Can advanced technology create a utopian society?

One of the central ideas of my book is that technology is not destiny. Everything depends on the choices that we make as a society. For example, you can read a lot in the press right now about ‘robots taking our jobs'. There are some academics who believe that 40–50% of all jobs will be taken by robots in

What would change in world economy if aliens make meaningful contact with us?

Nothing significant would change - the world economy is dependent on the needs of the world.There would however be a new intergalactic economy build around the needs of the aliens and our needs of their products and services.As to whether there would be meaningful linkages between the Earth's economy with that of

Will technology free us or enslave us?

Here in Germany, we have made the experience after the fall of the Berlin wall that the real limitations are in people's minds. Overcoming "outside limitations" may take time (as seen in Berlin, as well as in the Arab Spring) to overcome imbalances of power, but human history demonstrates that it is just a question

How can mankind achieve Utopia on earth?

By striving to understand and appreciate ourselves for what and who we are, and by learning to improve ourselves in every sense. Realtime human germ line editing looks as risky now as Stephensons Rocket, Salks vaccine, voting rights for women, electric light and myriad other things

Is the movie Gattica a hopeful movie and if so, who in this real world would it be offering hope to?

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It can be interpreted directly i.e. genomics or it can be interpreted as a veiled reference to recent history i.e. USA treatment of blacks, Canadian treatment of native americans, India's treatment of dalits.