A friend of mine said, if you want to lose weight You need to work out 6 times a week and stop eating carbs what's your opinion on that?

.....no.Well, ok, that could work. But then you'll stop and 18 months from now you'll be posting the same question on quora.What you need to do is find some ways to refine your everyday routine to make it one that helps you work towards your goals.Starts by making a list of foods you like

Aerobics or Zumba, which form helps to lose weight easily?

I am a gym owner ad in my fitness club we have all sorts of activities which help in staying fit and healthy.Aerobics and zumba is always taken wrongly. it looks similar, sound similar but it has lots of differences.Best Zumba classes in Pune at Tranceform Fitness ClubZumba

After working out daily, how soon can one expect weight loss?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in terms of weight loss, exercise is neither necessary nor sufficient. It's not necessary,

Along with 45 minutes of swimming for 3 days a week, what other exercises should one do to get rid of belly fat and be in good shape?

Don't get fixated on 'one-activity.' It's great that you're swimming 3 times a week, but if you're going to the pool and doing the same thing 3x a week and your objective is to lose belly fat you might be

Am I fat if I'm 12 5 8 and 130 pounds and how much weight should I lose to be at an ideal weight?

Brandon is right, by American standards you are not considered fat. In fact, you are probably only of average weight for a 14, or 15 year old boy. So if you happen to be the same height and weight a few years

Am I making it harder for myself to lose weight if I skip meals?

Yes you are. You NEVER want to skip meals. Regardless of how much you weigh (whether you're a buck and a quarter or 300 lbs), you should still be eating 5 times a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. To lose weight, however,

Are ab exercises efficient for burning fat?

Exercises that directly work your abs are terrible methods of burning fatEspecially if you want to get into the topic of "efficiency".Ab exercises that are focused solely on the abs should be done to strengthen the core, and that's about it. They don't activate many other muscle groups. Your abs a relatively small group of muscles.

Are ab exercises more useful to reduce belly fat than other exercises?

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.You can spend hours doing abdominal related exercises though if you would not be taking care of the nutrition and expenditure aspect, there would not be any belly fat

Are abdomen exercises useful to lose belly fat?

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat.We all need a conditioned, level stomach. Nothing unexpected there. Be that as it may, since numerous ladies are as yet depending on crunches to get it, I need to make one thing clear: Crunching is not the best abs workout. "Crunches work just the

Are crunches able to get rid of belly fat?

NO , crunches alone cannot cut belly fat. Try these exercises1.PLANK (3-4 sets of 30-60 sec)The plank is best exercise for your entire core.Plank helps you to build strength in your core, upper and lower body so its a good full body work out.Watch video and learn how to

Are exercises like pushups considered to be cardio? Can they be used to reduce weight?

The connection between weight loss and any exercise is relatively tenuous at best.Weight loss isn't really your goal in any case. Fat loss is. You can lose fat without losing weight. You could even gain weight to lose fat.In any case, Cardio is not a straight path to fat loss. It's a helpful tool, it can help you

Are Quaker oats plus beneficial for weight loss?

Oatmeal is touted as a health food for weight loss, but isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Most people opt for instant oatmeal, which is devoid of the fiber that makes oatmeal a healthy food choice. Plus instant oatmeal

Are there any detoxes that help lose weight tremendously?

Before i answer this, i need to specify the two kinds of weights our body has-Fat weightWater weightWater weight-When we eat salt in excess, the excess salt produces a lot of water (the more spices we eat, the more digestive juices

As a teen, how can I lose weight in a healthy way?

Managing your weight and being happy with your look is hard for anyone, especially a teen who's subject to peer pressure and images of skinny celebs. But bodies come in different sizes, and you can be healthy at a variety of weights. If your doctor has suggested you lose weight, though, and you're

As somebody with a pear shaped body, will I mainly lose the fat around my hips and face first before losing the fat in my thighs?

You would need to first ask the question if you have a bone structure of someone that has a natural pair shape. Second, fat is lost through the entire body. Your liver converts fat into usable energy equally through your whole body and transports through the insulin cycle. It doesn't matter what part your working.

At 285 lbs should I be embarrassed that I can only sustain running at about 4.5 mph on the treadmill? How fast should I be running after training for 6 months and losing 20 lbs?

Not at all. Do what you can, start where you are.That's a hard question to answer, weight isn't the only factor. That said, an often cited figure is that you should lose about 2 seconds per mile for every pound of extra weight you drop. I wouldn't focus on speed though. Keep most

Can a girdle help with weight loss?

No. Wearing a girdle is just a band-aid solution that doesn't work.Sweating will only make you lose water and salt, not body fat, and this weight loss is just an insignificant amount and temporary. You will regain the water and salt (by extension, the weight) the

Can a low-carb diet help me lose weight?

A low-carb diet is a diet that restricts carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. It is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables.There are many different types of low-carb diets, and studies show that they can cause weight loss and improve health.This is a detailed meal plan for

Can a relatively skinny guy like me (9-12% body fat) lose fat while gaining muscle through fasting and eating healthy and weight lifting, or is it harder to do both at the same time if you're already pretty low-fat?

All of these thing dont work together,Fast gove your less or no calories, weightlifting require huge amount of calories to lift, and you need protien to make muscles.So fast will make you lose fat and then lose muscles, because muscles are also source of

Can a tea detox make you lose weight fast?

If you see any product with the word

Can anyone share your inspiring weight loss story so that I get motivated to lose weight?

This is going to be a quite a long one. Do give a read, I bet you ( chuckles) will be inspired by the end of it.Total Weight Lost : 36.5KgsDuration : 10 monthsInches Lost : 11 inchesEver since I knew, I had been large and flabby.It all started

Can crunches really reduce belly?

I will be putting an end to this question once and for all and explain why you may get different answers from different people.I will say

Can cucumber lose belly fat?

There is no 1 single vegetable that will make a huge change in losing belly fat.The key to losing belly fat is creating a diet which is high in protein, low on carbs and has good fat sources.Once your body doesn't have any carb to burn, it will start burning fat.Now you might say,

Can cumin reduce fat?

Cumin is very low in calories, there are only 16 calories in two full teaspoons of cumin. Read moreIt increases the metabolic rate because of its spiciness and also for having a lot of iron in it.As we all know

Can eating healthy foods help lose fat and get abs?

Eating healthy foods can help because a lot of healthy foods such as fruits and veggies are low in calories and high in fibers but a lot of healthy foods are also high in calories such as avocado, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, olive oil, coconut flesh, etc.

Can fasting aid healthy weight loss?

A fast that lasts longer than 2 days makes it difficult to maintain one important aspect of the basics of healthy living: exercise.Sure when you're fasting you are eating less food than you otherwise would, but then you still need to exercise to keep your body burning fat all day long. A very low calorie fast will

Can higher body fat contribute to someone's strength positively?

Not directly but indirectly yes for the following reasons:If you have more body fat, your muscles leverages change, which can make exercises easier depending how you store fat.You have more cushionining around your joints, which can also help you lift more.If you have more body fat, your likely in a surplus of calories,

Can I do hiit before or after weight training to burn more fat?

HIIT – that's high intensity interval training – has been the core subject of many training inquiries as of late.

Can I exercise every day whenever I want to in order to lose weight?

Sure you can! It just won't help you lose much weight. Not 50 jumping jacks or some sit-ups or squats. That's not nearly enough to make a significant contribution to weight loss.An hour of moderate cardio, or a half hour of intense

Can I exercise only 3 consecutive days at the gym and rest the following days, then repeat the same routine and see good results?

Hi, Samy. Thanks for the A2A!Sure you can do this! I constantly switch my workouts up based on my mood and goals for each month. Now there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do this.Let's focus on the good side of this routine.The setup would need to be similar to what I'm

Can I gain muscle and lose fat just by doing body weight workouts?

Absolutely. The trick is just to be consistent. The difference between body weight exercises and free weight exercises is your body weight. If you want to do 10 pullups but you weight 210 lbs, you're going to have a really hard time because you have so much extra weight. If you want to do 10 pullups and

Can I get rid of stomach fat while keeping the fat in my legs and thighs?

Just so you know... Men who like girls with thick thighs and fat butts are after muscle, not fat. Stretching out the Levi's is all fine and great, but do understand that what you're after is probably a misconception.To answer your

Can I live on 300 calories a day to lose weight?

Hi there and thank you for your great question :)Basically you can live of ANY calories per day. From 0 to XXX. The only question there is, what are you doing to yourself and to your body!And that can have catastrophic consequences!A good friend of mine was almost 300lbs and she was only

Can I lose 10 kg in a month?

Hi. I'm a doctor and obesity specialist.1500 calorie/day diet + 60 minutes exercise a dayEither eat under 1000 calories and no exerciseWhy: Normal person 2200 calorie a day. You need to be at a 1250 calorie per day deficit3500 calories is pound2.5 pounds is 8750 Calories /

Can I lose 10 kgs in a month? I weigh 83 kgs currently.

Can you lose 10 kgs in a month? Probably yes.Should you lose 10 kgs in a month? Definitely not!Why not? I will list down the reasons:Low energy levels throughout the day.Mineral and vitamin loss.Blunted ability of your body to recover from your workout.Hair loss.Good chance, you might end up gaining most of the weight or even more weight

Can I lose 10 kgs in fifteen days?

In one word NO given the fact that you stop eating completely.It may so happen that you can reduce 4–5 kgs in 15 days. But reducing 15kgs is being over-ambitious if that is your aim.Never try for shortcuts. Always do the healthy

Can I lose 15 kgs in 7-8 months like this?

Yes definitely. Your diet doesn't include fried items, you have included all necessary nutrients which is required. Plus you have also planned out well your workout of running and yoga. It is said that for weight loss, your focus should be 75% on food and 25% on your workout. Also, if

Can I lose 5 kgs in 2 weeks by just drinking 2 litres of water per day?

You are 16 years old, and you have a serious medical condition that is linked to your hormone levels. You say it is "under control", but it still has many serious long-term implications.  Your weight and nutrition are important factors in dealing with your condition for the long term. There

Can I lose 5kg in 1 month by jogging, eating 2 meals and running up to 7km every day?

Who does not want to reduce excess body weight by rushing? But it will not be the case. To know the weight loss, you should know what to eat during the day. And for him the effort and the initiative. And to take your step forward one step, today's diet chartsThis diet chart is

Can I lose belly fat without having diets and only exercise?

Okay, we eat healthy and we want to exercise. But how do you get rid of that fat ?"strength training" is the answer.why strength training ?With strength training you do exercises to strengthen and enlarge your muscles. You are therefore mainly concerned with muscle development .Huh, but muscle development does not cause me to waste?Well, actually.Muscle mass requires

Can I lose weight (100 kg) and fat to achieve a fit body in 5 months?

Strength Training is the best option for you. Strength training helps you to gain muscle and lose fat quickly. Remember during strength training you gain muscle and drop fat as muscle weigh more than fat, you might see no difference in weight of your body or in some cases your weight might increase due to

Can I lose weight and fat entirely through strength training?

Technically, yes, kind of. :/In reality, probably not.First, I notice you ask about losing both

Can I lose weight and grow muscle without going to the gym or without using weights?

Absolutely, by doing Calisthenics.Calisthenics is bodyweight movements that require only a pull up bar to perform.Among these exercises are:pull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips, leg raises, side planks, supermans, squats, and calf raisesThese are the most basic and can get you far just by themselves.Do them all in a circuit,

Can I lose weight by doing only cardio? I mean intense cardio? Like I run for 4km everyday along with cycling and cross trainer? Is this enough?

Bro! Are you mad?First let me tell you one thing just come out of this cardio obsession.See,, Cardio is actually for proper functioning of our heart. It is not for losing fat or gaining muscles. If you do it regularly it just causes your muscle contraction and knee pains. So I

Can I lose weight by doing sports without dieting?

In short- yes.Also in short, no.So, its kinda both.Yes, you could definitely lose weight by beginning to play sports if you are not an active person generally. If your diet stays exactly the same as it is now, but you add in additional exercise (such as playing sports), you will most likely lose some weight.Maybe not a lot,

Can I lose weight by eating only one can of beans per day?

Good Food And Bad Food What's Left to Eat?Good Food And Bad Food What's Left to Eat?: We've entered the Twilight Zone once it involves the multitude of diets being promoted today. starting with the Atkins Diet, then the South Beach Diet, presently the Hamptons Diet and

Can I lose weight by exercising three times per week?

Work out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, then eat 10-20% less than that, or if you are shooting for Lb/week weight loss, then eat 500 calories less than that. Keep exercising 4x/week, i'd suggest weightlifting as well, but do whatever you like best.Some

Can I lose weight by not eating for several days?

Sure, it is called starving. People generally lose weight when they do that. Also, your metabolism will slow down. Your body will adapt by making it harder for you to lose weight.There is a concept called intermittent fasting. This is not starving. It is going

Can I lose weight from doing pushups every day?

Ok, here's the dealio on weight loss: it's all about one's diet and intelligent fitness training that keeps intensity below what's called the "anaerobic threshold" which is the point at which your body will rely on glucose stores, rather than

Can I lose weight from stomach fast without exercise?

I believe your question is whether you can lose abdominal fat (fat in the stomach region) without exercising. Yes, it is possible to lose abdominal fat or any body fat by creating a calorie deficit. Or in simple language, by eating less or taking lesser number of calories than you spend. But that is not a healthy way to

Can I lose weight just by weight lifting?

Yes & No. That's like saying can I lose weight by walking for 3 hours....and walking will indeed burn calories, perhaps 500 calories, but imagine what happens if you then drink a 650 calorie protein shake. Weightlifting is good exercise in that you not only burn calories exerting yourself but you also stimulate your metabolism for hours to

Can I lose weight using laxatives and diuretics?

The short answer is yes you can. And a number of people with eating disorders have done just that.It works by moving food through the gut faster, leading to malabsorption. Thus the body absorbs fewer calories. However, it also means the other nutrients that the body needs are

Can I lose weight within 15 days by eating?

Drink a glass of water and lemon and honey daily morning.Take vegetarian diet.Reduce oil sugar and salt in your diet.Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits.Eat slowlyDon't drink water right after eating.Drink plenty of waterAvoid fast food.Avoid coffee and tea.Eat amlaYou

Can I lose weight within a month by drinking 2 big bottles of water a day?

For a long time, drinking water has been thought to help with weight loss.In fact, 30–59% of US adults who try to lose weight increase their water intake.Many studies show that drinking more water may benefit weight loss and maintenance.Drinking Water Can Make You Burn More CaloriesMost of the studies listed below looked

Can I lose weight without any exercise? I have a physical problem. How do I lose weight?

Diet is always the first step!How to lose weight:You must be at caloric deficit in order to lose fat/weight.You can lose body fat by being at a caloric deficit, which can be done by:1# Eat less than the calories you burn

Can I lose weight without cardio workout?

Contrary to popular believe. weight lifting is more efficient than cardio for weight loss anyway.Although both cardio and weight lifting are healthy, both will increase your appetite, so without controlling your diet you will most likely gain weight with either form of

Can I lose weight working out moderately 5 days a week?

Ehh losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks? That's kind of super hard to do and not safe. I lost 30 pounds in 4 months and I had to work really hard for it. I wouldn't recommend even doing that since it's

Can I use Bodyweight exercises instead of strength training for fat loss?

Sure you can exclude strength training completely but you need to focus on your diet. You should go for low carb high protein diet.In exercises you can use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as the name suggests that exercises will be intense but the Interval between two sets will

Can I walk all day to lose weight?

I think much have already being said to answer your question. Let me just add that, Yes walking can, undoubtedly, help lose weight. But there is no point wanting to do it all day. Walking at a continuous pace will not only help you lose weight but boost your energy

Can losing weight, without exercising get rid of belly fat?

Yes, you can.Losing weight or fat is determined by diet, nutrition and calorie deficit. Calorie deficit is the only criteria of losing weight.Exercises are done to make the deficit easier and increase the base metabolic rate.If you are not able to find time for exercising then do not worry staying on a

Can one lose his belly only by training on a rowing machine?

In order to maximise fat loss from using a rowing machine, there are two main approaches I would suggest you use in combination – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State). Too many people spend time in the middle

Can people still lose weight with intermittent fasting without exercising?

Anyone can lose weight with any method whatsoever, as long as they consume fewer calories than they need to maintain weight.The average male needs 2,500 calories per day to maintain weight, the average female 2,000 calories.Let's say you are an average female. If you

Can planking as a repetitive exercise really burn belly fat?

Can planking as a repetitive exercise really burn belly fat?No, it cannot.One of the biggest exercise myths is that you can lose fat in an area of the body by strength training or exercising that specific body part. The truth is that

Can running or jogging really reduce weight?

Hello!There are many myths around weight loss and fat loss out there. But to be specific, weight loss is just one of many benefits of running. With Freeletics Running I have come to know the cold hard facts how running can help to reduce weight that I

Can several 15-minute anaerobic exercises per day really help losing weight?

Hello,By definition, anaerobic exercise consists of highly demanding activities that even highly trained athletes can maintain only for a short time. The 100 meter dash is an example because the race begins and ends without the competitors taking a breath. In fact,

Can someone drastically and suddenly lose weight naturally ?

Hi,This generally doesn't happen.In most cases it is due to some metabolic problem. Diabetics loose weight. Or people with infection or some chronic disease.It would be best to see a general physician and get a full body check done.Once you know why it is so then proper steps can be taken.God forbid if anything abnormal

Can swimming help reduce body fat and tone ab muscles?

1. Yes swimming helps to reduce body fat : For some time, some people thought that because water is generally cooler than our body temperatures, it would be difficult to lose weight with a water workout. Like many old ideas about exercise, this has since been revised: Swimming is now recognized as one of the biggest calorie burners

Can walking help you lose weight?

Excessive fatigue in fat and fat in the stomach, as well as beauty, is also spoiled beauty. Many people are not too fat, but in the stomach many fat or some parts of the body feel very uncomfortable due to fat.I do not like to wear any

Can we lose 25 kgs in 6 months?

If you would able to bring your expectations down to 20kgs in 6 months, then I have a best tested plan for you. I am calling it a tested plan because when I was 18 years old,just waying towards collage form my high school at that time I needed to get some weight and

Can we lose weight by just walking 4km per day?

Yes, we would, over a long period of time. Walking is a form of cardio; 4 km would burn a couple of hundred calories. That would mean a very long time to see any weight loss results. If you're looking for results inBut what you should be burning is in the order of 6000–7000 cal /kg

Can we reduce belly fat by yoga?

I personally don't like going to the gym - too many sweating people queuing up for equipment! Plus the expensive monthly costs! I have been using a fantastic yoga program at home, so I can do my routine whenever i like and still get fab

Can we reduce belly fat without reducing facial fat?

Thе structure оf thе human face iѕ vеrу complicated. Thе complex musculature system lies beneath thе compartmentalized layers оf subcutaneous fat whiсh iѕ thеn topped with a layer оf skin. All thеѕе tоgеthеr cover thе boney sections whiсh make thе face. Thе layer оf subcutaneous fat forms thе facial fullness majorly. But, it iѕ highly susceptible

Can weight training alone burn fat?

In short, yes.You can lose fat with no exercise, nutrition is the key to success., not the level of exercise (weights or cardio) you perform.Most people perform exercise as a way of accelerating weight (ideally fat and not muscle) loss. If you ate correctly, below your maintenance level you would lose weight/fat. The

Can you fast without doing exercises and still lose weight?

Nice doubt, to make you understand everything I have included an article in detail here. Find some time to check it out.In one month, I lost a little over 8 Kgs (~20 Pounds) without exercising. Three months later

Can you lose belly fat if you eat spinach?

#Question name: Can you lose belly fat if you eat spinach?TOP 10 TIPS TO LOSE BELLY FAT NATURALLY!Hiii friends, I checked all Quorra ansswers and best tips to how to lose belly fat naturally on the internet as below. I hope you enjoy it.2. Think eating plan,

Can you lose fat from only anaerobic exercise?

Yes. The most important part of a weight loss plan is diet.The exercise part of the plan helps your body composition and makes it easier to maintain a caloric deficit by burning not calories and raising your metabolism through

Can you lose fat on exercise alone?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in terms of weight loss, exercise is neither

Can you lose fat with HIIT cardio?

Yes definitely if you combine HIIT cardio with proper nutrition. To lose fat the first thing you have to do is to eat at a calorie deficit and only if you are eating at a calorie deficit then HIIT cardio can help you lose fat.

Can you lose weight by doing HIIT alone?

If you want to believe in the nonsense stated then go ahead and do HIIT. Below are the facts regarding HIIT.HIIT consists of max intensity for a certain duration followed by low intensity for the same duration. This cycle is repeated until you are exhausted.If you are doing it the correct

Can you lose weight by walking one mile a day?

You're asking the wrong question. Exercise is perhaps the single best thing you can do for your health, but exercise is not a weight-loss tool. Especially when we're talking about walking for a mile. A quick Google search shows that a mile walk burns around 100 calories. Similar estimates are all over the internet. This

Can you target a body part to lose fat like the arms or the stomach?

Short answer:You cannot target specific areas to lose fat. You best option is to reduce overall body fat using a combination of diet and exercise.Long answer:Unfortunately, when it comes to losing fat, we cannot target certain body parts which is also know as "spot reduce". The reason is simple: the body doesn't work that

Can zumba reduce your weight faster than working out at the gym?

From female prospective I would say that if you are a woman then zumba is the best option for your weight loss.The benefits of zumba that you gonna get are as follows-Zumba probably not be counted as the best exercise for weight loss like gym and running.But Zumba could prove it self as the best

Could I lose weight, gain muscle, but have more fat?

[I've lost about 105lbs since Jan. ‘16. For whatever reason, Quora won't let me use that as a credential.]Not really.Look, so far as is relevant - what you can change through your actions, how you eat and exercise -

Do ab workouts burn belly fat?

Any and all workouts utilise calories for the excess energy put in.Fat is burned from all over the body, but if you exercise only one set of muscles, only that area of the body

Do apples help burn belly fat?

Apples are a nearly perfect food for primates. They provide energy in the form of fructose, they provide moisture, and they provide dietary fiber. They are not a complete food, but they are wonderful wonderful wonderful for daily life.Exercise burns

Do crunches help in getting a flat belly?

The answer is simply NO.According to one of the world's best fitness trainer Kris Gethin, 90% Diet + 10% Exercise = Ripped BodyAbs are made in the Kitchen, not in the Gym.If you are a typical Indian, it may be difficult for you to eat healthy food. If you want six pack

Do I lose fat as I gain muscle?

If you train as I do, YES you will lose body fat and make more muscle. I use weightlifting for physical activity. It covers strength and power training, and it also covers the cardio conditioning while preserving my muscle fibers. For best results (Maximum fat loss and maximum muscle production), I recommend to

Do I need a personal trainer to lose weight?

I think there is hardly the right and wrong answer to your question. But I have some advice for you.More often than ever, people are recognizing the need for a personal trainer. For whatever reason, personal training tends to be the last resort for many; only choosing to invest when the gym

Do I need to exercise to lose weight?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but

Do I need to lose weight?

Short Answer:Barring an unusual condition..... you're not fat, not even close.Slightly longer I'm not a fan of BMI. Why?Because it makes no attempt to measure, model or estimate body shape (ie body fat)So with an 'in range' BMI,

Do leg press, squat, and deadlift help to lose the percentage of body fat?

Yes , when combined with good diet and workout plan these compound exercises helps in losing body fat.Compound exercises are those in which more than one joint ( joints ) involved. So, a lot of muscles work during these movements. Due to which metabolic stress on body increases. Increased RMR

Do muscles burn fat around them when exercised?

Target-fat reduction is a myth and easily debunked. However if you want to lose body fat, it depends how long you exercise, when you have depleted most of your glycogen (stored glucose) then your body will begin burning body fat. It all depends on the activation of lipolysis pathway. Cardio on empty stomach is

Do overweight people also have to eat immediately after a gym workout for recovery?

You have to have a high protein food within 90 mins of your workout.Your workout (especially if it is a strength training routine) will create a window of opportunity for muscle growth if you replenish yourself with a high

Do squats help you lose thigh fat?

Thigh-Targeted Exercisesto Lose Thigh Fat 1Do squats. There are huge amounts of various squat activities you can do, yet the essential thought is this: With your legs bear width separated, drop your bum down to the ground until the point when your thighs are parallel with the ground. Parity here for no

Do weight loss supplements help you lose weight?

No, they are not. In addition to not helping, they are generally unsafe to take.You have to think about what a pill does to understand why it doesn't work. At the most a pill or supplement will suppress your appetite.That's a

Do you believe counting calories everyday is the best way to lose weight?

In my opinion, there are 3 major problems with calorie counting. And one good alternative.1) It's boring as hell.Whether you do it on an app or with pen and paper, it's annoying and takes a toll on your mood. It's

Do you lose weight if you don't eat?

Yes you do. A lot, but it's really risky. Since I know mostly 13-17 year old girls will be reading this because lets be honest who else comes to yahoo answers when in a weigh crisis. Well look no further than this comment if that's the case. Speaking from experience.Yes you do loose weight but,you can pass out

Do you prefer push-ups or weights?

Both push-ups (a form of calisthenics or body weight training) and weight training are incredibly useful to building one's physique.While I prefer using weights, I still do calisthenics/push-ups to complete my workout routine.So what is calisthenics?Generally speaking, calisthenic training involves

Does 16:8 intermittent fasting really help to lose weight?

There are a lot of really great answers here so instead of echoing the same thing I'll offer my experience and hopefully offer more perspective...I've been on IF for about a month, eating only from 2pm-8pm, a 6-hour window. I admittedly don't weigh myself because a lack of results is devastating to my continued adherence to a