How willing are Muslim women to be someone's second wife, since polygamy is illegal in Islam?

Conditions of marrying more than one woman:Islam set forth some conditions for marrying more than one woman. Those conditions are as follows:1- To deal justly among the wives. This is limited with the human capability; it includes being just in food, clothes, housing, interest and treatment. However the Quran denotes that it is very difficult: "...if

What are some good workout schedules for beginners?

Depends on age group and past history of physically active life.1) Upto 30, men & women can start aerobic exercises like running, swimming, walking, climbing, etc. coupled with strength building & increase resistance quotient every month. Timely sleep & non-starved diet compliments fitness building.2) Once significant

I have chosen to pursue my MS in Industrial Engineering at Penn State (US News #7), rejecting UMich Ann Arbor (US News #2) for the same due to the inaffordability of UMich's tuition. Is my choice a wise one for my future career?

Yeah I would do the same.If your a smart guy which it seems you are, you can make up for the ranking differential in your career. However it's better to not be under loan stress.If you want to discuss specifics you could book a counseling session with Harsh@impactessay.comBest Regards