How to learn PHP web development as quickly as possible

Not more than a month to learn, not less than a lifetime to master..The web keeps changing, so no typical university curriculum is actually going to help you learn it well. Web development is one of the fastest changing fields, and hence you should train

What are some cool CSS tricks?

Well, might be a good place to start ;-)Generally speaking, you are probably looking for layout effects, general visual effects, transition effects, and everything in between.A site I like using is codrops (these are pretty advanced), and of course stackoverflow & codepen

What are the best books on web design?

If you're working in industries like the web design company in Manila, having ample of skills to offer clients is a major factor that could help you stay in the company's good graces, and perhaps lands a promotion in the future.Reading the

What are the best designed fitness website?

Hi,I don't think that we can figure out the best designed fitness websites, because it is a matter of taste, but if you want to develop your own website or have a look at some well designed templates, I will suggest you to hire a freelancer.I have experience with working freelance developers and

What is the best web design?

Hi Quora. I wrote an article about the following question. Feel free to check it out.What is web design?After web design (active website) applications, users can access websites via the internet with a web browser. This may be the shortest answer we can give in the question of

What should I do in order to be a successful web developer?

10 Effective Ways to Become a Good ProgrammerA good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug LinderWorking as a software programmer in IT industry, one thing that drives us daily to the work place; is that fun and passion lies in programming. But to make that programming a fun and to

What's the best way to code for web development?

Netbeans has been a product that I have left and come back to several times and always where I settle.Is it better than other IDEs? - maybe! will it help you code? - definately! do you need a fast PC for it? Yes, unfortunately.

Who has the best website design templates?

I would like to answer this question from an entrepreneur's perspective:If you are not a web design expert (like me :) ), you are probably interested in mobile friendly, well SEO optimized templates that go perfectly with the niche you work in, right?Since

How to create a paid membership website

Similar to setting up a blog, there are technical components you'll need to build a paid membership site. These are:Your domain nameWeb hosting serviceContent management system (CMS)Payment gatewayEmail servicesLanding page creatorChoosing a catchy, marketable domain name that captures the essence of what your membership site is

How I can start a science blog?

Hi there!Starting a blog is a lot of work but it can be an extremely rewarding experience both personally and financially.It's hard to say exactly what a science blog ‘needs' because the best way to know is to actively test content and strategies.When developing the idea you need to have an idea on what it is

What are some of the major design trends we will see emerge in 2017?

Designing for Bigger ScreensAs always in life, opinions vary: some praise the new generation of phablets and smartphones, some call them

What are the best fonts to use in a logo for the initials of the name of a web design company?

Latin fonts could be categorised into two major type - serif and sans serif fonts. I specifically mentioned Latin as Asian languages do have the both category too (only when you expand your company).A typical approach would be to use serif fonts for tech-based companies and startup logos, as seen daily such as Google, Samsung and

What are the possible graphics design trends this coming 2016?

Split ScreenThis layout type was one of the dominating trends we've observed in 2015. Split Screen is basically a layout where the site is split in half: 2 different images with 2 different intentions and CTA. Bolder use of colorsWeb apps and sites have tended to stick with

What will be the biggest web design trends of 2016?

Full post of website design trends in 2016: Top 8 web design trends in 2016The recent years have been a great time for attractive design. That's why besides making valuable content, most of website owners also set cohesive design

What's the best company for web design in Dubai UAE?

Having a splendid website & interactive app is indispensable for an intense business growth. Company aspires professionals to achieve their business goals through the first-grade web design & development and mobile app development services.WebClues Infotech is a professional Website Development firm equipped to offer sophisticated designing tools and

Why do people keep telling me that I am bad at CSS?

Its because you might not be following basic coding standards. For example, if you wanna apply same style to multiple elements, use class. It reduces number lines of codes. Never, forget to add comments.One thing you should keep in mind

Why social networks don't use Icon Web Fonts?

Icon webfonts are probably the right solution for most sites, but I can think of two possible reasons why they aren't being used at the big ones yet:Compatibility. Large networks are more concerned about the lowest common denominator than a site with fewer users, so while webfonts are supported by the

How to download the best fitness and gym WordPress theme

Hi,You can download Kosmic multipurpose WordPress theme for your gym or fitness website.Kosmic is an elegant, stunning and professional WordPress theme. This theme is suitable for almost all kind of online websites. It is based on WooCommerce plugin that will lead you to boost

How to learn web design

start trasforming wikipedia articles into stand alone html page.transform around 100 articles of your favorite subject. (or maybe some articles about  web pages > web development > html css etc).when that task is completed > move to applying  custom css while transforming another 100 new articles. (plus the previews articles)

How long did it take you to learn HTML and CSS?

It might take months or even years to feel comfortable depending on the process you choose to learn. For me it took me around 4 months (Though I did 2 month course, but still I need to practice lot after those 2

I have been doing web development with PHP. How do I start web development with PHP?

The question is a bit confusing but I think you are asking for on how to start in applying PHP into some kind of a project.Not only for PHP but for any Web development language/framework start with a CRUD Application.CRUD: Create, Read, Update , Delete.I've followed

If PHP is so bad, why did so many people start using it?

PHP isn`t bad, that`s why many people start using it.I will describe you the main benefits.The main factor in the language of PHP is its practicality. PHP should provide the programmer with the tools to quickly and effectively solve the tasks. The practical nature of PHP is due to five important characteristics:*traditionality; *simplicity; *efficiency; *security; *flexibility.There is one more

Is it a good idea to start a woo-commerce website using a free WordPress theme instead of a premium theme?

If you're about to start quite a serious business, I recommend you get a premium theme instead of a free one. As a rule, premium themes are provided with better support and are designed more neatly.There's also an alternative way to get a theme

Is it okay to assume that anyone that knows how to code PHP knows how to write HTML?

Is it okay to assume that anyone that knows how to code PHP knows how to write HTML?Sincerely I will say Yes! All PHP coders know how to write HTML if not all 99.9% can write HTML code. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the foundation of a

Is it too late to learn Wordpress and web development? Hello, I'm now 31 years old and feel that is too late to start learning something new like wordpress development and web develoment in general.

Absolutely not - go for it.If you aren't already well versed in Wordpress you may not realise you can acheive some awesome results using premade templates (for design) and plugins (for functionality). without knowing a line of coding. You couldn't really call yourself a developer though unless you can at least know a enough code to know

What are some interesting websites?

Considering the size of internet it has got some interesting websites which only a few people know about. Coming directly to list:1. JamesEditionInterested in some luxury, then this is the site for you. JAMES EDITION is an online portal for buying luxury items. By luxury, I mean real luxury which a middle-class guy

What are the best personal blogging WP themes?

SKT Blog and Shop is the best personal blogging WP themes. There are so many eCommerce stores and fashion blog emerging in the marketplace. In every society, you can find a fashion and boutiques or fashion store. So,

What are the best website to get blog WordPress theme?

Hello!There were many themes related to blogs and blogger websites, here you can check this SKT Charm which is one of the best collection from SKT Themes for blog WordPress themes. Charm WordPress theme is helpful in many ways like you

What are the best WordPress article themes?

News Portal is the best WordPress theme for article purpose. News Portal is the latest best and creative free WordPress magazine style theme with an awesome and complex design that gives you the feeling of broad space. Its layouts fit any magazine or media/press sites, providing a simple and smart structure

What are the best WordPress theme for travel blog?

Here are some of the best travel theme for wordpress.You can check this article to choose your theme for your site.1. DeluxThis WordPress theme at first contact provides its users with a feeling of comfort that pushes them to externalize their most hidden emotions. Not only because

What are the best WordPress themes for modern fitness and gyms?

Hi,WordPress has lots of collection of WordPress theme with unique functionalities and niche categories.I would like to share Kosmic - Multipurpose WordPress Theme | eCommerce ThemeThis theme has a creative and modern Gym and Fitness homepage which is completely suitable for your requirement.Kosmic is a beautifully crafted multipurpose WordPress theme which

What degrees can lead to UX design?

TL;DR: Any degree – and even no degree at all.There is a widely held unfortunate misconception that a course of academic studies would be the same as a vocational professional training. It is not. It is not even necessary for becoming a competent

What did you fear when learning HTML/CSS?

There is nothing to fear about HTML and CSS till you pick up all the minute details properly. Using div tags, meta tags and specially responsive designing needs special concern. Moreover from the SEO point of view, we need to add some special tags in HTML which should be kept in mind. It's

What is the best premium WordPress theme for 2018-2019?

Hello Troy Stone,There are so many best premium WordPress theme for blogs out there,but choose WordPress theme that meets all your criteria and think of long perspective.You must choose WordPress theme which will be use for all the purpose,be it blog,business, e-commerce site.On higher level your search criteria should be -Compatible to all devices.Pocket friendly.Unlimited licenses.Unlimited Website with lifetime

What is the best simple WordPress theme?

Today, when any business owner thinks about the platform for his/her business website, the first name that comes to the mind is WordPress. WordPress now powers almost 30% of the web. Now, when you start developing your website, the first thing you need to decide is the theme.

What is the best WordPress theme that suits the mood of the reader instead of the website contents?

If you want to suit the mood of the reader from something other than the content, then I would say that the look & feel of the website becomes extremely crucial. For that I would suggest that you look for Wordpress Themes at

What is the most flexible, and best CMS?

The simple answer is the best one for the job.Lot's of people will tell you Wordpress, others will tell you Joomla (my personal preference) and yet others will tell you CMS systems like Franz mentioned Concrete5, Drupal, Dotnetnuke or even Grav.No one system is ‘better' than the other, they all do

What next after learning HTML and CSS? What should I do to practice my skills? What should I learn next?

STATIC Web Page:After learning the HTML5 and CSS, practice it by making a static web site/page. What I did is, I took a tech magazine page which had many images, div elements and implemented that page in HTML5 and CSS. This way you can learn

What will be the biggest web design trends this year?

There are some really good answers here already. What I'll try to do is not just present you with what is cool in web design. I'm going to take you past the obvious to make some real predictions.1. Gestures are the new clicksWe forget how hard scrolling webpages used to be.

What's your biggest frustration with your web designer?

We take great care in hiring a web designer who is highly experienced and skilled. But the most frustrating situation arrives when we come to know that we can't update or maintain the website on our own in the future.Problem: You don't have control of

Which are the best WordPress theme to build a food blog website?

Here are some of wordpress theme for food.This article will guide you to choose the right wordpress themeThere are plenty of good reasons to want a kitchen-themed WordPress theme that will sublimate food and make all your visitors salivate.Newsider

Which are the best WordPress themes to make a building services type of website?

Hello! Good Morning,For building services type of websites, you can build a theme from SKT Build.A splendid collection of construction WordPress themes has been created for construction and architecture companies and agencies, concrete developing, engineering and design, repair and renovation services, private contractors, craftsmen, and other relevant businesses and individuals.Open up your

Which WordPress theme should I use for my magazine blog?

Hi,You can go with Ybrant - WordPress Magazine Theme | News WordPress Theme.Ybrant is modern and professional WordPress theme for magazine, news or newspaper related website or blog. It is designed with a completely responsive layout and available as fully widgetized pages.Ybrant is the easiest theme

How to create a fake webpage

Q: How do you create a fake webpage?If by

I want to open a matrimonial website. There are readymade softwares available to open one. Should I do this without any web designing knowledge?

Always have a second view , compare the scripts availabel in market , specially on security level , load testing, and framework usedHave a demo , run it for 10* 15 days and then decide about the purchase ant readymade softwarethere are many available in market that provide readymade software servicessome of them arenarjis enterprisesmscripthttps://www.readymatrimony.comphpscriptmallinetsolutions etc

I'm developing a chatbot FAQs using HTML, have you ever tried this language? I'm having problems with the output or template, I don't know how to break the line. Can you help me to resolve for the users to easily understand the reply of the bot?

I don't fully understand what you are asking.In HTML new lines and spaces (and other whitespace characters) are generally ignored and treated as a single space.For making a new line you instead use <br>.You could also enclose the contents in <pre>text here</pre>, which indicates text, where the browser shouldn't

Is Magento the best web site option, or is there something better?

Q: Is Magento the best web site option, or is there something better?A: For most online store use cases, I would suggest to go with Shopify.Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that helps everyday people set up their own

Is is a fake website?

Yes ofcourse this is a fake website, the real indexing website for science citation is Journal Search - Clarivate Analytics . At the center of Web of Science Core Collection are three flagship Citation Indexes, namely, the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) and

Is the site named a genuine site or a fake one?

I ordered one gimbal from but they will not provide any contact details to find or track my order and after reading all website I got one site which help me to track my order . when I reach tradesk

What is a website that was designed to be hacked?

All web sites were designed to be hacked. It's just that some of them don't know it yet. ;)But you'd be better off practicing your mad sk1llz on something like Hack This Site!.And you'd be even better off configuring your own

What makes a website easy to hack?

It is no surprise that this is one of the most commonly asked questions, what makes a website easy to hack? Before we look at the best ways to protect your website, let us look directly at this question. So, what makes a website easy to hack:-Simple, the majority of websites which are targeted

What programming languages should I learn for web development? My goal is to build a text based game online. I have never coded before.

I think I'm eligible to answer this question being a self taught web developer!First Step (Choose your path):Front End (involves building interactive web sites, designing them and providing functionalities)Full Stack (same as front-end path + backend functionality or server side coding)I'll quickly brief these two to help you decide!Front End Path

Which is the best matrimonial website design company?

HourGlass IT Solutions Pvt Ltd We are the Best Web Design Companies in Chennai, IndiaFollowing Services also we provide.SEO Services, e-commerce, Matrimonial Websites, digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns. We have done huge number of websites with perfection and reliability.We are experts in