Are aliens tall?

Hi, just as on Earth where we have different human races, my understanding is that it's the same on other planets. Some tall, some shorter. Diversity is a Galactic characteristic, however the ETs that visit Earth have very much realised that with diversity there still must be

Why would aliens intend to visit earth?

Conquest. For the purposes of discussion, let's assume that there are no intelligent space-faring species within a radius of several light years from Earth (this seems, at least superficially, to be the case as far as we now can tell). If a space-faring species from a home world many light years distant from us

What would the discovery of aliens do to mankind?

That would depend on where you hail from. People who are starving probably wouldn't give a rat's ass. People who work in NASA and national security might have sleepless nights. People who always have God on their minds will hail it as divine proof of his

How to help finding aliens

You can participate in SETI distributed computing.

If people have seen ufos why is there no evidence of aliens, where are they hiding what are they?

UFO sightings have benn reported ever since flying machines became a mainstream thing. Humans have a tendency to fill the gaps, overlook that which doesn't fit or alter what almosts fit. They THINK they saw an alien and therefore their brain accepts they saw

Why are UFOs always round in shape?

Because 99.9999999% of all

In movies, why do aliens always land in the USA?

You mean Hollywood movies, right?Yeah, and aliens are going to be defeated by US Army. And Mr President takes the leading role to save the humanity.Why? Hollywood film makers are patriots. And American audiences love that. These are the reasons I can think of.In the non-Hollywood movies, it's definitey NOT the case.

Why did the US government cover up the Roswell UFO incident?

Let's replay the events as they actually occurred in 1947:In order to genuinely understand what occurred at Roswell, one has to compare the original report issued by the Associate Press that the Army Air field had reported that they've recovered a

Assuming extra-terrestrial life (aliens) exist, what is the most likely scenario for them to make themselves officially known?

It's possible this is already happening.  In the past several years there has been a huge increase in UFO activity, crop circles and channeled messages.  It's like (presuming this is all true) they are making us aware of them through grassroots efforts.  This

If hostile aliens were to invade Earth, where would be their first point of landing?

Where ever they chose. They might pick close to some capitals (Washington DC, London England, Paris France, Moscow Russia) or they might pick larger remote areas to land. Without knowing what kind of weapons they have or how big a force they can land with, your guess is as good as anyone else's. They might land at multiple

Why has there never been even one unequivocally convincing photograph of a UFO and/or alien taken, considering the huge number of people who have been carrying camera phones in recent years?

There have been many many ‘authentic ufo photographs and videos' but this is a field where anyone can cast doubt on the ‘authenticity' by bringing in a myriad of arguments, some seemingly sensible, and some with no weight at all. The photographs from decades ago, the ones that have been widely studied by researchers and organizations and were declared

How to tell the difference between an airplane and an alien UFO at night

It depends on the amount and type of drugs you are currently taking, prescription or otherwise.If you are free from chemical influence, all of the lights in the sky that are moving are either planes/helicopters or satellites. Use your other senses, like hearing; if it sounds like a plane or helicopter, see if there are red and blue lights

UFO s debunkers.. How do you explain NASA video STS-114 Boomerang?

Because I am omniscient, and have total knowledge about everything in the universe, from its creation to the end of time. When a sparrow falls on Blorgon 17, not only do I know about it, but I know who pushed it and how it voted in

Are there any HD recordings of UFOs?

Well, from my own experience and observation (and after talking with other investigators who were present) we actually wondered whether this could be part of the phenomenon.  What we witnessed was very close, much bigger than Sirius, bright amber, sparkling, moving up and down, fairly quick and completely silent.  It went round a reservoir and then over a

Has there ever been any undisputed, physical evidence for UFOs or aliens?

No, not one shred of physical evidence has been produced to date. Although there may be thousands of bonafide UFO sightings over the past several decades, no one has come forward with physical evidence of aliens, extraterrestrial spacecraft, or other such artifact. The logical assumption is that such evidence does not exist.

Why have I never seen a ghost or a UFO, at 60+ years of age?

Hello,You have not seen a ghost or UFO even at 60+ because of lack of interest.Ghost doesn't normally make itself visible to you and say...

Why would aliens continue to be so evasive and not want to be seen by humans if they existed and are so interested in our planet?

A good question, and probably one which cannot be answered from our own limited human viewpoint.If aliens as you imagine do exist, then most likely their general biology is relatively similar to our own. I say this from the stand point that chemistry, and its laws and properties, will be the same throughout the universe.Beyond that, we don't

A UFO lands in front of you, what do you do?

Ok the question is about «an UFO» not about «a spaceship». The problem is that we do not know what UFOs are, so the question is: «an unknown object lands right in front of you».Well, that happened several times, and that unknown thing

How can one contact aliens?

Aliens doesn't exist. Aliens are the superstitious belief of Western world. Similarly in Asia , demons or giants are shown and written in books. In fact these are not true. The weakness inside men and women was pictured as ten head Raven. one

Do aliens really exist... What does Quran say about Alains?

Quran details about earthy iife and humans but every now and then it says Rub al Aalameen that is worlds not only what we are in but other Modern days we are all searching life beyond earth like Mars etc see under

Can aliens not exist?

They can exist. We are living beings, so life exists, so it is possible that there is some life somewhere else.But now the question is : Is it really probable, or is there only a tiny chance ?There are, from my point of view, two different possibilities :

Do aliens or any extra-dimensional entities contact us in dreams?

I've had very similar dreams myself, but not all the time. They are most memorable not just because of the content, but rather they were more 'holographic'.One of them was where I was pulled to some gathering of different races. Some of their faces along with their bodies were deformed somehow.

What are some good websites for people who already believe in UFOs and aliens?

This is the site i tell everyone to go visit for facts and latest happening about that Subject.www.siriusdisclosure. com (Home)Just have a look at it, watch documentaries and has great news on it and also there are other links on that site which has many interesting websites to research and news.Also,

What do I have to do to get aliens to get in touch with me?

I noted several previous answers ranging all over the board from true believer to true disbeliever. Since I have studied this phenomenon for a long time and have worked with many close encounter experiencers I will add my $0.02 in here

How true is the famous Roswell Incident video which shows the autopsy of a proclaimed Alien?

Haters and so-called skeptics claim that the figure in this grainy video is obviously a doll. However, isn't it true that this video might show government scientists operating on the tooth fairy? Don't you think that stories of alien abductions contain REMARKABLE similarities to stories of visits by the tooth fairy (well, without the part about the

What would happen if aliens discovered the Earth?

I could only hope that the horrible pattern in history when a more advanced culture discovered another culture would not turn out to be the case for us. The conquest and near total annihilation and forced assimilation of the indigenous peoples of the Americas over the past five centuries being a major example. The brief history

Who does one contact upon securing possible video evidence of an alien UFO?

Post it on Mufon.Mufon has 3 goals:Investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide.Promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet.Educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

Do you think our government is aware of extraterrestrial life?

No. If signs of life are detected on another planet it's big news.Intelligent life almost certainly exists in other solar systems, but they're not visiting us. The people who claimed to be visited were either lying for attention, or had frontal-lobe seizures. In more primitive times, people with seizures saw angels and demons. Now they go more Sci-Fi with

Who would you select as Earth's representative to aliens?

As in any first contact with an alien race or nation, it is prudent to ascertain the intention of the visitors. It would be naive to presume that all aliens would be benevolent. To do that, any normal human would

What are the best schools for studying about UFO?

There are noneExtra Terrestrial Spacecraft (ETS, CTVs, Volutes) don't fly, they vectate (vectored levitation) so the term UFO does not apply.As soon as you hear someone say the term UFO you know its either a Hetlau or complicit EA performing subnation

Do aliens exist? If they do, will they visit Earth?

Yes, i think they exist cause our universe is so vast and we have known only a very very little bit of it so its very much likely to say that there might be aliens out there but this is not true about aliens that as they are extraterrestials they might have more advanved technology than us.

Why do you believe or not believe in UFOs?

I've seen no clear evidence.

If aliens invaded Earth, how could the average citizen defend themselves?

This would depend on what level of technology the Aliens possessed and how such weaponry was actually utilized. Biological warfare would be very difficult to deal with. However, the most difficult technology to overcome would be one that interferes with brain function and sensory

Are UFOs a conspiracy theory?

The answer to your question depends on how you define

Did you ever witness a UFO incident, that was not reported in the media?

I never saw an object. I saw a large white orb one night while I was locking up my building. Certain events lead up to this encounter and another event happened after it. I researched UFOs for about 15 years, which included field investigations. If people only knew how

Have there ever been any alien sightings here on Earth?

There have been many sightings of flying objects although few of them have any good smart phone videos (which by now should be more or less abundant, given the ubiquity of smart phones)., for some reason, all the alien sightings (living beings), as far as I know, have happened in secluded locations where the only

Why most of the UFO sightings happened in developed countries?

It is actually the mindset of people that leads to this manifestation of this scenario.People of developed countries are open minded and realize the possibilty of existence of alien civilizations or ETs (Extra Terrestrials).People of developing or under developed countries have a lower mindset and are

What happens when you make contact with aliens?

Think about it.The nearest aliens are probably on the order of 50 lightyears from here. Due to the way the universe works, we will probably never accelerate a ship to more than 0.01% light. My

If/when Earth makes first contact with aliens, who should greet them?

They'd be traveling FTL or they'd be willing to live in a colony ship since before Columbus was born, so either they make our science look like a little boy trying to light a match, or they make our sociology look

Declassified government documents show the military has taken parapsychology & UFOs very seriously for many decades. When will the scientific community catch up?

Legitimate science has nothing to catch up with. I think diligent and hopeful might be more appropriate descriptors. The military has never had a problem with seriously investigating extreme long shots on the theoy that it is better to be paranoid and highly speculative to the point of goofy expenditures of time, money, and manpower than to potentially miss

What is the most realistic way an encounter with an alien species could happen?

Many ALIENS are, in fact, US, since our consciousness is multi-dimensional - and many ET species live in higher-realms where they may interact with us, or actually be us at those levels. While I am incarnate, my soul is actually not from spirit realms but a consciousness

Do Nazis hate UFOs?

Amy covered a lot here.YES, they actually also had a UFO that crashed landed.Thye also set up a submarine base here in NZ( up North) as they also knew about Hollow Earth!If I remeber corretcly, I htink they

Are there any evidences of UFOs?

Well, if there is evidence, the governments will never tell you! However, check out this video below. It may throw some light on the conspiracy......Remember, the universe is big - really big - with trillions of galaxies each with billions of stars. Even if one planet in 10 galaxies harbors intelligent life, there would still be more

What if we could communicate with aliens without any chances of meeting them ever?

I have no answer for that specific question - because:  In one of their messages they furnish the method (specific) on how to contact them.  I have created a program to do that, and need to publish this and then ask for help from others, to decide what to reply, so that we may furnish our answer to them.