What are Putin's political views?

Asking about his political views, presumably on the left-right spectrum commonly used for this purpose in Western democracies, is to misunderstand who he is and why he keeps getting elected.Putin is, fundamentally, a technocrat - he is entirely non-ideological in terms of policy and as apolitical as an elected leader can afford to be. This is,

Is Donald Trump in league with Putin? Is Trump secretly working with Putin?

Not sure that ‘Tool' is the appropriate word...in this context at least. Perhaps ‘Partner', or referring respectively to them as ‘Head of the US Family' and ‘Head of the Russian Family' would be more appropriate. But for sure, Vladimir ‘Mr 50%' Putin and Trump have been well known to each other

What do Russians who live in Russia think of Vladimir Putin?

Wow! So many intelligent english-speaking people who call themselves Russians expressed their disgust with Putin and his propaganda... I am so ashamed to be so brainwashed, I really don't understand why it is so bad to save integrity of Russia, to do what most

Do you think Putin is blackmailing Trump?

Trump does stuff, and I think it's an outrage, and then it's a new day and something different. I tend not to remember the old stuff. But when this latest flap came out about FBI counterintelligence looking into whether Trump was a Russian agent, I started thinking in a slightly more organized way about Trump and Russia.

Does Vladimir Putin speak English?

He can read from a script when opening international events, like the Sochi winter olympics in 2014. He can probably say a few words in a conversation. But I saw no evidence of fluency and doubt it, given that his main foreign language is German. Putin is fluent in German, and on several well-known occasions

Is Vladimir Putin a dictator or not?

There's a sliding scale of who constitutes a dictator, so that's not fully a yes-or-no question. On balance, I think he's pretty far down the scale toward being a dictator.1. When Putin is President, the President runs Russia. When Putin is Prime Minister,

What political label can be assigned to Putin?

Definitely not a clerical fascist, to start with. He is close to the Orthodox Church, but that is way too extreme.You can't apply western political labels in Russia. Their political spectrum is very different from that in the Western world.But to answer the question, I think the best