Do you have any tips or hack to travel on a tight budget?

1. Plan aheadEverything gets more expensive the longer you wait – airplane tickets, hotel reservations, not to mention all the early bird deals you miss out on for cruises and other travel packages.2. Travel off-peakWhether you're buying trans-continental plane tickets

I have to go for a trip in 15 days. I have been working out since a year now. Can there be a 15 day workout to have a good beach body?

I can share my experience of losing weight. Yes, It's not a workout plan but it's a diet plan If you could follow. GM Diet plan for 2 weeks. This is a crash diet but surely gonna help you shed several Kgs easily. I lost around 4-5 Kgs in 2 Weeks. You may

What are the best travel tips for teenagers traveling abroad?

#Question name: What are the best travel tips for teenagers traveling abroad?TOP 21 TRAVEL TIPS!hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and travle resources on the internet and below are best tips for you. I hope you enjoy it.#1. Make a ListAbouut a weeek

What is good advice for female solo travellers?

Well.My best of lady friends love travelling alone. And here are some perks [discussed and filtered for regular reading]:There's no pressure to get up at 7 a.m. to stand in a four-hour line alongside 1,000 fanny-packing wearing tourists

What is it like to travel alone and is it a good idea?

I generally travel alone for business, and with my partner for pleasure, I really enjoy traveling with her, as she's very inquisitive, adventurous and active, so it makes me see more when I'm with her.However, she does enjoy traveling alone for pleasure and takes at least one trip a year by herself. She's much younger and doesn't

What is the best way to keep your passport safe while traveling?

I have scary stories about almost losing my passport. There are some good answers, but I'd like to write mine anyway. - Once list the passport in Antwerp, Belgium. Collected it from Paris. I only had a credit card to prove my identity. - Once forgot the pouch I had my passport it, and went a couple hours later

How to plan a trip

In today's technological age, planning a trip, especially a group trip has gotten way easier, with sites available just about for any task.I like using Google Flights to search for the most exciting destinations with flights within my budget. It is

I am planning to tour all of India on bicycle. What bicycle should I buy, considering the fact that I will bike though rugged terrain, deserts, and mountains?

Try googling "Chayan Mondal cycling". This guy did it on a Hercules Top Gear cycle: Chayan Mondal's bicycle tour with a purpose - The Times of India. There was another guy (whose name I forget, but starts with "Shiv") I met who has cycled to every district in India

Is it good or bad to travel alone?

It really depends on the kind of person you are and what is the reason for your travels. So there can be no right answer to this question. Travelling alone can be liberating. On a practical level, it allows you to do what YOU want to do without being constrained by others' wants. You could linger at a

Is it safe to drive 800 miles for a road trip in one day?

I wouldn't go out on a limb and say it's safe, but can be done, with plenty of rest stops, and the driver in good physical condition. It's about 12 hours of driving time if you are able to average 65–70 MPH

What are some good travel tips for people who haven't traveled in awhile?

Pack lightly - it's never fun to have to lug around a huge suitcase or backpack filled with unnecessary clothes, shoes, etc.Bring a reusable water bottle with you to save money on expensive airport water.Cook meals to save moneyArrive early

What is the best travel tip you can offer someone new to travel?

How exciting for you! Here are some of things that come to mindhave a copy of your passport and whatever cards you are taking with you digitally and also a paper copy that you carry elsewhere in your person with a some money (a second back up purse if you will) and also put an additional name and

If I visit your country, what is that one thing which I 'must do'?

I live in India.On the top of my head, there are a LOT of thing that I feel are 'Totally Worth It' here, but since the question says 'one thing' , there you go!You MUST visit a roadside 'Chat' shop and eat as much

What book should I read from your country?

It would highly depend on what you like to read, and for that I'll give you three different Brazilian books that are all great: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands ("Grande sertão: Veredas") - Joao Guimarães RosaWhy?  The author was one of the most interesting brazilians

What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

SingaporeLet's get the elephant in the room out of the way.Don't bring in narcotics. I understand some cultures have a time honoured tradition to bugger about this issue. Don't. Even. Try. We hang people for smuggling weed. If drugs are your joie de vivre I strongly suggest not coming at all. You won't even get the benefit of a

Would you rather visit Rome, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo or London?

Rome: Went to Rome earlier this year, and I was a bit disappointed. Besides the must-go places, i didn't find the city to be very interesting, and the restaurants there are not only expensive, but also not very good either. Restaurants in

Are there any lesser known sites I shouldn't miss, activities I should definitely do, food/drink I should try whilst visiting LA/NV?

Hard to answer when not knowing what one likes. If you like fast food, I highly recommend Link's hot dog stand on La Brea just north of Santa Monica Blvd. and the original Tommy's burgers on Beverly and Rampart. Also, if it's still there, Barney's

What are places to visit between Cochin to Munnar in Kerala?

Famous place to visit in MunnarThe following are some of the famous places to visit in Munnar. Check our Munnar package and get exciting deals.1 – Attukad/Attukal WaterfallsThere is no way that you visit Munnar and miss out on visiting one of its pure natural