Am I fat if I'm 12 5 8 and 130 pounds and how much weight should I lose to be at an ideal weight?

Brandon is right, by American standards you are not considered fat. In fact, you are probably only of average weight for a 14, or 15 year old boy. So if you happen to be the same height and weight a few years

Am I making it harder for myself to lose weight if I skip meals?

Yes you are. You NEVER want to skip meals. Regardless of how much you weigh (whether you're a buck and a quarter or 300 lbs), you should still be eating 5 times a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. To lose weight, however,

Are exogenous ketones for when you're fasting/doing a keto diet or for when you're not?

It depends. I experiment a lot. I've been fully Keto for almost eight years and I do intermittent and extended fasting. In fact, I'm on day seven of a salt and water fast only. I feel great. The first two days were the most difficult. I have three young kids, we are all

How can a woman that is 5'2' & 230 lbs lose 90 lbs in 3 months?

To lose about 13kg/29lbs a month(multiply by 3 months, you get 87 which is close to 90), I did it by exercising continuously everyday and eating about 200kcals(while taking vitamins). Not everyone would go for this method but it just depends on how desperate

How can I, a 19 old college student, lose weight and body fat without having to eat less (and decrease my cognitive capacities, I need sugar and fat as well) and to work out a lot?

completely cut out sugar, and cut carbs to 40 grams a more good fats, avocado, oily fish, meat including the fat, butter.i currently eat fatty beef mince with egg and cheese omelettes.i eat twice a day and not hungry.i'm losing 1–2 pounds a day, but i currently weigh 330

How to lose 1 kg in 15 days

Everyone's way of losing weight is different, and some might even swear by their weight loss regime. But most of the times, the philosophical way of looking at things don't work; you have to find the smart way out. You ought to

How to lose 10 kgs in the next 3 months

10 seems a bit less for 3 months. Why not aim higher? Why not go for 25? Which is what I did. TL;DR?(click on the hyperlinks.)There are three particular areas where you need to channel your focus:Exercise: Well, sorta obvious. But not so obvious are the details which

How to lose 10 pounds in 15 days

You can lose either by starving yourself or eating less calories than you burn.Disclaimer- Its gonna bounce back double with the speed faster than you lost it .There are no shortcuts for good health. Its a lifestyle change .The health girl (@nutri_heal) • Instagram photos and videos

How to lose 15 kg in three months if I am a teenage female

I have lost more than 20 kgs in 6–7 months, so I think I am eligible for answering this question.Well, losing 15 kgs in three months is a bit difficult task but not impossible.You have to go through a strict diet plan

How to lose 15 lbs

You need to find a diet that will help you lose weight and become slim, but it must also leave you feeling satisfied with what you can eat.You need to follow a diet plan that is going to keep you feeling good. One of the greatest failures

How to lose 15 pounds in 15 days

OBESE*: Time tested with no scope for anorexia symptoms. Those putting up weight, without eating much food stuff, may go in for thyroid check-T3, T4 & TSH. However, Acupressure techniques can regulate, thyroid function, on daily basis. Strong determination is sine quo non + strict compliance. A rough idea about normal

How to lose 15kg of weight within 30 days

How to lose 15kgs of weight with in 30 dayssee>>How to lose weight fast in 14 days with this modern science based diet plan>>>Losing weight can be difficult without a healthy, balanced, low-calorie diet plan lose weight 10 kgs in a month, it requires great motivation and a strong control on your eating habits.To help you

How to lose 19 kg in 1.5 months

An extremely obese person can lose up to 15 kgs in a healthy way in a time span of 12 weeks that is 6 months.The number 19kgs to lose in 6 weeks is scary. But one thing, if you lose faster, you may even gain back all of that

How to lose 19 kg in 2 months

Slimming is a subjective matter as it depends upon person to person. Maybe you are 50 Kg and wanted to lose some 5 kg only at the same time someone with 80 kg targets to lose some 10 kgs in a month.

How to lose 20 pounds of weight

Everyone is preoccupied with how they can lose weight quickly and no one seems to be talking about safety. For you to be asking "how can you lose weight quickly and safely?" you must be someone who is health and safety conscious. Out there today, most weight loss programs, driven by the fact that

How to lose 25kg weight in 6 months

OBESE*: Time tested with no scope for anorexia symptoms. Those putting up weight, without eating much food stuff, may go in for thyroid check-T3, T4 & TSH. However, Acupressure techniques can regulate, thyroid function, on daily basis. Strong determination is sine quo non + strict compliance. A rough idea about normal weight is -----Suppose height is 5'.5

How to lose 3 kg in one week

In this thread, I expect that you will be provided with a lot of traditional advice--eat less, exercise, etc. I completely agree with recommendation of walking regularly. However, weight loss is probably at least 80% diet, and I would like

How to lose 3 kgs in 1 month

If you want to lose weight, you will have to understand two simple things.Eat less than you burn.Move more.No matter how complicated people make it but weight loss is very simple.1 kg = 7700 calories.That means, I you want to lose 1 kg from your body create a deficit of 7700 calories.If your goal is to

How to lose 30 kg in 15 months

Here are six things that you can do to lose weight:Exercise should be a part of your daily routine: Reserve 30 minutes of your schedule for exercise. No matter how busy you are, it is not difficult to take out

How to lose 30 pounds in eight weeks

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.Be it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

How to lose 40 kg in 90 days

Dear Farooq, my first friendly advise to you, is to avoid shortcuts in weight loss. Exercising and maintaining a lean and fit body should be a long term goal where you should follow a discipline in terms of diet, sleep, water intake, workout and your day

How to lose 5 lbs in a week

Well the best way is to eat as little as possible obviously. Drink lots of water and avoid salty foods. Drown yourself in black coffee, tea and chew gum, eat calorie free pastils or whatever you need to make it feel as if you are eating. When hungry eat

How to lose 50 kg in 1 month

Losing 50 kgs in a month is as harmful as keeping those 50kgs on your body. I would suggest that you look for a more sustainable goal. Like start with 3 - 4 kgs a month. Following a good , balanced diet and a proper exercise regimen will help.Don't do crash diets, low cal diets

How to lose 50 kg in 24 months

You can loose easilyFat loss diet planMeal-1 (7-8 am) 3 whole egg omlet 200 ml milk 50 gram oats/ 1/2 appleMeal-2 (10-11 am) 1cup green tea 1 brown bread + 1/2 spoon Peanut butterMeal-3 (1-2 pm) 100 GM chicken breast grilled 1 cup rice 1 cup curry

How to lose 50 kg in 5 months

Do it in 8 months instead. Modify your diet as per below mentioned details :-Say no to sugar, rice, potato, soda drinks, alcohol , sweets, non veg. Check calorie content of every meal you eating.Start your day with warm water and honey. Drink warm water only whenever you are thirsty.Reduce the quantity of roti to

How to lose 7 kg in 5 days

The General Motors diet began as an in-house program solely for General Motors employees. The program is now very popular worldwide among individuals looking for effective weight loss management plans. The General Motors diet can help a person shed 10 to 17 lbs in just 7 days.Although weight loss is the ultimate goal of the General Motors diet, the

How to lose a weight if 5 kg in 20 days

You can lose 5 kg in 20 days. You will need to adhere to a strict nutrition diet plan.if you want to lose weight quickly yet safely, then you have come to the right place. We will give you insights on

How to lose body fat when I'm bulking up and working out

You can't. Point 11 directly talks about this, but reading all context will help:There are certain things to understand.I wish I could just straight up give you a quick answer.Here are the things to understand:(1) Body Fat is fat. You know how foods contain fat? Well, that fat when digested, {whatever fats not used for energy}, will

How to lose weight as a 220 pound 6 foot 15 year old fast before the next school year

At 15 you're still growing, and will likely continue to gain weight. However, you can slim down and lean up by eating a healthy diet, avoiding sugar and processed foods (that means no McDonald's or other fast food). Stay away from all sodas-that includes diet. Don't forget to drink tons of water.You're probably at the will

How to lose weight? I weigh in at about 230 pounds, not all fat mostly a hybrid of weight, but I want to drop down to about 175 pounds. I have no access to a gym. I pay my aunt for groceries, so how can I control my weight loss

Start here:Calorie CalculatorFind out how much kcals per day you SHOULD be eating, it also tells you how much to eat to lose X per week. About 1–2 pounds a week is reasonable.Since it seems someone else makes your meals you will have less control

How to lose weight in 10 days without dieting

If you don't want to diet then it's a lost hope unless you run a marathon per day. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to reduce one pound of fat and a marathon run is approx that so ten day ten marathons eating at your BMR means ten pound loss.Lets be serious

How to loss belly fat without going to the gym or dieting

its possible to reduce belly fat, things you need to follow is: 1: you need to focus on balance diet 2: you need to use some home remedies that helps in reducing Fat and increase your body metabolism.3: increase protein intake 44: Workout for Flat stomach..

How to lose 15 kg in 4 months

I would like to tell you that never give up and don't go for any shortcuts. Nothing is impossible once you decide to do itLosing fat is not difficult, 6 month is more, you can lose fat in just 3 months.I don't know how old you are, this does not matter, if you follow the correct

How to decrease my thigh and buttock sizes if I want to do it quite badly

I just read the comments which mentioned that you wanted to keep your breasts. Unfortunately, reducing bottom and thighs while keeping breasts is a lot more difficult to do through natural methods like diet and exercise. As humans, we have some control over which muscles we build up, but

How to get the motivation to lose weight

You've got to channel whatever motivates you, and if you don't feel attractive, maybe you need to fuel your vanity as a driver to lose weight. Mirrors are a better tool than the scale, so use them often. Exercise in front of one if possible. You'll start to notice changes in your body that will keep you motivated. People

How to lose 13 pounds

Hey there !As per your Age and your given statistics , you have a healthy weight. A drop in two pounds of your weight would make you underweight and would expose you to a number of potential health problems . If you want to reduce body weight , i would suggest you to gain Muscle Mass

How to lose 15 kg weight in 5 days

5 kg in 1 week - Most effective diet - Military diet vegetarian versionThis diet claim that it has a certain weight loss advantage due to the "food combinations" in the meal plan.These combinations are said to increase your metabolism and burn fat, but there is no truth behind these claims.Coffee and

How to lose 150 pound in 1 month

Hello my friend. I think i can help you answer this question:HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN I LOSE IN 2 WEEKS?Your beach vacation is two weeks away, and you want to shed some weight before donning your swimsuit. While there are some diets that claim they

How to lose 20-25 kilograms in a month (for a film) without going to a gym

Man you got some really unreasonable restrictions but I'll give you what you want:Make sure you're in perfect health and have checkups at least weekly.  Monitor heart rate, take pictures, compare physical appearance.Water fast for 7-14 days.  You should feel horrible for

How to lose 20 kgs in 4 months

I was around 95 Kgs in Late January of 2018 and today I am at 74 Kgs.All I had done during this period was cutting down junk food and I replaced it with healthy, Low fat, Carb food. I started to lose weight around end of feb, realizing only

How to lose 5 kgs in a month

its possible to reduce weight, things you need to follow is:1: you need to focus on balance diet2: you need to use some home remedies that helps in reducing Fat and increase your body metabolism.3: increase protein intake 44: Follow balance workout and bring changes

How to lose belly fat in 1 week

If you can't lose your belly fat, you're using the wrong approach. You don't need endless sit-ups, supplements, starving yourself or worse surgery. Here are the 10 best ways to lose your belly fat – quickly and naturally.1. Stop Doing Crunches. Crunches will strengthen your stomach

How to lose belly fat in 2 months

That depends on how much fat you already have!But the lesson zero for you is: Crunches won't cut it.But whatever yous status is with your

How to lose more fat from my abdomen

Congrats on your success in losing 8kg!  Quite an achievement!Of course you know that your belly will become flabby after losing weight, and you need to exercise your abs to have a tight good looking belly.A high protein high dairy diet has been

How to lose 30 Lbs in 2 months

Instructions to Lose 30 Pounds in 2 MonthsYou can lose 30 pounds in 2 months without starving yourself or surrendering your most loved nourishments. You can in any case appreciate what you like, yet you have to change something, with no change, you would

How to reduce belly fat in a month

I shed around 7–8 Kgs in 2 months last year.Here are the things i did and anyone can try.Avoid Sugar and salt as much as possible.Replaced refined oil with sunflower oil, coconut oil, desi ghee, MCT.Avoid refined floor products and bakery products (even brown bread)Daily two easy home workouts of 10–12 mins . Doing One early morning

How long does it take to lose 10 pounds on average?

It is recommended that you should not lose more than 1-2 pounds per week for safe weight loss. For a man this means an average daily calorie allowance of 1,900kcal for men and 1,400kcal for women. The simple reply to your question is therefore approx 5–10 weeks, but I honestly think it is better not to

How should I lose 40 kgs in 3 months?

Well , for this you keep lots of patience.......Becoz This will take lots of time , hard work And consistency...In morning you must do jogging or runningIf you are free in evening then do this in evening also .....Do full body workout

How should I lose 5 kg fat in one month?

5 kgs is TOTALLY DOABLE.But you gotta make sure you do it in a way that will prevent the weight from coming back on.So we won't be starving you.Nor will you be juicing, detoxing, or trying any other crazy stupid diets.I will

I am 15, weigh 65 kgs and am 5'7' Do I need to lose weight?

Hey, this is a 15 year old too. Funny thing is, I have almost exactly the same build as you, 66kgs and 169 cm (probably 170 now).Now, first lets see if you're overweight, clearly not as per the BMI. You probably know that.However, the body fat percentage may vary for different people. Remember, well built people weigh

I am 5' 3', 14 years old, female, and 155 pounds. I am very overweight. How can I lose weight?

I'm also 14 and I would suggest that you take it slow. Personally, I find that when you do a severe diet it's easy to give it up. What I do is I use a app that counts calories (I recommend MyNetDiary, it's super easy to use) when you see how many

I am 5.4 and 165lbs or 75 kg. What can I do to lose weight?

Forget about strict diets and grueling workouts. Our body is a very flexible system that quickly reacts to the slightest changes in the usual way of life. So lose a few pounds is not difficult.5 iron rules next 30 daysDrink 1.5–2 liters of water per day, in addition to tea, coffee, compotes and drinking yogurts. Start each morning

I am 6ft tall, currently weight 16 stones and want to get down to 13 by the end of 2019, what would be the best way to get down to 13 and maintain it?

HiCongratulations on your decision to improve your weight. As a teen, you will have better luck than us old people, so count your blessings!So, you want to lose 3 stone in about 7 months, that leaves 0.4 stone per month. Since I

I am a 14-year-old male, 165 pounds, and 5'6'. How can I start to lose weight?

Quite easy. The healthy way is to take out 2–300 kcal from your daily recommended calorie intake and do some kind of exercise at least 3 times a week. Walking counts as exercise if you do it for more than 1 hour. Swimming is quite good. Do not limit yourself thinking at a gym. If you got stairs in

I am a female and I need to lose 20kgs. I am 25 years old, and weight 86 kgs. What is the best way to lose weight at home through diets and exercise to get fruitful results?

Here are 26 weight loss tips that are actually evidence-based.1. Drink Water, Especially Before MealsIt is often claimed that drinking water can help with weight loss, and this is true.Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories .One study showed that drinking a half

I' am a young female trying to lose belly fat without losing weight and would like to know whether I should do body recomposition or bulking? I weigh 112, with 24% body fat.

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.Be it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

I am currently overweight and would like to lose weight, how can I avoid saggy skin due to weightloss?

You cant prevent the extra skin, unfortunately. It comes with excess weight loss. I used to weigh 300 lbs sixteen years ago and lost 155 lbs naturally through diet and exercise in two years time. I never knew about the excess skin that came along with a major

I am trying to lose weight. I bought a manual treadmill because it was cheaper. Is a manual treadmill just as effective as a motorized one?

A regular powered TM uses a motor to make the belt go around simulating the road passing under your feet. It is very nearly an exact duplicate of running on the open road.The manual TM you bought does not have a motor

I currently weigh 260 pounds and my doctor says I need to lose at least 70 pounds. What are some techniques for losing a good amount of weight? Please don't suggest starvation!

First of all I believe in you and sure you can do it, you just need to be ready to invest in order for it to happen.Here's a cheat sheet or some life hacks that will definitely help you keep your progress.Be willing to make a conscious decision that you are going

I eat a handful of raisins every day. I'm trying to lose weight, so I eat it for energy. Can it be a hindrance for losing weight?

It can create hurdle in your fat loss journey. In fact,raisins contains high amount of sugar,which is not useful to have 1 handful.Now,it depends on your overall diet that what types of items you having,like if you're having fruits rest of times which contain again sugar,which

I exercise every day and don't eat that much. Yet, I can't lose any weight. What else should I do to try to lose weight?

I exercise every day and don't eat that much. Yet, I can't lose any weight. What else should I do to try to lose weight?Exercising is very good for general health. It's the best predictor of healthy longevity. Which means that people

I have a flat saggy bum and some belly fat. I have no muscle. How do I get a slim stomach and a bigger toned bum? Should I lose weight with a caloric deficit or gain muscle?

If you are a nooby, there is a golden exception to all this.Newbie-gains!So, use 3 weight-training sessions at which you should employ a circuit.Supplement that with 1–3 cardio sessions. Light intensity, 30–40 mins.Steer away from white sugar, fat+carb combinations (heavy ones, like, carbonara with it's sauce) and too heavy processed foods.The more processed the worst.Aim for high

I have been on a weight loss regime which till now has worked good and I lost 27 pounds, but now it seems to have struck and what so ever I may do it does not budge. What should I do to reduce more?

There's really nothing magic about this. There's no secret that you need to know. When what's been working stops working, you need to analyze and adjust.A fundamental fact of weight loss is that the more you succeed, the harder it is to keep going.

I have difficulty in doing push-ups. What are other exercises which can help me lose weight?

I agree with Bobbi Billard. Consistency is key here.Push-ups alone won't result in weight-loss, but incorporating push-ups into a high-intensity workout will, by helping you build muscle and expanding your cardiovascular capacity. For example:In 15 minutes, perform as many rounds as possible of:10 Wall Push-ups (I've modified this to make

I have gained weight while on birth control and I am about to go through my weight loss journey, I am terrified at my arms still being big when I lose weight, is arm reduction surgery necessary?

There are many yoga poses that focus on the upper body in a effective yet gentle way. Simple planks. Even modified. Slanting /leaning against a safe to use wall. Movements don't have to be painful to show results. Lots of little changes help too. Your diet , water intake and other lymph pumping exercises. (Look em up on

I have lost a massive amount of weight from 400 to 280. I feel good my muscles are great, but my skin is still loose and flabby. How do you get rid of the extra skin without plastic surgery?

Hi there, first of all, congratulations on your weight loss!! As far as getting rid of the excess skin, well that is tricky. The image below is more about using a particular product that was helpful treating stretch marks and not excess skin, if you want to give it a go to see,

I have not been doing any exercise up until this point. My weight has been stable for the past year. If I keep eating the same amount and run 5km per day every day, will I start to lose weight?

Yes. But what you eat tends to be more important than what exercise you do for weight-loss. Execise does burn calories and as such it's helpful for reducing your body-fat, but the biggest plus from exercise are the numerous benefits to health that

I have put on a lot of weight. My day starts at 5:30am and I'm back home only at 8pm. I have no time nor the stamina to exercise after a hectic day. Is there any way I can lose weight?

Well, i have met a lot of people who realised very late that they were more than 100kgs because they were sinked in their professional commitments and busy schedules. Some of them were able to get their shape back while some gained

I have to lose weight. I'm now 87 kg, 21 yrs old. What should be the proper diet and exercise?

Diets dont work, because the mindset behind them is always temporary ( let me deny myself for a week...?). No, you should realise and accept that you're eating less optimally than should be & need to permenantly fix for life, to reduce cancer risk. Decide to soon,

I know body fat and weight are different at times, but can you possibly lose fat without losing muscle?

Of course. If you starve yourself, yeah, you'll lose muscle. But if you exercise, and eat, you should be able to ADD muscle while burning fat. Examples:I've always been slender and active (6′3″, 168 ish most of my life), but when I switched from doing just martial arts and related activities like pull-ups

I'm 15, 160lbs and 5'8. I recently lost 35 pounds. I still have belly fat and still chubby. What should I do next?

At the age of 15 it is a perfect time in life for you to commit to a better body and better health.Get a personal trainer to teach you how to do the big multi-joint lifts with proper form to prevent injury. One lift that most people don't consider is the overhead

I need to lose weight. And I have a month to do so. What should be my exercise schedule?

One month is good enough to tone your body. There are two stages when it comes to loosing weight - the first stage is where you loose weight and the second stage is where you make sure that you don't regain the flab that you lost in the first stage.

I need to lose weight, but I'm not motivated. I lost and regained a lot of weight multiple times and was anorexic. What should I do?

You are not alone. Even if you pick up one good diet related habit - you will have done better than the majority. So comfort yourself and ask yourself what can I do to change things today that will not be hard because I like it anyway. This could be - giving up white sugar and sticking

I need to lose weight. How much kilometers should I jog a day?

The kilometer is not important the important is that how much of sweat you had lost in this process of running. And the more you would run in speed the more amount of sweat you lose.And we all know that sweat is directly proportional with the calorie consumed there in your body.So

I recently attained a weight loss of >15kg, by lifting weights and HIIT for the past 5 months. However, I would be busy and will have to lead a sedentary life for a minimum of 2, or a maximum of 6 months. How can I prevent weight gain?

First of all, congratulations on achieving such a transformation. 15 kgs in 5 months is not easy at all, and you should be proud of your self for this totally awesome feat.Now coming back to the question. 6 months does sound like a long time away from working out. Here are some of the ways you can avoid

I tried to lose weight for a long time, I exercised every day and ate healthy but there was no significant change. When I stopped exercising for a week then I immediately lost 3 kg, how is that possible?

You only lose weight or fat in a caloric deficit ! If you're a beginner it's most likely you weren't in one. Learn nutrition basics and track everything you eat . Some possible reasons that you didn't lose weight could be :You were not in a caloric deficit. Find out your maintenance calories

I want some weight loss tips. Excercise, diet and routines?

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these yearsBe it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

I want to gain weight but also want to lose belly fat. What could be the health tips for me?

here i am going to suggest few  tips and balance workout plan that will help you in gaining weight and achieving a healthy body.1: How to gain weight2: Veg/natural  protien soruces3: balance workout let discuss each point in details..1:How to gain weight

I want to lose 5 kg weight in a healthy manner in a month, what should be the the diet plan and exercises to be done at home?

A2AFirst things first.NEVER FOLLOW THE GM DIET!!!NEVER follow any diet that restricts your calorie intake severely, starves you and leaves you in a worse state health wise. Diet is not about a list of things you can't eat. Diet is about a bunch of

I want to lose weight but I do not have time for exercise. How is it possible to reduce weight at home?

It is almost impossible to reduce weight without exercising regularly. If you are not planning to get a surgery or take pills, that is. You have to control your diet, cut down on your carb intake, exercise regularly and don't expect results overnight. It's a time consuming process. But an achievable one.

I weigh 120 kgs. I want to lose my weight. Should I run and exercise or join a gym? How long would it take me to reduce to 85-90?

I was weighting 113kg around one year and half ago. I'm now weighting around 87kg (it varies between 86kg and 88kg).I'm an IT guy, I did not walk much, I ate junk food and I drunk a lot of alcohol.It all started as a bet with my

I weigh 240 lbs I'm a 23 year old guy 6 foot tall. I want to lose 24 pounds by the end of the year. How do I know what a healthy weight is for me?

Hi Will, Like so many answers about health, figuring out what a healthy weight is for you is going to be incredibly personal and determined by a number of factors. There is the old measure of Body Mass Index, which is used to (attempt to) determine the rate of overweight and

I weigh 90 kg (198 lbs) and I'm a 22 yr old female student. I want to look attractive. What should I do? What diet plan should I follow?

Firstly,you should make a good workout  plan and follow a good diet(veggies,fruits,nuts etc) Secondly,follow the plan :pHow to Lose Weight FastIf you burn 500 more calories than you eat every day for a week, you should lose about 1-2 pounds.If you want to lose weight faster, you'll need to eat less and exercise

I workout 1 hour per day for 5 days, and work cardio for 1 day (30 mins - 400 calories burn), I also take 1 day to rest. Will I be able to lose the small fat belly I have?

You will be able to lose that small belly fat you have by sticking to a caloric deficit.Calorie Deficit ExplainedA calorie deficit is the magic everyone has been looking for.Well maybe not everyone, but everyone who is looking to lose weight and body fat. This is what makes weight

If I burn 10,000 calories by walk, will I lose 10 KG in weight?

If you weigh between 140-160 pounds...Walking at a Moderate Pace (3 mph):15 min.: 60 calories30 min.: 112 calories1 hour: 225 caloriesWalking at a Fast Pace (4-5 mph):15 min.: 100 calories30 min.: 214 calories1 hour: 430 caloriesWalking Uphill (3.5 mph):15 min.: 102 calories30 min.: 204 calories1 hour: 408 caloriesWalking Up Stairs

If I do only 40-50 push-ups every day, will it help me lose weight?

If you are venturing into  bodyweight training, good for you. It's a very positive step towards getting healthy. As far as just doing push-ups you will be limiting yourself. A much better option would be to perform 10 push-up, 10

If I have no job, what is the best way to lose weight if I have nothing else to do for 1 month? Can I stay at the gym for 10 hours everyday in the next 30 days?

I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm supposed to be unemployed for 3 months up until my oncoming arbitration in June.  I was active for the first 2 weeks being unemployed.  Then It kept snowing and raining.. Then I got sick.. Then I just stayed in all day and stopped trying to better myself. 

If I have to lose weight, should I join a gym, start running or dieting?

Weight loss depends on only 1 thing... Burning More calories than you consume.This in turn depends on 3 things:Diet: Most Important. Eat smart. Do not starve yourself. But just make the smart choices about food when it comes to. Consume brown rice instead of white. Try not to

If I jump rope every day, will I lose weight?

yes you can lose weight with a jump ropeJumping rope is a good aerobic exercise that can really get your heart pumping, and it can also help you burn calories and lose some of those unwanted pounds. However, while exercise is an important part of

If I run 2 kilometers per day, then how much weight can I reduce in one month?

If you run two kilometer every day for one month. Exercises burn more calories per minute than moderate activities such as walking and hiking, but fast-paced workouts such as running boost heart health and fitness with a smaller investment of time.Generally, you

If I run 4 km per day, will that effect my belly fat?

Not really, If you are doing only running then it wont affect your belly fat much. Although ,Running is good for your heart and it will make your legs stronger and give you stamina but it wont give you reduced belly.In order to reduce belly fat you need to combine proper exercises and low fat

If I start walking every day 3 miles will I lose weight? And how much? If I walk 3 miles every day for about 1 week.

Many people say walking in the weight loss, walking is not working for him. But it is known in the study that this walk habit of burning an additional 500 calories of your body every hour for 1 hour. Still why do not you lose weight? In fact, the fault

If I stop exercising, but start eating right (no binging), will I lose weight?

Most people think jumping into an exercise program head first will get them a six pack, and then continue to eat whatever they want. Then they wonder why the weight isn't coming off and exercise isn't working. The answer to your question:

If I walk for an hour at 12 km/hr every day while restricting, what will happen to my body?

So it sounds like you're 5′6, weigh 103 lbs and want to change the shape of your body. Make your legs smaller (probably in comparison to your upper body?).Considering your height and weight it seems like you're very thin already and don't have a whole lot

If I walk or run 2 miles a day, will I lose weight?

you don't need to run 2 mile. follow the instructionA positive attitude is very important for successful weight loss and weight management. To lose weight permanently, you must make a commitment to gradually adopt a healthier way of life.You can control your weight. To lose weight, you must eat fewer calories or

I'm 14 year old male, 167 pounds and 5'8, am I fat?

Well, that would likely depend on whether you were male or female and how tall you are -- and whether you are into sports and trying to get you weight up to what a

I'm a 15 year old female. I'm 5'3 or 5'4 and I weigh about 100 lbs. I'm also a freshman in highschool. What can I do to at least be a healthy 120 lbs by May and maintain that weight?

I'm 17, and I too have this problem. I'm about the same height as you but I still look unhealthy because of my weight. I've never weighed more then 110lbs in my life. Right now I'm in between 107-110 but at one point a few months ago I was 98lbs and my doctor was concerned. The best thing I've

I'm a 16 year old 98 pounds and 5'3. Do you think if I lose 3 pounds I'll run faster. (Long distance XC and track runner.)?

Former cross country runner here. No, you wouldn't run faster if you lost more weight. You're underweight as it is. You need to gain muscle. I would recommend weight training 2–3 non consecutive days a week (early morning in the gym if your team practices in the afternoon). I would also recommend taking

I'm approaching my 40s. How can I lose weight and get in the best shape of my life?

Your age is not the problem. Your attitude may be. I was almost 49 when I took the idea of weight loss for health seriously. I had a medical scare that made me sit up and pay attention. Not wanting to repeat my father's history, I started on a program that fit me (Actually, I made myself fit

I'm nineteen and 25 kg overweight. I want to lose weight but I don't know where to start. What should I do?

Ya its possible to reduce weight, things you need to follow is: you need to focus on balance diet and you need to use some home remedies that will increase your body more thing try to avoid continuous sitting,