A vegan diet seems healthful enough. Why do some individuals consume a raw vegan diet?

I am not a raw vegan, but I can tell you why I do and do not eat certain things raw.(1) Certain things I have always disliked cooked. Ukrainian cuisine includes fried cabbage as well as raw cabbage salad. I've always loved raw cabbage (I just ate chunks

Are humans vegetarian or non-vegetarian, evolutionarily?

Lets get clear first between Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian!a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish,fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from   animals, milk or cheese, but subsists on vegetables  fruits, nuts, grain, etc.Basically its very personal thing that what to eat and what

Are Ketogenic diets effective for vegetarians?

If a Vegetarian consumes raw milk, cheese and eggs then yes they can achieve a lot of health benefits. Many vegetarians consume too many carbs. A well formulated ketogenic diet should contain plenty of leafy green vegetables for potassium, magnesium and other minerals. A vegetarian would have to get their protein from dairy and

Can a vegetarian diet be sustained without supplements?

Lacto-ovo vegetarian. No problem. Vegans need to supplement, though not much really. B12 and perhaps some DHA from an algae supplement. But vegans can't afford to be sloppy with their diet. Most aren't sloppy, and follow a nutrient dense whole foods diet, but there are some

Does Keto diet works with vegetarian ingredients?

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. The

How can someone get fit on a vegan diet?

Haha, I can go on re. this questionHowever, to sum it up, I'd say:1) Avoid processed food like white flour, white sugar, deep fried stuff - anything that is heavily processed2) Incorporate more raw foods like fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet (smoothies is a great idea)3) Watch your oil intake

How do vegans feel about wild animals that kill other wild animals?

I am generally someone whose views are much more 'extreme' than the average person. I am absolutely vegan to the extent of my ability to keep evolving into the depths of what that word stands for. For instance, I quit smoking solely to stop placing the insect kingdom at risk

Is it healthier to be a vegetarian?

I can only answer this on a personal level. I did an experiment on myself in 2008. I grew up vegetarian, not by choice but because that is how everyone lived. We all ate meat but it was a luxury that we had on big days like Christmas and Easter or on family

Is it possible to get six pack with vegetarian diet?

The principles for building muscle mass, or losing body fat, are the same, for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegans, everybody.A long-term calorie deficitAdequate proteinIntense trainingAppropriate exercisesAdequate restAnyone can hit these goals - veggies and non-veggies alike.Calories are THE BIGGEST determinant of whether you gain weight or lose it.

Is keto diet helpful, can anyone Give me a vegetarian keto diet plan?

yes Keto diet is very helpfulKeto diet is very useful when you have following conditionsPCODPCOSHormone imbalanceAuto immune disordersAnd Last but not the least

What are are a few good vegetarian foods to build muscle?

3 Most Important Nutrients for Muscle BuildingDeveloping a chiseled and muscular body requires a disciplined life, commitment and consistency. It should be a combination of hard training and a well-planned diet. The 3 most important nutrients that should be derived from muscle building

What do vegetarians do to stay healthy?

The most obvious is they stop eating all that dirty animal flesh stuff! It takes quite some time but after awhile the residual effects from eating animal flesh eventually fade away. That alone is half the benefit of going vegetarian. This is something that non-vegetarians have not experienced so they just don't have a reference

What high protein Indian vegetarian food sources are available for people that go to the gym and want to bulk up while also losing fat?

Protein is an important part of our diet, it's an essential macro nutrient and plays important role in various metabolic cycles, and a primary nutrient to build and maintain muscle mass. Diet plays a vital role to provide protein in the body.Generally animal protein is considered

What is a good vegetarian diet for six pack abs?

Bro eat whatever u want to. Low sugar diet obviously. But without supplements it is not possible. There would be critics who would sanctimoniously try to contradict what I'm saying. Ask a person who has a six pack and he would tell u that it's all natural baby. It's not! Either ur into a sport that involves a lot

What is a healthy vegetarian diet?

So, you've made the decision to go vegetarian...awesome!Most guys at the gym are going to tell you about how much harder it will be and may even give you crap for your decision, but I want you to know that you aren't the only one.There are lots of athletes that are vegetarian and you CAN do it...you just have

What is good workout & dietary plan to get lean body.

Weight training coupled with cardio will give you lean body.And use machines less.Machines tend to reduce the flexibilty of body.Dumbells and barbells are always preferable for bulidng muscles though machines work too.So workout for an hour for 6 days a week and besides

What is the best diet plan for a vegetarian who does workout 6 days in a week?

Vegetarian eating is catching on with more people every day. Saying no to meat doesn't mean you have to say no to your fitness or muscle building goals!If you're looking to build more muscle mass but enjoy eating a

What is the best vegetarian diet plan for weight loss?

Im writing about the indian diet plan for 4 weeks.Before i start, few things you need to follow for 4 weeks:No salt after 7:30No aerated drinks. Yes that includes even the diet version.Restrict mango and bananaRestrict potato and rice.No artificial juices as well.Half an hour of aerobic exercise daily. If u want to join a gym

What is the correct age to stop picking up heavy weights in bodybuilding for a female who is not taking any form of additional supplements but a natural diet including non vegetarian and vegetarian?

Why would you want to stop? What reason?If you know what you are doing and for what purpose, you don't need to stop. Unless you get injured and need to recover.Also,

What is the indian vegetarian version of keto diet?

Great question. Most information available on the Internet is catered more towards the western diet in which many foods might be unavailable, expensive or simply difficult to cook.For example, cruciferous vegetables like kale, zucchini and artichokes are popular Keto foods but are extremely difficult to include in the Indian diet. The same is true for

What is the perfect Indian vegetarian diet plan for losing fat and bulking muscle?

Recently I wrote an answer which is nearing about half a million views. WHY?Because of two reasons [I think]:-That Anecdotal Evidence is more important than Scientific Claims (not that science is bad, but it may not have experience on its side)-That Simplicity is King.Remember the Quote by Einstein: If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it

What should I do to get six-pack abs but with just vegetarian food? Is it possible for me?

Lucky for you abs are made more in the kitchen than in the gym as compared to other muscles. Everyone has at least some abs, but for it to show you need to burn off that extra fat. One more problem is that you have to have a decent overall build for abs to be

What's an Indian vegetarian diet plan for PCOS women?

PCOD is a hormonal disorder and led to the imbalance of two hormones, Testosterone and Insulin. Female ovaries produce more than normal level of Testosterone and it eventually disturbs the level of insulin in the blood. The long term effects of PCOD are severe and can lead

Which is the best veg diet for fat loss?

Motivation: The truth about Belly Fat is that it is different from fat in other parts of the body. The trigger factors for belly fat are slightly different to the fat around your limbs or hips. Your body has ways of storing fats - visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat sits right

Which is the healthiest vegetarian food?

Vegetarian Bolognese SpaghettiUse deep pan to cook spaghetti, put the spaghetti and salt to a boil. Cook for approximately 8 minutes. Once cooked, drain and keep aside.Heat the olive oil in large fry pan, add carrots, onions and stir fry for about 8 to 10

Which is the most healthiest food? Vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Whether human beings can consume meat and Is meat a food for human beings?By nature human beings are vegetarian or non vegetarian. Nature has created two living beings one vegetarian and another non vegetarian. We will analyse this two living beings and judge where human beings falls. This

Why is there so much science in support of both the Keto and vegan diets?

I'm not sure about vegan diets but it pretty simple for the keto diet. If you want to lose weight, you have to tap into to your fat stores and the only way to do that is to keep insulin levels

Working Out: Can vegetarians get abs?

I can't give you specific advice on how to get rock hard abs as a vegan. I'm not a bodybuilder so it's just not in my wheelhouse. I can reassure you though that it is possible. Check out these amazing vegan bodybuilders with

Animal Rights: How do non vegetarian animal rights activists justify being non vegetarian?

There is no way to justify being a meat-eater when you claim to be fighting for the right of some other animals to live in comfort. It is supremely hypocritical.There might be reasonable justifications in humanity's long history: Ram Abloh's answer to What makes a dog a pet

Are eggs and milk considered vegetarian or non-vegetarian food?

okay.. I will not try to beat around the bush, I will get straight to the point. I will talk about the scientific perspective first, then discuss various points.Let me just brief you all with what is happening exactly inside the reproductive system of a hen. The reproductive system of a hen consists of

Are non-vegetarian foods healthier than vegetarian food?

The question is too general. There are many vegetarian foods not generally considered healthy (those with refined sugars, processed oils, etc.) just as there are non-vegetarian foods that are just fine (egg yolks, omega-3 rich seafood, etc.). It is neither necessary nor sufficient to stick to a vegetarian regimen to maintain

Are vegetarian diets the most healthiest diets around?

Vegetarian diets are perfectly healthy - even vegan - with the major proviso that you study carefully what you are eating. You still need protein, the eight essential amino acids, fat and carbohydrate .... in proper balance and amounts.Meat - provides the eight essential amino acids in one package - plus Vitamin B12.These

Biologically speaking, are humans supposed to eat non-vegetarian food?

Scientific studies say, yes evidence points to humans needing fish and meat for good nutrition:Vegetarian diet shrinks the brainhttp://www.foxnews.com/story/200...Vegetarianism stunts human growthhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/...The growth of a child is a sensitive indicator of the potential negative effects of vegetarian, vegan

Can a dog stay healthy on lacto-vegetarian diet?

Thank you for the A2A.Technically, it is possible to keep a dog on a lacto-vegetarian diet but it is difficult and puts the dog's health at serious risk.Cats are called obligate carnivores because they cannot produce taurine, they have to consume it and the only sources are from animals. It used to be

Can a non vegetarian date a vegetarian?

I'm an ardent carnivore; I'll go so far as to order the veal. My lovely and talented spouse of the past fourteen or so years has been a vegetarian since before we met. OK, technically we're not dating, but I think my

Can any one has 7 day healthy vegetarian diet plan?

Hi,Here is a 7 day plan for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian diet:Day 1:BreakfastTime: 8:30 to 9:00 AMFood: an Apple & a glass of waterMorning FoodTime: 10:00 – 10:30 AMFood: A bowl of cantaloupes, a glass of waterLunchTime: 12:00- 12:30 PMFood: Watermelon ( generally two comparatively big slice),

Can becoming vegetarian save money?

Becoming a vegetarian can save you money if you replace expensive meat options with cheaper vegetarian options. The basics like beans, lentils, and frozen vegetables are very affordable.However, vegetarian specialty options are sometimes expensive because it's a niche market and there are fewer economies of scale.Regardless, I do think that becoming a vegetarian is an excellent opportunity to

Can vegetarians have high cholesterol?

The sad truth is YES, you can have high cholesterol as a vegetarian.Being vegetarian may lower your chances, but only by a little. It also ultimately depends on your food choices.Both of my parents have a history of high cholesterol and hypertension that began when they still ate meat. Once they became vegetarian, it got a

Do vegans dislike ex-vegans?

Yes and no. It really depends on the reason they went vegan for and the reason they went back to meat and cheese and stuff.If they were vegan only for the food, but kept going to zoos, aquariums, kept wearing

Do vegetarian diets make people more energetic?

Hi,Its a tricky question since it depends on the person, food types/quality/quantity and nutrition. Both someone eating just lettuce or someone just eating chicken, very soon both will see an hospital! If you see where I'm getting to. I'm

Do vegetarians live longer?

If you don't control for lifestyle factors, then yes, they do live longer (at least in Western countries [1]). Vegetarians in general are better-educated and more health-conscious than most people in general, and the combination of better education and health consciousness is associated with longer lifespan per se. Many correlates of vegetarian diets (lower consumption of iron, methionine, saturated

Does eating meat make humans wild?

It's not that eating meat makes us think a certain way. It's that we eat meat, because we think a certain way. Whether we call that thinking "wild" depends on how we define of wild. Let me put it this

How can a diet that avoids meat (vegan, vegetarian) be good for human's health if we were naturally designed to eat meat?

If we were naturally designed to eat meat a diet that avoids meat would be unhealthy.Humans are designed to eat a lot of carbs in a predominatly vegan diet as you can see from our physiology. Carbs are good for you.Humans

How to gain weight quickly with a vegetarian diet

When you refer to gaining weight, you want to gain muscle.You don't want to go crazy gaining weight, as you might add unwanted fat which you may have a tough time cutting later on.When talking about a vegetarian diet, the main issue comes up with

How to become a healthy vegan

Veganism is all about being healthy. Since your options are limited compared to the dietary options of an avarage person, you have to be careful what you choose.See, vegetables, fruits, and a lot os whole grain products are vegan and good for you.But, for example, fries and oreos are vegan as well but they

How to start a vegan diet

Oh boy, I'm qualified to answer this because I did all the things you're not supposed to.A little bit of context: I started being vegetarian at 13. Then at 15 I decided to cut all animal products. I never really liked dairy and eggs so that really wasn't a big deal.HOWEVER.

How to start a vegetarian diet

As a former vegetarian for over 20 years, and who ended up becoming extremely deficient in all vitamins and minerals, I'd be very cautious. By the way, the exact same thing happened to my OH.It's taking years to regain our health. We had no idea that low levels of vitamins and minerals leads to impaired thyroid

How to 'vegan' the right way

First. You have to understand the classification between the Vegan and the other plant based diet. Understanding and following is different thing, but that is a talk for another time. I found a article which explains the vegan and other plant based diet. VeganVeganism

How do vegans feel about wild animals that kill other wild animals?

I am generally someone whose views are much more 'extreme' than the average person. I am absolutely vegan to the extent of my ability to keep evolving into the depths of what that word stands for. For instance, I quit smoking solely to stop

How do vegetarians stay healthy not eating meats?

Meat is not healthy. It is filled with carcinogens and definitely not something you need in your diet. If you're talking about protein, well, there are a lot of alternatives, like tofu, beans, nuts, etc. Going vegan has completely changed our life! Learn how it has helped us lose weight, clear our skin, etc.How It All Vegan

How to ease into a vegetarian diet

You must have a goal / reason on why you want to be a vegetarian. To be greener? To be healthier? For the animals? Keep that goal in mind as you progress.I had it easy because my body starts rejecting meat. They just start to taste horrid.My suggestion

How does a skinny 23 year old vegetarian guy put on weight without extra supplements? Provide a diet if possible?

I am a pure vegetarian guy as far as food choices are concerned.I very slim during my school days and first year of college. Then I started working out and gained weight, WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTS. Personally I like athletic body which is fit instead of bulking up my body. As I like walking and running normally instead of

How does vegetarian food really affect the human body?

When I went vegan, all the changes in my body were positive and desired.By eliminating

How healthy is a vegetarian and raw diet?

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctorI'm going to speak from personal experience. I've started to become vegetarian after fasting for a month about 4 years ago. First I stopped eating meat, then after a few months eggs, then in about a year fish. Now I'm trying to eat as much

How is it healthier to be vegetarian?

Healthier than.... What?Is it healthy to be vegetarian? Not likely. The fact that your eyes are in the fron of your head and look forward as opposed to a rabbit, where the eyes are on the sie of the head so it can see approaching predators...tells you that you are the

How is non-vegetarian food better than vegetarian food?

Firstly, all food is good. Lots of people overeat their favourites, thus creating health problems. Vegetarians are guilty of this as well. Moderation is the key to all things. Proteins reign supreme in this scenario. Insufficient vitamins as well, especially b12 is a huge problem. As a

How much healthier is it to be vegan than vegetarian?

It's worse, vegans are severely deficient in vitamins and if you think it's normal to live on vitamins instead of real food you are in trouble!Even plants are not stupid enough to be vegan!  Plants "eat" meat and poop.  http://www.mgm.org.au/services/f...

I really want to lose weight. I am a 21 year old guy doing engineering. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 85 kg. What is a good vegetarian diet and workout plan?

Thanks for the A2A.Situation Analysis:For a 6 feet ideal body, a weight of 80-85 kg is just perfect. So theoretically, you are not too overweight. But in this ideal body, the fat is distributed in a particular way proportionately(like in chest, thighs, abdomen, back, arms). Since you want to lose weight, i am

If a plant is alive, how come vegans eat plants, but not meat?

Well, vegans eat plants because they don't suffer and they don't feel pain. Here's a short blog I published on the topic of eating plants:-Although recently there has been a lot of discussion around this topic, and scientists have found that plants do respond to certain stimuli, there is absolutely no reason to worry your lettuce

Is a pescetarian diet more or less healthy than a vegetarian diet?

The devil's in the details. It depends on the specifics of exactly what the person eats.The problem is that both vegetarians and pescatarians often think of themselves as people who don't eat various foods rather than people do

Is a vegetarian diet the best way to maintain a healthy heart?

That all depends on you!And if it includes DHA in the N-2 postition.Are the rest of your daily practices are in orderYou know:sunrise, grounding, non-fluoridated spring water, and a significant time outside + moderate exerciseThen, you will have to look at your MtDna Haplogroup, where you live AND,

Is alcohol vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Aside from the existential question of whether yeast is an animal. (It's a single celled eukaryote, a micro-organism - they're weird beasts that aren't really animal nor vegetable.) It is possible there is some animal product in wine and other fermented beverages.There can be animal products involved

Is becoming a vegan healthy?

Only if you balance your nutrients. A friend became vegan, but did not supplement B vitamins, iron, etc and ate only beans for protein (only a partial amino acid profile), almost no grains, no sugars. It was OK for a few years

Is daily eating of coconut meat healthy?

For some.The general consensus is that a healthy diet is a varied diet, not focused on any one food. If coconut is the linchpin of your diet, and you're human, you probably aren't going to do very well as you'll be short on proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and a handful of other important things.

Is eating non-vegetarian food a bad thing? Why do people try to spread vegetarianism?

No, eating meat is not a bad thing. Those that try to ‘spread' vegetarianism (no one has actually actively tried to ‘convert' me, but I'm just using your term here) usually have religious, philosophical, or political reasons to do that. However, you can debunk most of them:Eating meat is bad for your health:

Is indian vegetarian food healthy?

Yes! Absolutely. Indian food is not just the most the delicious and exotic food but also the healthiest. It is probably the only kind that offers such a diverse range when it comes to vegetarian dishes. The ingredients used to make Indian meals are a variety of vegetables and pulses, the latter are rich in various vitamins

Is it healthier to be a vegetarian?

I can only answer this on a personal level. I did an experiment on myself in 2008. I grew up vegetarian, not by choice but because that is how everyone lived. We all ate meat but it was a luxury that we had on big days like Christmas and Easter or on family

Is it healthy to eat nuts in summer?

According to (Y)Unani medicine--that is, traditional Arab medicine as defined by 10th/11th C. proto-scientist Aviccena--these nuts are considered 'hot' foods.Avicenna, however, based his theories on 2nd C. Greek philosopher Galen's theories of humors, a concept that was kicked to

Is it healthy to switch between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food too frequently?

Yes it's fine.  Non-vegetarian food can still be vegetarian food.  Many food items such as plants and beans are all labels; vegan, vegetarian and omnivore.  Sometimes people think vegan or vegetarian is some special type of food but it's just all the food that is

Is it possible for a cat to stay healthy on a vegan diet?

A vegan diet for cats is tantamount to animal abuse.

Is it possible to stay healthy under a strictly natural and organic vegan diet?

Not really. Your logic is actually pretty reasonable, but it seems that humans have had animal products in our diets long enough that we are fully adapted to be physiologically dependent on a few key nutrients we obtain primarily from those sources. Yes, it is possible to

Is it really a lot healthier to be a vegetarian than a omnivore?

Healthier eating can be done whether you are a vegetarian, or omnivore. Lousy, or a non nutritional diet can be done as a vegetarian, or as an omnivore.Case in point: I've known a few self-identified vegans (not even vegetarian) subsist primarily on potato chips (or

Is it wrong for vegetarians to eat non-vegetarian food?

Yes ! The non vegetarians feel it is wrong as their share is divided and the cost of meat increases :) Just kidding. As a human being, we have an option to be vegetarian. But there are places in the world

Is milk vegetarian or not?

Is milk vegetarian or not? There is no simple answer to this question because

Is non-vegetarian food better?

Neither. Its a personal choice. You do what is right for you. Just remember that our physical bodies require a certain amount of nutrients and the BEST way to get those nutrients in tge right amounts is to eat an even balance of both veg and meat. If

Is soy milk healthy?

Soy has been getting a bad rap lately and frankly, it's starting to annoy me.All of a sudden the whole world is an expert on soy. Everyone I talk to seems to be able to recite at least 15 reasons why it shouldn't be eaten, which range from the mildly amusing to the clinically insane.I

Is there evidence of a vegetarian or vegan diet being healthy long term?

All of the valid scientific evidence doesn't just suggest it is healthier to not eat animal products, they damn well demonstrate it.Now I'm guessing that you aren't familiar with much of the actual, fair, biochemical studies, that show the effects of the SAD (Standard American Diet) and

Is vegetarian food better than non-vegetarian food?

Yes, vegetarian food is better than non-vegetarian food. Vegetarian diets have higher fiber content and fol ate as compared to the non-vegetarian diets. Moreover the saturated fats and cholesterol is found at a lower side in vegetarian diets. You must not kill any living being for the sake

Let's say all non-vegetarians turn vegetarians or all vegetarians turn non-vegetarians, what will be the consequences?

Plant-based diets could save millions of lives and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions

Should a vegan pet owner not feed their cat animal products or should they make an exception?

Cats must eat meat. They will get heart disease (Dilated Cardiomyopathy - DCM) from insufficient taurine (an essential amino acid) if they do not. DCM is deadly. Cats should be fed a balanced diet made especially for cats.Here is my detailed analysis explanation of appropriate pet food diets:Pet food recommendations:There are

Should everyone become vegetarian?

I am a vegetarian. To be honest, while everyone becoming vegetarian would benefit global warming, the economy, and health around the world (not the mention the animals!), this is not a realistic scenario.however, one thing that CANNOT go on is the torture we subject animals to prior to their death.consider pigs. Pigs are basically three or

Should I be vegetarian? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Why I stopped eating non-vegetarian food! by Pawan Kumar on KarmaspectionFor 25 years, I was a meat-eater. Often succumbing to the logic that if meat-eating is a immoral, then why would God create carnivorous animals. Although I still am not quiet sure on the intricacies of the Karmatic justice

Vegans, When did you stop eating meat (if you ate it at all) and why don't you like it?

I stopped eating all animal products in 2013 in SPITE of enjoying the taste because my moral compass is stronger than my taste buds or desire for convenience.I took the red pill and did a bunch of research over the course of a week and learned:1) about the environmental devastation caused

Were humans meant to eat meat? Is it natural?

It's clear that evolutionarily, we could not have developed the large brains that we possess without having gained access to high-protein and high-fat diets.  Additionally, the frequent menstruation cycles requiring a high-iron diet indicate an evolution that had regular and consistent access to good sources of iron, e.g. animal protein.  There is a lot of

What are some good, cheap and easy vegetarian recipes?

Your Maggi with a twist!A recipe you must not miss!I just finished with my exams and was looking for some innovative yet easy to make dishes (Yes, I'm a guy and cooking lets me relax).Everyone in my family love Maggi. We have a weekly dinner of extra-spicy-scrumptious-Maggi! I know it isn't the

What are some good reasons for eating meat?

Here are some different reasons people have for this. They are in no particular order, and may be weaker or stronger depending on your own world view. I am turning comments off for this post, as some of this will be contentious to readers. I do not purport them to be facts, only arguments

What are some healthy diet habits for vegetarians?

I will tell you my diet habits. I am from a 15th century migrated Goan family living in south India (Mangaluru). So this Goa-Mangaluru cuisine reflects in my food habits too.BreakfastDosa, Idli, Vada with chutney or sambar, tea-coffeeLunchRice, dal, sprouts salad, sauted veggies, coconut gravy with pulses,

What are some quick, yet tasty and healthy recipes for busy or lazy college students?

Student's life is really quite busy and hectic that often makes students lazy and they don't want to give much time on cooking food. But on the other part taste and health in food is also very important. Street foods, tiffin foods or mess foods are just a helplessness of students

What are some vegan breakfasts that can be quickly prepared?

Personally, I enjoy muesli with almond milk. Completely vegan and very tasty -- to me, anyway. There are a number of different muesli brands to choose from, depending on where you live. I always get ones with no added sweetening except from whatever

What are the best options to eat for vegetarians that are healthy?

All that every normally educated person knows,pulses,vegitables,salads,rise ,chapatis but every thing you eat must be organically grown.Now a day that every food ,vegitables and fruits cantain traces of chemical fertilisers and pesticides ,thats what is the reason that hospitals in our country doing extremely well.Stop sugar totally and

What are the best vegetarian foods?

The same food that is good for vegetarians is good for every other human on earth.A diet in whole, (real) foods is the best "diet" on earth. That goes way beyond meat vs no meat and all of that.

What are the differences between a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet and a plant-based diet?

VeganThis is the strict, or pure, form of vegetarianism. No animal products are consumed, only fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. No eggs, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, or other milk products are eaten.Vegetarian DietsOne that does not include animal flesh but does use the by-products of the chicken and/or cow-eggs and milk products (vegans, or strict vegetarians,

What are the top benefits to be vegetarian?

Mental and moral satisfaction that you derive from the fact that you are not surviving on the flesh of some innocent animal, and that you are not part of a cruel and inhuman cycle of raising healthy animals, butchering them without any conscience and paying

What are top 10 vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods for healthy hair?

Hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the human body. The speed of hair growth varies based upon genetics, gender, age, hormones but the growth may be reduced due nutrient deficiency. Hair nutrition is therefore a vital

What are your suggestions for a healthy vegetarian diet for a teenager?

Our teenage years are the time of fast physical growth and development. Add puberty into the mix and you get a startlingly delicate period in the life of a human being. Receiving adequate nutrition is vital in adolescence as this does not only affect the physical but also emotional well-being of your child. Today

What can Vegetarians eat if they can't eat fish and meat?

I really do not understand why theis question needs to be asked. Because there infinite numbers of foods available to not eat any animal foods. After all our digestive systems are designed to eat fruits & veg & herbs etc. Our digestive system is NOT geered at all to eat

What diet can you recommend for a vegetarian?

Empty stomach after you wake up - Aloe Vera Juice available in India currently Lily of The Desert USA Organic Aloe Vera Juice (16 Oz) its an American product, it beats its next 6 competitors in American combined by market share. 100% organic and the

What do vegetarians think about non-vegetarians?

It's hard for some non-vegan to tell but vegetarian and vegan is very different! Many vegans including myself has a bitter relationship with long term vegetarians. Mostly because we have been vegetarian and thought that that was enough to not cause any unnecessary harm and death to animals. Later when we become vegan we realise