What are some of Ottawa's best kept secrets?

Highway 416 and 417.  Both of them take you out of Ottawa...Sorry, couldn't resist.  More seriously, the Museum of Civilization is well known and is located in Hell I mean Gatineau just across the Alexandria Bridge but what you

When going to Canada, do you need a ticket out of Canada on entry to prove you are leaving?

The Border Services Officers may require such proof if they think you might possibly be planning staying illegally. They have a job to do, and that's within their discretion.

Visiting and Travel: In what ways can Canada replace USA as a great tourist destination?

Well you can get all of those things on a trip to Canada.  Hit the big cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver for luxury goods and shopping.  There's good food all over the nation but those places will also give

What time of year is it best to visit Canada?

It depends on what you like doing. I found Winterlude in Ottawa to be wonderful .. skiing in February in Whistler Mountain in British Columbia used to be great (when I was a young man). OTOH, Springtime in Vancouver is

What should I know before visiting Canada?

9Some thoughts:Be prepared to get scrutinized at the border - Going through customs in Canada can be really easy...or really difficult; it just depends upon how you get there and what day it is. I have found that weekends are better than certain weekdays if you drive into the country.They are strict on people

Why should I never visit Canada?

On an Internet walks so much garbage that sometimes you wonder what the ratio of slag to really useful information is. The situation is sometimes aggravated by the fact that the overwhelming majority of people find it easier to believe and click than think and google ... I have

How much funds is needed for a Canada tourist visa?

Show a regular balance in your bank statements.Their can't be a sudden cash increase for the account in your bank account,if it is so the visa officials will ask the source of the sudden increase in funds . Be ready with a geniune source of the funds transferred

Can I work in Canada while visiting?

There is only one case where that is allowed, and that is if you have a Working Holiday Visa.Otherwise, no. You cannot work in Canada with a visitor visa. And no, your parents can't work on a Super Visa either.

What is the best food to try when visiting Canada?

You do know canada is 6000km wide and the food varies from a place to another... Quebec is known for poutine, both coast have delicious seafood and fish, alberta is all about beef... It varies a lot, its a very large country... anywhere specific??

What are the most unexpected/baffling things Americans encounter when visiting Canada for the first time?

Learning the terminology and technique for ordering a coffee at Tim Horton's. All that single-double, double-double, etc gets confusing for a guy who's used to getting a coffee from Starbucks then customizing it myself...

What are the cold places to visit in Calgary, Canada?

I lived in Calgary for 7 years, I was only a kid but I still got to see some pretty cool things! Here is my list of things to see: The Calgary towerCalgary zooChinook shopping mallThe Saddledome arena*if you are there in the summer* The Calgary Stampede and Stampede festivitiesHeritage park historical villageCalaway Park

I'm thinking of visiting Canada and I'm wondering where I should go first. Which province or city should I visit?

Thanks for the A2A.Wow, it's a huge country and no way to see it all! But there are great things in all of them.And a lot will depend on whether you can rent a car while you are here. Not

How to assure a visa officer that I'll be back after the end of my stay in Canada

By providing a plausible reason for going to Canada and an overwhelming number of reasons (family, job, home ownership etc. etc.) why you prefer to live in your current country rather than uproot yourself and move to Canada.

What are some tips if I like to visit Canada?

For first-timers just go and enjoy the famous places of Canada. For those who are on their second trip back to Canada, I recommend touring the vines at Okanagan and have a taste of their wine. The best place to say is at Penticton Lakeside Resort, Hotel & Convention Centre, BC. The rooms there are nice and

What were your impressions of visiting Canada?

My wife and I have visited Canada three times. All three times we were living in our RV trailer. The first, several years ago, to Vancouver Island, by way of ferry from the state of Washington, where we stayed for a few days. Then again by ferry to the

Can I visit Canada during my stay in the US?

The requirements for entering Canada by land from the US are the same as entering by air from anywhere else; it depends on which country you are a citizen of. If you are a citizen of a country that requires a visa to enter Canada, that would not change just because you are physically entering from the US.

How to legally visit Canada as an American

1) Get a passport.2) Don't have a criminal record or any arrest warrants.3) Come to Canada.

Is December a good time to visit Banff Canada?

December is a cold winter month and nevertheless it's worthy to be called a good time to visit Banff. You'll benefit from the world's most stunning ice rinks such as frozen Lake Louise set among the Rocky Mountains, and witness methane bubbles captured under the surface of Frozen Abraham Lake.

When Canada officially visits another country as in a state visit, who represents Canada?

When the Prime Minister pays an official visit abroad it is not considered a ‘state visit' since the Prime Minister is not a head of state. The head of state in Canada is the Queen, (represented by the Governor General). When a head of state visits Canada, (say the Pres. of the U.S.)

How to get visit visa for canada

Its quite a simple process.You can visit the CIC website (www.cic.gc.ca) and follow the instructions there. Or you could head over to your local VFS office and consult them in person.

Is it worth visiting Ottawa?

The reasons for visiting a place vary from one individual or group to another. Sometimes it is a religious obligation called a pilgrimage. A place can have historic significance. It may be a famous place that someone has wanted to visit and no matter what is seen or how good or bad it was the

What are the hardest adjustments to make when visiting Canada?

I am going to say that, for some foreigners, and in some cities (what I'm about to describe is more pronounced in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa), there is a subtlety to conversation that can be lost. In the workplace, there can be a code that direct-talk will kill the listener, so everything is so couched as

How can make money while traveling through Canada?

If you are a first-time entrepreneur and have no experience, I suggest you choose a low-risk and low investment product for business.I think this is the best choice at the moment.I happened to know a great business idea from my friend , now he is a distributor of

If given the chance to visit Canada, why would you want to visit Canada?

I lived in Canada for most of my life. I don't know why anyone would want to visit that country when there are so many other places one could visit where everything from the food to the weather to the cost of living to

If I go to Canada which city should I visit?

Go travel around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Peggy's Cove. Then Prince Edward Island.Vancouver over rated Toronto great city. But there is so much more to Canada than the typical tourist attractions.If you love dinosaurs go to Drumheller Alberta

What are the biggest culture shocks people face when coming to Canada?

Where from? Permanently?Coming from the USA for a visit, miles become kilometers or rather kilometres, centers become centres, bathrooms/restrooms become washrooms, in many, not all, places road signs are bilingual in english and french, sometimes in indigenous language, labels are bilingual, Native Americans are First Nations and live on

Is it possible to come to Canada when you are 4 months pregnant (not noticeable) and give birth in Canada so the child becomes a citizen?

Birth tourism is not illegal in Canada. Non-residents of Canada may come to Canada to deliver a child. There are no restrictions on it. If the child is born in Canada, it acquires Canadian citizenship.There is a significant industry catering to

What was your experience like while traveling to Canada?

My experience of traveling to Canada (from London) by plane was the longest day ever! Following the sun all the way... created my worst jet-lag ever... and I had a job interview the next morning.Living and traveling IN Canada was awesome though. Vancouver was the number one place in the world

Which month is the best to visit Canada?

December is best time of the year to visit Canada especially during Christmas eve time as it is that time of the year which looks breathtakingly beautiful with ethnic Christmas trees adorned with beautiful things. Quebec city looks magical with illumations and festivals. People dress the outside of their houses up with lights and often have big ice

What are good places to visit, and bad places not to visit, in Canada?

Here's the obvious one. The icefields parkway from Banff to Jasper. You need to spend at least two nights at Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. Go in the early summer when the lakes are a spectacular blue colour and you should also visit Maligne Lake. - my favourite place in the world.http://www.icefieldsparkway.ca/T...http://www.albertawow.com/layout...Second

What are three weird tips about visiting Ottawa, Canada?

Three weird tips about Ottawa.I have a soft spot for Ottawa, it is my home town after all.So here are my top three.The Rideau Canal, it was built in 1832 by Lieutenant-Colonel John By.It starts in Ottawa and goes to Kingston Ontario, so if you have a boat you can sail any where in the world from Ottawa. Its

How do international travellers feel when they visit Canada?

A lot of people who come to Canada come because of the great outdoors. If you're inclined to go somewhere over an ocean to visit a relatively expensive country to travel in, you are likely to be a serious outdoors enthusiast. And, in spite of the costs

How long will it take to get a tourist visa to Canada for an Indian citizen?

It typically takes 2–3 business week to get a Canadian visitor visa. It is a two step process: Apply online on CIC website by filling up forms, uploading supporting documents and paying the fees. Within next 1-3 weeks, CIC will evaluate your application details and make a decision. If approved, you will

If a British citizen visits Canada, does his 6-month visitor status in Canada restart every time he visits the US and returns to Canada?

[Edit: Misread the question.  Thought this was for visiting Canada while on a Visa to the US, not the other way around. ]No.  I'm assuming you have a 6 Month B-2 visa, yes?Per US CBP:

If I only had enough time to visit one city in Canada would Toronto be the best choice?

That's an impossible ask.It partly depends upon your interests, and your place of origin.For example: Quebec City is unique as it is the only fortified city in North America. Being one of the oldest cities in North America, the old part of the city has a

Is it impossible for Somali citizens to visit Canada?

Yes, Canada does not believe that the Somali passport has effective government that has comprehensive constitution and the appropriate power to apply strict control to the ownership of the Somali Citizenship. Canada also believe that Somali embassies outside of Somalia sell the passport in order to make money, so for that reason Canada doesn't recognize

Is November the right time to visit Canada?

The Best time to Visit the country is during Spring, Summer and Autumn, encompassing the months of April to October. November is not at all best time to visit Canada. During November the days are darker, snow may have started falling and the temperatures

What are the best places to visit in Canada?

Here are the best places to visit in Canada :-1. VancouverSituated between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Vancouver is favored for its majestic landscapes that present a natural playground where tourists can swim in the ocean, rollerblade through scenic parks and snow ski in the mountains all in one day. The

What are the best things to see and do in Vancouver, Canada?

It's been almost 20 years since we lived there, so some things will have changed, but I have a few suggestions that you can check out further via Google:If you have a car and the time:Take the Sea-to-Sky highway to WhistlerVisit

What are the food items one must eat while visiting Canada?

It's been many years since I've been north of the border, but I still recall the best meal I ate while in this wonderful country.I was on a guided day-long fishing trip, and about midway through we stopped for "shore lunch." The guide landed our boat on a granite island and started a driftwood fire. Once the fire

What are three weird tips about visiting Toronto, Canada?

Enjoy the multiculturalism.I was sitting in an Indian restaurant when I noticed a Japanese restaurant across the hall. I said to the waiter

What cities should I visit in Canada?

Fredericton, New Brunswick. Tiny town, huge on beautifulQuebec City, Quebec. My favorite. Culture til foreverToronto, Ontario. Enough variety for everyone to find something. Great theatre district, museums and art galleries.I'd like to say Winnipeg, but you will freeze in winter and be consumed by mosquitoes in summer.Banff, Alberta. If you can afford it, arguably the most

What do you think about Nova Scotia, Canada?

It is a wonderful place. I am also planning to settle there as my family is there.Please check here.Resources | NSOI