What are some of the principles of a fitness lifestyle?

Eating healthy 80–90% of the time.Avoiding drugs and alcohol, the latter in large quantities.Fitness training of some type, aerobic or anaerobic, both are good.Getting regular checkups.Meditation or faith.Everything in moderation, but I fully believe that too much alcohol is a bad thing for your body. If you can't

What is the working principle of vacuum cleaner?

Short Answer:-A vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential home appliances one can have for cleaning/sanitizing one's home. It works on the principle of flow of air from area of high pressure to area of low pressure. An electric motor is

What is your one golden rule in life?

The means not only do not justiffy the end, but the end is selected by the chosen means. So, assure yourself that your means are not corrupt, or they will lead you to a shameful pit.The idea that a noble end can be reached by dishonest means is

What makes life 'valuable'?

Life, is an end in itself, and as such has no value. It just is. Value implies that there is something to be gained or there is some monetary worth assigned to an object. A diamond is valuable because it is rare and difficult to obtain. A life-raft is valuable if you are drowning. A person's life may

Is going to the gym valuable?

Like 99% of the answers I give: it depends.Going to the gym is only valuable if you need to go to the gym, and, by that, I mean, what are you wanting to accomplish?  Exercise is valuable.  A healthy body requires it; however, you

What is the cell theory? What are the principles?

The cell theory is a scientific theory that concerns with the properties and abilities of a cell. The three principles/tenets of the cell theory are(not in any order):Cells are the basic structural unit of life. As you know, cells make up our tissue which makes up

What is your most fundamental idea?

Either... an arithmetic proof of life-after-death... genetic theory 1.Or a feasible explanation of how things got here... space 1. Or a definition of life... Page on endic.at. Or this mathematical theorem... to find the surface area of a triangle...  square an edge and then divide by 2.3039 (e 2 ¸

Are we the Indian youth losing our culture and values in the name of liberty and modernizaton?

we think a selfie with a foreigner gets more likes..we think everything from west is superior and cool..Even Indian Companies have to use Foreign names to give an Illusion of foreign brand for sales.. Hidesign, Peter England, had we known they were Indian we wouldnt even touch them..speaking in mother tongue is considered so uncool..Not

What are healthy eating principles?

What has worked for me:No soda, beef, processed meats. Just water, sometimes a glass of milk, coffee, tea.More fresh fish, especially salmon and cod, some poultry. I like bacon occasionally, with our veggie omelets. Moderate amount of protein.Lots of greens-spinach, salad greens, kale, Swiss chard, Asian greens (pac choi, tatsoi, mustard greens). Every day,

What essential thing do foreigners not get about your culture?

In my travels over the years, I have found that many non-Americans think that what they see on television and is movies is an accurate depiction of American life. It's not. Hollywood is so out of touch that they don't even know what constitutes American culture, yet they

What is your one golden rule in life?

The means not only do not justiffy the end, but the end is selected by the chosen means. So, assure yourself that your means are not corrupt, or they will lead you to a shameful pit.The idea that a noble end can be reached by dishonest means is bullshit; at most, the faulty means could

Why is 'working hard' a value to some people?

This is my personal opinion (and it is hard to ascertain something as absolute truth in this matter, this is philosophy after all...).I believe people consider "working hard" a positive value because of an age-old ethos of suffering to attain purification. It is something common

What are successful principles of good parenting?

Respect, love, listening, doing. REspect each other, give and receive respect by showing the proper way to act and respond. Love each other for being individuals. Even children have thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Encourage that, and don't trample it. Listen to your child, and share, honestly, your thoughtful opinions. Do things

What are the basic principle does AfriForum wants to achieve in South Africa?

Rationality.Underlying that is the South African Constitution which supposedly guarantees a liberal, non-racial democracy.My guess is that AfriForum insists on the implementation of precisely that: A liberal, non-racial democracy. This implies a reliance and belief in the honesty and competence of those structures tasked with ensuring this, such as the constitutional court, for instance.

What marriage values and principles are the most important to you?

To be soft-spoken.From my childhood I have this habit of observing people and learning from their life experiences. Whenever my mom and dad used to fight I used to see that my dad always used to be silent when my mom is angry and would listen to her with patience. I

Why are moral values deteriorating among youngsters?

They aren't. Actually, we're improving, growing more compassionate over time, discarding trivial rules with no true relation to doing good for one another and fighting the good fight against unfairness in many forms. If you truly believe that we're going down the drain, the problem's on your end. If the values