After losing my mother, I feel depressed. How can I get my happiness back?

I lost my mother in 2015 in a sudden heart attack and she collapsed in front of my eyes. Within a span of 30 minutes my life was turned upside down. I did not cry and entered into silence for some time as I lost all my feelings together.

Ambition: Why isn't everyone ambitious?

Lack of self-efficacy.Turn on the TV or read the news and you are presented with this reality:"Here's some people doing a lot better than me in life, in every imaginable sense."Most people respond with this thought:"I don't have the means to do the

Are there any drugs that can cure depression immediately?

There is no treatment for depression that is guaranteed to work for everyone. But the FDA did recently approve a new medication, esketamine, that can relieve depression symptoms quite rapidly.The version of esketamine that was approved by the FDA this year comes in the form of a nasal-spray. You would need to have it administered at a

Are there any fit people who hate working out?

Oh my goodness, yes!I work out in the weights room four days a week and have been doing so for over ten years. I like having a strong body and I also like that I have a muscular look. My workouts are without a doubt the worst part of my day. It's

Can Ativan be used to treat OCD?

Ativan is an antianxiety drug, similar to Xanax or Klonopin. Ativan is chiefly used for the treatment of anxiety, not OCD. However, because anxiety usually accompanies OCD, Ativan can be used to lessen the anxiety associated with OCD. I would say, given the choice of Ativan or Xanax, Ativan is the

Can depression turn bipolar?

Depression seems to manifest in 2 specific flavors.Situational depression which might be caused by the death of a family, a divorce or romantic break up or something as simple as a failure on a test. This type of depression will typically dissipate overtime; as time heals most wounds.The more sinister type of depression, the illness which

Can I cure my OCD without going to a therapist?

Many people with OCD find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) really helps them manage their symptoms. Medications can also be very helpful. As I understand it, OCD can go into remission, though may never be completely ‘cured'.In my clinical experience, few people are

Can I see one therapist for OCD and another therapist for something else?

Yes and no. Yes, if you have cash and pay out of pocket, you can do that. It is like going to a doctor for your kidneys and not letting that doctor know about your heart problem or talk to your heart doctor

Can OCD be cured through self-control?

The answer is a ‘Yes' and a ‘No'.It is a no because OCD thoughts are intrusive, irrational and unpleasant. Even if the sufferer wants to avoid, he cannot. He feels a very strong urge to perform some actions which give him temporary relief to get rid of that anxiety. The person may be rational, have self

Can OCD be treated with medication?

OGenerally the recommended treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and sometimes medication.As a layman who has undergone tons of treatment, talked to many about their experiences and read lots of research papers I can offer a few non professionals guesses why it is only sometimes medication.With us there is a physical difference with how the

Can one fight depression with exercise?

There is overwhelming evidence that the body and the mind are intertwined. And there are many healthcare professionals who conclude that an unhealthy body may reflect an unhealthy or undisciplined mind. So it's safe to conclude that a healthy body increases your chance of having a healthy

Can one overcome depression/anxiety etc. on their own and with just medication, no therapy?

The best way to battle your own depression is to focus on nutrition, exercise and meditation.Nutrition and exercise will offer positive signaling to your brain to produce more positive thought processes and perspectives. These are two great approaches to changing the way your mind and body will think

Can people suspect that I have OCD?

Hello,Thanks for the A2A.  It really depends on the severity of OCD, and let me make sure we're talking about Obsessive Compulsive disorder versus Obsessive compulsive personality disorder.  OCD:Obsessions/Compulsions or both: 1) Obsession, recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges or images that cause anxiety or distress; and

Can someone recover from depression without having therapy or medication?

Pardon me for being frank, but if your depression is to the point where you don't believe therapy or medication is warranted, it must not be very bad.Clinical depression is often genetic. The research shows that as much as 40% of depression is genetic; consequently, one should focus on managing rather than overcoming depression. Too,

Can someone successfully get rid of bipolar depression?

You can´t get rid of bipolar disorder . You have to get a diagnosis first. So the first problemis how do I get to a doctor or preferably an outpatient clinic specialising in affective disorders or just bipolar disorder?Then if it is bipolar disorder:

Can we love and hate someone simultaneously?

At the same time? It would seem difficult.  Both ‘love' and ‘hate' are strong, all-consuming human emotions – and take up the entirety of heart and mind to be truly experienced. Co-existence of such diametrically opposing mental states, at the same instance, would question the very premise,

Can we prevent OCD?

We can certainly create conditions which are conducive to thriving rather than becoming walking wounded. OCD, in my opinion, like many other so-called mental illnesses are merely a symptom indicating the presence of a deep psychic or emotional wound. A wholesome environment with stability, healthy boundaries, open

Can working in mental health burn you out mentally?

Absolutely! It can be both mentally and physically taxing. There is a reason

Can you die from depression?

Actually, yes. Depression is like slow poison. It kills you slowly and slowly. It's a mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and will. It weakens you from inside and when it bursts, people think of suicide. Eventually it leads to death. And death from depression are not so easy. Depression itself doesn't

Can you get rid of depression in 4 months?

Yes, if you are a tamagochi.There's no pleasant answer to this question. No, you can't get rid of depression in a definitive time frame. The chemicals in the brain just don't work that way.There are plenty of avenues to go along with when diagnosed

Can you hate enough that you run out of hate?

Im my personal opinion, this is one of the best questions I ever saw on Quora.It is a subjective, profound, serious and above all important question.Hate can be infinite? Definitely yes.Hate is always, necessarily infinite? I think not.Hate is a dangerous emotion. Sometimes, hatred is understandable; most of the time, it is completely irrational and unjustified; but is never,

Can you heal permanently from bipolar disorder?

That depends entirely upon your definitions and modes of interpretation.There are some important points to address before coming to any sort of coherent conclusions on the matter. I will write on some of them below, followed by a section which evaluates their collaborative usefulness in responding to your question..1. There is no physical,

Can you treat OCD with no medication?

Hi Ashma,Thank you for an A2A ..There can be two ways to cure OCD without medication:CBT as it is known commenly, is an Exposure and Response Prevention method.By alternative medication such as Homeopathy, which cures OCD completely in a holistic way with NO side effects.OCD can dramatically straightjacket

Did you ever feel happy even after losing something?

When I lost the attachment I had to my so called best friend who left me, I found peace and happiness again.She left me, became close to another girl, moved on, crushed my heart and what not? I was broken, for the fact that years of friendship came to an end

Do narcissists get depressed?

Absolutely, yes. They may not admit how severe their depression is and try to escape their abyss in unhealthy ways which may involve you. Urge them to get professional help. Group therapy may help as well. You don't have to like someone or even understand them to steer

Do Turkish people hate Arabs?

Hate is strong word. But Turks have prejudge about Arabs. Here is what type Arabs were seen negative by almost every Turks:Graceless oil sheiks: They are simply hate object in Turkey. We Turks do know what the hell is happening in Arab countries. Wars, tears, poverty... But these scums waste their resources for luxury items. We are getting

Does cognitive ability decline from age 20 to age 30?

Nope. In fact, our brains aren't even fully developed until  we are in our mid to late 20's. This does not mean you will gain IQ points per se but your prefrontal cortex just simply is not finished yet and

Does depression makes you age faster?

Yes and no.  Time doesn't speed up for depressed people so they don't age faster, but the effects of depression can "age" the body and mind prematurely. Depression not only depresses mood (as the definition goes), it depresses the immune system. It makes you more susceptible to illnesses, all of which take their toll on the body.

Does exercise help with depression?

Yes it does. It releases endorphins which are the body's natural antidepressants. Unfortunately, if depression is bad enough, it's very difficult to get motivated enough to exercise. Best bet, find a friend who also wants to start exercising and is at about the same

Does fasting/intermittent fasting help depression or anxiety?

I am a chronic depression sufferer that recently tried fasting for 4 days.( Update ) Here is an update on how fasting has been helping me: 5 WAYS FASTING FOR DEPRESSION HAS HELPED MY MENTAL HEALTHI have to say the results

Does one gain confidence by working out?

I run regularly, usually around 5km (3.1 miles) at a time.All my life I've done team sports, like netball, which kept me fit. But they never raised my confidence the same way running does - there was always someone better, and most of my teammates were fitter, than me.But running is different. It's

Have you ever felt truly happy?

THE ACTUAL HAPPINESS LIES IN MAKING OTHERS HAPPY, THE INEXPLICABLE SMILE THAT IS CAUSED BECAUSE OF YOU IS A REWARD OF HAPPINESS WHICH IS UNMEASURED.i go to Sai mandir almost every thursday trying to donate some of the food items to the needy. Everytime

How can a person overcome his/her OCD, when it really starts getting serious?

By realizing that it is an Illness no matter how severely it affects, be confident though it feels like it would carry on forever, believe and trust me that OCD will not be THIS severe every day. Even though it is, believe me that you will get used to it,

How to beat OCD without drugs

Firstly, do ascertain if it is OCD. Have you gotten it diagnosed? Have you taken the YBOCS test? If you have mild to moderate OCD, there's a chance you may be able to beat it yourself. If it is severe, you may need to be in medication.Secondly, if it is mild to moderate, you can

How to build confidence in myself

I had a friend. She got a degree from a tier-2 engineering college and found a job on graduating. The job allowed her a sense of financial independence, handing over a fat paycheck. She could travel to a few locations on everyone's bucket list. Her life looked rosy on Facebook.Despite that, she

How to cure OCD at home

Roots of o.c.d(obsessive Compulsive Disorder)We all possess some type of compulsive habits, Habits which may or may not have a logical premise.But how does these habits become obsessive?The value system of an "ideal individual" created by the culture or society demands everyone to

How to feel happy after a breakup

Breakups are hard. Here are few things which may help you come out of the painful trauma:Cry your heart out. Cry as much as you can. It will reduce the pain of your heart.Share your feelings with someone you can trust. If that person is your

How to hate someone

Loving people is difficult, but hating is very easy ( since love takes more time to spread, whereas hate spreads with rocket pace).Anyways, why you wanna hate a person? ? any particular reason ?? Did u breakup with the person and wanna hate him/her, so that you wanna come out of your

How to rid out from my depression

Hi Yashwanth,Please refer to the answer below. I keep posting this answer as much as I can to help people with depressionThere is no set of steps or rules o follow to come out of DEPRESSION. Go through the PAIN, FEEL IT ,ACCEPT IT and then MOVE ON.Here are few things I would like to

How to stop aging, mentally

Well, I think four most important ingredient would be:1. Build the passion to learn as much as possible2. Gain as much experience as you can.3. Travel a lot,4. Most importantly, never feel old.This reminds me of a very interesting chat with a peon, he looks like he is in his 50s:Him: Hello,

How to stop hating running

Need more context on how you run to suggest change to your running habits to make you enjoy it more. A few things to consider:Get fitted for proper shoes that match your stride and gait. They'll reduce injury and fatigue when running.Run slower.

How to stop hating sleeping alone

It looks like you miss the genuine affection with physical contact. Sleeping is as Joe mentioned always naturally alone. Jet made a nice suggestion with the stuffed animal. I personally believe your consciousness is the blend of emotion and knowledge. This directly links to your feeling of solitude when you notice the absence of another person

How to stop hating someone

HATE is such a strong word.It's one of the worst things you can keep in your vortex. If you have decided to stop it then first step is done, let me help you with the second one. Identify your story and apply the solution.BETRAYAL is the story and Hatred is your vengeance.You loathe the person

How to treat OCD without a therapist

Your parents sound pretty irresponsible to me and that is unfortunate.I believe one can only self treat OCD poorly.There are a lot of skills that one will just need help from that only a mental health professional who specializes in anxiety and OCD can provide.Sure you can read books, get online support, trial and error. You can make progress

How to deal with the stress of your family-in-law

Think about what the right amount of time to spend with your family-in-law is, and make a strategy to get away from them at this point (don't leave it until you're in the situation). Be prepared so you can say you'll

How to get rid of depressive guilt

Depressive guilt is something which would Trigger you again and again and take you to a bad mental state which could be quite harmful for you.In order to get rid of depressive guilt you should not think of past mistakes or the past incidents.Keep yourself in a

How to not hate someone

STOP SULKING AND SKULKINGBY ANSWERING 10 QUESTIONSIn a world where understanding ~ and not love ~ is the opposite of hate, there are workable and profitable ways to stop folks from stressing you out and making you sick.Study the personalities and behaviors of the people who un-nerve you and here are 10 questions you might ask yourself:What do

How did people who cured their OCD accomplish that?

There is only one evidence based way to treating OCD, and it is through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Please ignore any other answers.Anyone who has done it by themselves, and yes, there are a few, will have used similar methods.Buy yourself a CBT book on

How did you overcome severe depression without medication?

I healed my gut! I have a big story to tell the world and I share it when I can. Nothing was helping me, when I was sick. I tried the conventional methods. I turned to natural medicine and so glad I did. Recent science discoveries are showing us

How do entrepreneurs fight depression?

Meet other inspiring entrepreneur and your energy will come back. Listen to leaders may be through online videos, or attend seminars and events. To keep yourself up always, keep learning now things, and generate new ideas , new ways to work out things. Have business analysis which will

How to avoid getting depressed

Oh my. This is a big chunka change, as we would say in New York.The extent of my formal education in psychology is one semester of Psych 101. I have, however, lived with depression all my life. Literally. I can remember being very young (perhaps five) and not wanting to live. Putting

How to become mentally strong

The same way you get physically stronger...One rep, one set, and one step at a time.Mental strength isn't rocket science.It's simply learning to be comfortable doing things you don't want to do.So how do you cultivate mental strength?Here are a few

How to connect to my husband mentally and emotionally

Rule #1- Your husband is a person bf he is a man, parent, or husband.Open up to him. Men are natural protectors and want to protect those they love. They want to know you- not the person you portray yourself to be as

How to get over anxiety

Hi Rohan,Let me tell you one thing. YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE. So please live it to the fullest.Anxiety is literally a disease to the mind. This is something I come across with a lot of people. MY MOM IS IMMERSED IN ANXIETY.Anxiety leads to

How to get rid of depression for a kid like me

Hi Miggy. Kids can get depressed. I think it first happened to me when I was 8. I didn't start therapy until I was in my late 20's so I have no clear idea of how treatment is different for kids. I think it's

How to get rid of intrusive thoughts

It is unfortunate that people like us have to deal with intrusive thoughts, it truly is. However we have the ability to fight and triumph over this predicament.I know exactly how it feels like to face these thoughts. Please be aware I am not trying to be arrogant in anyway, I am aware of the fact that I

How to get rid of mental blocks

A one-size-fits-all response is inadequate to clearly and concisely meet your needs.Generally unacknowledged or suppressed emotions like anger, resentment, fear, shame and guilt are dense emotions that block your energy. ... 'Your nay saying thoughts' activate undesirable feelings like anger, fear, hurt, sadness etc. from past experiences that have been repressed.

How to get rid of my chronic depression

I have found out what works for me. My depression is horrible. Healthy diet. Google Seratonin rich foods. I do take meds. EXERCISE! That is the one most important thing to do to feel good. Join a gym. Go for a good 10 minute workout. If you don't feel better after 10 minutes go home.

How to get rid of my depression on my own as a teenager

OK, I will say it: get rid of cell phones until age 17 and/or have entire days of abstinence from electronic media. It is far easier to prevent depression in a teen than to successfully treat the problem once developed.Depression is complex and it often has to do with biological

How to get rid of my depression permanently

Trust me, you don't want to get rid of your depression (though you do want to shut it off). It serves a critical purpose, and you might even die without it. Let me explain.Depression is a natural human emotion. It tells us that we

How to get rid of religious OCD

For myself my ocd got so bad it effected every aspect of my life so I had to go on medication. Paxil(Paroxetine) worked ok for me, BUT honestly it took a number of years and I had to work up

How to get rid of sexual thoughts and depression

By watching the stars/sun in the night/day and observe this astonishing elements of the universe to eventually realize n deeply understand this magical yet scientifical existence of the universe. This will not only give you realisation of the self but, will also make you content with your soul

How to know if my depression pushes me to divorce, or on the other hand I'm depressed because I want to divorce

If the depression is clinical, then you first need to have it treated.  Because if it gets worse, you could hurt yourself and/or others.Once you have cleared it, you can take a fresh look at your marriage and have an objective assessment of it.  Keeping in mind that your

How to know if someone is mentally healthy

If a person is happy and functioning well, using good coping skills and successful at navigating their environment, that is a good indicator. Most of what we call

How to mentally motivate myself to work out

I was in the Navy for 14 years and only worked out every 6 months as required by the physical readiness test. Then I did a deployment to Iraq for all of 2010. I was getting healthy in many aspects of my life and wanted to start working out.

How to overcome depression without getting help from anyone

As wonderful as some of these answers have been, I have to disagree with simply putting forth effort or the will and you will therefore be cured of your depression. As great as that sounds on paper, it isn't the case. You are not in control

How to overcome my OCD and live normally

First and foremost please consult a psychiatrist immediately. The medication and counselling done by him will go a long way in helping you deal with this problem.Secondly educate yourself by reading various articles written on this. They help in the

How to overcome OCD Magical Thinking

This can stem from feelings of having no actual control of certain things in the world. This habit developed in me when my mother was dying of cancer. It was thoroughly terminal and she had no chance of surviving it.My thoughts went the way of magical thinking, e.g. If I get to a door before it closes she'll be

How to overcome OCD

With 100% complete respect to everyone who answers questions like this, I have to be blunt. And I do not mean to come off as insensitive. But the following are truths that I wish someone would have laid out for me years ago when my life was debilitated by OCD and anxiety. So just know,

How to overcome religious OCD and emotion over those thoughts

Overcoming a religious OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can be a very daunting task. In this particular case, it is an action or a set of actions we obsess over and can't stop doing because it is somehow related to the religious faith that we

How to stop hating someone living with me

A2A.Have you tried telling her that her statements or whatever has been bothering you? May be she is not even aware that her jokes are hurting you this badly. Try telling her politely but firmly that you don't like personal comments. If

How to stop my OCD

OCD is not amenable to typical anxiety treatments although it is considered in the anxiety disorder family. OCD therapy involves a behavioral therapy called exposure-response therapy, which takes practice and guidance; it also is difficult and takes a lot of

How to tackle chronic depression

I recommend you to try psychotherapy and psychiatric medication both together. But, I also suggest below techniques for completely removing all your negativities, developing universal love and maximizing peace, focus and productivity in life - please read till the end as all techniques are very powerful.First,

How to treat my OCD myself

I suffered from OCD for four years of my life. But, now it's quite hard to believe that as I don't have it anymore in my life. I can remember my OCD symtomps as ealry as when I was 13 or 14 years

How to get rid of depression

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its teachings.You must follow its teachings to the

How do we get rid of depression and bad thoughts?

What you mean to ask is that what are the coping mechanisms for depression and such depressive thoughts.Well to answer that,there is no one coping mechanism.Different people have different coping mechanisms.Some like to read when they are feeling down. Some put on music. Some talk to their friends and acquaintances.I personally know a guy who plays counter

How to cope with anxiety

My method for curing anxiety may be a bit unorthodox, and I don't recommend that everyone attempt it. I say this because in my experience, most people manage to improve their symptoms with psychotherapy, and sometimes medication. However, I decided to take a bit of a different approach; I gave

How to deal with workplace depression

Mindfully tasking from a list with timers set for expectation if procrastination is a hindrance. Guarding your conversation to not focus on you and humor even under sadness as a underlying frequent. I made it habit to know a few clean yet witty quick one two liners especially for work. Humor can be used

How to get over a depression after a divorce

There's really not much that you can do to stop feeling depressed after a divorce: this is a normal and healthy response to a very traumatizing event. The end of a marriage is like a death and the longer you were married, the longer it'll

How to get rid of depression

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its

How to know if you have clinical depression

The first time it happened to me I really didn't know what was wrong.  I was a child and I just believed what the teachers and my parents told me.  They said I had no initiative, I was lazy, etc.  But I was suffering.  I felt like damaged goods.  I thought there

How to stop/prevent depression

If you are suffering from depression for a very long time or if you are suffering from a major depression also known as clinical depression then anti depressant medicines are must as during these times brain gets physically changed. Only anti depressant can correct it. Later on you may change to natural remedies given below

How to treat OCD without medication or therapy

You can try the following, I recommend seeing a doctor though.Facts about obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts1)Thoughts have no power unless you act on it.2)Thoughts will keep coming back as long as you resist them.3)Compulsive behavior may reduce the obsessive thoughts initially, but will reinforce themselves.What you can tryDont resist thoughts, let them come.

How does a therapist help with overcoming OCD?

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is a defense mechanism against anxiety/depression. Many therapists try to behaviorally or cognitively, or even medication-wise

How does daily exercise help one's mental fitness?

Physical wellbeing is as important as mental fitness.For overall well being one must have a good mental frame.If you are physically active you automatically feel happy because of exercise happy hormones are released and it leads to good mental health.Whenever you feel stressed

How does depression affect someone?

It can be both constructive and destructive depending on how we handle it.Destructive - No retrospection, No Logical Analysis. Only Guilt and Regret Slowly destroys the self and let us live only in past.Constructive - Retrospect, Empty your mind or creating a pause in your life to let

How does depression affect the body physically?

I have to disagree with the other answer here, about depression being an emotion only. We wouldn't have invented the term psychosomatic had we not felt physiological symptoms that stemmed from the brain and not any other internal functions or organs. That's precisely what defines psychosomatic symptoms, is that the brain makes them up, but make no mistake, they

How does depression affect the body?

The most commonly used theory is the affection of serotonin levels which is a neurotransmitter in the brain and other parts of the body also know as the

How does fitness help depression?

First of all we need to understand what is depression.It is the feeling of intense sadness, including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless lasting for many days to weeks which keeps you from living your life.So as we indulge into exercise and fitness we undergo all kinds of changes

How does OCD work?

it took me a long long time to figure out and understand how this phenominal disease works and where the thoughts come from and what makes them compulsifthere are too many ocds cases i will explain in generalin ocd the patient has unwanted thoughts and they can't get rid of them and

How does one heal from depression due to low serotonin? Depression, anxiety, fearing to social contact, and unwilling to sleep are shown. There are people have similar behavior in family.

The good news is healing the cause of depression is possible.Donald Kuhn, Ph.D., and colleagues at Wayne State University School of Medicine set out to study what role, if any, serotonin played in the development of depression. The study with mice revealed that lacking the ability

How does one overcome depression and anxiety?

Please keep patience, it will be a long one.I think I am eligible to answer this question because once I was suffering from depression and I overcame it without any medicines.I am not going to provide you with any tricks to overcome it because

How does one stop hating on people?

In today's society ....if you look at someone wrong they call it hate. If you're Caucasian you're considered racist no matter what you did for other races in the past..... benevolence is considered, to have guilt for what every other Caucasian may have did or thought in the past and let's face it, a

How effective can exercise be in dealing with depression?

I have read that on countless occasions.But, I can guarantee there will be people reading the answers to this and thinking

How hard is it to treat OCD?

OCD is a distressing feeling of danger which can't be reasoned out and often worsens, with time.The first step for the therapist is to earn the patient's trust. This takes a knowledge of the disorder and a knowledge of people, sometimes, the two are not systematically associated and it may happen

How has aging affected you mentally?

I will soon be 75. This year I have realized that I am a bit slower in processing conversation I,e it is as if I get the info from the person talking to me in slow motion. When several people are talking together I find that the

How is life after overcoming chronic depression?

Honestly, everything seems so calm and beautiful now. But the damage caused by my depression was massive. I ruined myself in 3 months with depression, paranoia, stress and being scared. Now, I'm recovering for like 2 years almost and still need healing.Now I

How severe is your OCD?

At the moment, not too severe.About a year ago - extreme.I was consulted by a psychologist in a special OCD clinic last July. In order to officially start treatment there, they had to see if I had OCD, and more importantly, how severe it was.

How should someone act around a boss that is a narcissist?

In her great book The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists, Eleanor Payson writes about how to be in relationship with a narcissist. It's a terrific book and I highly recommend it.The long and the short of it is - leave as soon as you can. Narcissists don't change, and actually don't care to