What are the United States' best kept secrets?

The states were always intended to be separate, sovereign nations. This can be shown from a simple, non-prejudiced reading of American history.  From the Declaration of Independence:"We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our

What facts about the United States do foreigners not believe until they come to America?

I am from Hong Kong, and most of the time I lived in a suburb. The typical American suburb. The time I was there is the early 00s.There are a few things that I still remember clearly although it was quite some time ago.1. Many people know the Americans are at the top of

What is the most overrated tourist attraction in the United States?

20 Of The Most Overrated USA Tourist Attractions (That Are A Waste Of Time)Maybe you're exploring the US as a citizen, or you're holidaying in the country hoping to capture a glimpse of the American Dream up close - either way, there's no denying that the USA is one of the most exciting and diverse countries on the

What was your biggest culture shock visiting New York City?

I came to NYC 6 year ago and never left. But I moved here from the south, which is a very different part of the United States-so, believe me, I was shocked 100x over. Here are some of the basics that threw me for a loop.1. You don't ever hang out in Times Square. You see it

Where are the most underrated tourist spots in the US?

New England. It's often overlooked, but wow.... that region is gorgeous. Rich is history, flourishing in all seasons... it's magnificent. Plenty of great spots to visit, no matter what time of year you roll in for a trip!I especially recommend New Hampshire or Massachusetts in October. The foliage is beautiful and

What is your biggest culture shock from leaving America?

Whether one is able to believe it or not, living in America is very simliar to living in a large bubble. Your world news consist of East and West Coast with a sprinkle of some other news around the globe. The biggest culture shock was to learn that everyone doesn't share

Where are the best places in the continental US for hiking in September?

I'm pretty certain that all good backpackers go to the high Sierras above Bishop or Lone Pine in mid to late September when they die. The weather is almost always wonderful, sunny and in the 60's during the day, in the 20's at night and zero bugs. Most

How to obtain a work visa in United States

Now a days there are many options to take US Work Visa. Even there are many option for Visa also, apart from those all I suggest you one i.e. E2 Work Visa . E2 Work Visa is the Best and Fast process for gating US

If someone from the United Kingdom visited the United States, what would they be culturally shocked by?

I cannot speak about the UK, but I had some folks from Ireland over to the US. Culture shock.. well apparently ankle jewelry in Ireland was a thing only prostitutes did.. where it was more common here (mid 90's.. ).. and that caused some interesting questions for this 17 year old boy to answer

Non-Americans who have visited the US of A, what are some things that shocked or surprised you?

I visited New York in Oct 2013, and the fact that there were many homeless people - begging and sleeping cold on the streets - was pretty much a shock to my system. But even more shocking was how young some of them were. I recall one lady who seemed to be in her early 20s with a sign

One thing you should never do as a tourist in America?

Don't get into even casual drug use when in the USA as a tourist. Drug laws vary state by state and many states are not in line with federal laws.You don't know our drug laws and our general culture. Don't see a vacation in the USA an opportunity

The United States of America: What should everyone (foreign or domestic) know about the US state you come from?

New Jersey was named by James, Duke of York (the brother of King Charles II of England), who was given New Jersey by his brother. James later gave New Jersey to Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. James named the colony

Were you surprised by America when you visited it? What were you expecting when you visited America?

You can only visit a few places in the United States without devoting a whole lot of time to it.So you never really visit

What are some popular local attractions to visit in New York City, USA?

Tourist attractions in USA (America) are those most loved and most visited places to see in the USA. These tourist attractions in USA let visitors learn about American history, experience natural landmarks and let loose at theme parks or shopping malls, etc these tourist attractions in USA should be on your must-visit list.

What are some things the outside world would be shocked to learn about the United States of America?

Scanning some of the answers posted here makes me a bit sad.  As an American who has had the opportunity to travel widely and live abroad for a year as a teenager, I feel many of the characterizations I see

What are some unexpected things first-time visitors to the United States of America notice?

FoodThere is a lot to be said for food in America. To begin with - the sheer variety. Here is what you can get in any large city - Italian, Mexican, Burgers and other fast food, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Colombian, Ethiopian, Turkish, Mediterranean, Sea food, regional

What cultural differences surprised you most when you first visited the United States?

I will list only 4 incidents for now:1.) I tried to hide my smoke when my Foreign Student Advisor appeared out of nowhere in the smoking zone. He caught me smoking. He was cool about it. (For the uninitiated, in Indian culture, it

What facts about the United States do foreigners not believe until they come to America?

I am from Hong Kong, and most of the time I lived in a suburb. The typical American suburb. The time I was there is the early 00s.There are a few things that I still remember clearly although it was quite

What is the craziest thing about America?

Craziest thing is that America is not what you think it is.We are not a bunch of liberal quacks and mass shooting imbiciles. We don't try to kill everything or take over everyone.You need to look into the small places in America. Places that don't show up on

What reasons do US citizens travel to other countries for, considering they have every imaginable tourist spot in their own country?

I guess it's for the same reasons people from other countries travel to different places as well: new culture will give you new experiences.And despite the US having many beautiful spots, it doesn't have it all: the history of European countries or China, the Eastern culture in South Korea or

What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?

- Do not ever insult the flag, the military, or the Constitution. Doing so will instantly make you the most hated person in the country- Don't discuss politics with people who are not close to you. - Do not leave a restaurant without paying tip. Our waiters here do not get

When you first came to America, what amazed you the most?

My family and I came to the USA as political refugees years ago. We were kicked out of Poland because we were fighting oppression and the tyrannical Communist government. We would have all been killed or worse had we stayed in our homeland. We were sponsored

I'm an American citizen marrying a Filipino citizen in the Philippines. We'd like to honeymoon in the USA after we marry, then we we return to live permanently in the Philippines. What sort of visa should she apply for?

It would be a tourist visa. Be aware that the wait time for an interview in Manila is months, and, despite being married, she had better have a compelling reason to return.Tons of red flags to immigration... Will be very difficult to get a visa