As a programmer, how fit are you?

I had to walk away several times from programming. I stayed well fit until about age 40. I ran Track and and played sports and raced Moto-Cross many years. Breathed gypsum powder working in mills full time many years between programming on weekends and days off.Lack of sunshine and clean air, lack of exercise and

How to learn PHP web development as quickly as possible

Not more than a month to learn, not less than a lifetime to master..The web keeps changing, so no typical university curriculum is actually going to help you learn it well. Web development is one of the fastest changing fields, and hence you should train

What are common misconceptions about coding?

There are plenty of misconceptions and myths surrounding the art of programming. Many view it as a job only for the very gifted; the process, methodical, the rewards, glorious. A career path only for geeks, or for the mathematically inclined, and a job not tolerant of mistakes.New link please click and watch out:

What are the best designed fitness website?

Hi,I don't think that we can figure out the best designed fitness websites, because it is a matter of taste, but if you want to develop your own website or have a look at some well designed templates, I will suggest you to hire a freelancer.I have experience with working freelance developers and

What are the best productivity tools for web development?

ProofHub - Project Management ToolLaunched in 2011, ProofHub is a cloud based project management and collaboration tool designed to help you plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects on time. Used by thousands of teams from all over the world, ProofHub takes the

What are the best YouTube channels for web developers and programmers?

Nobody mentioned this guy yet? funfunfunction. His videos are entertaining.Have you tried searching ‘Programming' on Vimeo? Might earn yourself a few hits there.For the entirely novice programmer there are the free MIT Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008 and Harvard Week 0

What are the cons and pros of faster versus slower weight lifting repetitions?

I'd argue that all weights should be lifted with fast intent.The intent to lift with high speed should be present, the only thing that really changes is the load or fatigue.A heavier load will make you lift slower. Fatigue towards the end of a set will slow

What is the best freelancer site?

If you ask me, I would say that Fiverr is the best Freelancing marketplace and I am sure many will agree with me too.It is the best marketplace for the starter - someone who is just starting his career on Freelancing for the simple fact that it is much easier to get first few

What is the best way for a beginner to learn HTML/CSS?

Hi,There are multiple resources, you can find them online or offline. Recently I have done research on Best Free HTML&CSS Online Tutorials for Students. Find the below details may helpful to you.As we all knew, learning is continuous process in everyone life though you are student, professional

What is the best web design?

Hi Quora. I wrote an article about the following question. Feel free to check it out.What is web design?After web design (active website) applications, users can access websites via the internet with a web browser. This may be the shortest answer we can give in the question of

What should I do in order to be a successful web developer?

10 Effective Ways to Become a Good ProgrammerA good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug LinderWorking as a software programmer in IT industry, one thing that drives us daily to the work place; is that fun and passion lies in programming. But to make that programming a fun and to

What WordPress theme would be best for my gym fitness and bodybuilding blog?

For Gym Fitness or Bodybuilding blog, I like to share one the best blogging theme is Bloggers WordPress theme.Bloggers is the perfect choice to start a new blog. Bloggers is a modern and classy WordPress blog theme built to offer a stylish online presence for every blogger.It is a blogging theme for personal bloggers, writers,

What's the best way to code for web development?

Netbeans has been a product that I have left and come back to several times and always where I settle.Is it better than other IDEs? - maybe! will it help you code? - definately! do you need a fast PC for it? Yes, unfortunately.

Where can I find more info on ways to increase productivity as a web developer?

Dear Cornelius Butler!If u want to increase productivity...then focus on logic's and concepts,if your logic and concepts are clear means u will be saving lots of time to writing the codes!and main thing is Practice (Try to make small small modules ) - which can be use in big projects because all big projects makes

Which is the best premium WordPress theme for Yoga and personal trainer or fitness blog?

The growing popularity of yoga makes it harder for yoga studios to really stand out from the crowd and get noticed. The good news is there are some really great yoga themes on the market that will help you create a truly

Who has the best website design templates?

I would like to answer this question from an entrepreneur's perspective:If you are not a web design expert (like me :) ), you are probably interested in mobile friendly, well SEO optimized templates that go perfectly with the niche you work in, right?Since

How can company track cross device visit to website?

Cross-device customer journeys, not more than just a hypeDelivering customer journeys with cross-device tracking has been a popular topic and a frustration for marketers in recent years.Facing mobile penetration predictions of 2.56 billion people in 2018 (eMarketer) and knowing that consumers switch between devices 21 times in a single hour, based

How to do blogging or start my website

If you want to start a blog you should follow five main steps, those areIn the first step, you should choose a preferred blog platform.You have to buy a domain.Choose a web hosting platform for that domain.Then design your blog.Here we will make simple steps for

How to improve my memory power while learning

You can improve memory with several metacognitive techniques. Metacognition is the knowledge one has about how one learns.MnemonicsSome useful techniques inclued using Mnemonics (memory strategies) of which there are various types. e.g. Accronym, peg system and memory palace. Each of these techniques has it's own strengths and weaknesses.Note TakingAnother useful method is to develop good note taking habbits.

How could I make 20k selling websites?

It you have the capital to invest, I'd look to buy an online business that is generating cash flow each month, grow it over a 12 month period and then sell it for 20–30x average monthly profits.Here's what

How to create a paid membership website

Similar to setting up a blog, there are technical components you'll need to build a paid membership site. These are:Your domain nameWeb hosting serviceContent management system (CMS)Payment gatewayEmail servicesLanding page creatorChoosing a catchy, marketable domain name that captures the essence of what your membership site is

How much do web developers earn? What is their salary, based upon location and years of experience?

Location based salary range as per my knowledge for Web Developers (Specialized in Frontend / Backend) with 3 – 5 years of experience.Gurgaon, IN : Offering around 30–32 LPA - companies - Urbanclap, Rivigo, Tower Research Capital and few more startups.Bangalore, IN: Offering more than 32 LPA - Companies - Flipkart, InMobi, Amazon, Swiggy etc.Berlin :

How much will it cost me to make a home gym with good quality equipments?

Well that depends on your budget. You can go for a fantastic state of the art Gym at your house like actors (Hrithik or Aamir Khan) or an simple, cost effective and importantly efficient one like (Oliver Queen character from the Arrow TV show). Coming back, you need to know what

What are the best books database websites?

If you mean web sites of databases that list books by how good they are, I haven't ever seen a database like that. Vendors, who sell books to libraries and bookstores keep lists of the most popular books, but so does the New York Times, in the Sunday edition. Amazon has a neat feature

What is the definition of the Google algorithm?

If you are updated with the world of internet marketing or look regularly online for any information, there is a possibility that you might have heard about Google algorithms.But do you know the real meaning of it and how does it even work?In order to

What is the story behind Google Maps?

In October of 2004, Larry Page saved a dying startup and that became the base for Google Maps as we know it today.OriginIn the age of MapQuest, when all we had was squares with pictures at each direction, an Australian startup, Where2, decided to make the map the center of the display. Users would

What is the technology behind the web-based version of WhatsApp?

Attention, this answer is mostly speculative based on my analysis on the web itself. I'm not related to WhatsApp in any way. So, if another answer from people who directly related to WhatsApp exist, please upvote that answer instead. Otherwise, if you just wanted to read my analysis,

What will be the biggest web design trends of 2016?

Full post of website design trends in 2016: Top 8 web design trends in 2016The recent years have been a great time for attractive design. That's why besides making valuable content, most of website owners also set cohesive design

What's the best company for web design in Dubai UAE?

Having a splendid website & interactive app is indispensable for an intense business growth. Company aspires professionals to achieve their business goals through the first-grade web design & development and mobile app development services.WebClues Infotech is a professional Website Development firm equipped to offer sophisticated designing tools and

What's the most important lesson you've learned as a software engineer?

I learned quite a few things, but the 'most important' might be quite unexpected as an answer here. If you are really into programming, coding or software engineering, you think it's a form of art, and that you can successfully live by doing just that, think hard again. There

Where can I sell my website?

The first question to answer is, how much is your website worth? You can use this calculator to get a rough, but fairly accurate look at your website's valuation:How Much Is My Website Worth? Website Valuation Tool - Empire FlippersSo now that you've got an

Which are the best websites or resources for studying HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

I think for a beginner before you start reading any book, you can probably finish w3 schools. It's not very big and gives you the basics ideas of using JavaScript as a

Why do people keep telling me that I am a bad JavaScript developer?

Rather than asking this question on Quora, while providing no context, I highly recommend the ask it of the people telling you this. Don't be belligerent or even defensive. Instead tell them as earnestly as possible:

Why do people keep telling me that I am a bad Python developer?

Python is so flexible language that you can write in different styles, which is bad when not used wisely. First of all use a good IDE(for example PyCharm) which warns you for invalid coding. And check your code with:Do

Why do people keep telling me that I am bad at CSS?

Its because you might not be following basic coding standards. For example, if you wanna apply same style to multiple elements, use class. It reduces number lines of codes. Never, forget to add comments.One thing you should keep in mind

Are CSS/HTML frameworks easy to learn once you know the core HTML/CSS?

Since this question has been answered, some of the information about MakerSquare's program has changed. Please visit for the latest information.When you say CSS/HTML frameworks, do you mean something like Foundation from ZURB or Bootstrap?  If so, then absolutely yes!  At

As a programmer, how fit are you?

I had to walk away several times from programming. I stayed well fit until about age 40. I ran Track and and played sports and raced Moto-Cross many years. Breathed gypsum powder working in mills full time many years between programming on weekends and days off.Lack of sunshine and clean air, lack of exercise and or walking.

Can a professional hacker hack HTTPS websites?

See if you think HTTPS can save you from getting hacked than you are getting on a wrong track...why?Because if anything is made in this IT/CS world it has a vulnerability....even SSL and TLS also have vulnerabilities there exploitation techniques are out...though

Do Oracle APEX developers work remotely?

To answer this question, lets first classify the typical Oracle Apex developer. Like many positions, you can ask 10 of them and get 11 answers.One thing to note first is that Apex will most likely be deployed at a company with an already strong Oracle install base. With Oracle's Cloud gaining traction at smaller companies, and Oracle Cloud

Do people still use PHP?

A2A:Yes.Definitely people uses PHP. The reason behind the popularity of PHP is its several advantages. PHP is most suited for the purpose of web development. The advantages of PHP are discussed briefly below because of which people use PHP:Cross Platform.All the PHP based applications can run on various types of platforms.PHP is

Do you know php?

I know PHP probably as much as anyone can know PHP. Although PHP is about 6 years younger than I am he's been a pretty good friend throughout the past 6 years that I've known him. He's been the butt of many jokes and receives a lot of hate from those who are friends

How to download the best fitness and gym WordPress theme

Hi,You can download Kosmic multipurpose WordPress theme for your gym or fitness website.Kosmic is an elegant, stunning and professional WordPress theme. This theme is suitable for almost all kind of online websites. It is based on WooCommerce plugin that will lead you to boost

How to improve myself as a programmer

Well, in two words : code well .And by well, i mean : keep the code clean, follow the single responsibility principle as much as possible, since that's what makes your codebase understandable and maintainable. IMO it's better to spend 2 hours thinking about the best way of doing something and implementing it in a couple

How to become a good problem solver N.B.

You want to be a good problem solver? So you should start it with solving the problems.Problem solving is the kind of abilities those need practicing to improve.So first step is trying to solve problems, But it's not very helpful at the

How to increase visitors on a blog and backling to a website

In the field of technology SEO has been one of the most important thing that every blogger or YouTuber follow to bring traffic to their websites or contents from numerous search engines.SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In basic words,

How long did it take you to learn HTML and CSS?

It might take months or even years to feel comfortable depending on the process you choose to learn. For me it took me around 4 months (Though I did 2 month course, but still I need to practice lot after those 2

How much does it cost to build a website? Where can I host my page for free?

Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. Web development is also known as

If PHP is so bad, why did so many people start using it?

PHP isn`t bad, that`s why many people start using it.I will describe you the main benefits.The main factor in the language of PHP is its practicality. PHP should provide the programmer with the tools to quickly and effectively solve the tasks. The practical nature of PHP is due to five important characteristics:*traditionality; *simplicity; *efficiency; *security; *flexibility.There is one more

Is hacking illegal? Can I hack a website?

Again, I'm going to apply the Plain View Doctrine to your circumstance. It's intended for police, and thus more restrictive, but by virtue of that more likely to keep you out of trouble.The relevant portions of the Doctrine read in part:the officer to be lawfully present at the

Is it a good idea to start a woo-commerce website using a free WordPress theme instead of a premium theme?

If you're about to start quite a serious business, I recommend you get a premium theme instead of a free one. As a rule, premium themes are provided with better support and are designed more neatly.There's also an alternative way to get a theme

Is it necessary to learn HTML/CSS before HTML5/CSS3?

The thing about html5/Css3 is just the latest standards which World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has introduced. So I think it necessary to learn HTML/css before html5/css to understand few concepts as to why World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) came up with html5/css3.

Is it okay to assume that anyone that knows how to code PHP knows how to write HTML?

Is it okay to assume that anyone that knows how to code PHP knows how to write HTML?Sincerely I will say Yes! All PHP coders know how to write HTML if not all 99.9% can write HTML code. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the foundation of a

Is PHP dead? What is the job outlook and future of PHP in the next five years?

PHP is far from dead. Since we get similar questions all the time, I am just going to repeat an answer from another discussion.Is PHP still relevant as of 2018?COBOL, a 1959 dinosaur language deployed on few tens of thousands installations is still relevant in 2018.PHP is actively developed on 2018 and deployed on several hundreds of millions installations.Therefore

JavaScript (programming language): From which site can I learn JavaScript in the best way?

Look at coding bootcamps if you want to become a professional web developer at an accelerated pace.Bootcamps are fast-paced programs that immerse you in programming, help you learn fast, and then make you build projects. The best bootcamps are project-driven, have tons of support, and report their students' outcomes to the

Should I learn PHP in 2019? Is it still worth it?

I have been using PHP since more than 6 years now. What I feel funny is how some people make fun of it. I'd rather begin with what people say are the bad parts (going by the popular opinion) and then tell how PHP is going to outgrow them (if

What are common misconceptions about coding?

There are plenty of misconceptions and myths surrounding the art of programming. Many view it as a job only for the very gifted; the process, methodical, the rewards, glorious. A career path only for geeks, or for the mathematically inclined, and a job not tolerant of mistakes.New link please click and watch out:

What are some free LMS themes for WordPress?

LMS WordPress themes specially developed to sell online courses and lessons in which students can enroll and take the advantages. To be very honest I don't think there is any good LMS WordPress theme available for free but there are plenty of free LMS WordPress plugins in the WordPress repository which is really good.LearnPress is

What are some good books to learn ethical hacking for beginners?

#Question name: What are some good books to learn ethical hacking for beginners?TOP 27 RESOURCES TO LEARN ETHICAL HACKING:Hi, I checked all resources on the internet and Quora answers and below are good sites to learn ethical hacking.#1. Masters In Ethical

What are some interesting websites?

Considering the size of internet it has got some interesting websites which only a few people know about. Coming directly to list:1. JamesEditionInterested in some luxury, then this is the site for you. JAMES EDITION is an online portal for buying luxury items. By luxury, I mean real luxury which a middle-class guy

What are some things that programmers know, but most programmers don't?

Rubber duck debugging is an informal term used in software engineering for a method of debugging code. The name is a reference to a story in the book The pragmatic programmer in which a programmer would carry around a rubber duck and debug

What are the best personal blogging WP themes?

SKT Blog and Shop is the best personal blogging WP themes. There are so many eCommerce stores and fashion blog emerging in the marketplace. In every society, you can find a fashion and boutiques or fashion store. So,

What are the best website to get blog WordPress theme?

Hello!There were many themes related to blogs and blogger websites, here you can check this SKT Charm which is one of the best collection from SKT Themes for blog WordPress themes. Charm WordPress theme is helpful in many ways like you

What are the best WordPress article themes?

News Portal is the best WordPress theme for article purpose. News Portal is the latest best and creative free WordPress magazine style theme with an awesome and complex design that gives you the feeling of broad space. Its layouts fit any magazine or media/press sites, providing a simple and smart structure

What are the best WordPress theme for travel blog?

Here are some of the best travel theme for wordpress.You can check this article to choose your theme for your site.1. DeluxThis WordPress theme at first contact provides its users with a feeling of comfort that pushes them to externalize their most hidden emotions. Not only because

What are the best WordPress themes for modern fitness and gyms?

Hi,WordPress has lots of collection of WordPress theme with unique functionalities and niche categories.I would like to share Kosmic - Multipurpose WordPress Theme | eCommerce ThemeThis theme has a creative and modern Gym and Fitness homepage which is completely suitable for your requirement.Kosmic is a beautifully crafted multipurpose WordPress theme which

What are the horrors of PHP?

I've used PHP for projects small and large. Never. Again.Unlike many PHP developers, I came from a background of developing in other languages. I did game development and app development. When I went to write a web app, I thought I should follow the standard approach that

What are the main drawbacks of free WordPress themes and free WordPress plugins? Do they harm SEO? Can I rank a WordPress blog on free platform?

The main drawbacks of free WordPress themes and plugins is that their features may be limited compared to the paid premium versions.Using free themes or plugins definitely does not harm SEO. In fact, the free version of the most popular WordPress SEO plugin (Yoast SEO) is absolutely fantastic and has almost all of the same features as

What did you fear when learning HTML/CSS?

There is nothing to fear about HTML and CSS till you pick up all the minute details properly. Using div tags, meta tags and specially responsive designing needs special concern. Moreover from the SEO point of view, we need to add some special tags in HTML which should be kept in mind. It's

What do I need to hack a PHP base website?

I sincerely hope this is just a question, and you're not going to do it.Hack is a very broad term, it could mean stealing information or just trying to mess up a website. Let's say for the point of this you're trying to

What is an HTTP web server?

Three terms here.HTTPWebServerHTTP is a communication protocol that states how a client and a server communicate with each other.Web, in this context, refers to the Internet, which is a humongous collection of computers communicating with each other.Server, in this context, is a computer that patiently waits for requests from clients and replies with appropriate responses

What is the best free theme for WordPress for a tech blog?

It actually depends how "you" think about a blog? Here "YOU" is important because view changes person to person. What I feel and think that surely you wouldn't (about tech blog).Real contributor has mindset to write and share for the community.

What is the best laptop computer specs to do dev opps or for a developer?

DevOps requires next to nothing, most of the work will be farmed out to servers. Any laptop than can run the CLI, Go, Python, Node JS and Chrome will do.For a developer, you need a machine powerful enough to run the application you are developing. Developement tools are quite light weight.To

What is the best way to build a strong, lean body from my current state?

Hey, I'm Indian too!  Let's chat about physical fitness for Indian folk!I used to be a swimmer and long-distance runner, and at the time I could eat pretty much anything I wanted.  I was never particularly fit looking, but I also never gained weight and had a good amount of

What is the best way to learn JavaScript coding from the basics to qualify for an entry-level position?

The first thing is focusing in the fundamentals and once you're comfortable with that already you begin to expand your knowledge for the specific field you want to focus on.When studying the fundamentals I would suggest you to follow the

What is the best WordPress theme that suits the mood of the reader instead of the website contents?

If you want to suit the mood of the reader from something other than the content, then I would say that the look & feel of the website becomes extremely crucial. For that I would suggest that you look for Wordpress Themes at

What is the difference between a developer and a coder? Or are they both exactly the same thing?

Terminology will vary dependent primarily on the type of systems you are working on. I learnt my trade in a central organisation within a large company in what was then called a Data Processing department. We mostly developed systems like contract control, stock control and payroll. Everything was waterfall. A

What is the most flexible, and best CMS?

The simple answer is the best one for the job.Lot's of people will tell you Wordpress, others will tell you Joomla (my personal preference) and yet others will tell you CMS systems like Franz mentioned Concrete5, Drupal, Dotnetnuke or even Grav.No one system is ‘better' than the other, they all do

What is the most frustrating thing as a programmer?

I'd have to say working on someone else's or legacy code that is undocumented, not commented, and isn't self documenting either. A jumbled mess of a style specific to whomever wrote it, or multiple different styles from different people over the years, that doesn't make

What is the most useful programming project you've built?

Back at the end of the '70s I wrote a compiler called PL9 for one of the 8-bit micros of the time and ended up selling a couple of thousand copies around the world to engineers building control systems and similar projects. My customers certainly found it

What is the process for hacking websites?

Hackers can attack in so many ways, but here's the ten most popular ways they can threaten the security of your site, and your business:10. Injection AttacksInjection Attacking occurs when there are flaws in your SQL Database, SQL libraries, or even the operating

What is your biggest frustration building responsive websites?

I would say mobile navigation.Every approach has its trade offs-whether it's a drawer, some kind of drop down, or something that takes over the screen-and each site has different navigational needs. Some sites have a lot of items, some on the same level, some nested many levels

What next after learning HTML and CSS? What should I do to practice my skills? What should I learn next?

STATIC Web Page:After learning the HTML5 and CSS, practice it by making a static web site/page. What I did is, I took a tech magazine page which had many images, div elements and implemented that page in HTML5 and CSS. This way you can learn

What tips do you have for coding in Python?

Learn coding fundamentals. Once you're done with those, pick a project and build it. Figure out what you need to know to build it, learn those concepts one by one as you're implementing them in the project. And don't get discouraged!So you want to learn to code or

What WordPress theme would be best for my gym fitness and bodybuilding blog?

For Gym Fitness or Bodybuilding blog, I like to share one the best blogging theme is Bloggers WordPress theme.Bloggers is the perfect choice to start a new blog. Bloggers is a modern and classy WordPress blog theme built to offer

What's something very few people know about PHP?

It is mind-bogglingly popular for web development. That popularity hasn't diminished even though convention wisdom says otherwise...Over a decade ago, I said about 40% of the top 100 websites use PHP - a number I pulled out of my ass - but nobody (not even Ruby on

What's the best site to create a travel blog?

I recently wanted to start a travel blog and was looking for a quick WordPress alternative as I'm not much of a designer or visually creative.There are many platforms to share map and travel stories. The most common website platforms are; WordPress, Wix, Foursquare, Blogger, Tumblr and Weebly, but I found more than 20

What's the future of PHP? Will it remain relevant?

thanks for the a2a Ankit Jaiswalwell I dunno why, others are simply putting forward things like it is good and bright... listen up..1. it's cheap to host and setup2. it's widely supported3. it's easy to write and learn4. 80% websites on world wide web use it

What's the most frustrating thing about being a coder?

For me it is understanding exactly what existing code does and why it is there.Literally, I am reading code saying

What's your biggest frustration with your web designer?

We take great care in hiring a web designer who is highly experienced and skilled. But the most frustrating situation arrives when we come to know that we can't update or maintain the website on our own in the future.Problem: You don't have control of

Where should someone practice HTML/CSS?

Practice everywhere and anywhere. Here are some places that someone can practice at, but not limited to: - Practice your HTML and CSS as a playground hereCodePen - Same as jsfiddleSelf-hosting - Buy a hosting plan and domain name, upload your HTML and CSS

Which are the best WordPress theme to build a food blog website?

Here are some of wordpress theme for food.This article will guide you to choose the right wordpress themeThere are plenty of good reasons to want a kitchen-themed WordPress theme that will sublimate food and make all your visitors salivate.Newsider

Which are the best WordPress themes to make a building services type of website?

Hello! Good Morning,For building services type of websites, you can build a theme from SKT Build.A splendid collection of construction WordPress themes has been created for construction and architecture companies and agencies, concrete developing, engineering and design, repair and renovation services, private contractors, craftsmen, and other relevant businesses and individuals.Open up your

Which are the features in the new release of Laravel 5.6?

Today, Laravel has become the most popular PHP framework. As an open framework, Laravel 5.6 enables Laravel service provider to speed up web application development without increasing project overheads. It scores over other frameworks in terms of performance and scalability. Also, it offers modern web app development by providing numerous features such as authentication libraries, queues, events,

Which is better as a developer career, .NET or PHP?

Features, Security, and Extendability are going to be more or less the same. What can be done with PHP can be done with The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site.Frameworks - Again, when it comes to features of frameworks, it will be more or less the same. However, being more specific than the language

Which is the best JavaScript book?

JavaScript: The Good Parts is mentioned a lot here.  I actually found this to be much more useful when I already had experience with Javascript to better understand Crockford's stylistic decisions (why he considers the good parts better than the bad parts, etc.) It's when you understand the trade-offs involved in a

Which is the best premium WordPress theme for Yoga and personal trainer or fitness blog?

The growing popularity of yoga makes it harder for yoga studios to really stand out from the crowd and get noticed. The good news is there are some really great yoga themes on the market that will help you create a truly remarkable website.Designed

Which job is better, PHP developer or WordPress developer?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's not focus on advantages because any1 can figure it out. Let's talk about possibilities and improvements and usability.Once you start using PHP which means WP comes with that. So technically if you see then PHP is better than Wordpress.But if you keep on learning every single code with

Which should I learn first: JavaScript or HTML/CSS?

I would suggest you start with HTML, then CSS and then Javascript - the progression here is gentle and will ensure you don't get buried with new concepts from the beginning.Fortunately, these skills tend to complement each other so learning all of them one by one will increase the types of projects you can work on.Something

Which WordPress theme should I use for my magazine blog?

Hi,You can go with Ybrant - WordPress Magazine Theme | News WordPress Theme.Ybrant is modern and professional WordPress theme for magazine, news or newspaper related website or blog. It is designed with a completely responsive layout and available as fully widgetized pages.Ybrant is the easiest theme