If all animals suddenly gained human intelligence, which species would come on top in a world wide war for dominance?

A very good question and one which I remember being posed years ago: I think it was in BBC Science Magazine Focus.Anyhow the answer mentioned (and one which I believe in) is the answer to this question would be (drum

What are the biggest misconceptions about wars and warfare?

That there is only one kind of bravery and a brave soldier is fearless in the face of grave danger.I once came face to face with a bank robber. He was tearing down our street with the police right up his arse. There were sirens and lights from three

What are the chances for a new World War?

Fairly low.Another world war will, be very costly for every country fighting, no matter who wins.During the next 4 to 8 years of President Trump's administration, we can expect an unquiet peace. Trump's hostile attitude towards China is really the only thing that could trigger World

What are the most overrated and underrated militaries in the world today?

Overrated: North Korea. While they have a huge army with a million plus soldiers, many artillery pieces and tanks, much of their equipment is terribly outdated. Due to economic constraints, they rarely train and there is a critical shortage of fuel. Also, much of

What are the most unknown facts on the Second World War?

1. Canada declared war on Japan before the US did.2. Col Wenck, chief of staff for the 1st Panzer Division, composed the daily situation reports in rhythm during Operation Barbarossa.3. Col Wenck created a unit out of nothing. After the encirclement of Stalingrad, he rounded up stragglers and anyone or

What was the biggest regret of WWI?

World War One destroyed what is known as the

Who was the most overrated military commander in World War 2?

Churchill.  A good orator and morale leader, but an atrocious supreme commander.  As both Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, he also involved himself intimately in the intricacies of war planning in a way that Roosevelt or other Allied war leaders never did.  The

Why is the USA still fighting a war in Afghanistan?

A lot of Afghans, including myself, wanted the US and the international community to intervene in Afghanistan in the 1990s during the Afghan civil war which followed the Taliban regime. We did not hear from the world until the horrific incidents of 9/11. The US finally

Can non-Americans find the American Civil War interesting?

Of course they can.  And, of course, your innate personality and national identity will certainly affect your level of interest in an inherently American conflict. Anti-Americanism is the most in vogue of in vogue things right now.  To even be honest and admit an interest in American history (the good and the bad) is political and social

Could another civil war ever happen in the US?

A civil war at this point is more likely than not. The divide between the Left and Right is now so deep and fanatical that reconciliation is becoming nearly impossible. The list of possible causes is many. Here are some of the

Could the South have won the U.S. Civil War?

Yes, of course they could have. If the Thirteen Colonies could beat the world's strongest power in 1776, then certainly the Confederacy could have defeated the Union in the Civil War. However, they made a number of mistakes that greatly reduced their chances of securing their independence.One of the

Did the US win the war in Afghanistan?

The US, it seems has achieved most of its goals in Afghanistan.It destroyed Al Qaida and killed its dangerously popular leader, it established intelligence networks that will be helpful in the long run specially if a conflict arises with China or Russia, it has established necessary airbases in Afghanistan and has even signed the

Do American people even know or care that the USA is still fighting a war in Afghanistan? When are you guys planning on leaving Afghanistan?

In my view, most of the American public is aware that we're still at war in Afghanistan. But, the current war in Afghanistan is not WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or even Iraq. It is a relatively small scale conflict focused on counterterrorism

Do other species, i.e., non-human animals, have wars like humans have?

As others have indicated, many animals, some closer to us than others, have war-like episodes, usually not common, but neither are human wars.  Most animals can be and are often aggressive or violent over breeding rights, food, nesting sites, etc. but wars require a

How would World War II have been different if Stalin hadn't killed off a lot of his generals and other officers before the war?

Stalin would have been overthrown.  He was a despot and a tyrant.  His purges made sure he was never lobbed a hand grenade during a meeting.  Once you purge an officer, you have to purge his cousins too.  Possibly Stalin altered the racial/ethnic profile of the overall leadership with his

If all animals suddenly gained human intelligence, which species would come on top in a world wide war for dominance?

A very good question and one which I remember being posed years ago: I think it was in BBC Science Magazine Focus.Anyhow the answer mentioned (and one which I believe in) is the answer to this question would be (drum roll).....BacteriaYet, these little microbes

To what extent was the American Civil War fought over the issue of slavery?

I've spent twenty years of my life (and I'm 33) going back and forth on this matter.  I have studied the civil war in depth.  I have considered modern textbooks, hardcore conservative circles, defenders of the "Lost Cause," and more mainstream historians like Shelby Foote and George Catton.I consider myself a hardcore conservative; I bear no

Was it ever possible for Germany to win World War II?

Yes.In fact, in the 1939-40 war against the original allies of France, Poland and Great Britain, Germany did win. Today, we see these victories as inevitabilities. To the world in 1940, they were nothing short of unimaginable. These victories are not just tactical:-Poland ceases to exist;

Was the U.S. Civil War avoidable?

The basic cause of the Civil War was slavery. However Lincoln's immediate goal was to save the Union.It was the South's decision to break free and it was a miscalculation on their part. Had they stayed in the Union it is likely they could have kept their institution far into the foreseeable future.Lincoln would not have gone

What are little known historical facts from World War II that most people do not know about even today?

The Dieppe Raid was always considered to be a complete failure, with no reason for the raid even being offered. Recently, records were opened to public scrutiny, which show that the raid was being used as a cover for an attempt to do a snatch and grab of intelligence from the Germans. They

What are some lesser known events surrounding the U.S. Civil War?

The Civil War was between the racist, spiteful Democratic Party and the very religious Republican Party, which was mixed-race.The last Confederate general to surrender was a Cherokee, Stand Waite, or Oklahoma Territory.A lot of African Americans eagerly served on the side of the Confederacy. These were free, often wealthy

What are some of the most amazing incidents of World War 2 and World War 1?

A French officer's spectacular escape and a display of German chivalryIn 1940, after the Werhmacht's impressive victory over the British-French forces and their allies in the Western campaign, hundreds of thousands of French servicemen were captured by the German Army. The

What are some unknown facts about the American Civil War?

The historical facts concerning Lincoln's policy decision not to use Compensated Emancipation to address the secondary purpose of the War ( the first was, of course, to continue tariff collection at the ports of the seceded States by force as needed) aren't unknown, but are not at all

What are some unknown facts about the planes used in World War 1?

At the beginning of the war airplanes were used for recon only and had a 2 man crew, the pilot and the recon officer. The pilot was an enlisted man and the recon person was an officer. This is because cars at the time

What are the most disturbing facts about World War II that most people do not know?

The skewed lies of the victors in World War II, lies told by both the Americans, Soviets and their allies. I have met many American people on the internet, many who believe that America was the driving force behind the Allies of World War II - one of the major two, yes, but not the sole driving

What are the most unknown facts about World War II?

On behalf of Germany and the Soviet Union, foreign ministers Ribbontrop and Molotov signed a non-aggression pact between the two countries on 23 August 1939. So sudden was the event that for the signing ceremony in Moscow four swastika flags were borrowed from a film studio in Moscow which was actually producing anti-nazi propaganda films.

What are the most unknown facts on the Second World War?

1. Canada declared war on Japan before the US did.2. Col Wenck, chief of staff for the 1st Panzer Division, composed the daily situation reports in rhythm during Operation Barbarossa.3. Col Wenck created a unit out of nothing. After the encirclement of Stalingrad, he rounded up stragglers and anyone or thing he could get his hands

What if animals go on a world war with humans?

That would be interesting to see... The way humans have been treating the animals ... They ought to wage a war. As they are inadequately equipped with a voice to express their thoughts , they don't seem to be starting a war.

What is the science behind digital camouflage?

Traditional camouflage is optimised so that it's disruptive effect works mostly at one distance. At close range big blobs have no disruptive effect, as they're big blocks of colour. At long range the eye can't distinguish small blobs well enough for them to have any

What nation started World War 1?

I totally agree with Eddie Haymaker.Austria had no intention to start a war. The conservative Emperor Franz Joseph did not like his more progressive Crownprince Franz Ferdinand very much but they were of the same opinion. After all Austria had lost the battles with France over Italy and

What was the most important battle in the U.S. Civil War?

The usual answers you'll see here are all good options.Gettysburg marked the end of the Army of Northern Virginia's ability to take the strategic offensive. From that loss to the very end, Lee was limited to reacting to the operations of his Union counterparts. The Army of Northern Virginia never recovered

What was the U.S. Civil War really about?

The Confederacy chose to first secede from the United States and then attack at the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Union objected to the undemocratic secession that in all cases was either against the will of even

What will most likely cause World War III?

First of all, let's get the players into the fore-front. Unlike the first two world wars, where the goal was either world domination or imperialism/nationalism, this war would be about social dominance. You'll likely see countries aligning primarily on social or

Who won World War 2?

In the most traditional sense, the Allies won and the Axis lost. But if we look deeper we can find that some who, "Won," really did not and some of the biggest winners did not even have to fight.United States: The U.S. most definitely won WW2. They were

Why did World War 1 take place? What were the political causes?

I would say the Sarajevo Incident in 1914 was only the last straw of WWI and there were other underlying causes should not be neglected.For example, the alliance system in which the Triple Alliance was formed by Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1882 and the

Why has Afghanistan always been a war torn country?

Q:Why has Afghanistan always been a war torn country?Ghengis Khan conquered it, British and Russian empires attempted, past 40 years there's been the Soviet invasion, civil war, Taliban uprising, US invasion.But why has it been such a war torn country that always gets invaded? Is its location valuable?A: Superb Question.Disclaimer: This is a picture

Why is Afghanistan still at war?

This isn't a simple question, and doesn't have a simple answer. Afghanistan has no railroads crossing it from Iran and the Persian Gulf to India. No significant highways as well. The pipelines you would expect between the Middle East and South Asia - simply are not

Why is the USA still fighting war against the Taliban?

The Simple reason is the USA is cutting off the branches of tree and leaving aside the roots of that tree. Now can we expect that the tree will die!!!Answer is no.Roots of Taliban is in Pakistan and what ever presence Taliban have in Afghanistan, these are foot soldiers. The USA has

Why is the war not going to end in Afghanistan?

It will not end as long as we decide to prolong it and throw money at the situation. It is the same issue that the US faced in Vietnam. The US is propping up a widely corrupt government that has little or no support from the local population who are not really interested in building a Western-style civilization or

How has war changed over time?

War never changed until 1945. It remained the same through the ages, changing only in the weapons used and the numbers (of men, of distance, of supplies, of money) involved. Yet, it remained the same, and the teachings of Sun Tzu, Ceasar,

Is it possible to create exploding arrows?

It's possible to create such a thing, but they would be very dangerous to handle (imagine accidentally triggering one in an ammo dump!). Their effectiveness would also be questionable, since a simple explosion doesn't do very much damage without some sort of accessory fragmentation or at least a high-mass surface against which the

What are some common misconceptions about World War II?

One very common misconception is that battleships were highly vulnerable to attack by aircraft.The modern version of events has it that battleships were easy targets for dive bombers and torpedo bombers and that they succumbed easily to such attacks. This is why battleships vanished from the navies

What are some misconceptions about World War Two that really set you off?

Every time my ex-husband would watch a WWII movie from the 40's, 50's and 60's, the veins would stick out of my neck. The sanitized movies depicting the unfailingly good Allied soldiers pitted against the evil Germans and Japanese pissed me off. My blood would boil. I understand the 40's movies

What are the biggest misconceptions about desert warfare?

Navigation and concealment. Many decades ago, just prior to the kickoff in Iraq, we were staging in Saudia on the border with Iraq. It was early evening and I was tasked to drive my XO out to the airfield, a few

What are the biggest misconceptions about naval warfare?

That the purpose of a warship is to defeat its counterpart (i.e. all the

What are the biggest misconceptions about urban warfare?

Having done a little MOUT - military operations in urban terrain. I can tell you its a blood bath - seemingly every defended building produces casualties. IN Iraq they built fortifications in houses and had BB-IEDs (building-based improvised explosive device). Entire buildings that were wired

What are the biggest misconceptions about wars and warfare?

One misconception is that somehow retreating is cowardly. Those who retreat are not brave soldiers, being afraid to fight and giving in to the enemy.This mentality has given birth to numerous military sayings and slogans in the past like

What was the weirdest restriction placed on people serving in the Los Alamos installation during World War II?

No more babies.Well, almost. It didn't reach the level of restriction per se, but General Groves and Oppenheimer tried to make Los Alamos a sort of

Which branch of the U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) are enemy combatants most fearful of?

It depends on what type of enemy combatants you are talking about, and in what environment you are talking.I submit that right now one of the most feared and deadly things that exist in the US Armed Forces is the MQ-9 Reaper

Who were the main scientists behind the Manhattan Project?

I'll make this answer as short as possible, since there is a lot of information on it and a lot of personnel were involved. Albert Einstein wrote a sealed letter to FDR in 1939 about uncovered projects in Nazi Germany that were focused on purifying uranium-235, which could be used to make an atomic bomb if they made

Why did the United States lose the Vietnam War?

Two words lost the war in Vietnam: Body count.At the end of the day, while North Vietnam won the war by political means which borrowed, expanded on, and were embedded into tactics evolved from communist Chinese guerrilla warfare doctrine, America lost the war through inefficient tactics and strategies which led to a

Why do all these religions that are based on love cause all this hate and war all over the world?

If humanity lived in a world where religion does not exist, would we all live in peace and harmony?This is not even close to true. How many times do we have to expose this myth as the baldfaced lie that it is?No category of violence or unrest is primarily motivated by religion. A tiny minority of violent acts are

Why is the USA still fighting a war in Afghanistan?

A lot of Afghans, including myself, wanted the US and the international community to intervene in Afghanistan in the 1990s during the Afghan civil war which followed the Taliban regime. We did not hear from the world until the horrific incidents of 9/11. The US finally intervened in the country

Why weren't large backpacks ubiquitous of modern soldiers not used by soldiers of the WWII era?

Several reasons. You can find a number of good answers here, but in addition the soldiers of that era were physically smaller AND high mobility was not as much of a priority in most units then as it is today. Today, you take

How are modern military soldiers trained?

Not all armies are trained the same, even nowadays when knowledge is almost free flowing between countries. Furthermore, within each army different units train differently. Scouting units do not go through the same training as combat engineers who, in turn, have different training than pilots.Training is usually devided into three parts:

How is the infantry different in the United States Marine Corps?

I'm currently serving in the Marine Corps as an infantryman (0311 rifleman to be exact) and I've noticed many differences between the way we do things versus how, say, the Army does things. One of the huge differences is budget. The Marine Corps

How would modern drones be used in World War II?

Imagine how the Pacific carrier battles would have been if one side or the other had drones, or both did. The question is unanswerable in a way, because to have drones you would also have to include the technology that produced them. That technology would have had an affect on all the other weaponry as well.

Is it true that Otto Von Bismark's Annexation of Alsace-Lorraine in the later 1800's helped set the stage for World War One?

A-L's annexation definitely put the French on a collision course with the Germans. It would be like if Canada declared war on the US, and then the US quickly curbstomps Canada and takes British Colombia. A-L had been the northeast border of France for centuries,

Should the US invade Venezuela?

No. Really, really just

What was the best infantry throughout history?

The interesting part of this question is

What will wipe out humanity first, climate change, AI or warfare?

AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is already coming up in use quite fast. In fact there are over 90 healthcare start-ups in the world that are working on these AI automated services:Online diagnosis/symptom checkerComputer-aided interpretation of imagesHeart sound analysisCompanion robots for

Who would win in a war (in North America) between the entirety of the Canadian military and the US Marine Corps?

Most likely the US Marine Corp.As of 2017, the USMC has around 186,000 active duty members and some 38,500 reserve Marines. Canada has end strength is authorized at 126,500, including 71,500 Regular Force members, 30,000 Reserve Force members and 25,000 civilian