How does tipping work in Japan? Do I tip for meals? For taxi rides?

I remember when I was in Japan, I left the change equivalent to a little less than a dollar at a kiosk because I was in a hurry. As I started running to hopefully catch the next train, the cashier lady began shouting,

How much does it cost to visit Japan?

The cost of our Japan trip (2 adults & 2 kids) was pretty much in line with what BudgetYourTrip website said at that time. For kids, the per-person cost was around 40–50% less; I would say, if the kid is younger than 11 years, one can assume that

Should I tip in Japan?

So you're all set to either visit or live in Japan as an expat. You've brushed up on your casual Japanese to make sure you're the most polite guest you can be, you've read up on customs, you're familiar with

What are some of Tokyo's very well-kept secrets?

One fact of Tokyo that surprised me (and continues to surprise me) is the fact that many streets and roads in Tokyo used to be rivers or streams. Many of these rivers and streams were paved-over in the decades after WW2, though some were covered even earlier.Although the water in these streams

What do you like most about Japan?

I would have to say the people. I'm not talking about appearance, the general culture and personality of people. I have been to many countries and nowhere except the Philippines have I felt like a guest. The people are great at

What's the best travel route in Japan?

We've helped over 600 travelers a year plan their first trips to Japan.Based on this, our most popular route at its core includes:Tokyo (4–5 nights) - (3 hr train ride) - Kyoto (4 nights) - (2 hr train ride) -

Why is it considered offensive to tip somebody in Japan?

I have Japanese students who go overseas, and I've talked to them about this. One student related her experience to me:She went into a cafe in town in the UK, and had a cup of tea and a scone. I think it came to just

Have you been to Japan? What's your most lasting impression of Japan?

I lived in a small town in Japan almost 30 years ago teaching English. It was a life-changing experience and filled with the kindness of strangers, the thousands of years of rich, vibrant cultural history, the journey of awareness of self and making me a better person, of healthy food and lifestyle, of learning, and of respect

Should I go to Osaka or Tokyo?

This is a popular holy war question, sort of like Coke vs Pepsi, but, in my opinion, Tokyo vs Osaka comparison is meaningles.The reason for that is the scale. Tokyo even without suburbs has population which exceeds that of Osaka more than five times. Tokyo is a compound of several large entities and every single of them is very

What are the best things about Japan?

Wow ! Now this was something i was looking for since Quora world is full of negative questionnaires nowadays.Many unique things of Japan and Japanese culture can be watched on YouTube as well that i am going to ommit. So here we start.once I dropped my wallet, carrying around 50,000 yen and almost

What culture shocks have you experienced while visiting or living in Japan?

Visiting Japan is bound to give you a string of culture shocks, but there is one particular aspect that shocked me the most.Being a very polite, homogeneous and conformist society with rituals and codes of honor, I thought there would be a great deal of sexual repression in Japan. So I was surprised to experience

What surprised you the most during your first trip to Japan?

Before visiting Japan, we had read up on it as much as we could. There were also things that you keep reading, seeing and hearing about Japan throughout your life, all over the media and the net. So, things like funky clothes, funky teenagers, funky food, funky toilets, bizarre things, cleanliness, politeness, aloof-ness, safety, punctuality, etc were not

Why is it considered offensive to tip somebody in Japan?

I have Japanese students who go overseas, and I've talked to them about this. One student related her experience to me:She went into a cafe in town in the UK, and had a cup of tea and a scone. I think it came to just under 9 pounds, which meant that the tip should be about 12%,

Why is it that foreigners in Japan often know and understand Japan better than the Japanese?

the foreigners( gaijin)!!! right? WellWhich foreigners are we talking about?3 months or 3 years or 30 years... no! Not that much? let me start:3 mg( months gaijin) : the Japanese people are really very polite, they are guiding me road directions, smiling, people are doing their own business , never looking at here and there, reading books, saluting.6 mg

How is Tokyo so clean?

Tsumi and the unique Japanese respect for things. Tsumi is a concept unique to the Shinto religion that is kind of like original sin, but has to die with cleansing and purity - emotional, physical, and strangely enough agricultural. While there

Is Tokyo the best city in Japan?

From my point of view, Tokyo is the last place I want to live/ visit in Japan. It is overcrowded and there is nothing, except shop, restaurants, trains, noise, smelly people and pollution.But that seems to be the main attraction to anyone who visits the country. After living here for decades, you probably

Is Ueno a dangerous area to stay in on a visit to Tokyo?

No. Actually it's one of the best places to stay in Tokyo. Near to a major rail hub, Ueno Park is one of the best park in the city, many museums to satisfy knowledge-hungry tourists, Ameyoko is a place for bargains galore, tonnes of food joints and restaurants, many 24hr, Asakusa

Is walking around Tokyo safe for tourists?

When I visited Tokyo last October, I spent all my free time walking around, especially along the Sumida River with its wonderful murals. I also enjoyed riding the urban rail trams, but was hissed at once by a tiny old lady on an overcrowded railcar because I laughed too loudly.

Should I avoid traveling to Tokyo because of the radiation problem?

Would you avoid traveling to... anywhere in America because of the radiation problem?Because Tokyo is about half as radioactive as most of America. A quarter as much as Denver, Colorado and so other mountainous areas, due to natural radon.Japan has been fine for years with exception of the area around Fukushima; even the exclusion zone

Tokyo residents, what's one place in Tokyo where you'd be surprised to see a tourist?

There are many tourists visiting Tokyo, and I'm always surprised to see how well prepared their research is before the visit, because I literally see them everywhere.Honestly I hardly see any foreign tourists at Sento, Public bathhouses which I love yet. I

What are some good weekend trips from Tokyo?

I once wrote an article that introduced the day-tour of Tokyo. But it only mentioned the attractions and restaurants in city area of Tokyo. Now I wanna suggest some great places near Tokyo which can be accessed easily by JR. Most of the sightseeing places can be arrived within one hour by train.A Beginner's Guide

What are the best traveling tips or hacks for traveling to Japan?

Assuming you already have a plan or some itinerary in place, below are some useful tips. Learn a few key phrases. I heavily used: "Sumimasen, wakarimasen." (Sorry, I don't understand). I stayed in Tokyo and found not many

What are the biggest misconceptions about Japan?

I've answered this question in detail, but I think it's worth reiterating some things.Claim: Eating Lunch on the School Roof is normalVerdict: Mostly FalseExplanation: Eating lunch on the school roof is actually banned in most schools. Generally, students will either eat in the cafeteria

What is it like in Tokyo, Japan?

It's very different than living in any other city I've lived in (Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco). Here are some unique things I noticed, in no particular order:Having 24-hour convenience stores for food and basic necessities makes life very...

What strikes first time visitors as special or unusual when they arrive in Tokyo?

Hi. I've been living in Japan for the past 17 years, since when I was one-year old. I was born in India. Probably, I wouldn't be the best person to answer this because I don't remember what Japan was like when I first arrived. I was a kid. So, I'm just going to guess what people would find

What's the best way to tour Tokyo?

Use the trains. You can get just about anywhere in timely fashion using the subways and JR. Walking or taking taxis is the best way to get around when you are not riding trains. I do not recommend biking for people

Why is Tokyo so safe?

Tokyo is the busiest and ultra-modern city of the Japan. But the citizens of Tokyo are also in touch with their past and you will find many examples of traditional Tokyoculture in palaces and theaters. The Tokyo metropolis has some of the neighborhoods to go out at night and more lively markets of the continent, along with