Can we live happily without getting married in India?

The answer is subjective because it depends on many factors1. The place you live -metro you won't have a problem,south India except Banglore a bit difficult . I dont know about the northern part2 The type of family that you two have.If your

Why don't I understand faster?

The concept of 'dumb' is dumb. Hear Steve Jobs: "Recognize that everything around you was created by someone no smarter than you."Relationship-wise, some lessons take a long time to learn. Instant gratification is not just a demon in everyday life, but so too in our psychological life.

What are tips to forget someone?

There are a lot of questions on Quora on how to get over ended relationships. Yes, getting over someone when a relationship ends when you have been very emotionally committed can be tough. Having done that several times during my single years and having lost my young first wife to cancer, I know

Why do humans have feelings?

Am sure you mean feeling as an emotion and not as a sensory perception for, that latter, seems to be obtaining in all life forms. I think. Not sure about microorganisms. Now one of the feelings that humans feel is fear. As well as aggression.

Does this dream mean anything?

Breathe deep, relax and look forward: THIS has just been a dream. Your brain is rehashing the events of a day gone by. Dreams are just foams and shadows and don't mean ANYTHING. They don't tell the future and they don't give you directions on how to live

Why don't I understand difficult stuff?

What you consider to be difficult, becomes difficult for you. Because you stop taking interest in it and giving time to it.I am also an engineering student and I know what difficulties we have to face.If you are really interested

What are tips to forget someone?

There are a lot of questions on Quora on how to get over ended relationships. Yes, getting over someone when a relationship ends when you have been very emotionally committed can be tough. Having done that several times during my single years and having lost my young first wife to cancer, I know

Why do people cheat on their partners?

The 4th edit. Update 5 years later. (Still on Quora apparently.)Thank you for the occasional upvote that still brings me back. My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this week. We also had another painful conversation about sex that brought me to

I used to love this guy, but I came to know that he is not the one for me so I broke up with him. I don't know why but he is still on mind. Now he has another girlfriend too. How do I forget him?

You itself telling that, He is not correct to you as well as he has an another girl friend. It seems, He already planned his life like if not you , Another person is there for him. I also feels , He is not correct to you because , he didn't gave importance to you

Why are some people afraid of commitment?

Rahul was a nice guy. He was earning well and belonged to a decent family.He met Pragya in a party through mutual friends and they instantly liked each other. They shared a good bond as they started to communicate. After party Rahul offered her to drop her home. On the way they

What is the science behind attractiveness?

In beauty it is symmetryIn movement it is gracefullnessIn voice it is tone In manner it is graceousnessIn attitude it is gentlenessIn authority it is confidenceIn wealth it is generosityIn knowledge it is presentationIn society it is acceptanceIn sex it is chemistryIn love it is need

What should I do when my girlfriend feels ashamed of me because I can't dance or joke like the others and have a very limited social life?

the link below may help.... thanks and all best...Solutions & Answers Are Embedded In Problems & Questions And Within You...! by Santosh Jha on Zeroistic

Do people still wait until after marriage to consummate the relationship?

I will wait till I get married. I do not hate others who don't, its just my opinion. I just like the thought of staying pure and innocent till marriage. I want to feel special and unique. This depends on the person,

How to know if someone is telling the truth

There's no fool proof way, not even lie detectors are admissible in court. I had a friend that was such a good liar that even though you knew damn well he was lying and he knew you knew he was lying,

What does this picture tell you about this couple?

They are an interesting bunch.Lots of friendly arguments in this relationship. She's the dominant one, (she's holding the camera) loves being serious (or pretending to be) and is quite bossy. She's staid and placid. A little uptight. She likes stating her displeasure in a clear calm voice, like a

Why don't I understand faster?

The concept of 'dumb' is dumb. Hear Steve Jobs: "Recognize that everything around you was created by someone no smarter than you."Relationship-wise, some lessons take a long time to learn. Instant gratification is not just a demon in everyday life, but so too in our psychological life.

Am I immature and childish?

Removed my pithy response because you did provide more info.  Sorry for jumping the gun. Anyway, a couple of assumptions. First you are both available for dating. Second, you are in each other's league in terms of attractiveness.  She is in her early thirties and younger than you.  For you

Are single mothers raising kids alone creating a generation of people that expect women to do it all?

Well maybe some are but some married women are guilty of doing the same. Here in New York I don't see this generation as any different than past ones so far as boys being treated differently than girls by their

Can love happen twice with other person?

It varies from person to person. Well there are persons who are so emotionally attached to their previous partner with so much mental entanglement that they find it very hard to cross their confinement to let someone else rule their

Do men really want to get married?

This question presupposes that we are talking of a man who would ask this question in the first place.Answer from fellas who have always wanted to get married or have had that girl in their eye, finally got her, locked it down and never

Does dating make people more judgmental?

Dating does not make people more judgmental, it's the person who you've mingled with are the ones who makes people judgmental. That's the reason why you should avoid dating people who are very insecure. Why? Because there are traits in others that you often see that you think is right even though it is technically wrong, and the

Does real love happened twice?

Love is something you cultivate throughout your life. As long as you remain open and untainted by experiences  in the past but equally learning from them, I think love is life. There is no other possible outcome. Timing and situations are much important but love is always internal, sometimes, externally manifests itself.Be well. Keep loving.

What is a broken heart?

Fundamentally, a broken heart is actually a broken spirit.Yes, it's true, there are physical ramifications. The stress that commonly coincides with heartbreak can wreak havoc on a person's body. And yes, there are often neurological manifestations.But setting

When was the last time you cried and why?

She was my ex girlfriend.She was my girl-friend.She was my best friend.She was my world.We had known each other for 3 long years and had been in on and off relationships.I trusted her with my life.I loved her to infinity and beyond.And what does she repay me with?Lying and cheating.When we were

Who is someone you will never forget and why?

Going for anonymous because I don't want my sister to know about this.I'm a girl.I can never forget a guy, his name was Yash, not because of any positivity but because he still terrifies me. Even if I'm out of his reach.I was in class 9 when I first moved in a new

How to differ needy girl and attention seekers

I have just reread this question, I had not integrated that he writer had used the term, ‘Defer', which I presume he means as ‘to put off', I had quickly read it as ‘differ' as in differentiate. So, how to ‘put off' needy girls and

Why is it difficult to let go of someone you care about?

Letting go can be hard because of the memories we have. We refuse to accept that the beautiful togetherness we used to share is no more. We want to resurrect the past, to enjoy once again what we had.We fear that if we let go of this person, all that we treasure in our shared past will

Is money everything for a girl looking for a husband?

Well, I hope that is not the true case. The reason I start with saying that is marriage based on money should not be the foundation for happy successful married life. Money is not everything. Yes money does determine your social economic status in this world.

Is it okay to always be thinking about someone?

It is natural to think about someone who interests you. The fact that you accept the situation that right now it isn't going to develop further is also healthy. You may think about her a lot, but you aren't enraged or harbouring an idea to get back at her.

What do I say to an awesome woman who is with a wrong guy?

Just tell her the reason why you think that guy is wrong.....provide evidences if possible... rest is on her to decide....... if she feels the same and leaves the guy, give her some space first to be back to her normal lifestyle........... in the meantime find time to be a good and supportive

Is it bad that I typically order for my wife at restaurants?

I order for my wife with her consent. If you do likewise then there's nothing at all wrong with that.My wife is Chinese and picky about food. She doesn't know what a lot of the things on a typical American menu even are (if there are no pictures)... and I know what she likes and have some

How to tell that a person is in love

LOVE is the most beautiful feeling in this mortal world. Anyone in love feels wonderful. Love makes a person feel happy. Due to the hormonal changes that causes the feeling of love, the person feels beautiful!The feeling of Love shown in movies is what one experiences

When was the last time you cried and why?

It was 2′0 clock in the afternoon and suddenly my phone rang, it was my dad. He called to ask me to book an Uber for them from hospital to my uncle's place.From past 7 months, my grandpa was fighting against cancer, also a day before he had some breathing issues.

How should a guy react when a stranger girl comes and hits him for no reason?

Many years ago, a friend of mine was encircled by a group of teens who  were trying to steal her purse.  It was a very traumatic experience, and  it got me thinking about what to do if it happened.I  did some research, and here's what I found...even in a group of  hoodlums, people are generally

Is telling people to let go a bad advice?

By itself, telling people to

How to let go of someone so toxic

A2ASo toxic as what? The question doesn't give much to go on. Is the person a boyfriend/girlfriend? A spouse? A business partner? An employee? A friend?What is toxic about them? Are they abusive? Lazy? Frivolous with your assets? Sexless?All those things could have

Is confidence alone enough to attract girls?

It sounds easy when you say it like that, confidence will get you the girl if you have the courage to walk up to a random girl.Courage and confidence are not the same.Courage alone is enough to attract some girls. Every

Do you feel that you are alone?

I buried two brothers and one sister before I was 22 years old , two to cisticphibrosis and one to gunshot.I am 53 years old. My dad was extremely abusive, like he was angry that I am the one that lived. He broke my hip when I was 7 years old.I was in and out of

How can a girl make herself better?

Be the best YOU by:Finding out who you areGetting an education - I plan to get at least my MBA or MA in something. I'm not smart, but I love school.Taking care of your body - eat good food, exerciseKeep your mind healthy - learn how to deal with people, stress, difficulty, staying happy

How can a woman stop being jealous of her husband?

If there is no justification for your jealousy then it is you who needs to be fixed. I don't see the wisdom in sending a perfectly good man packing just because you can't trust. Notice I didn't say can't trust

How to let go of the past

Not sure, If someone already shared this short story.Once there was a king who received a gift of two magnificent falcons. They were peregrine falcons, the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. He gave the precious birds to his head falconer to be

How can one help somebody that they care for be a more confident person?

Listen to her. Encourage her to speak what's on her heart. Apologize when you interrupt her. Everyone interrupts occasionally, and it's sometimes needed. Just make sure you apologize and emphasize wanting her to continue when you do, while mentioning where she left off exactly, so she knows

How did you let go of someone who had already let go of you?

I guess could say It's an everyday job.I'm still getting over someone that was, for a moment of my life, the air I breathed. He actually never liked me back, but never left my side, I was just pure joy and entertainment to him so

How to let go of desire

I think I understand the sense in which desire is the

How do people measure confidence?

One road to establishing more confidence, and consequently, is also a way of measuring it is to establish a serious sense of competence. Competence in what? In just about every way: physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, financial, and so on.Establishing a sense of competence in oneself is essential for building confidence because