

1. Forget the past.Whatever feelings or fears you associate with running - leave them in your dust!

How to motivate myself to exercise at 45

There are two ways to do this.1) Go big.2) Go small.Go BigRead "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins.He explains that people move towards some things (pleasure) and away from others (pain).But they are not moving towards or

How to motivate myself to study even if I'm not interested in education

Oh boy, I have been there so many times to the level that I thought of dropping out of college quite a few times as I found the lectures and

How to motivate myself to want more for myself

You need to define what MORE means to you.Everyone has dreams and goals, but the definition of success means something different for everyone. You need to literally sit down and THINK.What do you want? - What do you want to drive, where do you want to

How to overcome my fear of public speaking

Story Time:Back then when I was a kid, there was an event for Independence/Republic Day (I don't remember). I was given the responsibility of delivering a speech on Nation's independence day in English.I prepared hard, without understanding the content, I memorized every word written in the speech. I

How to practice self encouragement to feel better about myself

focus on good things you have. even if it maybe something like you are pretty and have a good heart

How to stay calm in difficult situations

My ninth grade Health teacher, Debbie Smith, was one helluva gal. An avid pot user and Obama fan, she taught us all about condoms, angel dust, and the perils of cannabis capitalism.One winter afternoon, I'm sitting next to this kid Jack in her class.

How to stay motivated and not lose motivation

This really changed our lives drastically after one of our friends brought it to our support group.I have been using the methods suggested by this author to keep myself going. Try this: Set Yourself Started and Going

How to stay motivated to do things throughout the day

Motivation is fake. Motivation is temporary. Motivation is like a mind masturbation. Motivation is nothing till you take action. Realize your WHY and your goals. Be sure you know your goal, and know nothing will stop you from getting there. Make it part of your lifestyle, a hobby, make it part of

How to stay motivated to write

Just how do I self motivate? It's a difficult question, and one that has been the subject of significant research. Before you leap up and try to run a marathon, its important to understand how motivation works.Motivation is triggered by 3 things; need,

How to stop hating someone

HATE is such a strong word.It's one of the worst things you can keep in your vortex. If you have decided to stop it then first step is done, let me help you with the second one. Identify your story and apply the solution.BETRAYAL is the story and Hatred is your vengeance.You loathe the person

How to stop thinking unnecessarily while I am studying

I'm going to share a tip which helps me a lot when it is about getting rid of distraction when I'm studying.I consider myself an

How to take myself more seriously

Figure out one thing that you want to learn about.. Just one thing... Then go through the process of teaching your self on the certain scope. Some time soon, when you can already say that you're knowledgeable of it. You'll just be surprised of how weirdly awesome you are because you became a master

How can l improve myself and gain knowledge?

The number one way to gain knowledge that is of quality is to read books. Find authors that are really big in the field of interest, and start reading their books. Alternatively, you can listen to audio books if you don't have

How can one improve one's awareness?

I feel eligible to answer this question as this was my question for years now.Since awareness is closely dependent on presence of mind, I'd like to talk about how to gain presence of mind which will eventually help you improve awareness.After a lot of struggle finding a perfect and legitimate answer that

How can one increase his/her concentration power?

Understand what concentration is.

How can one remain motivated and focused all the time?

Let me burst your bubble for just a second here.Motivation, unfortunately, is fleeting.What exactly does fleeting mean?It means it comes and goes. Furthermore, no one can predict when it will occur, and it can't be taught. If we had the answers to cracking motivation, well - we'd all be successful, rich, and

How can we improve our emotional intelligence? What are the benefits?

This is a great question, implicit in it is that you actually care to develop EQ, which is most important part. Put simply, having a good EQ means being sensitive to others' emotional needs AND your own.  If you don't do it naturally, it doesn't mean you can't, doesn't mean you're a bad person.   

How can we use Law of Attraction practically?

Law of attraction is the only law of universe that makes your thoughts come reality, that creates world of your choice and that leads you to ultimate goals.But how is it possible? For that you need to have a break from your life for a little time and

How to achieve mindfulness

Following is what one of my Professors told me, while we were studying stress. Moreover, I believe it is a very good strategy for beginners.But before that I would like to say that you have already taken a step successfully towards achieving it since the first

How to avoid getting depressed

Oh my. This is a big chunka change, as we would say in New York.The extent of my formal education in psychology is one semester of Psych 101. I have, however, lived with depression all my life. Literally. I can remember being very young (perhaps five) and not wanting to live. Putting

How to become a more interesting person? Travel more? Learn a new language? Take a class and learn something new? Talk to more people

I've extolled the virtues of books elsewhere on Quora, and I can definitely say the worlds that reading and writing have opened up to me have indeed made me more "interesting" in one way or another.But... "How do I become a more interesting person?" is another variant of "How do I stand out?" "How do

How to become a more motivated person

You can be extremely motivated by fear. Jon Morrow was paralyzed from the head down. He imagined that he is left in some health care facility, he dies and nobody even notices for a few days. This picture terrified him

How to become better at controlling emotions

The process that I am going to tell you is very very simple but not easy.But I just want you to do these things for 21 days and see the change in your life. I can promise you the way you see your world, your life, will definitely change and you'll become a much more cheerful and productive

How to become mentally strong

The same way you get physically stronger...One rep, one set, and one step at a time.Mental strength isn't rocket science.It's simply learning to be comfortable doing things you don't want to do.So how do you cultivate mental strength?Here are a few

How to become more money motivated

I'm in the same boat as you. I am young and can save lots of money now, but haven't done enough about it yet.The way I'm starting to look at it though as I get older is seeing it as a rate:The rate at which you make money needs to be over the rate at

How to concentrate when I am upset

When You're UpsetGetting frustrated or irritated is a completely normal part of life. Conflict and stress from work, home, or your social life can upset you, which is only human. Fortunately, you can choose how to behave and react to these situations. With a little knowledge and

How to convince myself to want to convince myself to 'just do' something

You will not need conviction but motivation. People remain motivated for a short period of time.Let us take the example of reactive mind. There is a tiger chasing you. Your mind is highly motivated. it will also become creative. It will show peak performance. But if there is no tiger, then what.Now see the proactive

How to embrace my loneliness

I think that the real issue is that you think you need to connect with others because you think you're separate. This is much more common than you might understand, you're not alone at all.There's two kinds of answers to

How to find motivation to become a better version of myself

I know why you can't find the motivation to become a better version of yourself. It is the same thing I struggle with regularly. It is the same thing everyone struggles with regularly, even if they might not admit it.Fear.Fear to try and then fail despite trying your best.

How to get rid from this endless pain

Pain can make you helpless and irritable. Hence, to reduce pain, you can use CBD infused products like tincture oils, balms, lotions, edibles, etc. They help in fighting pain effectively, hence making you active and mobile. Derived from natural hemp extracts, CBD does

How to get rid of a double chin? Is there any exercise for facial muscles

Maybe. Is the double chin because you are generally overweight? If so, then running on a treadmill could be one small part of losing some weight, and thus the double chin (but weight loss is primarily achieved through consuming less calories, so your best

How to get rid of depression for a kid like me

Hi Miggy. Kids can get depressed. I think it first happened to me when I was 8. I didn't start therapy until I was in my late 20's so I have no clear idea of how treatment is different for kids. I think it's

How to get rid of fear? I recite the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which has helped me overcome fear of death. But still, I am scared of dogs, monkeys, etc. How can I be totally fearless

A couple of years back, I attended a summer camp in the Himalayas where one day we were told that we would be getting a practical lesson in overcoming our fears. We were almost sure we would be indulging in some adventure like bungee jumping. Instead the exercise shocked us.In

How to get rid of office stress

I believe if there is a problem, there is a solution too. I have been a victim of this situation once but there are couple of little things we can do to get rid of it. I m not any expert on this , but I will

How to get rid of sexual thoughts and depression

By watching the stars/sun in the night/day and observe this astonishing elements of the universe to eventually realize n deeply understand this magical yet scientifical existence of the universe. This will not only give you realisation of the self but, will also make you content with your soul

How to help myself to be more productive

Playing games ,checking on social feed becomes very addictive with time. You can do some things to avoid wasting time.1. Step by step try to avoid distractions, you can start by uninstalling the game which you play the most.2. Make a habit of checking social media , twice

How to improve knowledge faster

Spend more time learning, experiencing, questioning, curious. Set goals for yourself about what you want to achieve. Write down the steps and chart how far you have come and where you want to go to.I had a friends brother in law who every time he came to visit the family would

How to improve myself

Read a book every day. Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to. What are some books you can start reading to enrich yourself? Some books I've read and

How to keep myself away from sexual thoughts

I assume that you might be watching porn(or similar stuff) a lot & thinking about it most of the times & regretting for wasting your time & energy. Now you want to move away to be normal & to be more productive. I was into that situation & somehow managed to come out of it. Before

How to keep myself happy and motivated every day

You can't , because nothing last so longHey, Abhinav, hope you are doing great, this question is quite debatable and still unanswerable.How do I stay motivated all the time?So, read till the end...What is a motivation and How do I stay motivated all the time ?I am asking

How to keep myself motivated to work in school

My suggestion is to get a manual labor job that does not require much education and ponder the prospect of doing it until you retire. (Oh and check on the retirement benefits of that occupation, to see how long that will be.)Please

How to look beautiful

The definition of

How to make myself do everything I want to do, but can't motivate myself to

Off the top of my head, I would like to:Learn a fourth languageLearn to play the guitar and compose songsBe more fitLearn the ins and outs of investingSpend more time outdoorsSo, why don't I have those things?Because wanting things or outcomes is so damn easy, but putting in the

How to mentally motivate myself to work out

I was in the Navy for 14 years and only worked out every 6 months as required by the physical readiness test. Then I did a deployment to Iraq for all of 2010. I was getting healthy in many aspects of my life and wanted to start working out.

How to motivate myself during hard times in my business

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a town of people who lived in beautifully architected wood houses. But like other towns in this area, fires were a huge danger. A single spark could bring the town into ashes within hours. So the townspeople developed an ingenious fire fighting system.

How to motivate myself to do stationary exercises

Use a decision making game. The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple game in Phase one as described.Surprisingly, very few people noticed this ! This works for us. So here is the proposed solution, check the articles and read them

How to motivate myself to exercise

Here's what I'm going to do.I'm going to motivate the hell out of you right now - and I'm not going to hold anything back.Then I'm going to explain to you why that motivation won't be helpful. After that, I'm going to explain exactly how you can

How to motivate myself to get up early and exercise

Motivation that comes from external resources wont last long, so you have to be willing to change your mindset to achieve your goals. Write it downWrite all your fitness goals on a piece of paper. Do not use a smartphone

How to motivate myself to run

For me there are different aspects. Also, I motivate myself to run for a reason, not just because I feel motivated to run in a given moment. One run in a month when you feel motivated to won't bring you any results.If you look more in

How to motivate myself to start jogging again

I have an issue with the term motivate. If you are seeking advice to something, that tells me that you are motivated, at least somewhat to make a change. So I am going to address what I think you are looking for: how does one continue to work at something (in this case jogging).While I don't

How to motivate myself to use my time in doing productive things

I could sit here and give you 50 ways to better use your time, but I've already done that.I could also talk about all the activities you should avoid, but I'm not going to do that either.I'm going to get to the core of this question!Being more productive is one of the best ways to

How to overcome my fear of going to the gym if I'm really short (5′1, longest I've kept up is 5 times/week for 2.5 months straight then I moved)

Like anyone else who is fearful of anything: Just go.If you can't bring yourself to do it, maybe there is a family member, friend, or acquaintance who can go with you.You really don't need to be afraid to go the

How to overcome procrastination and jealousy

Procrastination and jealousy seem to be unconnected.They are connected at a deep level.Most procrastination is based on fear, and lack of confidence.Jealousy is based on attachment to permanence, fear of not finding a better replacement, and fear of being invalidated.You can overcome both by building your winning person.If you

How to regain my fitness motivation

Let me tell you a story, and at the end you will understand why I am telling you this.When I was a teenager, I was extremely sick-I didn't know I had Celiac Disease until I turned 18.  Every single day, I

How to regain my flexibility

It's always dangerous to try and become flexible fast. You should get on a moderate stretching program and aim at doing it daily. In flexibility its the regularity that matters rather than the intensity. And as you regain flexibility slowly, your body will remember its old ability. But you

How to stay consistently motivated

Finding and sustaining motivation is always a challenge. Yet, without motivation it would be tough to make significant progress in life. My suggestions to ensure that you remain motivated are as under:Begin with extrinsic motivation.· Here the focus is on some benefit/ tangible reward / visible progress / monetary gain etc.

How to stay motivated every day, every second

You can't, I know this sounds harsh but it's true.Why we need motivation?The answer is simple, we are doing something that we actually don't want to.So staying motivated every day, every second is impossible.I would say being inspired should be your aim, if you ask me.I will

How to stay motivated to finish what I start

Ouch, I've been there before, so I kinda understand how you're feeling. I've been in that vortex of self-loathing and doubt, with small jolts of motivation from watching that TED Talk, reading that Quora answer. But that motivation only lasts for about a week, sometimes even

How to stop comparing myself to others

I could recall an incident when I was in school.The topper of my class, Rajat was my best friend back then.There was a competition between us always. My mother used to work in the same school where I studied.I was the victim of ‘Sharma ji ka ladke ko dekho' every single time

How to stop stressing

There are hundreds of millions of others on ritalin, xanax, percocets, and on top of there are billions on inorganic caffeine and similar additives. All these people are encouraging themselves with drugs they take every day, so as to get through the day. Most people

How do motivators stay motivated?

Declaimer: This answer is based on personal experience, kindly don't take it in generalize manner.I'm not a professional motivator or anything close to that, but I never run out of inspiration, and occasionally I motivate my friends, colleagues and whom soever required that gentle push.The thing which keeps me inspired 24x7x365 is, the quest of achieving

How do we get rid of depression and bad thoughts?

What you mean to ask is that what are the coping mechanisms for depression and such depressive thoughts.Well to answer that,there is no one coping mechanism.Different people have different coping mechanisms.Some like to read when they are feeling down. Some put on music. Some talk to their friends and acquaintances.I personally know a guy who plays counter

How to become more productive and stay motivated

I love to use technology in order to improve my productivity - defently mobile tech - because my iphone is always with me. And it really work for me and my local start up (it's NOT ADS! - its only local).We increased the

How to build a habit

There are two routes I recognize by which you can build a lasting habit. One is a habit loop described in Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit". I found it mentioned in a few other books, blog posts and literature.The other one is much

How to invest in yourself and make yourself better each day

By making some small positive changes every day you can become a better person not only for you, but also the people around you.Start your day with meditation: Have you ever noticed that you might take a lot of stress even for trivial matters, that can be

How to keep motivated when you work for yourself and work alone

I have been self-employed for about six years. I work as a research consultant, and my commute to work takes about 10 seconds - I work out of the master bedroom in our house.The key to working for yourself is to create structure and accountability. In a job for a regular employer, that's already created