Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

No, not only NO but HELL no!!!!! There are no fees for any paperwork needed in the service. I have 30 days of leave a year. If I want to take some, I request it from my supervisor by email. He approves and then kicks it

Does the Air Force do rest days after working-out?

In basic training? Not really. You do calisthenics 3 days a week (push-ups, sit ups, burpees, etc.) and then you run 3 days a weeek. On Sundays you get a "rest" day, but you still might end up doing push-ups or other exercises to include marching. In tech school we did squadron PT three days

How to prepare for joining the United States Marine Corps

I'll keep this really simple. Arrive at boot camp dressed neatly. Have a short and conservative hair cut. Do not have any sayings on your shirt. Do not wear anything with

How did Chris Kyle see his target when lining up his 2,100 yard shot (in the American Sniper movie his target is literally not visible to even his sniper's scope)?

I wasn't with Mr. Kyle at the time of the shot. But I'll accept the premise. How can you see something when you can't see it in your scope.I was having a conversation about the worst wind people had shot on. Several stories about

How does being in the U.S. Marines compare to being in the U.S. Army?

Well, I was in both.  I did 6 years in the Marines first, then moved over to the Army where I served another 9.  There was quite a bit of culture shock after the move and I'll detail a lot of that shock here as it

How fit are people in the armed forces physically?

I believe that US armed forces are in a lot better physical shape than during the Vietnam Era.During Vietnam, humpback whales were accepted directly into basic training. Today, people are required to meet physical standards before enlistment.Based upon that alone, I have to say that today they are very

How is teasing or bullying handled at a U.S. Marine Corps boot camp?

I went to boot camp in 2004 . I know the Marines has changed alot so I'm told since then but your so busy in boot camp there is no time for that.... If you are a reAl shtbag in boot camp like gomer pile in full metal jacket and the drill

How many hours do US Navy SEALS get to sleep after the completion of Hell Week?

I asked a similar question last year:How do prospect Seals spend the days after the Hell Week? Do they advance to the next training session with little rest, or are there several days of recuperation with only light exercise, or perhaps some other way?They get a weekend off and the next week is

How many pull ups should I be able to do and how far should I be able to run before going to Marine Corps boot camp?

The more the merrier, but on a more serious note, the Marine Corp physical fitness test (pft) consists of a 3-mile run, timed crunches, and pull ups, as for the run-you will need to be able to run 3 miles in 26 minutes (18 min for perfect score), but

In a battle between a Gurkha regiment and the U.S Marine Corps, who would win?

I was in the US armed forces for 26 years, to include four years as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps.If they have the same weapons and numbers, the Gurkhas would win easily.Gurkhas = Special Operations Forces - Most westerners don't know about Gurkhas. Gurkhas are small

Is it better to join the Army infantry or Marines infantry?

No your question is actually normal for a smart young man who is anxious to see some action, my answer on the other hand may not be to your liking. It will also be as direct as the military, lol.Both branches of military

Was Chris Kyle really that good?

Let's put Chris Kyle's career into perspective. US Navy Seals are Tier 2 operators within the Special Operations community which make them the 1% of military personnel capable and willing to perform these kinds of operations. The fact that a guy from Texas

What are the differences between Marines and SEALs?

The US Marines are an amphibious expeditionary force whose main job is projection of power using the mobility of The US Navy. Basically, if you go to war with the USA, they're the first guys your soldiers will see and they'll be delivered by the US Navy. The Marines are capable of

What do U.S. Army soldiers think of U.S. Marines?

We had some working with us at Kunia. They were competent, hard-working but unwilling to mingle with us unless it was strictly work related.I spoke to one lance corporal who said they were under orders to keep their distance because their command didn't want them catching any of our bad habits. He seemed afraid to be

What do U.S. Marines think about US Army soldiers?

I am probably going to get some heat for this, but I'm going to give an honest answer.... Also, to be fair, this is from the early 2000's era. The Army has acknowledged the problems I'm going to speak about, and has hopefully taken

What does it take to train to be a Navy SEAL?

Take the ASVAB test so the Navy can determine if you're suitable. I believe every branch is going to require you to take it in order to enlist, so this step isn't unique to being a SEAL.Talk to a Navy recruiter about joining for the

What is Navy SEALs salary?

It really depends on their rank and how long they been in. I'm E6 and my yearly salary is only $58k a year and I have been in for 15 years. Actually make less than that. This is only base pay. With BAH it can go up to six figures

What is U.S. Marine Corps boot camp like?

Imagine if you and I were sitting at a table, and, for whatever reason, you had to do what I told you to. You knew I wouldn't physically harm you in any way, but you had to do exactly what I

Which is more legendary, the Ghurkas or the U.S. Marines?

The timing of this question is fortuitous, because in my spare time I've created a new software app that, in a side by side comparison, assigns an empirical Legendary score to two like entities. I call it a Legendometer. Rhymes with barometer.Comparing the US Marines to the Ghurka Rifles, I ran the app for the

Who was the more feared, the British SAS or the US Marines?

The British SAS and the US Marines are entirely different mechanisms, filled, trained and equipped entirely differently. To become a ready-to-fight Marine might be 24–36 weeks (longer for specialized fields). To become an SAS operator is LITERALLY on the order of

Who would win in a bar fight, one Royal Marine or one U.S. Marine?

Depends on size and skill. I knew a guy in the Coast Guard who could kick the shit out of 3 Marines at will...he was huge. I knew Royal Marines that were barely 150 lb soaking wet. The services aren't

Why does the USA still have troops stationed in Europe?

US military bases in Europe now number only about 70, down from a few hundred during the height of the Cold War. Most US bases closed at Washington's initiative because of US defense budget cuts, such as the US Navy base at La Maddalena, Sardinia, and the US Air Force facility at San

Why is the U.S Marine Corps awesome?

Who says they're awesome? The Marine Corps is awesome because they never miss a chance to tell you how awesome the Marine Corps is.The truth is that the USMC is pretty exceptional at what they do, and the real secret is exclusivity. The Corps is much smaller than the other services, and doesn't face the pressure

Are there still US ground troops fighting anywhere?

Yes there are.Active US ground troops (I assume you are talking about the main four branches) are located in Africa (AFRICOM - Arica Command), Middle East (CENTCOM - Central Command), Europe (EUCOM - European Command), Asia (SEAC - South East Asia Command), South America (USSOUTHCOM - U.S. Southern Command) and of course North America.There are many US military

Are there too many or too few US troops stationed in Europe?

"Are there too many or too few U.S. troops stationed in Europe?"In my opinion--and this is just my opinion--there are too few U.S. troops stationed in Europe. But if the U.S. sends exactly seventeen more troops, then I think the number present will be juuuuust riiiiight. Eighteen would be too many. Sixteen would be too

Are there troops from the US Army in Syria?

NO: There are no American soldiers in Syria. The Embassy closed in 2013, there are a few Marine guards there. There is a contingent fighting ISIS/Daesh in northern Iraq , they may cross the border if necessary, but at the moment

Do marines train every day?

Can't speak to all the different Marine MOS' out there, but I can give you some insight into a day/week in the life of a Scout Observer. Not in combat, we are normally assigned to artillery battalions but then we form

How did the armed forces view Obama?

There are some qualifications to make here.Although we talk about the president being the commander in chief, no president who came into the post without military and/or deep foreign policy chops has:(a) had the full respect of mil, state, or the IC(b) been truly allowed full executive latitude in those areasPossibly until this

How do average US Army soldiers compare to professional athletes in terms of physical fitness?

I guess it really depends on the unit, or line of work. I've seen fat SF guys. I've seen in shape paper pushers. There are all kinds of different types of people in the Army which makes it so interesting. Most of the infantry guys are in good shape, but not super strong

How many US troops are stationed in the UK? Why so many? Do we need them?

US bases in the UK serve US and UK interests in quite a few ways. First the obvious physical protection. If someone attacks the UK they also attack the US. This has been a real danger since the end of WW II. It also allows for rapid mobilization of US troops in Europe and Africa.A less obvious but

If the United States disappeared, how would the world be affected? Which nations rely the most on American support, patronage, partnerships, trade, and military protection?

Other than the sudden drowning of some 315-odd million people, lots of bad things that would probably kill tens of millions of more people. First off, the planet itself would hardly notice. The total mass of the US is [math]2.28*10^{16}[/math] kg†. If we go further and axe

Should more American troops be stationed in Europe?

As a Russian living in Lithuania i'd say damn YES. We need those American troops to protect us. Lithuanian military is as good as nonexisting, and EU has little resources, very little will, and no legal mechanisms to protect us. It is only the U.S. who is capable of doing so. Probably other EU countries except the Baltics could

Should the USA withdraw its troops from Europe?

There really aren't that many to withdraw anymore . . . (if I miss something, I would be pleased to be corrected.)The only regular ground contingents assigned to NATO in Europe are, last I checked, a weak cavalry regiment in Germany and a small airborne brigade in Italy. That's enough to maintain a

Was the American Army overrated in WW2?

Armies improve over time with equipment, leadership, training and experience. The American Army in 1939 was vastly different than the American Army in 1945. In addition, the Army Air Corps (which was part of the US Army and later became the US Air Force) is technically an element within the US Army.The question also bears analysis

What are some interesting (military) facts about the U.S. Civil War?

It showed the world how hugeeee the US Military was going to be. Few years ago Europe was bleeding because of the Crimean War (1853–1856) Russian, British, French, Sardinians and Ottomans ended up with a body count of 562,000 deaths. The US CW (1861–1865) body count was for about 620,000 deaths.A single young nation

What do Americans think of Indian Armed Forces? And what do Indians think of the U.S. Armed Forces?

An average Indian soldier thinks a lot about American army. Whenever we compare armies, US Army, being an army of the most powerful country in the world is (for obvious reasons) discussed as datum. And the general feeling is:In spite of being one of the

What exercises should I do to prepare myself for the United States Army Physical Fitness Test and the United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test?

Question- What do both of these fitness tests involve?Answer- Running and basic body weight exercises.So what should you do to prepare yourself for the physical fitness tests of both services? Run and do basic body weight exercises to put it simply.To

What foreign troops are stationed on American soil? Why?

None, in the "stationed on military bases owned by a foreign power or as part of a detachment of military personnel."    Now, there are "foreign service personnel" in the USA, generally here because:They are training as part of our alliance obligations (NATO, etc.).  Most nations can't afford to train their people on really high tech

Why are there still American troops stationed in Afghanistan?

The main reason? China, Russia and Iran.As China's Belt and Road initiative gains momentum through Central and South Asia, Afghanistan is a vital land bridge link between China's far west and Middle East(and Europe thereafter).By redeployment of Daesh/ISIL fighters from the Syrian battleground to Afghanistan, the 8000-strong US military in Afghanistan will have some 3000-5000 Daesh

Why are there still US troops in Japan and Germany?

Because they want us there , for the most part. You make it seem as if we were occupying those countries, which is NOT the case. They are both allies and both ask for our help to deter threats. In Germany's case the threat is Russia. In

Why do U.S. military bands use silver plated trombones?

It is not an across the board policy of the Department of the Defense to determine plating for trombones for all its band members. The simple answers are 1. Uniformity and 2. Not all bands require it.From a ceremonial perspective, uniformity is is part of the conforming nature of the military. Depending on the branch of service, all

Why does the U.S. have troops stationed in Japan?

First of all, I can make Wikipedia say anything I want. And I can also find sources that will support my opinion.Secondly, and more importantly, I lived in Japan for three and a half years while serving on active duty. So I can tell you from my operational experience that although

Why does the U.S. still have troops stationed in Afghanistan?

Why do we still have troops stationed in Afghanistan?Trump is using the Taliban excuse to stay there to exploit the 1 billion dollar mineral resources found atop in the mountains. There is a whole article on it where he foolishly admits it;Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: MineralsDo we think

Why does the US have troops stationed in Germany?

The decision to divide Germany into four separate areas was ratified at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Later, the London protocol decided who would have authority over which area. The four biggest regions were divided amongst the U.S., Russia, England and

Why does the USAF wear camouflage if most airmen won't see combat? Nothing against the USAF (I actually would consider joining but it's just a random thought.)

That is a good question. The largest threat to a airman is an attack on their base itself.I was in the USAF during the 80's (all of them, by the way) and we transitioned from fatigues to BDU's around 87–88.What was interesting was in USAFE (US

Why don't countries that have foreign policy problems with America take a proper stand and tell America to remove military bases from their countries?

Because in many cases the bases are not American but are leased or rented to the Americans and the hoist country gets good US cash back in turn. For instance there are no US bases in the UK. Notice the letters RAF in front of the

Why is the Marine Corps so small compared to the US Army?

TLDR: Because the Marines and Army are different tools built for different purposes. The marines are a small self-contained and vertically integrated force. The Army is the giant workforce.A simple analogy would be the Marines are the toolbox you carry in your Truck.The Army is a Workshop and construction company that can do the

Are there US soldiers based in Nigeria now?

From my knowledge I would say that there are only a few soldiers in Nigeria and a few Marines at the Embassy. The soldiers are primarily trainers working with troops fighting Boko Haraam. They are not stationed in Nigeria but rotate in from other places. Anyone claiming to be one of them can be quickly found out.

Does the Air Force do rest days after working-out?

In basic training? Not really. You do calisthenics 3 days a week (push-ups, sit ups, burpees, etc.) and then you run 3 days a weeek. On Sundays you get a "rest" day, but you still might end up doing push-ups or other exercises to include marching. In tech school we did squadron PT three days a week.

How is the military training from domestic and international joint military war exercises preserved and carried forward as personnel filter in and out of the different services?

Training exercises are ongoing, continually training the new troops that enter a unit and letting them learn from personnel that have been through the training before. For example, the former exercise Team Spirit and it's successors, on the Korean Peninsula, not only taught new troops and new officers, but also refreshed personnel that had gone

How likely am I to become a special forces soldier (like a navy seal, delta or ranger) if am a foreigner? Cause I'd really like to serve in US army.

As long as you are a legal resident in the US you can serve in the US military. And, in fact, if you are interested in citizenship, service gives you something of a leg up. But just being in the

If you were to create a physical fitness or combat fitness test for the US military (any branch) what event would you use to test troops and why?

I have thought about this a good bit. I'm going to use army terms but it could easily apply to any branchThe best PT test forces soldiers to be fit. the trouble with tests is a person has so many muscle groups that to test most of them ( or all of them)

Is it smarter to go to college before or after the military in the U.S.?

Go to college, get a degree. Join the ROTC, they can help you pay for it, in some instances. If you are poor enough, the government can help you pay for it. If your family makes too much money for you to get that grant, but not enough to pay for college...take out student loans. Join the ROTC whether

Should I go back to college or join the military?

The military isn't for everyone. If you do want to serve in the US military, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices. If you aren't right now, then you probably won't be later on. Based on how you're talking about your parents getting you a car if

Should I go to college or should I follow my dream of serving in the military?

Great answer by Dr Joel Goldstein. I can't top that but I can answer from my own personal experience. I served in the Army and I'm currently an undergrad senior at Texas A&M.Yes, you can join the military and work toward a bachelor's (or even a Master's) degree.Research on the Web what all five services offer you

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about military life?

I don't think I had any misconceptions about the Army when I enlisted in 1966. I knew that there were folks already in the Army that would tell me what to do and when to do it. All I had to do was carry out their instructions to

What does a soldier or marine's exercise routine look like?

Zombieland and military workout routines are similar. Rule 1) Lots of cardio. Rule 18) limber up. rule 19) break it up. rule 20) It's a marathon, not a sprint, unless it's a sprint, then sprintSo, learn how to stretch, then do so pre and post workout. Lots

What was your least favorite base or location to which you were stationed in the military?

29 Palms, California.Nothing but rampant poverty, meth abuse and gang violence outside the base.Nothing but a Carl's Jr (East coast see Hardees) and I believe a dominoes on base.There was a

What's the US military daily physical training regime?

Each service has a slightly different set of "normal suspects" exercises;  this is the Army's: Physical Training Guide  I can tell you from three years' worth of observation, in Basic training you will learn how to do

Which branch of the U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) are enemy combatants most fearful of?

It depends on what type of enemy combatants you are talking about, and in what environment you are talking.I submit that right now one of the most feared and deadly things that exist in the US Armed Forces is the MQ-9 Reaper

Why is it that Russia and China have hypersonic missiles but the US doesn't. Shouldn't the US have better weapons due to their high military budget?

I can talk to what happens in China and probably much the same occurs in Russia but I cannot confirm this.The people in China are vehemently in support of their government and what they are doing for China and they work hard, competently, do not

Why weren't large backpacks ubiquitous of modern soldiers not used by soldiers of the WWII era?

Several reasons. You can find a number of good answers here, but in addition the soldiers of that era were physically smaller AND high mobility was not as much of a priority in most units then as it is today. Today, you take

Would the US Navy be in the right if it shot down a foreign warplane that buzzes one of its aircraft carriers in international waters?

During the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Russians made a priority of studying our carrier groups that were present. There were up to three such groups at a time in place and at one point it was the largest assemblage of

A straight up fight (no weapons) happens between the top enlisted personnel for the US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, US Coastguard and the US Marines in a wide open flat field, who wins and why?

Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey of the United States Army. Why? Because he's INFANTRY.Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is artillery. POG. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force is a dental assistant. POG.Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is a weapons tech turned

Are the MARCOS better than the Navy SEALs?

MARCOS and Navy Seals, both have potential, But Navy seals are more better than Marcos because of technology as well as experience.The MARCOS of India --1.MARCOS were raised as the Indian Marine Special Forces (IMSF) in 1985. Two years later, they were renamed the Marine Commando Force (MCF). Their motto is – The Few The Fearless.

Are the other militaries of NATO in awe of the US military when the US military shows up for training with them?

The simple answer is no.  Professional soldiers generally have a good idea of the size of foreign military budgets and the condition of their active forces.  Therefore, it is no great surprise among the Germans, the Dutch, the British, or the Canadians to see U.S. Army or

Are US Marine Reserves considered 'real' Marines?

One day our senior drill instructor had the entire squad line up. He asked which of the recruits was going in to the reserves. After a few guys raised their hand he yelled

Can I still join the United States navy if I have an offensive (opinion) tattoo on the side of my face and another on the back of my head?

I found this online:According to Navy regulations, enlistment standards are based on four criteria,Content: Obvious as it may seem, the navy doesn't want its sailors walking around covered in images of swastikas, gang signs, or anything else that might jeopardize unit cohesion. Basically, if a tattoo pisses people off, or has the potential to

Can you convince me to join the U.S. Marine Corps?

If you need to be convinced to join the Marine Corps , it's probably not the service for you . It is not for the indecisive or faint of heart. The Marine Corps is a high speed , low drag , hard charging , do

Can you go to the bathroom during lights out in the Marine Corps boot camp?

Can you make a head call during lights out in Marine Corps boot camp?The simplest answer is

Currently, which divisions of the U.S Army are equivalent or comparable to the U.S Marine Corps?

Army and Marine Divisions are comparable, but different animals. Marine Divisions aren't the primary way the units are deployed generally - they 'float' as MEU's (reinforced battalion sized element) and other larger sized elements based on the Amphibious Ships they deploy

Do married members of the military tend to get divorced more often than their civilian counterparts?

Old joke- what do you need to e a career Special Forces officer? Rolex watch, star sapphire ring, and at least 1 divorce.Military service- ANY branch- can be a real test of a marriage. Long separations, frequent moves, long work hours. On the other hand, my bride and I just had

Do Navy SEALs ever regret becoming a Navy SEAL?

You fail to realize that all SPECOPS units in the US Military are voluntary units. That means you can unvolunteer any time you no longer wish to be there. So, if in some weird alternate universe this actually did happen, then the individual in question just has to go and tell his Commander

Do the Marines really have a harder training than the other military branches?

I was a 19-D Cavalry Scout. 16.5 Weeks OSUT. The Drill we had. Was a Green Beret and his partner was a Haitian man with deep Accent. AnywaysThe Marines go to a 12 week Basic and that is all they offer.The Army has a Ten week Basic and that is for Support Soldiers and many of them are

Do the U.S. Marines draft?

During WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, the U.S. Marines conscripted. That said, they were not drafting when I joined in the mid-60s, but they were by the end of the -60s. The Marines stopped drafting, of course, when conscription as a national U.S. policy ended in 1973.If the U.S. were to begin conscription again, I

Do U.S. Marine officers get better food than enlisted Marines?

Q: Do US Marine officers get better food than Enlisted Marines?The same, or worse, at least when you're in the field.Officers eat last. if you run out of food, guess who goes hungry? The people who's job it is to make sure there's enough

Do US Army soldiers carry pistols?

Yes, but not all soldiers carry pistols. Each unit's table of organization and equipment authorizes the kind of personal arm for each position. The standard issue firearm for most U.S. soldiers, is, with few exceptions, a rifle. Ultimately, every soldier has to be able to competently engage the enemy at relatively long ranges

Do US Marines fight to the death?

Yes but only because Marines don't wear watches and therefore didn't know it was quit time and all can come home safe now, lol. As funny or stupid as that may sound it is actually closer to the truth than any answer

Do veterans and military personnel feel the government takes care of them?

Medically, they try, but military retirees aren't ready to navigate the for-profit civilian medical world.With dozens of doctors offices within a few miles of my house, I had to select a Tricare approved primary health care provider from a list without knowing a thing about any of them. I made my decision solely

Do you have better chances of seeing combat as Marine or Army infantry? U.S.?

100 percent the army. The marines are just here to look cute and show off their dress blues. The marines spend all their money on advertising they are the best and that they are first to fight. Marine infantry and army infantry do the exact

Does a 'heavy infantry' exist within the U.S Army?

for the most part Airborne units are a form of light infantry, same for the 101st (despite its name isn't airborne but airassault) airborne division. Rangers are the epitome of light infantry in the US army. Rangers are also Airborne. Light infantry refers more to

Has anyone completed both U.S. Marine and U.S. Army basic training?

Yes, but this would be rare.People can switch branches once their contract runs out, but when they do they usually do not have to go back to basic training, and instead go straight to the training for their new job.

How accurate is the portrayal of the Marine Corps boot camp in Full Metal Jacket?

When Full Metal Jacket came out, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, assigned to 2/11. I recall many Marines happily taking their girlfriends to the movies, no doubt to impress them with the scenes showing how hard basic training was. Importantly, it was the first movie, to my knowledge, built around basic training (Boys in Company C was another

How can an international student join the U.S Marine Corps?

Get in touch with a US Marine recruiter either by email or by phone.  Google US Marine Corps for this info.  They are well equipped to advise you in your situation.I know/knew several Marines who joined with the goal of citizenship in mind.Another path you may consider is after you enlist apply for

How to go about joining the United States Marine Corps


How to join the US Marine Corps

Thanks for the A2A. What's been said so far will have you pretty squared away. Contact your recruiter, they will take you through the enlistment process, which honestly is really easy as long as you don't have any major problems. Even if you have some problems, the Marine Corps can grant you a waiver

How to join the Marine Corps football team

Yeah...No...and if your recruiter told you that it is a ploy to get you to sign like mine did. I had a scholarship to play soccer for college and they told me that I could play for the Marine Corp

How does being in the U.S. Marines compare to being in the U.S. Army?

Well, I was in both. I did 6 years in the Marines first, then moved over to the Army where I served another 9. There was quite a bit of culture shock after the move and I'll detail a lot of that shock here as it presents good examples of some differences.First, in the Marines, I

How does each of the US military branches basic training compare to each other?

In terms of physical difficulty, it goes Air Force -> Navy -> Army -> Marine Corps.Other than that, each is tailored to the skill set needed for that branch.All of them are designed to grind up a group of individual civilians, mash them into pulp, and form that pulp into a unit comprised of military servicemembers. The

How does it feel being a Muslim in the U.S. Army having gone to Iraq?

My cousin was deployed to Iraq while he was in the US Army, sometime around 2008, I believe. It's not much, but here is what I have:He was in his mid twenties and pretty religious. He wasn't in combat; he was in intelligence. He

How efficient are the navy seals are?

I can say absolutely without a don't I am the best at diffusing several carne asada burritos a day with very efficient pre salsa mix and pre water or ect drain at corner of bottom burrito I have even upt my game to include a couple of pauses to chip and salsa and soda drink highly secretive

How has U.S. military basic training (any branch) made your life better?

It was about 10 o'clock at night, and we'd been on the bus for what seemed like an eternity. I had no idea where we were, but 30 or so other recruits along with myself had our heads down and were on our way down the rabbit hole. Trying to sneak a peak, I saw were passing the

How is teasing or bullying handled at a U.S. Marine Corps boot camp?

I went to boot camp in 2004 . I know the Marines has changed alot so I'm told since then but your so busy in boot camp there is no time for that.... If you are a reAl shtbag in boot camp like gomer pile in full metal jacket and the

How long after the reenlistment in the Marine Corps are marines deployed?

Re-enlistment means absolutely nothing in regards to this question.The Marine Corps deploys you wherever they need you. At any time, regardless if you have just re-enlisted or even if you're about to get out.Back in 2008 at the end of my 2nd deployment instead of going home with my buddies I

How long is basic training in the military?

Basic training and time frame for the Air Force is based on how many training days did you complete everyone will tell you that Air Force basic training time is a flat six weeks it falls in around a that six week

How many hours do US Navy SEALS get to sleep after the completion of Hell Week?

I asked a similar question last year:How do prospect Seals spend the days after the Hell Week? Do they advance to the next training session with little rest, or are there several days of recuperation with only light exercise, or perhaps some