Can fitness apps eliminate personal trainers?

As someone who has developed a 'Fitness App' and been a trainer for about a decade now, I can say that I'm not honestly worried about losing my day job anytime soon. Though I do hope to transition more into the app space, I'm doing it because I believe it puts me

What are some good apps for building vocabulary?

First understand why you wish to improve your vocabulary.Ir could be any of the following :To Clear GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS.To Clear SATTo Clear Government exams.To enhance your writing ability.To skyrocket your communication skills.You just like learning new words.So the app you should choose depends upon what your purpose is.Lets

What should I do in order to be a successful web developer?

10 Effective Ways to Become a Good ProgrammerA good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug LinderWorking as a software programmer in IT industry, one thing that drives us daily to the work place; is that fun and passion lies in programming. But to make that programming a fun and to

What is the technology behind the web-based version of WhatsApp?

Attention, this answer is mostly speculative based on my analysis on the web itself. I'm not related to WhatsApp in any way. So, if another answer from people who directly related to WhatsApp exist, please upvote that answer instead. Otherwise, if you just wanted to read my analysis,

Where can I sell my website?

The first question to answer is, how much is your website worth? You can use this calculator to get a rough, but fairly accurate look at your website's valuation:How Much Is My Website Worth? Website Valuation Tool - Empire FlippersSo now that you've got an

Which features is Fitbit missing?

API - Let's unleash all the valuable data inside our FitBits! I can see some useful social fitness applications which allow friends to help each other set and achieve activity targets, and work together in groups to achieve shared fitness objectives. These apps could all be built by third party developers, leaving FitBit to focus on its core R&D.Badges

How to earn money through creating apps

You nees to register yourself in the app market. Once you are done with that you can put advertisement on them. The advertisement methods depend on the base platform. You need to choose your platform like ios BlackBerry or android. For

Is email becoming obsolete?

Thanks for a2a.Since I don't have access to objective data I can't give you a definite answer but I'll give you my opinion.While IM applications and social media are often more practical in communicating with friends and acquaintances I feel e-mail still has and will keep its use for

What apps and websites most improve people's experience living in New York City?

UberWay2RideRideLinQFandangoCabSenseReportATaxiNextTrainNYCOpenTableYelpZagatNew York TimesGoogle MapsFourSquareHopStopExit StrategyStarbucksNYC WayTaskRabbitZillowCityBikeKickMapBarberBartMexicueBuildingLinkMinerAppNYC 311AMNH ExplorerCentral Park...and a few still in beta.

What are the most useful and best websites most people don't know about?

ConfirmTKT.comIn India daily 2.2 million tickets are booked and of which 30% of the tickets would be on wait list. Even though the tickets are on wait list, people would book the tickets in the hope of getting the ticket confirmed . If they are lucky they would get a confirmed ticket to travel else

What is a good weight training progress tracking website?

The state of this apps space is truly disappointing. I have given DailyBurn a fair shot twice nice now and have found it to be sorely lacking. The UI for constructing workouts is cumbersome and entry during a particular workout is infuriating:The workout entry pane displays with your previous sets values

Is Magento the best web site option, or is there something better?

Q: Is Magento the best web site option, or is there something better?A: For most online store use cases, I would suggest to go with Shopify.Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that helps everyday people set up their own

What are some ideas for a webapp / mobile app hackathon?

I picked up a few ideas for mobile applications:- Dishes from the listed ingredientsDisplay a list of dishes that can be prepared from the ingredients entered by the user. There should also be an opportunity to put on likes and offer your own answers.- Search for like-minded

What are some of the best hacks that you have seen?

Some of the cool hacks that i had seen include, it keeps checking what people are talking about a particular topic at the moment. This is done by scraping contents from websites such as twitter , this is a natural image search engine which displays images. Search