Can a 36 year old become a navy seal?

The answer is Yes...but really No. Allow me to explain....One of the most well-known phrases in the US Navy is

Can a Marine be a Navy Seal?

Yes.I was in Ranger School with a Marine SEAL, and a couple of regular Seals.The Seal in my platoon was a landnav genius, and so took point on almost all of our night movements.Edit: In Ranger School, you wear no insignia on your uniform, except name

Can a Navy SWCC operative join the Navy SEALs?

Can a Navy SWCC operative join the Navy SEALs?Sure, a US Navy Special Warfare Combatant craft Crewman could join the SEALs, IF he could pass the selection process and the basic BUD/S SEAL course. Of course, the SWCC qualification course is pretty much the same as SEAL training, and nobody

Can Navy Seals become officers?

So I am assuming you think all Navy SEALs are enlisted. In fact a good percentage of them go to BUDs as officers. They still have to complete BUDs just as all the enlisted do and get additional training and

Can Navy Seals become pilots?

Can Navy Seals become pilots?A Couple things here...The navy does not have pilots they have aviators, naval flight officers and aircrew.Aviators and naval flight officers are all commissioned officers.Aircrew are the various enlisted personnel who may served with LAMPS helos, P8 aircraft, TACAMO

Do a lot of of Navy Seal candidates, who would have otherwise made great Seals, get washed out during training due to atrophy?

Do you mean muscle atrophy? I would say no. I wasn't a SEAL (mere Special Forces was I), but I have worked with enough of them. I have always seen and heard that if a SEAL candidate can pass the PT test to get into training then he's

Have most Navy SEALs killed people?

Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Navy SEALs are some of the most expensive and rare ground units in terms of training costs, equipment costs, and personnel numbers. We use them when we need their specialties (stealthy, moderate-or-long-preparation, direct action objectives) and this in turn pays for their costs. SEALs aren't supersoldiers, and in some instances are LESS EFFECTIVE than traditional

How to prepare to become a Navy Seal

How old are you?If you are 16 or so join the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. (you are too old at 18)Then pass the Sea Cadet SEAL test you could possibly be one of the Cadets that gets to train for 2 weeks with the SEALS.That's about the best way to train PHYSICALLY.Mentally, you need

How long does it take to become a Navy SEAL on a SEAL team?

First, it's SEAL, not Seal. It's an abbreviation, not a common noun.To answer your question, it really depends on your pathway to the Teams.Best case scenario:You enlist, get sent immediately to Boot Camp up at Great Lakes for 8 weeks. Then,

How many hours do US Navy SEALS get to sleep after the completion of Hell Week?

I asked a similar question last year:How do prospect Seals spend the days after the Hell Week? Do they advance to the next training session with little rest, or are there several days of recuperation with only light exercise, or perhaps some other way?They get a weekend off and the next week is

How many push ups do you have to do in the Navy SEAL?

All of the tough SOF careers are going to be fairly comparable as far as doing crazy amounts of push-ups. And, at that level, you can't even really count or put a real number to it. You could possibly just ballpark figure it. And in

How many weeks of training does it take to become a Navy SEAL?

All SEALs must go through the 24 week Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school and then a 28 week SEAL qualification training program. But this is common knowledge. If you include my two year pre-training then 76 weeks total. I also went through sniper school which, to me, the suck really began but rewarding in the end.

How many women Navy Seals are there in 2015?

None, and there will never be unless a woman can pass the training. The Navy and All branches even our 1st Responders should NEVER lower standards just so a woman can pass. If she can't do exactly what her shipmates are required to do, Time to choose another path.It is not

How much harder is it to become a Navy SEAL officer instead of an enlisted SEAL?

Well we all go through the same training pipeline initially (I.,e., we all go to BUD/S, Jump School, STT (or SQT now), etc. However, Officers also go to some Army school as well for some sort of leadership training (but doesn't make it any

Should I join the Marines or the Navy Seals?

Depends on what you want to do. I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in November 2017, shipping out for boot camp next week. I don't have active duty experience (yet), but what I can tell you are the reasons I picked the Marine Corp over all the other branches.1. The Marine Corps legacy is incredible. Men and

What are the most disturbing facts about the Navy Seals that most people do not know?

All information and more here:42 Badass Facts about Navy SEALsDuring filming of The Grinch, Jim Carrey consulted a Navy SEAL to teach him how to handle torture so he could withstand the grueling make up process.SEAL training isn't particularly secretive, and San Diego tourists can visit local beaches and watch prospective SEALs haul

What do Navy SEAL corpsman do?

There are too good, but incomplete, answers to your question already posted. These two elements should answer your question fully. 1: Any otherwise person, who is otherwise eligible, may apply for SEAL training. This includes Hospital Corpsman. A SEAL who happens to be a Corpsman is just a plus! 2: In the mid to late 70′s it

What does it take to train to be a Navy SEAL?

Take the ASVAB test so the Navy can determine if you're suitable. I believe every branch is going to require you to take it in order to enlist, so this step isn't unique to being a SEAL.Talk to a Navy recruiter about joining for the

What happens when Navy MPs are ordered to arrest a Navy SEAL?

I just shake my head at all of the misconceptions and ignorance that most US civilians have about the US military.One of those misconceptions is about what a special operator is like. Most civilians think they are big, muscle-bound, hulks who walk the street with a swagger and a glare that says

What is Navy SEALs salary?

It really depends on their rank and how long they been in. I'm E6 and my yearly salary is only $58k a year and I have been in for 15 years. Actually make less than that. This is only base pay. With BAH it can go up to six figures

What would happen if someone tried to rob a Navy Seal?

There are a number of examples of similar scenarios on this page on TV Tropes: Real Life / Mugging The Monster - TV TropesTwo teenage car thieves broke into a van parked on a council estate in Manchester, only to discover that

When training for the US Navy Seals how can I get more of a situp, pushup, and pullup count?

I'm not a SEAL and I've never been in the military.BUT...I've interviewed Admiral McRaven, Jocko Willink, Cade Courtley, Mark Divine, and several other elite warriors.And my Editor once had his sights set on being a SEAL (a goal he's since dropped) and successfully got his pushup, pullup, and sit up maximums to 96, 35,

Which is better, the Chinese Navy or the US Navy?

Those howling and laughing away at the comparision can dream on. We will see what can happen when push comes to shove.Much of the material below are taken from Western and Pentagon think tanks and publications. If any of you do not like what they write, then you

Why are Navy SEALs in the Navy?

Cui bono? In English roughly

Why aren't there any women in the Navy SEALS?

Because we are looking for the intersection of two very small numbers:The number of women who are qualified to be Navy SEALS.The number of women who want to be Navy SEALS.The first point is talked about extensively in other answers. The simple fact is that the number of women who have the ability to pass

Why did you become a Navy SEAL?

San Diego is where I discovered what I am made of, how amazing and resilient the mind and body are, and where the best of the best are selected for the worlds toughest, most rewarding job. San Diego is where I took my first steps to becoming a Navy SEAL.Video:

Why do Navy SEALS have such an elite status in comparison to other special forces?

Because of media and propaganda, they have achieved a lot of publicity and attention from mostly ignorant people.The Navy SEALS' elite status is not something that is universally agreed on, having been lucky enough to work with a fair number of Singaporean Special Operations personnel, I always

How did the armed forces view Obama?

There are some qualifications to make here.Although we talk about the president being the commander in chief, no president who came into the post without military and/or deep foreign policy chops has:(a) had the full respect of mil, state, or the IC(b) been truly allowed full executive latitude in those areasPossibly until this

How likely am I to become a special forces soldier (like a navy seal, delta or ranger) if am a foreigner? Cause I'd really like to serve in US army.

As long as you are a legal resident in the US you can serve in the US military. And, in fact, if you are interested in citizenship, service gives you something of a leg up. But just being in the

If you were to create a physical fitness or combat fitness test for the US military (any branch) what event would you use to test troops and why?

I have thought about this a good bit. I'm going to use army terms but it could easily apply to any branchThe best PT test forces soldiers to be fit. the trouble with tests is a person has so many muscle groups that to test most of them ( or all of them)

Should you join the military before or after college?

Oh boy... Someone with more time will probably write a beautiful answer to this question, but I'll give you the short version.Going after: You have the opportunity to pursue a commission as an officer, which is a ton of work and responsibility but basically makes the whole experience better in almost every way, including pay and career prospects

What is a good exercise routine to be prepared for the Navy Boot Camp?

I would suggest testing yourself as you will be on the run,ditups pulls ups.Adding up your score and looking at it and see where you can improve.I can't believe sit ups is still a thing ...but...that's our Govt.Do these for testing purposes...Dave your neck and concentrate

What's the US military daily physical training regime?

Each service has a slightly different set of "normal suspects" exercises;  this is the Army's: Physical Training Guide  I can tell you from three years' worth of observation, in Basic training you will learn how to do

Which branch of the U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) are enemy combatants most fearful of?

It depends on what type of enemy combatants you are talking about, and in what environment you are talking.I submit that right now one of the most feared and deadly things that exist in the US Armed Forces is the MQ-9 Reaper

Why have big battleships (e.g. USS Iowa and the Bismarck) become obsolete in modern navies?

In the mid 80s, a bunch of the US Congress said exactly what you did. They were also scared by the introduction of the Soviet Kirov-class battlecruisers and thought that reactivating the Iowa-class battleships would be a good counter.This is often looked back at as one of the many examples of

Would the US Navy be in the right if it shot down a foreign warplane that buzzes one of its aircraft carriers in international waters?

During the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Russians made a priority of studying our carrier groups that were present. There were up to three such groups at a time in place and at one point it was the largest assemblage of

A straight up fight (no weapons) happens between the top enlisted personnel for the US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, US Coastguard and the US Marines in a wide open flat field, who wins and why?

Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey of the United States Army. Why? Because he's INFANTRY.Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is artillery. POG. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force is a dental assistant. POG.Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is a weapons tech turned

Are Navy SEALS trained well in hand to hand combat?

Depends on what your standards are for

Are the MARCOS better than the Navy SEALs?

MARCOS and Navy Seals, both have potential, But Navy seals are more better than Marcos because of technology as well as experience.The MARCOS of India --1.MARCOS were raised as the Indian Marine Special Forces (IMSF) in 1985. Two years later, they were renamed the Marine Commando Force (MCF). Their motto is – The Few The Fearless.

Can I still join the United States navy if I have an offensive (opinion) tattoo on the side of my face and another on the back of my head?

I found this online:According to Navy regulations, enlistment standards are based on four criteria,Content: Obvious as it may seem, the navy doesn't want its sailors walking around covered in images of swastikas, gang signs, or anything else that might jeopardize unit cohesion. Basically, if a tattoo pisses people off, or has the potential to

Can Navy Seals wear contacts?

Its not so much that they cant by regulation wear them, their not practical. If you look at at servicemen and women , the ones that need prescription eyewear, usually have on a type of prescription goggle with elastic strap, much like you'll see pro basketball players wearing. Those who serve in office and administrative

Can you become a Navy SEAL if you wear glasses?

Answer is yes, but all answers given are incorrect. This is straight from the CRUITMAN about your vision question. Any question regarding SO can be found on their website SEALSWCC.COM tooSO/SB. Normal color perception. Uncorrected vision can be no worse than 20/70 in worse eye and 20/40 in best eye. Corrected vision must be 20/25 worst eye.

Do all countries Navy SEALs get deployed as much as American Navy SEALs?

Not every country has SEALs. They have frogmen, but not SEALs.Also, by

Do Navy SEALs ever regret becoming a Navy SEAL?

You fail to realize that all SPECOPS units in the US Military are voluntary units. That means you can unvolunteer any time you no longer wish to be there. So, if in some weird alternate universe this actually did happen, then the individual in question just has to go and tell his Commander

Do Navy SEALS often attend Ranger School?

First I am a woman and therefore women were never allowed to be SEALS. I am retired as a US Navy HM or Corpman-laymen terms a "medic".Seals do attend Ranger Training and Army Rangers also attend "some" Navy Seal Training...this is relatively new as the

Do Navy SEALs work on land? I know their specialty is the sea. Do they get in combat and firefights or just dangerous operations that include guns and combat in general? What is the difference between the Navy and a Navy SEAL?

The answer lies in thier name itself SEa, Air and Land. Get it? SEAL. SEALS are trained to participate in combat in all three elements. They are HIGHLY effective at land engagements as well as water-borne assaults. Air is kinda a

Do US Navy enlistees get similar firearms training to other military branches such as Marines/ Army during basic training or equivalent?

This would maybe qualify for Old History. I was in the Navy from January of 1966 to December of 1971. My boot camp was in San Diego California.Vietnam was hotting up. We spent one day at the firing range, herded by Marines. Patient ones. While

Do you think Pakistan knew the NAVY SEALs were conducted the Bin Laden raid but could not admit it because of the backlash?

It was a staged operation with the help of Pakistan and i don't think Pakistan is so dumb that american navy seals reach abbotabad ,kill osama and blow their own helicopter and go back without Pakistan even knowing about it, just few km away from capital Islamabad and i don't think if there was Osama in that building

How to train like a Navy SEAL at home

The short answer to your question is you can't, but let me explain.The answer will depend on what you have in mind. It will be helpful (and hopefully interesting) to point out that the physical training (PT) that SEAL's do is only a small part of

How dangerous is a Navy Seal underwater?

The underwater world is our playground. No other military unit is trained as well to use the water for combat operations. How dangerous? In the past we have delivered nuclear weapons to targets on the high seas. We have brought our silent SDV submarines under

How deep can Navy SEALs dive?

Commonly only as deep as they need to. Sometimes SEALS deploy from submerged submarines to insert into a combat zone for a mission. This will commonly be in relatively shallow water however, as your body cannot instantly acclimate to extreme stresses like the weight of extra atmospheres of pressure deep water puts

How do Navy SEALs attack an enemy ship?

SEALS started out as underwater demolition teams (UDT) frogmen. Their name change to UDT/SEALS then just SEALS.This gives you a clue. They use stealth as their main tool, attacking ships in ports by attaching explosive charges to the hull below the water line.Seals might be called on to provide a diversion in a port prior to an assault

How does each of the US military branches basic training compare to each other?

In terms of physical difficulty, it goes Air Force -> Navy -> Army -> Marine Corps.Other than that, each is tailored to the skill set needed for that branch.All of them are designed to grind up a group of individual civilians, mash them into pulp, and form that pulp into a unit comprised of military servicemembers. The

How efficient are the navy seals are?

I can say absolutely without a don't I am the best at diffusing several carne asada burritos a day with very efficient pre salsa mix and pre water or ect drain at corner of bottom burrito I have even upt my game to include a couple of pauses to chip and salsa and soda drink highly secretive

How long can you be a Navy SEAL?

There are only two ways your status as a SEAL can end without your consent:You get forcibly discharged from the US Navy, perhaps via forced retirement or perhaps via disciplinary action over some misconduct, e.g. a dishonorable discharge.You die.Even if you stay in the Navy but get

How long is all of the Navy SEAL trainings?

Navy SEAL training is continuous and it never ends. It starts at the Navy Recruit Training, progresses onto the Preparatory School, then you go to BUD/S. If you make it, you go to Army Airborne School and SEAL Qualification Training, followed by SERE. This will take about 2 years.After this basic training, you show up

How many former Marines have become Navy Seals?

How many former Marines have become Navy Seals?Several. I work with one of, if not the very first one. He was a Marine infantry officer and applied for an interservice transfer to the US Navy to become a SEAL. It took a very long time - about

How many hours do US Navy SEALS get to sleep after the completion of Hell Week?

I asked a similar question last year:How do prospect Seals spend the days after the Hell Week? Do they advance to the next training session with little rest, or are there several days of recuperation with only light exercise, or perhaps some

I did a 2 year mandatory military service back home and moved to US to study. I would like to push my limits and become a Navy Seal. How can I become one?

Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) is a recruitment program by the United States Department of Defense, through which legal non-immigrants (not citizens or legal permanent residents of USA) with certain critical skills are recruited into the military services of US.I know F-1 students who have done the program mentioned above. I'm not sure it's

Is the United States Marine Corps part of the U.S. Navy, or an independent branch of the military?

INTRODUCTION:The U.S. Marine Corps is not part of the U.S. Navy. Rather, it is an independent branch of the military and is part of the U.S. Department of the Navy.The U.S. Navy is also an independent branch of the military and, like the Marine Corps, is part of the U.S. Department of the Navy.DISCUSSION:These two military branches

What are the Navy Seals Class 234 up to?

I'm actually friends with Lt. Justin Legg and he has gone through some amazingly touch medical conditions. He's beaten cancer (leukemia) as well as survived a double lung transplant. Because of both of these, his health will always be somewhat compromised, what with the cocktail of drug and anti-rejection meds he

What are the requirements to be a navy seal? How do they differ from the regular navy?

Navy SEALs are Spec Ops. They conduct a wide variety of operations like rescue missions, raids, and much more. They can operate anywhere in the world from sea, air, and land. You need to enlist in the regular Navy, then enlist to become a SEAL, do some introduction training, then try out for BUD/s, jump school,

What does a former Navy SEAL mean?

Usually, that would refer to someone who used to be a SEAL, but is no longer in the Navy for whatever reason. Typically that implies an honorable discharge - folks who have been forcibly kicked out would normally not be referred to by others as

What is basic training like in the US Navy?

First of all. It's not Basic Training. It's Boot Camp. Secondly. The infographic posted earlier is not correct. Sleeping is def. NOT the primary thing. If you sleep as much as the other poster said, you'll be in a world of pain the entire 9 weeks. Bedtime is usually 10pm. Wake up is 4am. So six hours out

What is the E in SEAL for Navy SEALs?

E = EgotisticalAs in Seriously Egotistical.....Nooooooo, just kidding, my book writing friends.SEAL is actually a pretty cool and unique acronym.This Naval Special Warfare operations force is proficient in operations on the Sea, Air and Land.I find it interesting because the entire word

What is the role of the US Navy Seals?

Here is my perspective.Me ... Navy then Army.Definitely never a SEAL.But my last two free falls were with SEALs out of Dam Neck ... Team 6 guys ... like Army Delta.I drank with them in VA Beach next to Oceania AKA Dam Neck when I got back from Colombia in 14 ... again.Role of SEALs???Special

What kinds of missions do the Navy SEALs perform? What's the difference between the Navy SEALs and DEVGRU in terms of operations?

Navy SEALsSpecial OperationsHVT RaidsDirect ActionCounter TerrorismForeign Internal DefenseCounter-ProliferationCounter Narcotics operationsHostage RescueSEAL Team SixCounter TerrorismHostage RescueDirect ActionSpecial ReconnaissanceEven though normal navy SEALs do them as well, SEAL Team Six are more likely to conduct hostage rescues and terrorist missions.

What's the most brutal training by the NAVY SEALs?

I recently stood and viewed the infamous

When training for the US Navy Seals how can I get more of a situp, pushup, and pullup count?

I'm not a SEAL and I've never been in the military.BUT...I've interviewed Admiral McRaven, Jocko Willink, Cade Courtley, Mark Divine, and several other elite warriors.And my Editor once had his sights set on being a SEAL (a goal he's since

Why did you leave the Navy SEALS?

In the Teams it's either Good Deals or Bad Deals. When you're young, everything is a first time, you're getting promoted, your job is very clear cut, total good deal. After you've been there a while, there's minimal chance of promotion, anything you

Why do US Marines often get compared to Navy Seals?

Why do US Marines often get compared to Navy Seals?By whom? Where do these people that only the questioner knows, that ‘often' do absurd things? Why doesn't the person simply be honest and cut the nonsense that anyone else shares that

Why does the U.S. Navy have its own army?

The US Navy does not have their own "army."  The USMC and the US Navy are both co-equal branches of the Uniformed Services that fall under the Department of the Navy. Once could say "why does the USMC have their own Navy", as an equal statement.  Both the US Navy and USMC have a service Chief of

Why doesn't the US Marine Corps use naval ranks?

First of all, the Marine Corps was never a branch of the Navy, it was a branch of the Department of the Navy, there is a difference. The Navy is commanded by the Chief of Naval Operations or CNO; the Marine Corps is commanded by the