How to gain weight without lifting weights at home in a healthy way

Here is how I did it.When I left Delhi for pursuing 4 yr B.Tech in Jaipur, I weighed 57kg. I won't say I was skinny but yeah I hated myself coz google said that my average weight should be 65 kg. I joined a gym out there, asked the bullshit trainer

How to get a 2-week LA Fitness pass

One of the best ways to get a 2 week guest pass, is by simply walking in with an interest to join the gym. Typically what will happen (or is supposed to happen) is that you will meet one of the

How to get a strong and big body

Focus on big muscle groups like back, chest and legs and do exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts. Do not go too heavy if you are just starting out. Get a trainer to show you the proper way to do these exercises. Eat better. Meaning you gotta eat in a manner that will help you

How to get abs and a toned body when I still have excess body fat

The short answer is, you can't. To be a bit more specific your abdominal muscles are under a layer of belly fat, it doesn't matter how large or defined they are you still have to get rid of this layer of belly fat to get them to show. Think

How to get fit and skinny as a 15yo

Junk food isn't the problem the problem is that see want to eat all the goodies but we don't want to exercise the pounds off. I realized the only way I am going to lose weight is to exercise once I ate a meal or junk food since I am in

How to get fit and toned by July

Yes its is definitely possible to do that mate as a month back even i did it.I can share my routine follow that if you like.WORKOUTIf u have a gym membership then start pairing strength training with cardio (playing some sport being the best cardio). Go for high rep (25–12 rep range) low weight resistance training along

How to get fit as a teenager

People were getting in shape long before there were apps that let you track your calories. Calorie counting isn't all that necessary for general fitness, and mostly is useful to examine eating or exercise habits.Fitness is more of a lifestyle choice than an arbitrary goal. You don't really

How to get fit by just working out at home

Actually, doing body weight exercises like pull ups, pushups, etc are very good compared to going to the gym and lifting dumbbells, barbells, etc. The advantage being, while doing the pullups, you carry the whole weight of your body even

How to get leaner without going to the gym

Well, 100 people will suggest you 100 exercises. But, understand that a fit body = 30% workout + 70% diet. Without concentrating on diet you won't achieve a single thing. Understand that your weight loss or gain is mostly related to your calorie intake and

How to get skinny in 3 months is a great new study out by the BBC which shows how to find the right diet for you, as there are many reasons why people overeat once true medical reasons like steroids for allergies have been taken out. There is

How to get skinny in one week

Are you scheduled to go on a trip where you'll have to put on a bathing suit or are you desperately trying to fit into a bridesmaid dress before your friend's big day? If you want to achieve permanent weight loss, long term gradual weight loss through

How to improve my health and fitness

It depends on how much you are willing to commit and what level of fitness you are looking to achieve.If you just want to have relative health and fitness, it is just about eating the right foods and putting in 30–45 minutes of some form of physical activity 3–5 times

How to keep fit at work

Well, friend..I will answer with the assumption that you are someone who out of choice, passion or compulsion has to spend a lot of time at work (. Sadly, in this case staying fit will take a lot of efforts). As it is evident the best way to stay fit, physically(in most sense)is to

How to know how much exercise I need daily

Depending on which category you fall under, it will do no harm to follow either of the following:Adolescents - should get at least 1 hour or more a day of physical activity in age-appropriate activities, spending most of that engaged in moderate- or vigorous–intensity aerobic activities.

How to know if I should exercise more

Hi,This question's answer depends on how healthy you are and how much you eat It sounds like you are doing a more than decent amount of exercise that should keep you healthy.Keeping healthy relies on 3 factorsHow much excercise you do How much you eatWhat you eatYou

How to lift weights at home

Well, there's a new gym that takes less than a minute to get to, is never crowded, always plays your favorite songs, and is stocked with the best strength training equipment. That gym is...your home, not a packed, sweaty gym.With the right equipment and workout apps, it's totally possible

How to lose 1 kg in 15 days

Everyone's way of losing weight is different, and some might even swear by their weight loss regime. But most of the times, the philosophical way of looking at things don't work; you have to find the smart way out. You ought to

How to lose 10 kgs in the next 3 months

10 seems a bit less for 3 months. Why not aim higher? Why not go for 25? Which is what I did. TL;DR?(click on the hyperlinks.)There are three particular areas where you need to channel your focus:Exercise: Well, sorta obvious. But not so obvious are the details which

How to lose 10 pounds in 15 days

You can lose either by starving yourself or eating less calories than you burn.Disclaimer- Its gonna bounce back double with the speed faster than you lost it .There are no shortcuts for good health. Its a lifestyle change .The health girl (@nutri_heal) • Instagram photos and videos

How to lose 100 pounds in 30 days

You need to find a diet that will help you lose weight and become slim, but it must also leave you feeling satisfied with what you can eat.You need to follow a diet plan that is going to keep you feeling good. One of the greatest failures in diets is

How to lose 10kg weight while working in night shifts

Hi,Many people who work in night shift are prone to gain weight due to uneven sleep hours, working time, Stress, and Eating Habits.There are many ways to reduce your current weight, like:You can take advantage of your night shifts and do the things according.Means, Prepare your own healthy food

How to lose 15 kgs in 7 days even if it is unhealthy

Many answers in here state that it's impossible, with some even suggesting amputation.Let me tell you something.It may very well be corny but it's the truth.You can do so. Yes, I said it. You can lose 15kgs in a week.But there's a serious catch. You will lose weight. Not fat. But

How to lose 15 pounds in 15 days

OBESE*: Time tested with no scope for anorexia symptoms. Those putting up weight, without eating much food stuff, may go in for thyroid check-T3, T4 & TSH. However, Acupressure techniques can regulate, thyroid function, on daily basis. Strong determination is sine quo non + strict compliance. A rough idea about normal

How to lose 15 pounds in a month

Losing fat requires patients and consistency. Nobody gets fit over night; it takes months and years! The best approach for weight loss is two-pronged: diet and exercise.Follow these diet rules to make it easier:Don't overhaul your diet overnight! Start by making just one small change and two weeks later add another one. The more change you attempt at

How to lose 19 kg in 1.5 months

An extremely obese person can lose up to 15 kgs in a healthy way in a time span of 12 weeks that is 6 months.The number 19kgs to lose in 6 weeks is scary. But one thing, if you lose faster, you may even gain back all of that

How to lose 19 kg in 2 months

Slimming is a subjective matter as it depends upon person to person. Maybe you are 50 Kg and wanted to lose some 5 kg only at the same time someone with 80 kg targets to lose some 10 kgs in a month.

How to lose 30 kg in 15 months

Here are six things that you can do to lose weight:Exercise should be a part of your daily routine: Reserve 30 minutes of your schedule for exercise. No matter how busy you are, it is not difficult to take out

How to lose 30 pounds in eight weeks

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.Be it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

How to lose 40 kgs in 8 months

That's an ambitious goal for a person who's having a hard time resisting his appetite.Why 40? What happens in 8 months?There is no magic trick to do this. I've seen people do it (same age as you and me) but it took a lot of work, a lot of time and definitely a lot of persistence. I would

How to lose 5 kg in 15 days

Oh you definitely can!!because I myself have lost 11 kg in a month!!Yes, and I am not bluffing.But it takes sheer volumes of determination, overcoming fatigue, sleepless nights, crying yourself to sleep, eating nothing but eggs and slices of bread, cucumber, carrot.But I did this under expert supervision and would stop if I felt any kind of

How to lose 5 lbs in less than 2 weeks

How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on ScienceThere are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast.However, most of them will make you hungry and unsatisfied.If you don't have iron willpower, then hunger will cause you to give up on these plans quickly.The

How to lose 50 kg in 1 month

Losing 50 kgs in a month is as harmful as keeping those 50kgs on your body. I would suggest that you look for a more sustainable goal. Like start with 3 - 4 kgs a month. Following a good , balanced diet and a proper exercise regimen will help.Don't do crash diets, low cal diets

How to lose 50 kg in 24 months

You can loose easilyFat loss diet planMeal-1 (7-8 am) 3 whole egg omlet 200 ml milk 50 gram oats/ 1/2 appleMeal-2 (10-11 am) 1cup green tea 1 brown bread + 1/2 spoon Peanut butterMeal-3 (1-2 pm) 100 GM chicken breast grilled 1 cup rice 1 cup curry

How to lose 50 kg in 5 months

Do it in 8 months instead. Modify your diet as per below mentioned details :-Say no to sugar, rice, potato, soda drinks, alcohol , sweets, non veg. Check calorie content of every meal you eating.Start your day with warm water and honey. Drink warm water only whenever you are thirsty.Reduce the quantity of roti to

How to lose 7 kg in 5 days

The General Motors diet began as an in-house program solely for General Motors employees. The program is now very popular worldwide among individuals looking for effective weight loss management plans. The General Motors diet can help a person shed 10 to 17 lbs in just 7 days.Although weight loss is the ultimate goal of the General Motors diet, the

How to lose 70 pounds

Diet and weight loss are hot issues for many people.If you're a dieter who has a large amount of weight to lose, it's important to be patient and stay focused on your long-term goals.A loss of 70 pounds in seven months is entirely possible if you lose an average of

How to lose a lot of water weight fast

Water weight is the extra water that's stored throughout your body. Sometimes your body retains too much water. This condition is called edema or fluid retention, and is a common side effect of chronic inflammation. (1)Excess water retention is caused by many things, from poor diet,

How to lose all my belly fat, get abs, and lower my body fat percentage to around 5% in 7 months

First off, wanting 'abs' is cool, but if you're doing it to score with the babes -  man, don't worry about it. The chicks are gonna go for the whole package; smile and be a stand-up guy and you'll be good to go. Saying that...5%?! Damn dude! You

How to lose as much weight as possible as soon as possible

Hi ShivaniJust go thru the story of a Young college girl who was obese, but her sheer passion for losing weight made her achieve the goal regards to losing weight there are many things which can be done.No matter how easy

How to lose belly fat, and keep it off

It's all about managing our metabolism through maintaining hormonal balance.Here are the key facts:Our metabolism affects how much our body breaks down fat cells and turns then into energy.Our hormones and our body composition affect our metabolism.Exercising and sleeping well affects hormones.Let's first talk about how the belly fat first

How to lose belly fat in a week without exercise

just eat 2 times is best tipDr dixit diet plan chartDr Dixit Diet plan chartIdentify the time of the day when you are really hungry; usually, a person is truly hungry twice in the day. We recommend below times.

How to lose body fat when I'm bulking up and working out

You can't. Point 11 directly talks about this, but reading all context will help:There are certain things to understand.I wish I could just straight up give you a quick answer.Here are the things to understand:(1) Body Fat is fat. You know how foods contain fat? Well, that fat when digested, {whatever fats not used for energy}, will

How to lose body weight and gain muscle in 3 weeks

Not sure why this three weeks pressure is on you, but you can get amazing results if this is the only thing you're going to be focused on.  Question is - for how long can you sustain this?To lose weight, eating fewer calories and burning a lot

How to lose fat fast and healthily

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.Be it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff that each diet has. The diets would generally require a higher expenditure as compared to intake for it to work.

How to lose fat in 10 days

Hi Dear! Please follow these tips you will lose fat and wait quickly.A plethora of diet plan for weight loss is flooding thedesks of dietitians shelves of libraries and walls of your kitchen. Your bellyline is pushing out your epidermal cells out of all boundaries. You know thatyou need to consider Weight Loss using Paleo

What are the best ways to lose weight at home?

There are 2 ways to lose your weight.Burn more calories than you consume. OrConsume less calories than you burn.There is no other way to lose weight.Now let's see how we lose weight/fat.1 kg fat= 7700 calories.So if you want to

How to lose stomach fat without situps

FOOD HABIT: Avoid packaged food, eat natural, eat at regular intervals and eat more in the morning and less at night and sleep early. Do not stay hungry as it may cause rebound accumulation of fat once you start eating. Eat more fruits, protein and moderate amount carbohydrates. Avoid

How to lose stubborn belly fat while at work

Belly fat is the most difficult to shed but not impossible. You just need to be determine and discipline in whatever method you choose to get rid of it. I will suggest the followingYou will first need to change your attitude to food i.e. eating only when hungry and

How to lose weight as a 220 pound 6 foot 15 year old fast before the next school year

At 15 you're still growing, and will likely continue to gain weight. However, you can slim down and lean up by eating a healthy diet, avoiding sugar and processed foods (that means no McDonald's or other fast food). Stay away from all sodas-that includes diet. Don't forget to drink tons of water.You're probably at the will

How to lose weight fast and never gain it again

1. Choose a Low-Carb DietIf you want to lose weight you should start by avoiding sugar and starch (like bread). This is an old idea: For 150 years or more there have been an infinite number of weight-loss diets based on eating less carbs. What's new is that dozens of modern scientific studies

How to lose weight healthily while doing sports

Lose fat and win muscleLook around and you will notice that I am in the minority because you believe that you can swell and cut at the same time. I say ‘believe', but I really mean ‘to know' as I have ‘done the impossible' on many occasions, and so do my readers by carrying out

How to lose weight? I weigh in at about 230 pounds, not all fat mostly a hybrid of weight, but I want to drop down to about 175 pounds. I have no access to a gym. I pay my aunt for groceries, so how can I control my weight loss

Start here:Calorie CalculatorFind out how much kcals per day you SHOULD be eating, it also tells you how much to eat to lose X per week. About 1–2 pounds a week is reasonable.Since it seems someone else makes your meals you will have less control

How to lose weight in 10 days without dieting

If you don't want to diet then it's a lost hope unless you run a marathon per day. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to reduce one pound of fat and a marathon run is approx that so ten day ten marathons eating at your BMR means ten pound loss.Lets be serious

How to lose weight in 30 days

Your goal for losing weight in 30 days is OK, but you need to fix your target for how much weight you want to lose in those days?The best way to lose your weight is by detoxification of your body, periodically, exercise & diet. Making a mindset that you are going to

How to lose weight in one week by excercise

** To shed pounds in one week by practicing are beneath**Drink Mainly Water :-A games or caffeinated drink, organic product smoothie, or light lager - each serving contains around 100 calories. However these refreshments don't fulfill you the way 100 calories

How to lose weight quickly by changing my diet

Thanks for the A2A Miguel CaminoThis is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.The healthiest weight loss would be the one that gives you the biggest adherence and consistency.Be it Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, OMAD and excluding the hormonal stuff

How to lose weight when I don't have time to exercise

IT STARTS WITH YOUR HABITS.Here are some suggestions:Upon waking up 2 glasses of water to wake up and regulate your metabolism, since you have had no nutrients or food energy intake in the last 7 - 8 hours during sleepStart your day with a Healthy

How to lose weight without doing anything at all

দীর্ঘ সময় বসে বসে কাজ করা, দৈহিক পরিশ্রম কম হওয়ার কারণে পেটে মেদ জমতে থাকে। ফলে শরীরচর্চার সময় যারা বের করতে পারছেন না, তারা প্রতিদিনকার কিছু সহজ অভ্যাসের মাধ্যমে কমিয়ে ফেলতে পারেন শরীরের অতিরিক্ত মেদ।* প্রতিদিন তিন কোয়া রসুন: প্রতিদিন সকালে উঠেই খালি পেটে

How to lose weight without gaining even more back

You need to find a diet that will help you lose weight and become slim, but it must also leave you feeling satisfied with what you can eat.You need to follow a diet plan that is going to keep you feeling good. One of the

How to make my body strong and healthy from the inside

Hi, Trust you are doing well! I am answering you my prospective towards health and best practices. You only know what you do and what you know. Does not it feel great to know the truth and follow it!?  When you go to a nutritionist/Doctor/Online help/Weight loss centers Or

How to make myself exercise more

This is easy. When the exercise will become habit, something you just do, like brushing teeth.Firstly find something you love. Then you have to create pleasant memories you doing the sport. Anything goes, more session you enjoyed more you will be addicted.And then for those days...Just getting into

How to motivate someone to lose weight

Motivation can be in different forms depending on the person's likes and dislikes. Find out what your brother exactly likes and try motivating him in that angle also tell him the importance of being fit and healthy.Tell your brother about BMI. Explain to him that his BMI rating is much higher that

How to push through a plateau and start losing fat again

It may be hard to believe but weight loss plateau is actually a good thing ... on the physiological level (even though it is extremely frustrating on the emotional one).Weight loss plateau is simply a sign that your body is re-calibrating

How to reduce my belly fat in 30 days

How can I reduce my belly fat in 30 days without exercise with the right dietYes, it is possible without exercise but I am telling you honestly it needs consistency ok. You will definitely lose belly fat without exercise if

How to reduce my belly fat within 7 days very fast

How can I reduce my belly fat within 7 days very fast?Since it is a quite universal desire - and more at this point of the year - it is fitting to burn this expert fitness statement: "Everybody has abdominals, what does not let us see them is the percentage of fat that is on top. ,

How to reduce my body weight without doing workout

Drink water at least 3 litres.Go for walk/jog for 20-30 mins in the Morning and Evening(if possible)Monitor the Calorie Intake, eat less than your calorie intake.Tea, Coffee, Green tea only after eating something not on empty stomach.for example: the calorie intake result is 1500 calories, eat around 1100–1200 calories to

How to reduce my fat and keep my muscle

So your goal is to decrease your body-fat from 20% to around 13% without losing muscle.I have 6+ years of experience in bodybuilding/fitness and I can tell you that I know exactly what it takes to keep your

How to reduce my weight from 80 kg to 65 kg in 1 month

Diet Plan to Lose Weight 10 Kgs in a MonthFollow this Diet Plan (Day 1 – Day 30)Morning Rise Up:It is always best to start your day with 2 glasses of warm water to prevent constipation, eliminate toxins, stimulate blood flow, relax muscles and to control body fat.Morning Weight Loss Detox Drink (7:00am – 7.30am)

How to reduce weight and stay fit

Eating quality foods, in the right amounts #1.Training hard, with weights, in a metabolically demanding fashion, is #2.Ultimately, it's coming down to food quantity, food choice, and training methods.Losing weight starts with having a negative calorie balance. That just means consuming less

How to remain healthy

Get a good night's sleep! it increases ur immunity!!!Brush and floss your teeth routinely! Good oral hygiene protects your overall health, not just your teeth.Eat a balanced diet that includes 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day and don't skip the protein! If you want to cut calories, focus on the carbs. This will give you

How to run just 3 days a week and lose body fat

You can run ZERO days per week and lose body fat if you clean up your diet.Chronic cardio (though a mere 3 days per week does not apply) is unnecessary and is counterproductive for long term health.  Stop eating (not all at once, cold turkey sucks) refined /

How to safely lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks

It's pretty easy actually.Up the protein drastically, drop the amount of food drastically. Omit the carbs completely. It should be almost-fasting.Then you work out despite the

How to start exercising regularly

When I was young I HATED to exercise. I never played sports, am not athletic in ANY way. Now, at the age of (almost) 34, three kids later, I have a hard time NOT exercising regularly. So how did I get there?After my daughter was born eight years ago, my baby weight would NOT come off. And

How to start gym exercise in summer

Get a workout plan online for free, Follow it.Get a meal plan online for free, Follow it.Do your homework, take it seriously, have a binder with your workouts and meals. Set goals and achieve them.You will see results and become addicted if you stick with it.

How to start my weight loss journey with going to gym

Dont go gym on first day first show basis .It would ruin your confidence . Start in a gentle way . Going to gym requires some sort of physical fitness . Do your home work as described below :First thing I would suggest anyone

How to stay fit when I work so much

Whether you are working for a company or running your own, you end up spending most of your day at work. According to Health Review, you are sitting an average of 9 hours a day which can lead to obesity. You should

How to stop losing weight rapidly

I am kind of answering this both for you and for others that may feel the same way. Being at a well body mass index (BMI) is important. For a few readers though this may be a mental perception rather than an actual problem.Use this BMI calculator to find

How can improve my running speed, taking into account that I have been running 4-5 km 3 times per week for almost 10 months now?

As the old running joke goes:How do you run faster?By running, faster.To improve your running speed, you've got to put in the km at a faster pace. There are two great ways that I've increased my speed:Dedicated speedworkRunning with faster partnersOf the two, running with faster

How can long bike rides help you lose weight?

Riding a bicycle can be a great way to lose weight - so long as you are not too heavy. Tyre punctures can be a real pain!But seriously, long distance cycling ‘will' make you lose weight. You will lose water unless you carry bottles of drinks around with you. As a cyclist, you will normally have a couple of

How can one avoid gaining weight when visiting their family in Punjab?

by actually going around the punjab orenjoy reviewing the punjab in hot weatherwalking along the roads,cities,public spaces ,gatherings or even the farmsif minding to visit the native then would actually spews out few tonns of sweat thereby helping one to shedd some kilos that they might gained or feel

How can sit ups be modified to burn more calories?

Rather than modify sit ups to burn calories, try doing another activity in the time you'd spend doing sit ups.  Nearly any calisthenic exercise will be better, calorie wise, than sit ups.Sit ups do remarkably little for your abdominal muscles considering

How can skinny women get fit?

Fitness is about movement and performance. It's health related components include body composition, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning. It's skill related components include speed, agility, power, coordination, and balance. Consequently, there is no distinction between a person's body type and the proper way to improve their levels of fitness. However , depending on your objectives the best

How can someone lose weight if they are unable to exercise?

When you lose weight, exercise will help your weight loss process faster. However, that is not the main factor to help you lose weight. In fact, there are many people who lose weight successfully without exercise, they are simply focused on the diet. They adjust the diet so that

How can someone lose weight without exercising, dieting or medication?

Be asian, just kidding. It's basically what you eat really. People think that eating less than a certain calories a day will keep you from gaining weight which is partially true, but they forget the fats, ingredients, chemicals, and other things

How can someone who hates sports be healthy?

As Daria has said, it's worth trying out as many things as possible, and also figuring out exactly what it is about sports that you hate.  I have some experience of this.  I hated sports and all forms of physical

How can we lose our belly fat easily ?

Listen very carefully.There is no secret to losing weight and reducing fat.Fat cells are interspersed with the muscles and they are different systems. Up to a point it is possible to be fit and still be overweight. The limit to getting fitter comes when:a) the

How can we maintain our fitness for a long time?

Three things have a tremendous impact on human life.  Pure air, clean water and organic food.  But it's irony that as we are developing more and more, we are polluting air, water and food.  According to the study conducted by NGO in india the traces of carcinogenic pesticides

How can we reduce belly fat through exercise alone?

Getting rid of belly fat is heavy work, because the belly fat is stubbornly stuck on your stomach. The belly fat often comes as the first set up and is the hardest to get away. To get your belly fat away successfully you will have to lose weight all over your body. It is also smart to increase

How can we stay fit and without nutrition?

These are 10 healthy daily habits that can help you improve your physical and mental well-being. Ideally, pick one and then wait until it is fully integrated into your daily routine before selecting another!WalkingPlay outsideStraighten your postureFill half your plate with fruits and vegetablesDrink waterPutting away your smartphoneBreatheenough sleepSmilemoderate exercise a day.Please Upvote if you like my answer.

How can women reduce fats around hips?

A women can lose fat around her hips by following yoga poses and diet. There are several exercises and yogas but these 5 yogas are effective to lose weight and belly fat.Top 5 Yoga Poses To Reduce Fat

How to burn calories while studying

You're always burning calories! Even more when you're awake. Your basal burn rate is probably 1.0–1.4 calories just sitting there. What you want is a way to burn more calories per minute while studying.Add motion wherever you can fit it in. Bounce your knees, tap your toes, wiggle in your seat, flex your hands, stretch your arms, do arm

How to discipline yourself to exercise regularly

Gratification. Very quickly.Many people start exercising because they want to see a change in their body. Be it to slim down or to get ripped.Working out is hard. When you keep at it for awhile and you don't see or feel any difference, naturally you get discouraged and lose the motivation to continue. However,

How to do weight loss within 3 months

Your question is missing more important details than providing any. Let me ask my important questions and explain ‘why' they're so important.How many kilos/pounds exactly is your weight loss goal in next 3 months?Why do you want to lose those many kilos/pounds in next 3 months?What are the weight-loss methods/process you've tried

How to lose belly fat after 50

My friend's mom, at age 67, has so far lost 13 kg (about 30lbs) of fat over the past 11 months. She has a sitting exercise bike planted right in front of the TV which she tries to ride for 1

How to lose weight in 25 days

ExerciseMany people attempt to lose weight by diet alone, but exercise is the key. Not only does it help you shed the extra kilos, but will also boost your mood and keep your skin glowing.Workout 7 days a weekMake sure you workout 30 – 45 minutes a

How to lose weight without gaining muscle mass

That is very unlikely to happen. It is like hardest thing anyone can pull, and beside steroid users, it is not the norm by any means.Gaining muscle mass and losing bodyfat are two completely different processes. each one of them requires certain conditions in order for it to happen. Weight loss requires a

How to make sure to get your 10,000 steps a day

It may sound harsh, but imho the answer is simple:Get rid of the car.I live in Berlin, work in an office and I don't own a car.I use public transportation to get to work which invoices several shorter walks. I take a short walk around the block during the 10 am break and I walk

How did you find the motivation to lose weight?

For me, the motivation to lose weight is specifically the motivation to avoid eating sugary foods. This means chocolate bars, sugar in my tea, bread and toast, too much carbs with meals etc.‘Lose weight' is fairly abstract and it's not something you can actually actively ‘do'