As a historian, what websites are reliable and which ones are questionable? What caution/s can you give people relying on YouTube videos for their historical resource?

What caution can I give to people relying on YouTube videos? "Don't do it!" At least don't rely on them. Having said that, there are YouTubes and YouTubes. Some are documentaries made by respectable and reasonably careful producers. Others are made by enthusiastic amateurs. I would tend to avoid

Do Facebook hacking sites work?

Not at all, these websites are all scams.Here are some truth and liesTRUTH(Real Facebook Hacking Methods)-Even though those software and tools I talked about doesn't work. There are some other ways to hack online accounts. In fact, there are more than 10 to 20 methods. But, here are two of the Facebook hacking techniques that I'm aware of.Keylogging:Does

Do online hacking sites work or are they fake?

You'd probably have stumbled upon quite a few sites if you search in Google which says that you can hack anyone's Facebook or any other password by just entering their Email or user-ID but there are absolute fakes.Lets take some random example site which claims it can hack Facebook password

How to find a website that teaches me about hacking

Hacking is about exploring different things. You can't just find everything on a website that tells you yes this is how you can hack this and that. You have to learn it yourself by trying different things. First of all you have to learn the basics of Operating System and Networking for hacking. After you do that then

How to know that a website is trusted not a scam, if I want to work online

If a website is making claims which are too good to be true, stay away. Examples:Make $250 per dayYour earning potential is $1000/wkLet your computer make money while you sit and watch $$$ rolling inWe pay for forms entryare all scam examples but, by no means a complete list.Working online is not an option

How do popular websites get hacked?

Here some general steps :1-Gathering informations about the website , in the step the hacker need to get as much information as he can about the website , like : the running server , the ip adresse of the server , the websites on the same server , admins email ... and everything that can

How do websites earn?

There are many ways a website can earn money. I am just listing some of the most common ways people earn money from sites.AdvertisingYou put up an ad for a publisher on your site in exchange for money. The people reading your site notice the ad

Is 1XBet real, or fake?

Is 1XBet real, or fake?-----------------------It is very big & very real but also very sketchy & scammy and blocked all over Europe & beyond, and is ( IMO) completely to be avoided.all betting sites, even if they follow some rules and do everything correct like they promise, have the same disadvantage like casino (sites) the house always

Is 1XBET trustworthy?

1xBet is one of the youngest betting company started their internet operation since 2011, It is been created and operated by a russian company and accept worldwide audience.1xBet currently surpassed many of young online betting company and going strong. This bookmaker offers you multiple payment methods and you can choose whatever is suitable. It also accept the

Is a valid earning site?

It looks like a valid program. But I do not recommend you to join until you find people who really invested in this.-I had many sites similar to this one and I never received payment from them even after my

Is a fake immigration site?

As sora Fon said. they are not in the business of being immigration agents.If you are thinking of moving to Canada, you need nothing more than your own computer, access to a printer and a sharp mind.First, you try your luck here:Immigrate as a skilled worker through Express EntryIf this failed you, and you will know

Is fake or real?

Edit : I have already answered this elsewhere but let me put it again here.The sole intention of the site it to build up its value. The monthly visitors to this site is around 12000. This isn't a pure e-commerce site, rather they also have blog posts and advertisements. They have an Amazon product strip at the

Is the Specsraja shopping site genuine?

This site is not fake...but the products listed for buying would be a trick to increase the traffic towards the website. In which the owner of the site earns money from 3rd party advertising like shopclues..if any customer goes in to a website by clicking the link from specraja..owner earns money for each click...but the bad

Is real or fake?

Westland Storage is one of the latest MLM entities to make an impression on my radar, and looking at the company's official website, you won't find anything in the way of background info.There isn't any mention or listing of when Westland Storage

What are some websites where I can sell pictures I took?

Top 10 sites to sell your photos onlineFor an even more comprehensive list of stock-selling websites, check out this post afterwards for more suggestions and ways to sell photography, and make money from photography online.Many of our customers have

What are the best designed fitness website?

Hi,I don't think that we can figure out the best designed fitness websites, because it is a matter of taste, but if you want to develop your own website or have a look at some well designed templates, I will suggest you to hire a freelancer.I have experience with working freelance developers and

What are the best fashion blogs?

Over the last decade, the number of style blogs has exploded. Unfortunately, many are cookie-cutter sites showing the same looks, same personalities and same sponsored product.The following style setters are a little different. And blogs are only one these stylists' channels. Be sure to

What are the best websites to get fashion news?

emploi New YorkFine jewelry, luxury watches & perfumesNellyRodiGiorgio 1958 Spring Summer catalogue 2015Cropp Shop OnlineRVLTValentina GalloFrench fashion

What are the best fashion related websites out there?

According to my point of view it is very difficult to specify any particular name.because its depend on each and every person's choice what he / she like. but i take it as a normal way , here i mentioned

What are the best fashion websites?

There are several fashion websites that offer amazing fashion trends and hacks like instyle, stylecaster, refinery29 but if you wish to be updated with all the innovations in the fashion and lifestyle world, FlairTales is the perfect media platform to visit. Check out the

What are the best men's fashion websites, magazines, and blogs?

There are quite a number mentioned from earlier response, however here are my personal picks for forward-thinking menswear and styling that are worth mentioning than generic publications from your next door supermarket/drugstore aisle:Styleforum - a really large forum on menswear for understanding traditional and contemporary menswear, discussing menswear collections, and what people are purchasing for

What are the best sites to write a blog?

The best place to start blogging should take account of where you want to be blogging should you still be doing so in say 5 years time.The worst that could happen would be for you to be blogging consistently for say 2 to 3 years on a third party blogging platforms such as or

What are the best websites for fashion recommendations?

As fashion trends changes day by day because the fashion industry is vast and regular updations comes in the market. But the vegan fashion trend is in rise since some months. As there are numerous online websites that give you detailed about the fashion while you found very few websites that give you complete understanding of vegan

What are the best websites to use to improve productivity?

Just sharing some of my personal favourites... a quick sampling!PRODUCTIVITY://;//;Barking Up The Wrong Tree Eric Barker];; Brain Pickings [Maria Popova];Farnam Street - Feed Your Mind :Shane Parrish]; [Tim Ferriss]; //;//;//;//;INNOVATION:www.

What are the ways to earn money through a website?

You can make money from your website with easy and fast way. Also you do not need to invest any can start CPC(cost per click) with Marketing And Advertising NetWork. You can make thousands of dollar from your blog.Just create a

What are the websites where I can practice hacking?

HiGreetings!There are no particular sites where you can particularly practice hacking, however if you would like to get how the things in the real world work and would like to take a real world like experience then you can use a variety of simulators to do so. You can easily find these on the

What is a good website for free books?

I know some websites:Page on (A website that contains atmost 8 ebooks downloading website like Электронная библиотека,,, Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books etc.)Novels & Novellas-3Free eBooks Download -

What is the best freelancer site?

If you ask me, I would say that Fiverr is the best Freelancing marketplace and I am sure many will agree with me too.It is the best marketplace for the starter - someone who is just starting his career on Freelancing for the simple fact that it is much easier to get first few

What is the best site for free online courses?

We are already in that age where you don't have to physically appear in the classroom because you wish to learn a course. You no longer need to travel as far as December because your learning institute of choice is many distances away! Why embark on a journey in the first place when there is something called Distance Learning

What is the best website very few people know about? What's great about it?

Considering the size of internet it has got some interesting websites which only a few people know about. Coming directly to list:1. JamesEditionInterested in some luxury, then this is the site for you. JAMES EDITION is an online portal for buying

What sites accept guest blog posts?

There are many guest-blogging site out there here is the list sorted out by category to make things easilySEOShoutMeLoud: | Submit Guest PostMoz Blog: | Submit Guest PostTechnologyGOPCSOFT: GOPCSOFT » From Newbie to Techie | Submit Guest

What's is the best kept secret website on the web?

I used to have an App (StumbleUpon) installed on Firefox which would suggest websites for me to enjoy and would learn based on my likes and inputs what I might like.  I found many interesting little sites this way.But that's just for finding interesting websites. 

Which website provides the best fitness training courses in India?

One that comes to mind is BFY Sports & Fitness.BFY is well reputed , they are in the industry for over 2 decades , their certification are recognized internationally and they have their students accross 130+ cities in India.They are India's premier health and fitness education, consultancy and

Who has the best website design templates?

I would like to answer this question from an entrepreneur's perspective:If you are not a web design expert (like me :) ), you are probably interested in mobile friendly, well SEO optimized templates that go perfectly with the niche you work in, right?Since

How can company track cross device visit to website?

Cross-device customer journeys, not more than just a hypeDelivering customer journeys with cross-device tracking has been a popular topic and a frustration for marketers in recent years.Facing mobile penetration predictions of 2.56 billion people in 2018 (eMarketer) and knowing that consumers switch between devices 21 times in a single hour, based

How to do blogging or start my website

If you want to start a blog you should follow five main steps, those areIn the first step, you should choose a preferred blog platform.You have to buy a domain.Choose a web hosting platform for that domain.Then design your blog.Here we will make simple steps for

How to sell more on my website

What you're actually selling will obviously have a large impact on strategies to help you sell more. For example, is your product a commodity? Does it have differentiating factors etc.However, whatever you're selling there's on thing that I see time and time again that helps improve sales and it's related to the way you present

How could I make 20k selling websites?

It you have the capital to invest, I'd look to buy an online business that is generating cash flow each month, grow it over a 12 month period and then sell it for 20–30x average monthly profits.Here's what

How to create a paid membership website

Similar to setting up a blog, there are technical components you'll need to build a paid membership site. These are:Your domain nameWeb hosting serviceContent management system (CMS)Payment gatewayEmail servicesLanding page creatorChoosing a catchy, marketable domain name that captures the essence of what your membership site is

How to legally start selling websites

You don't need too much, besides clients.Even though I am a lawyer, when I first got into business consulting and selling websites, I didn't do too much formally at first. Later on I did though, and you might want to as well.Of course, you will need whatever software and hardware is necessary, but I assume

How I can start a science blog?

Hi there!Starting a blog is a lot of work but it can be an extremely rewarding experience both personally and financially.It's hard to say exactly what a science blog ‘needs' because the best way to know is to actively test content and strategies.When developing the idea you need to have an idea on what it is

How to Create a Blog?

I am not an expert(probably will never be one),I am an everyday beginner,I have learnt that many of the problems that I face have already been solved in either of these three placesStack OverflowHere I can read

In which websites can I earn money by selling my photos?

iStock PhotoSell your images through iStock Photo and you'll earn a royalty rate of 15% for each download. There is also an option to become an exclusive contributor and earn up to 45% instead, which is pretty impressive. These website has

What are good ways to promote a website?

It is very important for a business to make the noise after the launch.Starting with On-page SEO of the website and stretching to Off-page SEO, a newly launched website demands your full attention.Must start by creating

What are most reliable websites for health and fitness?

Welcome to the world wide web. Google any word, and you will get a bewildering array of thousands of sites. As you have found, it can be mind boggling to say the least and difficult to trust. Whether for health or fitness, there is a myriad of information out there to sift thru to get

What are some good debating portals online?

Quora is a phenomenal portal for Q&As. But when we talk about debates in a traditional Agree-Disagree format and extend it to being able to substantiate it by links, media etc, is a new upcoming thing to watch out for. Using Quora for debates is like using a

What are some good sites online to get CBD topicals?

Just a couple of days ago I used a pain balm on my leg, because I had banged it up while mixing/pouring concrete. I didn't even know what caused the pain, because there were no marks or bruising. Eventually I did figure out what happened.Anyway, I rubbed in a little of the CBD/emu oil crème and

What are some of the best sports news websites out there?

Go to NEWSROOMPOST for the Sport news UpdatesSaina Nehwal crashes out of Malaysian open BadmintonDefending champions Germany knocked out of FIFA World CupFIFA: Maradona nearly collapses after Argentina's dramatic win, hospitalised (VIDEO)ICC Women's World T20 in West Indies from Nov 9-24There

What are the best books database websites?

If you mean web sites of databases that list books by how good they are, I haven't ever seen a database like that. Vendors, who sell books to libraries and bookstores keep lists of the most popular books, but so does the New York Times, in the Sunday edition. Amazon has a neat feature

What are the best fashion blogs?

Over the last decade, the number of style blogs has exploded. Unfortunately, many are cookie-cutter sites showing the same looks, same personalities and same sponsored product.The following style setters are a little different. And blogs are only one these stylists' channels. Be sure to check out their YouTube and Instagram streams.Where Did U Get That is

What are the best health websites?

well, it depends on the health sites,since there are no specifications, here are some few health sites.Academy of Nutrition and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the best source of accurate, credible and timely food and nutrition information for the public. The website includes information on

What are the best online platforms for artists to sell their work?

It will really greatly depend on his target market/audience and type of work he offers.In terms of online platforms there are ENDLESS venues available, and let's not forget - social media can be a great option, if he has a following already.It takes a lot of dedication and time to get to the place where you can sell

What are the best websites for learning through short videos (less than 30 minutes) other than Coursera, edX and Udacity?

These websites will surely make you smarter everyday.Learn something new by starting a free course at one of the hundreds of online self-education resources bookmarked here:12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free.Watch one of the thousands of educational videos streaming

What are the top architecture blogs?

Hello,Here are our top 50, ranked by influence. We have mapped this community and if you want to dive into how the community is structured, key topics of interest ... just email be on Quora. Besthttp://bldgblog.blogspot.comhttp://www.archinect.com

What are websites about women's health?

LADYFORST.COMLADYFØRST is a FREE Video Magazine with the focus given to WOMAN HEALTH & FOOD REMEDIES.As women, we play many important roles in life, except for a good employee, we also do our best to be a good daughter, a good partner

What is the best fitness site on the web?

Hello there,Difficulty in finding a Personalized diet plan according to your budget, height , weight , allergy etc made by a Professional?- DIET GURUDifficulty in finding gyms , yoga centers near you?- FITNESS SPOT SEARCHWant to read interesting blogs and articles made by fitness professionals?- FITNESS HACKSWant to cheat a

What is the best site to learn fitness training?

I would highly recommend bodybuilding . com with a lot of fitness information and also nutrition information.I also recommend reddit . com / r/ Fitness , r/ body weight fitness , r/flexibility for some great workouts.You may also find some

What is the best website to sell my website?

That is a subjective question, but I will try to answer it as best as I can.Since website selling is a niche sector even in 2018, you should look at certain parameters before actually doing. Does your website make a solid revenue, has a good monthly traffic, and is capable of being relevant even after someone

What is the best website to sell paintings?

Thanks Stephen, for the compliment of the A2A.Yes - Ebay is a terrible place to sell art, unless it's cheap crap art, or some kind of famous name (and then, it's not good name art, because the good name things sure

Where can I sell my website?

The first question to answer is, how much is your website worth? You can use this calculator to get a rough, but fairly accurate look at your website's valuation:How Much Is My Website Worth? Website Valuation Tool - Empire FlippersSo now that you've got an

Which are the best sites for motivational videos or blogs?

These are the blogs and websites that I visit regularly for motivation.SUCCESS - Entrepreneurship, business and personal development articles.Volcano - Discover your greatness - social app for sharing motivation and inspiration.Lifehack - blog about tips for life. Has great articles about motivation.Addicted2Success

Which are the best websites to sell logos?

Are you a Logo Designer looking for best websites to sell logo designs? If

Are dating websites useless for men?

Eivind Kjørstad has a good answer already, and I'll build on it by saying that I met my wife on eharmony almost 6 years ago, and one of the major advantages of that particular website is that it does a lot to even the playing field between men and

Can a professional hacker hack HTTPS websites?

See if you think HTTPS can save you from getting hacked than you are getting on a wrong track...why?Because if anything is made in this IT/CS world it has a vulnerability....even SSL and TLS also have vulnerabilities there exploitation techniques are out...though

Can I use YouTube videos in my website?

Yes you can. However, there are certain cases where you should NOT embed a YouTube video. If the video you see is of some commercial TV show or movie, even if the Share button is enabled, it is not wise to embed it. While it is of course possible that the commercial TV or movie

Did you ever hack your school website?

Together with my best friend, I started hacking at age 13. We were in high school back then. Every year, after the final exams were taken, the school would do a television broadcast to congratulate the people who passes their exams. When my friend graduated

How to start my own online journalism company/website

A2A: Niche down. WHO are you going to provide news for? What's your unique spin or take or point of view on the subject? Why should your target market be interested in what you say and how you say it?The more you narrow it down the better, because you want raving fans.

How to increase visitors on a blog and backling to a website

In the field of technology SEO has been one of the most important thing that every blogger or YouTuber follow to bring traffic to their websites or contents from numerous search engines.SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In basic words,

How do popular websites get hacked?

Here some general steps :1-Gathering informations about the website , in the step the hacker need to get as much information as he can about the website , like : the running server , the ip adresse of the server , the websites

How much does it cost to build a website? Where can I host my page for free?

Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. Web development is also known as

Is any reliable legit website for buying YouTube subscribers?

LEGIT or ILLEGIT Site. Just don't buy. I repeat DO NOT BUY.People do not subscribe to your channel after seeing that you have many subscribers. People subscribe because they like you and your videos.Buying subscribers is of no use. You may or may not get banned. But

What apps and websites most improve people's experience living in New York City?

UberWay2RideRideLinQFandangoCabSenseReportATaxiNextTrainNYCOpenTableYelpZagatNew York TimesGoogle MapsFourSquareHopStopExit StrategyStarbucksNYC WayTaskRabbitZillowCityBikeKickMapBarberBartMexicueBuildingLinkMinerAppNYC 311AMNH ExplorerCentral Park...and a few still in beta.

What are some great websites you know of?

A very interesting website (Anytime Anywhere with Interview Air) for recruitment and hiring where the job seeker has a wide range of options to showcase the talent and skills and land the dream job. Job seekers faces a very unique challenge during their job-hunt, that is, applying

What are some informative websites that only a few people know?

1.stolencamerafinderfind your photos, find your cameraintroductionstolencamerafinder, can locate a missing camera by searching for photos on the web that have been taken by that it works:-Every photo you take with your digital camera contains hidden information about both the image and the camera such as the make, model and date. This information, called exif data, can

What are some interesting websites?

Considering the size of internet it has got some interesting websites which only a few people know about. Coming directly to list:1. JamesEditionInterested in some luxury, then this is the site for you. JAMES EDITION is an online portal for buying luxury items. By luxury, I mean real luxury which a middle-class guy

What are some lesser known but useful websites?

Student Discounts & Deals - StudentRate -Find student discounts for everything.Personal Financial Education from Better Money Habits-Manage your money better by learning personal finance.Email Signature Generator-A free email signature creation tool.keep your notes

What are some of the best education websites on the Internet?

Now a Days Online Education is a Trend For those Students Who want to Really Study Seriously .Whatever you are looking to learn, check out the list below before trying to wade through pages of search engine listings.For Art and Music:-Dave Conservatoire -

What are the best DIY websites?

There is no shortage of creative people in this world and the fact that more and more DIY websites are popping up in which interesting projects are being shared, is great news. However, finding the good DIY websites, and the right one for you straight away, can become

What are the best investment websites for beginners?

When it comes to investing, the most important thing to realize is you are on your own. It's not easy to find grab-and-go solutions that work best for your unique situation.And when it comes to making money, there is a lot of bad advise out there. Tons of appealing get-rich-quick

What are the best website to get blog WordPress theme?

Hello!There were many themes related to blogs and blogger websites, here you can check this SKT Charm which is one of the best collection from SKT Themes for blog WordPress themes. Charm WordPress theme is helpful in many ways like you

What are the best websites (forums, blogs, etc.) to follow for value investing-oriented investment ideas? - Joe Ponzio is a hedge fund manager that has written a popular book, F Wall Street: Joe Ponzio's No-Nonsense Approach to Value Investing For the Rest of Us. Great place to learn about estimating the intrinsic value of a business, a guide to workouts (i.e.

What are the best websites to make money while underage?

This is the best platform to turn your ideas into money. It is a very proven site. It is Builderall Internet Marketing!This amazing platform provide you with all the tools you need. It helps you to build a successful online business in one

What are the most useful and best websites most people don't know about?

ConfirmTKT.comIn India daily 2.2 million tickets are booked and of which 30% of the tickets would be on wait list. Even though the tickets are on wait list, people would book the tickets in the hope of getting the ticket confirmed . If they are lucky they would get a confirmed ticket to travel else

What do hackers get by hacking any website?

I don't know about feelings of hackers as some have mentioned. I had a few sites hacked and all of them were for malicious intentions. A few of my sites were hacked and the hackers had placed hidden links to boost their rankings in google. Some

What is a good weight training progress tracking website?

The state of this apps space is truly disappointing. I have given DailyBurn a fair shot twice nice now and have found it to be sorely lacking. The UI for constructing workouts is cumbersome and entry during a particular workout is infuriating:The workout entry pane displays with your previous sets values

What is an app or website that not many people know about but they should?

I'm going to be biased here but I would say my app called IAmProductive. I say this because its one of the easiest ways that people can eliminate the guilt of wasting time. It helps solves a real problem, and that's wasting time/poor time-management. It's

What is the best blog site to use?

When you need to choose a blogging platform, the decision usually comes down to a few options.All these platforms are equally great and differ in things like tools, prices, and integrations.So the choice depends more on what you want to do with it and how much you

What is the Best Free WordPress Theme for Bloggers?

Hey ! Are you looking for the best free theme for your WordPress site? Check out my expert selection of these beautiful free WordPress blog.First, you need to make sure that you are using the right platform. Self hosted site is the perfect platform

What is the best problem solver websites for any kind of problems?

Id say it's either or since youre here you should already be familiar with Quora and is vaguely similar in the sense it's a user-driven site for gathering its valuable content.The difference between the two is really the difference between needing an answer to a question (Quora) and needing

What is the best website to buy products in bulk?

Buying in bulk has never been easier. You can hop online and purchase whatever you want, whenever you want it. Plus, buying in bulk comes with some great advantages. For one, you save money because the price per unit is a lot cheaper than buying items

What is the best website very few people know about? What's great about it?

Some of Useful sites that makes you – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer – Help end world hunger by correctly answering multiple-choice quizzes on a wide variety of

What is the best WordPress theme that suits the mood of the reader instead of the website contents?

If you want to suit the mood of the reader from something other than the content, then I would say that the look & feel of the website becomes extremely crucial. For that I would suggest that you look for Wordpress Themes at

What is the meaning of website hacking?

Gaining Unauthorized privilege to Edit, Download or Read any content that wasn't supposed to be Read/Edited/Downloaded by this person.By Editing I mean: Changing usernames and Passwords, editing a database, changing the website's main page etc...By Downloading I mean: having enough privileges to download restricted content, such as web configure files, hidden files, databases, etc

What is the process for hacking websites?

Hackers can attack in so many ways, but here's the ten most popular ways they can threaten the security of your site, and your business:10. Injection AttacksInjection Attacking occurs when there are flaws in your SQL Database, SQL libraries, or even the operating

What's is the best kept secret website on the web?

I used to have an App (StumbleUpon) installed on Firefox which would suggest websites for me to enjoy and would learn based on my likes and inputs what I might like.  I found many interesting little sites this way.But

What's the best fitness theme that's good with videos, a store, and blogging and is mobile friendly?

Athlete – Fitness, Gym and Sport Drupal theme provide for you more options to make a website about gym, sport, boxing or fitness center.Beside the ability of displaying and organizing fitness information efficiently, athlete drupal theme also provide for you an online store with all

What's the best site to create a travel blog?

I recently wanted to start a travel blog and was looking for a quick WordPress alternative as I'm not much of a designer or visually creative.There are many platforms to share map and travel stories. The most common website platforms are; WordPress, Wix, Foursquare, Blogger, Tumblr and Weebly, but I found more than 20

What's the best website to meet English-speaking Ukrainian women?

The simple answer, NONE!, there are many scam dating sites out there, and i have read of guys spending tens of thousands of dollars, just to make

Which are the best WordPress themes to make a building services type of website?

Hello! Good Morning,For building services type of websites, you can build a theme from SKT Build.A splendid collection of construction WordPress themes has been created for construction and architecture companies and agencies, concrete developing, engineering and design, repair and renovation services, private contractors, craftsmen, and other relevant businesses and individuals.Open up your

Which are very useful websites?

Every Website is useful and hence someone hosted it!Isn't that true for most of the website. Also you never mentioned what are you looking for? There are a lots of websites that are useful to me but maybe they are not for you, It all depends on the requirement.I consider most of the websites useful as