Do gym rats smoke weed and then hit the gym?

I'm sure there are gym rats who smoke weed before hitting the weights, but in my experience the gym rats I know who smoke weed do it after working out. In the gym you want to be physically and mentally as sharp as you can be. You have to feel

Do I have to eat healthy/keep a healthy diet to see results from exercising?

Question: When is eating healthy not important?Answer: Never.My guess is that you already know eating healthy is an important for a long healthy life. If you want to live a short painful life, feel free to eat whatever you want, as much as you want. Still, this is a good question. We

Do I need good sleep before or after my workout?

The real question lies at what time you workout in your whole day.But let me answer it more logically.The first thing that comes in my mind is When will we be more productive? So, logically i can say that isSleep is as necessary to humans

Do I need to exercise to lose weight?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but

Do I need to go to the gym to get six packs?

Hello there!This is quite common question rising in all of our minds as our regular work life balance rarely supports to pick the extra time to go to gym and then do the exercises. And when it is the issue of getting six-pack, trust me, it is not

Do I need to lose weight?

Short Answer:Barring an unusual condition..... you're not fat, not even close.Slightly longer I'm not a fan of BMI. Why?Because it makes no attempt to measure, model or estimate body shape (ie body fat)So with an 'in range' BMI,

Do people actually enjoying going to the gym?

It runs much deeper than a simple pleasure.It's basically an acquired taste, like olives or dressing up in your mother's clothes.It's not a pleasurable feeling you can capture in the same way as finding money on the floor or having a nice meal.When I first went to the

Do people who go to the gym follow a routine?

Yes most do.There are too many approaches to list here but for example I do strength training so my routine is Chest, Arms, Legs and then Back.  This way when I cycle back to the same body part it is repaired.  I also do cardio on

Do people who 'skip leg day' have skinny legs because all the energy is used by their upper body, literally 'skinning their legs'?

No.People have smaller legs because they either neglect to work them out or because of their genetics. Something else to consider is that calf muscles are notoriously difficult to develop. While some lucky folks are born with massive calves, others can

Do people with long legs run faster than people with shorter legs?

In terms of endurance running, the concise answer is

Do you believe counting calories everyday is the best way to lose weight?

In my opinion, there are 3 major problems with calorie counting. And one good alternative.1) It's boring as hell.Whether you do it on an app or with pen and paper, it's annoying and takes a toll on your mood. It's

Do you burn more calories by walking with weights?

You sure do. Work burns calories. Even just thinking work burns more calories.Think about your car. Would it burn more gas with just you in it, or with you and a few of your friends along? More weight in the car means the engine works harder. Same with your body and carrying weights while walking.Wanna REALLY up

Do you ever want to lose weight but weight doesn't wanna lose you?

Weight loss is simple and easy if we are talking about going from 80 kg (176 lbs) to 60 kg (132 lbs) for example. The problem comes when people are already at 60kg (132 lbs) but they still have a high body fat percentage.So they think the solution is to keep on with

Do you feel that people who exercise on a daily basis have personality differences? Why?

I have been working out for years now. And yes there is a difference . There are very simple scientific reasons for this like the fact that it releases Dopamine which makes you feel happy. De-streses you, keeps your body

Do you have any tips to go to the gym all days without missing any day?

Thanks for the A2A.It is not a good idea to train every day especially if you are weight training, when I just did cardio I trained for 22 hours over 6 days with no problems, but with weights your body needs time to repair and recover.

Do you need less sleep if you exercise everyday?

actually the opposite is true. If you exercise every day with minimal exertion even your body needs rest in order to recuperate and replenish. It is assumed that you are causing some sort of growth to occur with said exercise whether

Do you need to use weights when working out?

Thank you for asking.Not necessarily.Resistance Training' is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force i.e. dumb bells, barbells or resistance bands or bodyweight exercises.Any form of exercises that is based on above definition can help you build lean mass. Barbell training is very effective and faster

Do you prefer push-ups or weights?

Both push-ups (a form of calisthenics or body weight training) and weight training are incredibly useful to building one's physique.While I prefer using weights, I still do calisthenics/push-ups to complete my workout routine.So what is calisthenics?Generally speaking, calisthenic training involves

Do you prefer sports over the gym?

For me, sports wins over gym marginally (Saying it from my personal experience ;I have been a basketball player and I workout regularly)Sports helps in shaping a person's personality overall.Physically - Increase in stamina, helps in losing extra calories.Mentally - Confidence boost, increases concentration...making us more focused, helps in developing leadership and team

Do you think the elliptical is a good way to start exercising even if you haven't exercised in awhile?

If you haven't exercised for a long time, common sense dictates you see a doctor for a checkup before doing any exercise.When you do start exercising start slow and acclimate yourself to whatever form of physical conditioning you choose.The elliptical machine will help you with a cardio workout using your energy to

Do you think yoga is really good exercise?

Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. It's been around for more than 5,000 years.Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation.There

Do you weight more when you flex your muscles?

Not you but your muscle for sure. It is simply logic as and you flex your muscle there is a similar thing happening in your body.Your bloods and cells circulation is moving so well and more that your muscle, like in doing cardio session will be more full of circulation and

Do you workout every day?

How often should you work out each week?As you can imagine, there's no simple formula that's right for everyone. So if you're wondering, "how many days a week should I work out?," that answer might be totally different than, say, your BFF or your coworker. (Come on, you didn't

Does a morning walk really help in losing weight and fitness?

yes it really helps.But there are few steps you have to follow:1. there is difference between walk and brisk walk.For loosing weight you have to follow brisk walk .2. Always wear shoes as it helps to gain speed and also maintain balance.3.Try not to skip . If by chance you have some urgent work and you

Does aerobic exercise build muscle? How?

Depends on your training history and other training factors.The mechanism is the same as other muscle building, a stimulus is given to the muscle slightly above it's current ability so it adapts accordingly. Either by adding additional fibers (hyperplasia), transitioning fibers (according to research we seem to have a fiber group that can

Does bicycling or running consume more calories?

Over the same distance, cycling consumes far fewer calories.  Very roughly speaking, running burns around 100 calories per mile, while cycling burns only 30.Wheels are much better at conserving momentum than legs are.  Even if you don't coast, you're

Does bodybuilding weakens the heart?

A2A.NO! If anything, body building or any kind of physical activity for that matter strengthens your heart, improves your cardiovascular fitness, increases your stamina, improves blood circulation, provides better muscle coordination and in short enables your heart to pump more blood and

Does burning calories through exercise help you lose weight?

Indirectly yes, but not because you burn more calories - because it changes your metabolism favorably to burn more of your own fat for fuel, improves glucose and insulin metabolism, promotes fat burning instead of fat storage, creating more muscle mass that increases your metabolism and again improves your fat utilization.That being said, you need to make sure that

Does caffeine before the workout help with burning fat?

I agree with Sunny.  The energy boost from caffeine would probably help you increase the intensity and duration of your workout, but I would also caution you to practice moderation.  A lot of the energy drinks and over the counter supplements available today are more powerful than a cup of coffee.  You could possibly push yourself

Does chilli burn calories?

Here answer for your question is YES and NO both, totally depending upon the situations. There are many substitutes that are available to burn calories but what is more important is how much you are consuming.Chilli is low calorie and it helps in burning calories by reversing the metabolic activities

Does cramming a ton of exercise into 1-2 days per week work just as well as spreading the same amount of exercise across 5-6 days for losing weight?

Don't cram, you can overtrain and increase your appetite while reducing muscle mass, causing you to gain fat quickly.Regular and consistent exercise with 2 to 3 strength sessions spaced out every week over a long period of time will help you to invest in building muscle mass which helps you to increase your metabolism.Regular and consistent cardiovascular training also

Does exercise help with aging? If so, how?

Exercise is the best way to counter the effects of aging on your functionality in daily life, mental function, metabolism and appearance.How?First, a brief explanation in muscle physiology:Muscle is composed of three main muscle

Does exercise increase pulse pressure during exercise? If so, why?

Your pulse increases, but after some times doing the same excercise or a similar one the pulse increases less than before, then you will be tired because you are in the fitness zone. Some exercises demand more effort to the hearth than other ones. Then, if you want to

Does exercise speed fat loss?

If someone follows a VLCD (very low caloric diet) say less than 1000 calories to lose weight they are going to have a tough time following it in the first place.Probably for a week or so, you can severely restricts calories

Does exercising regularly impact your face?

Definitely, it does.Regular exercise when combined with an equally healthy and balanced diet with perfect hydration with water always hits the bull's eye! That triggers a great metabolism leading to the expulsion of toxic impurities from your body which often aggravate skin irritation, acne, blackheads at the skin level.Coming to the actual benefits

Does jumping rope burn more calories than running?

NO. Running is a far more complicated motion and is a higher-output exercise.Jumping rope involves hopping up and down in place. The work you do raises your center of gravity straight up, then it falls straight down, and this oscillation continues over and over.

Does puking burn calories?

I used to have bulimia nervosa. This means that I used to binge and purge.The myth where you vomit and lose weight has to be dropped. Many women that are skinny & practice vomiting usually do starve themselves most of the time and also stress so much that it makes

Does running 5k build muscle or help to lose weight?

Running long distances is an aerobic exercise that helps to lose weight.It is hardly possible to build muscles for running long distances, since your body is consuming most of the energy from all the parts of your body to fuel the long distance run. Hence, running long distances frequently can

Does running faster burn more calories?

I'm going to assume that a fast running is some form of high intensity cardio workout. Hence, you can look at this article, which gives you a very much quantitative answer to your question: The Fat Burning Zone Myth: Don't Be Fooled - BuiltLeanBasically what it says is:

Does running on an empty stomach burn more fat?

Recent studies show that there is no actual difference between the subjects that did cardio in a fasted state vs fed state Body composition changes associated with fasted versus non-fasted aerobic exercise. Both groups had equal amounts of fat loss and were both put into a caloric deficit.So the answer here according

Does running worth making you fit?

Why do you need to run?If you want to get into a job that requires you to run all the time then you must get into running.You should work out to make you fit for whatever you love doing.Than you need to watch

Does skipping rope burn calories?

Of course yes. Skipping is a great form of workout which can help you loose weight quickly. It is an extra ordinary and simple approach to loose those extra calories. Skipping Rope for 30 minutes can help you shed 450 calories in 30 minutes (and those are great figures). Therefore it will not

Does sweating burn calories and make you lose weight?

Possibly in some way.. however women with menapause who have random hot flushes and extreme night sweats aren't coming in out droves to tell us about their weight loss so hmmBack to the possibly...An experiment was done in a prison. Targeting people

Does swimming gain muscle and lose weight?

Competitive swimmers do tend to be quite lean and muscular.....however...that's probably a function of the time spent training. They swim A LOT.Muscle growth occurs as a result of high mechanical load which recruits the majority of muscle units within a muscle - and metabolic stress. Continued growth requires continued, progressive overload

Does swimming help in curing diabetes? Does it help in insulin formation?

Like any physical exercise, using your muscles lowers blood sugar by consuming it, and in type 2 diabetics lowers insulin resistance which will also lower your blood sugar, so is good, but won't cure your diabetes, and nothing will make you produce more insulin if you're a

Does taking NSAIDs for muscle soreness after exercise make recovery take longer?

The previous answers to this question is shit. For two main reasons that first come to mind: 1) there are many studies that suggest NSAIDs are bad for bone, tendon, fascia, ligament and muscle healing. Regular resistance training will

Does turmeric help to reduce belly fat?

Yes, Turmeric can assist in weight loss in several ways. Turmeric prevents fat accumulation and promotes browning of white adipose tissue. It has has a thermogenic action which helps in fat burn. Turmeric is also known to accelerate diet-induced weight loss. Apart from this turmeric can help with other conditions commonly associated with

Does walking regularly help in weight loss, for how long should one walk for it to work towards weight loss?

I have seen some old relatives of mine who stayed quite fit uptill the age of around 80 just because they would walk. And no, i am not talking about morning walks or fashionable health walks i am talking about real walking. Which means that they would walk to work, to temple, in the morning,

Does water help burn fat?

Let's propose a test:Get a cup of water. Pour it on a stick of butter. Will it burn?Of course not.Your body burns fat when it needs energy and doesn't have enough current energy stores to supply your energy needs.Water does not affect your energy stores.It does not affect your body's energy needs

Does weight lifting reduce or stunt height and stop growth?

Yes, lifting weights will make you shrink. For every 10 pounds you increase on your bench, you'll get one inch shorter.  Just kidding. My guess is you're asking this question because you see many short-of-stature guys in the gym, and these are the guys that are usually pretty

Does weight training slow down weight loss?

Yes, it can slow down weight loss, but in terms of fat loss it is your best option. Gaining weight during weight training is not because you are getting "fat" it is because you are gaining muscle. No, that does not mean you are going to get

Does working the night shift make it harder to loose weight?

I don't think it would make it any harder than to lose weight on the day shift, unless you are eating at night and during the day. If you're eating during daylight and late at night, this will likely lead to weight gain, instead of weight loss. If you are careful of what and

Does yoga help with weight loss?

Yes It is. I lost 3 Kgs in less than a month. It worked out for me in an effective manner. I even hit 108 per day, and the change is very visible. You can start with minimum 7 rounds per day and

Does your skin improve drastically once you start exercising?

Exercising makes your skin healthier too in the following ways:1. When you exercise, you sweat Along with the sweat, excess sebum and dirt in your pores are also carried away opening up your clogged pores & skin appears cleaner. Thus, exercises helps us against skin impurities.2. Exercising also increases the blood circulation

During a workout at the gym when lifting your desired weight becomes difficult due to having done a number of reps already at this weight, is it detrimental to lower the weight to continue working out as much as you can?

it's not detrimental, but it's pointless. If your goal is to grow (hypertrophy) or to get strong (strength).. then you have to lift till there's nothing left in the tank and then move to the next exercise. It appears that you believe that you should be dominating in the gym, and tossing around all kinds of weight...but then

Exercise causes wear & tear of body. So logically shouldn't exercising be unhealthy & resting for long hours be healthy?

Exercise has some of the greatest benefits for our bodies. When we exercise, we produce a effect known as the general adaptive syndrome.This effect begins when we

Exercise is good for health. But then why do some people don't exercise?

1. They don't have time (if you don't have time FIND TIME)2. They are lazy (get busy )3. They are too tired (exercising will increase your stamina and make you more active at work rather than drain you down)4. They feel exercise is boring or they don't want to sweat (exercise is fun and sweat

Fitness for beginners?

I suggest that you find something you enjoy. I personally enjoy doing calisthenics and gymnastics type exercises. Calisthenics provides a unique challenge for you to overcome your body weight and there are natural progressions that feel awesome when you finally progress to something more

Fitness: How can I gain muscle without gaining weight?

Muscle is weight. Therefore, I think you mean how can you build muscle and no fat. Its impossible. Even lean bulking will result in a minimal amount of fat gain. But don't worry, its a tiny amount if you do it correctly. Also fat and muscle can't be converted

Fitness: Is gym bad for skinny people?

Gym is bad for you if you don't know how to lift weights, since that will lead you to injury.Gym is bad for you if your ego is bigger than your brain and you insist on lifting something wayyy above your limits, since that will also lead

Fitness: Should a skinny guy lift heavy at beginning?

To clarify Tom Thomas's point, the first thing you should do in the gym is to perfect the form of your lifts. Without perfect form you will not grow as quickly and you stand a chance of hurting yourself. It might not be an acute injury,

Food or fitness?

Definitely food. Right nutrition provides the basis of health. You need to fully cover all need of your body - carbs, fats, and protein not only to have the energy to live but have supplements to your body to regenerate, protect the immune system, help liver and kidneys to extract all toxins and do not deplete. If your health

For fitness I can't get motivation how do I?

Motivation to do something is the sum product of everything you believe. You don't need motivation to not kill someone it's automatic because it conflicts with your mindset. Motivation isn't something you acquire. Motivation is the result. Asking for motivation is like if I put your favorite food in front of you when you are really hungry

For losing weight what is better, jogging or brisk walking?

Neither! Exercise doesn't cause weight loss only the under consumption of calories from you TDEE causes weight loss. This is why it the evidence is so cloudy. Don't believe me?....... if exercise causes weight loss both fat and skinny people would continue to lose weight so long as they continued to exercise. That just isn't

For someone looking to lose weight & begin exercising for the 1st time, what are some of the best fitness blogs, apps, & publications that you recommend?

This is such a good question and I feel quite hard to answer. Most PT's work for themselves and therefore have their own blog (yes I do) which they'd recommend, but generally speaking it's quite hard for me to recommend any sources that are my ‘go-to'.For tracking nutrition I generally get clients to use MyFitnessPal app, this

Gyms and Workout Facilities: What is the best exercise to strengthen core?

The secret behind an amazing core is (1) compound mid-section-centered weightlifting movements to develop raw core strength and (2) dynamic movements/ static holds to develop strength endurance. The best exercises for core strength are the squat and the deadlift. When you squat and deadlift, you are putting an immense amount of pressure on the

Has anyone had success losing weight by just eating more slowly?

Yes. This is a strategy I advocate. The reason is this. Your belly takes time to communicate with your brain about how full you feel. If you eat quickly, and you don't control the amounts you eat, you will not feel full before you eat too much.On the other hand, if you

Have you ever considered using a hard drug to lose weight?

There is no reason to use anything harmful to lose weight. From science we have learned the best ways to lose weight and maintain it without resorting to crazy diets or diet pills, surgeries or drugs. The most effective strategies include intermittent fasting combined with a balanced, nutrient dense, low calorie (not too low) diet with healthy snacks.

Have you experienced for yourself the benefits of regular bodyweight exercises?

I started with bodyweight exercises in high-school and did that for a couple of years before joining the gym. I was agile, strong, muscular, proactive, happy and never had any ailment. I still do bodyweight exercises whenever I don't get time for the gym. I feel light on my feet and happy after the session.

Health Tips: Is there one certain exercise I can do everyday to stay lean and ripped?

1. Warming up Start with a short warm up where you can shake loose  your muscles and makes warm. This can be securely running, jumping rope,  cycling etc. Begin quietly after a few minutes of your workout. 2. 15 seconds high intensity Try 15 seconds to

Health: What basic exercise can I start to stay healthy?

1) If you cannot be regular, you might as well forget about your health. Your body doesn't care if you are lazy or not. So if you don't take care of your body, your body will simply fail, and you will die sooner than the rest. 2) If you don't make time for your own

Healthcare Healthy Living What is the best age to join gym for a man?

Perhaps your teacher has his/her reasons but I have to completely disagree with it.First of all, working out in the gym - cardio and weight training, does not affect your height or growth. In order for the body to put on

How accurate is the Yufit fitness band? Can it be compared with fitness bands worth 5 to 10k rupees?

Well these wrist bands are no ordinary bands, they are health tracking devices. These devices helps one to track heart rate, blood oxygen level and total steps taken for particular day and calories burnt. It does give you some good data

How are exercise routines planned?

Exercise routines are designed according to your goals: building muscle? building strength? or losing body fat? What are your weak points? You want to focus on legs or chest? In general you want to hit each muscle groups at least once a week so you don't have muscle imbalances.

How bad is it to take a complete rest day where you do no exercise at all?

Bad? It's absolutely essential to regularly (weekly) take one or more complete rest days from exercise, if, that is, you want to improve your performance as quickly as possible. Daily stressing your physical body is not allowing for recovery and repair, a key component of becoming stronger. To get a clear understanding on how rest helps

How can a foodie be fit as well?

I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but I love good food and I have a big appetite. Living in Seoul, which starting a few years ago developed a great food scene, has made it difficult to stay fit. I don't have a six-pack, but I

How can a girl lose inches from her waist and get flat abs?

Irrespective of the gender, loosing waist inches and getting flat abs have similar principal. Since females tend to accumulate fat on lower body more, my advice would be to do more core exercises which in turn will take care of muscles in the legs as well. Flat

How can a skinny guy build a good body?

I see a lot of non lifters answers here.First of all. Yes , you have some amazing genetics: wide shoulders and small waist. I'd say you have currently about 11% body fat, which is good, so you can start bulking

How can a woman keep herself fit and healthy?

Exercise boosts your heart health, builds muscle and bone strength, and wards off health problems.Aim for 2 and a half hours of moderate activity, like brisk walking or dancing, every week. If you're OK with vigorous exercise, stick to 1 hour and 15 minutes a week of things like running or playing tennis.

How can a woman that is 5'2' & 230 lbs lose 90 lbs in 3 months?

To lose about 13kg/29lbs a month(multiply by 3 months, you get 87 which is close to 90), I did it by exercising continuously everyday and eating about 200kcals(while taking vitamins). Not everyone would go for this method but it just depends on how desperate

How can a young woman stay fit and healthy in a natural, realistic way?

The lifestyle of working women and general women is a little bit different. Their fitness-keeping techniques are so different. This will be organized by specialist consultants on the various fitness strategies of working women.How to get red lips permanently'Life is quite boring. Get up early in the morning and start the day from breakfast. After finishing

How can amenorrhea due to vigorous exercise cause osteoporosis?

If you are interested in traditional medicine, I suggest that you read the following book:

How can breathing burn calories?

Theoretically, every physical contraction or expansion of any muscle tissue needs calories. So both breathing, blinking, chewing gum or itching a palm all burn calories.That said, breathing isn't classified as separate physical activity outside of what one's Basal metabolic rate - Wikipedia for the really lightweight energy

How can exercise prevent hair loss?

Exercise is one of the Important Key for good health and good hair. When we exercise we sweat. Through sweat, toxins and waste substances are flushed out from the skin pores, giving us a fresh and radiant skin. Likewise, when we sweat from our scalp, it helps to unclog the hair

How can I, a 19 old college student, lose weight and body fat without having to eat less (and decrease my cognitive capacities, I need sugar and fat as well) and to work out a lot?

completely cut out sugar, and cut carbs to 40 grams a more good fats, avocado, oily fish, meat including the fat, butter.i currently eat fatty beef mince with egg and cheese omelettes.i eat twice a day and not hungry.i'm losing 1–2 pounds a day, but i currently weigh 330

How to become a fitness model

There are several different things that a person need to remember while starting there career as a fitness model or training themselves to become a fitness model.Here are some basic steps to become a fitness model.Keep yourself focusedEat healthyMaintain a well shaped bodyLearn to be comfortable infront of

How to become fit

To stay fit start withEating healthy food.Wake up early in morning before rising sun.Regular exercise.Stay positive.Don't watch porn.(it will affect your brain function).Don't use social sites.(they will only waste your time).Help others it will bring happiness to you.Stay happy not addicted.Practise some martial arts.(on my own thinking).Never give up.Awake

How to burn fat faster and tone my abs

I have mentioned some exercises which are fat burning focused. Doing these exercises 3–4 times a week with increase in number of sets can really do wonder for your extra fat. All you have to do is to get stick to the these exercises other

How to burn off my stored body fat

By Fasting.Long fasts are great unless you are underweight or pregnant. If you are underweight then a short few days fast is better for you and if you are pregnant then you shouldn't fast at all. Fasting is great for everything. Within 24–48 hours fasting,

How to commit to work out

Welcome to the club. I can think of many things I rather do than working out. Exercising is necessary though if you want to look good and be healthy. It took me many trials and errors before it became a habit. And that is key. Once it becomes a habit, you have a better chance of success. Like brushing

How to continue tracking weight loss from dieting when I start a strength training program that will add muscle weight

Weight can be confusing to track because you can experience variations in: fat weight, muscle weight, water weight, and food weight (the food in your digestive system).The best way I know of to get a general idea of what's going on, if you want to be really thorough, is to do each of the following:Weigh yourself

How to detoxify my body from marijuana, caffeine and MDMA (ecstacy)

The simple way to detox fast is to eat raw food, though most people seek to eat for pleasure, raw food probably wouldnt be your first choice as one gets gradually used to eating raw and its an aquired taste, in

How to develop the body and the stamina

Stamina by definition means the ability to sustain a prolonged physical effort. Stamina and endurance only increases with practice and specific workouts. I will give an example from my experience.When I started running in my college, I could barely finish a 1500 m race. I was completely out of breath when I finished

How to do my first push up and my first pull up

A friend of mine wrote a program for someone just like you! It's for people who have never done a pull-up before, and are looking to achieve their first strict pull-up. Ideally this program would be added to your current training, and take just three

How to exercise without losing weight

To avoid losing weight while exercising you have to replace the calories you burn by eating nutritious food. Be extra-conscious of how many calories you eat versus how many you burn in a workout to make sure you're replacing them.To

How to gain mass without losing muscle, speed and flexibility plus without gaining weight

The purpose of gaining "mass" is to gain muscle, so a good weight training regimen will take care of that concern. For maintaining speed and flexibility, I'd recommend you incorporate plyometrics and either yoga or general stretching into your routine. You'll also want to make sure you're on a moderate caloric surplus; calculate how

How to gain weight as an 18 year old girl

Weight gain in women? Ahh, most of the women are obsessed with losing weight. You may not be women who want to lose weight as your peeps.As weight loss is a challenge so is weight gain. Weight gain can be a hard struggle and a challenging task. One has to change one's lifestyle in order