What is it like to take a ferry from Oahu to Kauai?

The wonderful inter-island ferry that ran briefly between Oahu and Maui was never extended to Kauai because of local opposition by small groups of activists. Some were concerned about an increase on auto traffic, some about marine life. But the true

What is the best time of the year to visit Kauai?

Kauai has two main tourist seasons. They're from mid-December through Easter and from mid-June to Labor Day.The visitor centers are especially crowded in August and during the Christmas holidays. Since there are more tourists at these times there is more demand for rental cars, hotel rooms and

How to call Hawaii from Australia and vice versa

To call Hawaii from Australia, you would dial0011 (the international access code) followed by 1 (the country code for North America) followed by808 (the area code for Hawaii) and thenthe subscriber's seven digit numberFor example: 0011 1 808 555 1212To call a

What is the best restaurant in Hawaii, and why?

Unfortunately .... there is no answer to this question - or at least a comprehensive answer would simply take too long...Why?Because

How to call Hawaii from Australia and vice versa

To call Hawaii from Australia, you would dial0011 (the international access code) followed by 1 (the country code for North America) followed by808 (the area code for Hawaii) and thenthe subscriber's seven digit numberFor example: 0011 1 808 555 1212To call a

What is the best restaurant in Hawaii, and why?

Unfortunately .... there is no answer to this question - or at least a comprehensive answer would simply take too long...Why?Because

What can you tell me about visiting Hawaii?

Choose 1 island to visit if you're Only staying 1–2 weeks. Each island is different and it takes a few days to get into the rhythm of the island. Do some research on various sites to get an idea of activities available

When is the best time of year to visit Hawaii and why?

I'm assuming this is for a vacation?  I'll answer indirectly by suggesting when are the worst times to visit (financially, at least).  Essentially, big vacation times: summer (particularly August), mid-December till early January, and March (spring break).  If budget is an issue, I would try to avoid the wedding, college students, and vacationing rushes.September

What should I keep in mind when visiting Hawaii?

First trip, stick to O'ahu. There is easily enough on this one island to keep you entertained for at least a non-stop week.Oahu has hellasuous traffic issues. Plan to stay off the road during commute times (6am -9am) and (2pm -7pm). Note that there is a huge bottleneck going from the burbs where the

When is the best time to visit Hawaii and which island/places are suggested to visit there?

There is no bad time to visit Hawaii.  Certain times of the year may be better for particular interests - winter for big surf on the north shore of Oahu, spring for the Merrie Monarch hula festival and competition in Hilo, or whatever.  In-season local tropical fruits also

Should I travel to Hawaii?

Hawaii is a wonderful place to vacation. The main drawback is that it's hard to leave!The best time to go is during the North American winter. Hawaii is comfortably warm. It's humid enough to give visitors a cure from indoor heated air - without being oppressive. The ocean breezes are great moderators.We've been three times. We

Why is Hawaii so humid?

It is not! Tradewinds help a lot. We live on

What does Hawaii feel like?

To us, it was home and that's why we moved here. But to further answer your question I guess I have to interpret what you mean by

What do you love about Hawaii?

I love Hawaii for its pure beauty and distinct geography and culture from other U.S. states. Because of my career, I do a lot of international exploring however Hawaii always remains one of my favorite destinations of all time. It is

What tips would you have to travel to Hawaii?

Watch out for the coral off of the beach. Get tickets to the cultural center, it has the best buffet in the islands. Plus the best shows.Take your own snorkel, driving mask and fins. And bathing suit. Hawaii has lousy bathing suits. Take lots of sunglasses. Don't run through the jungle there

What are unique experiences not to miss in Hawaii?

The amazing experience of snorkeling at night with the Manta rays should not be missed. The best people IMO are Ocean Wings Hawaii, who are recognized experts in Mantas. They take out only a few people at a time, and only after instruction on proper behavior

Why is Hawaii so expensive?

The two main causes are shipping and scarcity of land in a place that a lot of people want to be.Shipping - The main culprit is the Jones Act of 1920 which prevents foreign-flagged ships from carrying cargo between the US mainland

Why is a passport required to travel to Hawaii?

A passport (and possibly a Visa, depending on nationality) is required for travel to Hawaii if a person is traveling from outside the United States. If someone is traveling from one of the other 49 states, they are traveling domestically

Is Hawaii a fun place to visit with my family?

Hawaii as a family vacation. Hmmm. I have nine children and lived in Southern California for many years before retiring to Hawaii.Hawaii has the best beaches and warmest water you could hope for. And, if getting away from it all is your thing, some of the islands are also virtually

What are some attractions in Honolulu?

Here are the attractions in Honolulu:1) Chinatown2) Hawai'i Maritime Center3) Bishop Museum Collection4) Nu'uanu Pali Lookout5) Chinese Cultural Plaza6) Izumo Taisha Shrine7) Oahu Marketplace8) Iolani Palace9) Queen Emma Summer Palace

What island in Hawaii should I visit first? Why?

I have been to Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. Maui is fun, touristy but with lots of places to see and things to do. Snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, shopping or just relaxing at the beaches. Because it is such a

Why is Hawaii such a great place to visit?

One of the best!You will feel excited and relaxed at the same time. Beyond the beauty of the place is a special spirit or Mana that most people find is like a secret burst of energy and motivation.Hard to explain until you have experienced it, plus the people are generally warm and friendly in spite of how hard

What is it like to live in Honolulu? What do people (i.e. non-tourists) do for fun?

Honolulu is a small, fantastic, beautiful city filled with a lot of variety and culture. As a white male, it was both refreshing and at times intimidating to be the minority in Honolulu, but on a personal level and professional level I was

What is one thing Hawaii lacks?

Hawaii is severely deficient in stress. It's ranked as the most healthful state in the US. Even for the poorest, there is support from family and friends. One of the last bastions of hippie-hood, jungle bunnies get support from commune-like communities, and food banks distribute fresh fruits and veggies to many of the poorer communities. WWOOFies

How long does it take to visit Hawaii?

The flight from the west coast of the US is 5–5.5 hours, depending on winds. About 10–11 hours from the east coast.If you are asking how long you should spend there, that is a different question - you can spend your whole life and not see everything. I recommend, if you can afford it, to

Which places should I visit in Hawaii?

Top 7 Offbeat Spots to Visit in Hawaii!Fairytale-like, something out of a picturesque poster, a paradise on earth – there aren't enough words to describe how beautiful Hawaii is!While you may have heard about the popular places to visit in Hawaii, did you know there were some offbeat spots to visit in Hawaii as well? Hawaii

Which island in Hawaii is the best to visit?

Big Island is one of the most exciting Islands in Hawaii. It is also home to two iconic attractions of Hawaii. Mount Mauna Kea and the perpetually erupting volcano Mount Kilauea.  Helicopter Volcano Tours There are several types of packages on offer depending on time airborne and flight plans. Makalawena

How to fly from Chicago to Hawaii for under $100

Find a local Chicago airline employee to get you a buddy pass/companion pass.Here are all of the catches:- You'll pay taxes/fees on the fare- You'll also have to fly standby out of ORD on the lowest tier (non-revenue, so good luck with that) and any connecting airports- Most major airlines tend to fly

How is lifestyle in Hawaii?

having lived in hawaii for almost 30 years before retiring somewhere else I would say that an entrepreneur can have a great lifestyle in hawaii. If you are wealthy hawaii is probably a great place to have a wonderful lifestyle except

Which Hawaii island should I visit next with kids? I have already visited Big Island and Kauai.

Great choices, my two favorite neighbor islands.It would seem Maui was your next obvious stop. Since you seem to be knocking out the neighbor islands, rather than Oahu. Molokai, and Lanai, both have their own charms, but are far less popular.So if it's a

Why do people like to travel to Hawaii by boat?

Honestly, it beats me. With air travel the primary and fastest means to get here, folks who would rather come here by ship would be a pretty small minority. Yet some cruise lines, like Carnival, offer just that (e.g. an 11-day one-way

What makes Hawaii famous?

Beaches. Beaches with black sand, with green sand, with golden sand. Waikiki, surely one of the most famous beaches in the world. Big waves on the North Shore of O'ahu. Pearl Harbor. Volcanoes, massive but extinct volcanoes on Mau'i, topped with observatories and snow in the winter, and a very active volcano on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Sugar

What were your impressions of visiting Hawaii?

What has drawn me to Hawaii has been its diversity. The islands are home to multiple climate zones, multiple kinds of terrain, weather patterns and amenities.  There's cultural, social and economic diversity there as well. And, although it's one of the most remote places on the earth, it offers all of the modern conveniences of more mainstream destinations.

Visiting and Travel in Hawaii: One week in Hawaiian Islands

Jordan has some great suggestions. I might also add that Honolulu is a vegetarian friendly city. You may want to have your GPS programed for Vegetarian friendly places like Down to Earth, Kokua Market and whole foods which are all vegetarian friendly places. If you like hiking get yourselves to Manoa Falls. It's a

What is it like to visit Hawaii in November?

November is the end of hurricane season but with that being said we have not had a hurricane in 20+ years. There is no bad time of year to visit Hawaii however the water is cooler in the winter and spring the evening are cooler in winter and spring and the

What's the cheapest way to get to Hawaii from California?

If you check the various internet listings (such as Cheap Air) available for daily travel, you can book a flight to Hawaii each day at what may appear to be a shifting price. So it will depend on the day, the time and the particular airline attempting to fill its planes for that particular day. Moreover,

What is the best restaurant in Hawaii, and why?

Unfortunately .... there is no answer to this question - or at least a comprehensive answer would simply take too long...Why?Because

Is spring break a good time for visiting Hawaii with kids?

Spring break is a good time for family vacations for one reason: your kids won't have to miss school. That being said, there are a few reasons why it's not a good time to vacation to Hawaii.It's extremely expensive. Hawaii is already an expensive flight and around spring break ticket prices skyrocket. If

Do I need a passport to go to Hawaii?

If you are a US citizen, you will not need a passport to go to Hawaii. If you are from another country, you will need your passport and most likely a visa to enter.Other things to know before you go:

Have you been to Hawaii? How was your experience?

I live in the Bay Area and Hawaii is a great vacation destination for us. I have been over 20 times and visited most of the islands. We own a time share on Maui that takes us there every 2 years. The weather is grand and the people are

How is hawaii?

This is exactly how it is. Voltaire would have been very happy here by the way.

I would like to visit Hawaii for my 40th birthday this year in August. It will be my first time visiting. How do I go about getting a great travel deal, and what island or islands should I visit?

I like Brian's idea of using VRBO to look for condo deals--I've had good success doing that myself.  However, I disagree with many of his recommendations, because I obviously have different interests than he does. For example, I found Pearl Harbor to

Is October a good time to visit Hawaii? Why or why not?

It depends on which side of the island you will visit. But it is always a good time to visit Hawaii.Each island has a wet and a dry side. Western sides are dry, Eastern sides are wet. Mostly the temps are 70F to 80F. And the

Should I learn Hawaiian before travelling to Hawaii?

No, that would be a colossal waste of time.I lived there through my 20s and can assure you that virtually nobody speaks Hawaiian in Hawaii.If you did manage to eek out a few sentences in Hawaiian, locals would look at you like you had two heads.It's a fair question though. If you can speak English (or even