What are the some of the best places around the world for travelling alone?

You can go to most places alone. But to pick out the best, I think a place has to beCheap. Since you don't have someone to split cost withSafe. ‘nuff saidFriendly. So you can feel at ease without a companion and

What are your experiences traveling alone?

2015India to USAI had travelled abroad(Germany) before but with parents. This time I was travelling alone to even a more far off country. I did not have any prior experience of solo airtrip so system of how you proceed in an airport (baggage booking-security check-boarding pass) was as good as

What are some interesting things to see and do in Tokyo?

Beside the more common places that tourist visit , you may try :-instead staying in hotel, try experience in their local apartment or inn or guest house that run by the local Folk. Can tried book thru Airbnb for the apartment . City side will be in Shinjuku . Or adventurer enough, experience capsule hotel.Try Robot restaurant

What are the best places to visit in England and why?

In London I would suggestThe British Museum. This is a very large museum covering a great range of interests and admission is free.A cruise on the River Thames to Greenwich (pronounces Gren-wich). On the outward journey you will get an interesting commentary on the history of London's river and the riverside buildings. There will be a

What are the best things to do in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a famous city and county in California, USA. It is said to be the smallest city of USA and second largely populated city after New York City. San Francisco is the most popular tourist destination of California state

What are the most romantic places to visit in Kolkata?

Looking for a perfect place to go out and enjoy with your significant other? Kolkata leaves no room for complaint. Its charming cosmopolitan culture is an instant crowd puller. While the city has plenty of options for solo travelers, there is no dearth of attractions for couples.