Are protein powders safe?

The following article from a Kaplan Univ Professor is probably the most concise and clear article I came across for this questionProtein Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and & The Ugly...It was not until my older brother asked me a

Can we take pre-workout whey protein powder after workout?

Firstly, the first half of your question is a bit silly. Unless English isn't your first language, then I will let that slide.Notice the prefix,

Does protein really help you build muscles?

Precisely yes.Muscles are made up of 20 amino acids. Out of which 8 are essential amino acids ( means the body can not prepare on its own) and the other are called non essential amino acids as the body can prepare them on their own.So if you wish

How to make sure I get enough protein without drinking protein shakes

The RDA for protein is .8 grams per kilogram of body weight.  That puts you around 54 grams per day.  Most Americans get 2 to 3 times that amount so it's not something to worry about unless you don't eat much.  Excess protein is utilized by the body as calories or

How can we prepare our own protein shake with natural ingredients excluding egg, almonds and other unaffordable items?

They are all same.  Optimum is topping the charts, but any other is also equally good.  Everything comes down to your natural protein sources, cant just rely on shakes, but yes postworkout one is needed simply because our body needs to digest something quickly,

How to use protein shakes

Try making habits of it as this is what most people struggle with.Let me break it in parts for you.Start by doing about 30 grams of protein shake within 30 min of waking up. Achieve this habit.Then start by doing an adjustment - 1 g of protein

How to make a protein shake with whey protein mix

I use a Ninja blender, I mix my protein powder with almond milk, sometimes I'll add a banana or other fresh fruit. I just got some powder that includes blueberries so the extra fruit isn't always necessary. I also have chocolate and vanilla. Sometimes I mix plain yogurt, or add

I consumed Six Star whey protein powder 4 times a week for two months, now I have learned it is contaminated with things like heavy metal, what can I do to prevent any problems besides to stop using it?

You consumed a concentrated product and thought that it wouldn't concentrate everything in the original substance, common mistake. But to break it down you just consumed the concentrated product that you and everyone else would consume without problems. If there were a real

I'm 17 years and 10 months. I have started going to the gym. Should I take whey protein or a mass gainer?

FIRST THINGS FIRST:Your BODY is your Temple ... So take care of it .. Dont drive on it like your friends BIKELets get started !!!ONE PRINCIPLE :FAT LOSS Happens : ENERGY OUT > ENERGY INGAINING Happens : ENERGY IN > ENERGY OUTHere Energy is equivalent to calories you consume in a day .You will gain the most amount of

Is it safe for a 19-year-old skinny guy to take supplements for the gym?

It depends where do you the supplements from. Most of the people in India are selling counterfeit products that harm your health. However, if you buy supplements from a registered reseller or an official importer you will get good results. If you think its not easy for you trust any one with your health, i suggest you

My age is 19 years. I go to the gym daily and I want to increase my muscle size. My weight is 72 kg. Which one is good for me, mass gainer or whey protein?

Whey protein is a better option for you. Your weight is fine with your age. What you really need is to replace lean muscle with you fats. Whey protein is a lean source of protein which will help fast recovery of your tissues workouts leading to muscle growth.Mass gainer is good for those who

Should I drink protein shakes before or after working out?

First of all I would say if you started taking protein first time make sure you follow these things.So let me tell you first thing about digestion that isolate digest faster than whey than casien.During the digestion process of proteins, the nutrient is broken down into the body usable form of protein, called amino acids.This process

Should one take whey protein isolate shake before or after workout?

To answer your question directly, each time you take an adequate amount of whey powder (either isolate OR concentrate) it will cause mTOR signaling and increase muscle protein synthesis. What is an adequate amount? Minimum 20 grams but 40 grams

To gain muscle, how do I drink protein shakes properly?

Gaining muscles require dedication and hardwork. Everybody can gain muscle if they have patience and religiously follow the following phases-1. Efficient workout regime2. Proper diet3. RecoveryEfficient workout regime - One need to workout with proper form and technique

What are some Easy & cheap sources of protein other than protein powder?

Eggs, eggs, eggs,eggs, eggs!It's the gold standard when it comes to protein. And these can be available easily and for cheap.The humble egg is extremely versatile. You can consume it raw (pasteurized of course), scrambled, boiled, poached, and hundreds, if not thousands of other ways to

What are the best protein supplements for body building?

Now let me classify the badass protein supplement for you.Protein supplement can be divided into two categoriesThe whey protein and the Caesin protein.Let's start with Caesin protein. Caesin protein are slower digesting protein which can provide amino acids in the body even after 6 hours of uptake. This are preferable taken at night before

What happens if you consume protein bars and shakes but don't work out?

You will the following benefits and the mentioned possible side effects,Most of the protein bars benefits are the following.It helps subdue appetite and reduce fatsThey lower triglycerides, cholesterol, together with blood pressureThey're just low in carbohydrate food, sugar and body fat, i. e., lacking in caloriesProtein bars can result in a convenient together with non-messy snack.

What happens if you don't drink protein shake after workouts?

This is a very intriguing subject to be honest. I have been doing bodybuilding for the last 2 years. When I started, for the first 6 months I was taking protein shakes but when my protein powder finished I just stop buying. I haven't been using any forms of protein shakes or any other supplements for the last year

What happens to your body when you drink whey protein shakes, but don't work out?

The same thing that would happen if you ate any (extra) protein (such as meat, fish, whatever) and didn't work out. If your body actually has any need for that protein, it will utilize it normally. If it doesn't - the excess will

What is the best whey protein to use while training to get stronger and more cut?

Consuming protein will help you to gain muscle mass while losing body fat.Whey protein is the foundational supplement for muscle gain, it contains all essential amino acids, fast digestion, the best choice for muscle growth and fat loss.Concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate?Whey concentrate: contains 80%

What is the cheapest protein supplement in India?

Taking whey protein after a gym/training session has a lot of documented benefits, provided you know how to distinguish the genuine ones from the fake ones because the fake ones contain harmful ingredients which cause irreversible damage to the human body.Okay, I have a confession

What's the best time to drink protein shakes?

The best times to take ANY protein drink or protein supplements are as follows.I've listed them in order of importance, so based upon what you can afford, start at the top of the list and work down.WHEN SHOULD YOU TAKE

When is the best time to consume protein?

People use protein supplements for a variety of reasons. These could range from building muscle, lose weight or have good cellular health.Well, Rashid, let us understand what is protein. Protein is a source of energy. It helps repair tissues and is a major building block of the body.Protein is

Which dietary supplements are the most useful for workout?

This is a question that I have already tried to address in a blog for the BodyWorks website-shameless plug (BodyWorks-Transform Yourself! ). So I'll just copy it over and you can mull over any of the information that looks useful. The efficacy of these substances will be influenced by all

Which is the best Indian whey protein supplement?

I have used muscleblaze, Endura, myfitfuel, Acacia, Nutree healthcare, ON, Nitrotech, Muscletech and many more.I will share my experience with Indian brand whey proteins:Muscleblaze: Muscleblaze is good in taste, price and ok in mixability but thats is it the quality is not good i suffered

Which is the best protein to get a lean body?

Protein rich foods with some carbohydrates and low fats/ good fats are excellent for gaining lean muscles, but intake of food depends on your body type and current BMI, keep in mind that only eating won't make you lean, you will have to workout for it. Some good protein sources for lean muscles are: Veg sources- soy

Which is the best whey protein supplement under Rs. 1,000 in India?

Short Answer:-The ones that are not a cheap replica of the genuine products and pack ingredients that are extremely harmful for the human body and may often cause irreversible damage to one's health.Taking fast digesting protein or in other words, whey protein after a session of workout is one of the most

Which protein should I take after workout?

Post workout you need to have protein to improve the recovery and repair of the muscles. You can have eggs with toast, chicken sandwich, sprouts salad, paneer sandwich and much more to get your protein. You can also take protein supplement to improve

Will I get loose skin if I consume 3 protein shakes only?

Loose skin have may meaningsLoose skin because of fat lossLoose skin because of cellulitisLoose skin because of caesareanAll above circumstance are different,in short 3 protein shakes will help depends on your daily protein intake quantity but even though this is only 50% way to get rid of loose skinWILL SWEATING BURN MORE FAT?Get all

Would it be effective if I drink a protein shake after gym workout for only 1 month? I accidentally bought the protein shake thinking not to waste it but I don't usually drink them. I also do cardio through Muay Thai fitness around 3 times per week.

Hello, you would certainly do no mistake.In spite of this, if you want to build muscles, the best way is to use proteins or peptides with saccharides like HMWCs, dextrose, maltodextrin or fructose/glucose and others. By this, you will certainly trigger a more plausible insulin reaction by the pancreas.The plain protein shake is used within diets where there is

After workout, what is the best protein shake to consume? Protein blend or whey?

Whey does get absorbed quickly. It is best suited as a pre or post workout drink. There are mainly two types of proteins, whey and casein. Whey is fast releasing and casein is slow absorbing. Hence after working out, whey is preferred and at bed time, casein.Also in whey, you get

Are Clif protein bars good alternative to protein powders?

Protein powder has considerably better ratio of protein to fat/carbs. Regular Cliff bars have pretty minimal amounts of protein. Even if you choose to eat the Cliff protein bars you're looking at like 20g protein for around 300 calories. Most protein powders are 21–25g protein for around 130 calories.Short

Are fake whey protein harmful?

Let me give you an example.I used to go to a gym few years ago.(around 2013-14) A pretty good gym, that has chains all over the country, especially in south India. Trust me, the name is so well known that you will

Are protein shakes dangerous?

What is whey protein? Is it safe ?Age dosent matter , as whey is also present in baby food,it's the quantity that needs to be considered as per individual needs.Whey protein is produced from milk. The manufacturing process removes most fat and

Can I stop taking whey protein?

Your muscular pain will most likely be due to Incorrect form or too much weight in certain exercises affecting your Lower Back and Rib Cage. Get your form analyzed by an experienced Coach, and reduce the amount of weight your are lifting for those exercises affecting the concerned parts.Protein powders can cause bloating in some people, though not very

Can I take whey protein if I don't work out? What is the best time to take whey protein when you don't work out?

I mean yeah, you can. But why do you want/feel you need to?There's a bunch of research saying it's not even needed for those who work out. I like it, and find it a convenient way to get something in me if I'm hungry after a

Can we add creatine in our whey protein or protein shake?

Yes you can add creatine powder in an protein shake after the workout but take in a god guidance , do not overdose the amount of the creatine powder in your whey and do not consume it on the regular basis ,take it under the good coach and according to your body weight ,muscle composition

Do I need to take supplements or protein powder when I start going to gym?

I don't think so Shayne - you can't eat your way fit. Starting out, you will have adaptations to your gym work that will keep you motivated and heading towards your goals. Once you start to plateau - you are not noticing improvements - then you can start to think about other options. Even

Do pre-workouts even work that well?

Not the biggest fan of pre workouts. But as far as my experience goes, it works. (I used Universal Shock Therapy). Back when I didn't have time to go to the gym everyday, and had a 3 day full body workout routine, I needed the

Do you loose muscles after you stop taking protein powder?

When you intend to build muscle you feed your muscles protein inorder for them to recover.The amount of protein required by your muscles to fully recovere depends on your workout regime, current body mass , metabolism etc.Protein powder is a supplement that is you take them when you dont get enough protein thru natural sources like chicken,

Do you take protein shakes before or after your workout? What's your favorite protein?

After. Your body needs fast acting protein and carbs after a workout, and that's what protein shakes are made for. About an hour before a workout I recommend slow carbs and protein, like a little bit of chicken, eggs and veggies, and right before a workout I'd suggest

Does whey protein make you lose weight?

Whey protein helped me when I lost 20 pounds in 6 months.I wanted to get in the best shape of my life so I learned a lot about fitness, nutrition, and working out.I learned that the only way to lose

Even on a weight loss diet, should the user be taking a protein shake or getting protein into him after a gym workout as well as a run or jog?

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or recomp adequate protein is crucial. It is the building block for muscle and your body uses the amino acids that proteins consist of for a number of day to day biological processes.

How to be big in gym

Athletes with rippling abs and bulging biceps tout the benefits of protein for bulking up but the advertisements are misleading. Athletes need more protein than people who aren't active, so if you aren't putting in your time at the gym, drinking

How to make sure I get enough protein without drinking protein shakes

The RDA for protein is .8 grams per kilogram of body weight.  That puts you around 54 grams per day.  Most Americans get 2 to 3 times that amount so it's not something to worry about unless you don't eat much.  Excess protein is utilized by the body as calories or fat storage but it also taxes the

How can one gain weight without eating any kind of meat or whey protein?

Protein certainly isn't the only thing to make you gain weight.Is it simply weight you're trying to gain? Or do you want to gain muscle?Do you care about doing so healthily? Or do you just want to weigh more?I'm sure eating 50 Twinkies a

How do fruitarians get adequate protein?

They don't. If vegetarianism and veganism are bad for your health (which they are: Being vegan: facts beyond the marketing hype), frutarianism (is that even a word?) is the worst subset of this utopia because on top of not getting adequate protein (unless you are talking constant supplementation in very

How to gain weight and muscles and also increase the size of my body without working out in the gym? Which will be more effective, mass gainer or whey protein

Gyming gives you the proper routine and equipments you need for proper bodybuilding. But fuming is not the sole place for gaining muscles and building body.Calisthenics is one such example where you can build substantial muscle and strength without ever stepping in a gym. Just find your self a pill up bar and

How to take whey protein, before workout or after workout

People think of post-workout protein as the Holy Grail of workout nutrition. What about the pre-workout shake? Learn why you should never skip it!Shoulder I Drink My Protein Skake Pre-Workout Or Post-Workout?You can take in protein or amino acids pre- and post-workout, but if I absolutely had to pick one time, I'd say pre-workout.

How to choose a good brand of protein shakes

It depends entirely on your goals. Remember, protein shakes are just a supplement to the food you eat on a daily basis. If you find that you have no problem eating enough carbohydrates, protein and fat on a daily basis, then you can skip the protein shakes altogether. If not, you

How to make protein shakes for bulking

Fats (peanut butter, olive oil, avocado oil, , protein (not much) and fibre (greens drink) make up the shakes that I utilise to maintain and/or build muscle mass if I am wanting to do so. From time to time or as needed

How to use whey protein to build muscle

One of the perfect foods for building muscle, losing excess weight and supporting good health is the whey protein. It is said that it helps in providing more absorb-able source of protein instant of other source and it is super-easy to digest. No wonder that it is No. 1 recommended source of

How important is it to take protein shake when working out?

It's NOT important to take it right when you're working out unless you're in a caloric deficit or intermittent fasting.However, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you eat a consistent amount of protein in the 24hrs following your workout [1]. During this time your body has increased protein synthesis activity and higher levels of muscular hypertrophy (muscle

How is protein powder made?

Depends on the type of protein and the company making it.Whey Protein ProcessingMost commercial whey protein powders are made using a high-heat acid-flushed process to separate the whey from the cow's milk. This can strip away vital nutrients, creating an imbalanced, acidic "whey isolate" that's then contaminated with synthetic additives, flavors, and chemicals

How many protein shakes should you drink a day?

According to The National Institute of Health, the average person needs .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. But, there are several other factors involved in determining how much protein is right for you. When you figure in your age, height, goals and lifestyle, this number can grow to up to 2.2-4.4 grams

If I'm trying to lose weight and also gain muscle, does it help to drink protein shakes?

Most people get plenty of protein and really don't require a supplemental source.  If you LIKE protein shakes and find them convenient, you can make your own pretty easily.  It's generally best to get your nutrients from actual food if you can help it.The other thing to consider is how

Is drinking protein shakes good for health?

Proteins are known as the building blocks of life: In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. (They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories-a plus for anyone trying to lose weight.)

Is hemp protein the best type of powder protein?

Hemp protein is a supplement sourced from hemp seeds that are high in protein. It is a great source of proteins for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is extremely digestible, making it a superior source of proteins for athletes and body contractors. It can help increase the body immune system, secure the kidney from harmful effects and even assist

Is it good to have protein powder, without doing workouts?

A2AI agree with Carlos. Every serious and properly performed study has shown that a healthy individual does not suffer any adverse effects from high protein consumption. The only real downside of a high protein diet is that protein in general is the

Is it healthy to eat whey protein, oats and fruit every day for breakfast?

Yes BUT you need to know how. Might sound funny but I'll explain. These are three great choices for a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal is maybe the best choice. As a matter of fact my breakfast always includes oats. Every day. I mix them with milk and cook them for 4 minutes. Oats

Is it safe for a 19-year-old skinny guy to take supplements for the gym?

It depends where do you the supplements from. Most of the people in India are selling counterfeit products that harm your health. However, if you buy supplements from a registered reseller or an official importer you will get good results.

Is it safe to drink whey protein without working out?

To answer this question first of all you must understand how a protein works. In simple language, proteins essentially supply the required fuel to our muscles to help them recover fatigue or repair themselves. So, the fuel released by these proteins gets absorbed into the muscle fiber that in long term develops the muscle

Is protein shake necessary for gym?

No. But protein is.Protein is must for muscle building. Protein is made up of amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles and body. Without protein it would be impossible to repair, build or even maintain the muscle tissues.But that doesn't mean you can not do without

Is supplement protein good?

Definitely taking protein supplements is good for your body growth but few things need to be taken care of.Before taking proteins make sure your body is ready for it. Many people face loose motions after taking protein for the first time,

Is whey protein a good supplement for training?

Before addressing your individual issues, I need to elaborate on what exactly WHEY protein is, types of WHEY protein and general protein requirements corresponding to the amount of training done. I'm a health freak who works out every day, and I do use some supplements, which gives me the

Is whey protein dangerous?

Do you eat the following food items:MaggiCerealsVegetable OilsFruit Juicesand many many other foods items that you consider healthy? Maybe you are mistaken.Maybe you are lured in by savvy marketers who want you to believe that these foods are healthy!Just read this answer if you want details before you read further:What is the food that

Is Whey protein gold standard good for reducing abdominal fat?

Eating healthy. Eating healthy is good for reducing abdominal fat. Whey protein is simply a tool to help eat healthier. Instead of eating a bowl of ice cream at night, you drink a protein shake. Focus on reducing overall body fat rather than just abdominal fat.

Is whey protein more effective before or after workout?

Protein Supplements can be taken both Preworkout and Postworkout, but taking them before Workout provides better Results than Post Workout.Scientific Explanation for the same has been provided below:1) Pre-workout protein, specifically the BCAAs will fuel the muscles during training.This is key because exercise causes the breakdown and oxidation of BCAAs. Providing BCAAs to working muscles will prevent the need

Is whey protein really necessary to cut down weight?

Its not necessary but it can be helpful. High protein diets are associated with improved body composition (i.e. more lean body mass and less fat). When you start tracking your food intake and measuring your portions youll realize how hard it is to get one gram of protein per pound of lean body

Should a 16-year-old guy take whey protein? Is whey protein a supplement? Which type of whey protein (concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate) should he take to get pumped muscles?

Yes ,A 16 year old guy can take whey protein . According to recent studies if kids at young age are doing strength training than it will increase their strength , endurance , Healthy body and will have much more discipline in their life .Now lets talk about whey protein . what

Should I take whey protein 10 minutes before workout?

Nothing should be consumed within 15 minutes before workouts. For best results you should take it within 20 minutes after workout. If you take it before then it make break down the protein into energy during the workouts. So you won't get the benefit of protein as whey is fast digesting. It's better to take good amount of

Should I take whey protein before and after I workout?

If you have been involved in fitness training for a while, chances are you already asked yourself whether it is better to take protein before workout or after.In fact, one of the main questions in the fitness world is: when is the best time to take proteins, before or after exercising?The answer is...both, and I believe most people would

Should one take whey protein isolate shake before or after workout?

To answer your question directly, each time you take an adequate amount of whey powder (either isolate OR concentrate) it will cause mTOR signaling and increase muscle protein synthesis. What is an adequate amount? Minimum 20 grams but 40 grams is

Should we take protein to get stronger?

Taking protein by itself has never made anyone stronger till date.Strength is a combination of two things - CNS (central nervous system): this can be trained by various exercises mostly by impulse training.Muscles: This can be trained by exercise, which enlarges the

Should you have protein shakes three times a day?

To build muscle you need to consume 1.2-1.6 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. If you're 82kg (180ish lbs), that's about 100 to 130 grams of protein. A scoop of protein is about 20 grams, so 3 scoops won't get you to you protein goal. People have this idea that protein powder

Should you take whey protein?

Are you asking if you should take Whey protein? If so, it depends. Here's what it depends on:1. Can you afford it? If yes, go to question 22. What are your goals? If your goal is to loss fat and gain

To gain muscle, how do I drink protein shakes properly?

Gaining muscles require dedication and hardwork. Everybody can gain muscle if they have patience and religiously follow the following phases-1. Efficient workout regime2. Proper diet3. RecoveryEfficient workout regime - One need to workout with proper form and technique with good intensity and frequency. Focus on compound movements ( bench press,

What are health risks associated with whey protein shakes?

Whey protein (in its 'Natural' form) is generally derived from Milk and as pointed out by Jay should do you no harm if you are fairly lactose tolerant. In fact, as per research Whey is anti-cancer while Casein is pro-cancer and the presence of both is what makes Milk neutral.Even before going into the topic

What are the benefits of taking whey protein shakes?

When you google this, you will get a lot of Bu##Sh#t on the advantages of Whey Protein. Let me give you the practical advantages that you can understand and perceive:Muscle Gain: This does not happen magically, you will have to work very hard for this and will have to be very consistent. Let's face it we all want a

What are the best lean sources of natural vegan protein (not vegan protein powder)?

There are no sources of vegan protein because protein is biochemically defined by its amino acid content. The esential amino acids for humans only occur in animal proteins. TAlthough there are minute quanities in nuts, beans, legumes they are by no means complete and do not provide for a human's protein needs. Vegan diets lack proteins because

What are the three best protein shakes I should drink before I work out and maybe after?

To be totally honest with you protein isn't necessary in either case. 99% of people will fare better, both in terms of results and how they feel, doing simple carbs (like fruit) pre and post workout and waiting until they're hungry to have a protein dense meal.Don't let the advertisements fool you, you're not missing out if

What can I use as protein shake?

If you are working on a fat loss program .. I would suggest you to have 1 or 1.5 scoop/s of whey protein in water as a post-workout meal.. (since it is fast digesting).If you are skinny and want to gain

What do protein shakes do?

Generally speaking, protein shakes provide quick and easy food for your muscles to utilize as building blocks. This relates to any protein (whey, casein, even vegan proteins - although I would generally stay away from those for multiple reasons - are your typical kinds used in shakes) drunk or eaten (yes, meat, chicken and even beans and rice,

What happens if I don't drink whey protein shake at all after my gym workout?

The body builders today have had their blood and urine tested to determine how to maximize muscle mass with supplementation and so on. The so on is getting other testing to monitor that certain organ functions aren't compromised from certain

What happens when we stop taking a protein shake and leave the gym?

Nothing happens, preferably!There are products should use during the workout.This is my posts about best products & how to use it:Pre-WorkoutIntra-WorkoutPost WorkoutCheck out the official website!they have the best products with great price, up to 30% off!the good news, it's reliable from worldwide delivery to over 100 countries.

What happens when you workout without taking protein powder supplements?

Supplements are recommended only in cases when dietary protein intake in lower than recommended or in situations when the requirements are much higher than what the diet can provide for. So to answer your question, depending on your dietary protein status & requirements you will either gain or lose muscle when you workout without taking supplements.

What if I take whey protein and don't workout?

The lure of protein shakes can be strong, even if you're far from a bodybuilder. Shakes are convenient, portable, nutritious and relatively affordable -- but they also have their downsides. Athletes need more protein than people who aren't active, so if you aren't

What is the best cheap protein powder?

There are 3 kinds of products in the market:High Brand Value: These products have high brand value, come at a hefty price and show good results. Ex: Optimum Nutrition; or Apple iPhone in the phone industry.High Brand Value Substitutes: These

What is the best protein powder for protein shakes?

The best protein powder for shakes is Nutrilite.Let's understand why.Contains 80gm of protein in every 100 gm of the powder. This means that the product is very consistent and will always give the consumer 80% of protein when consumed. This can lower the risk of cardiac diseases.Supplies all amino acids as required

What is the best whey protein mix and when are you supposed to drink it?

What matters most is total daily protein intake.Then a smaller detail is spreading out your protein intake throughout the day, aiming for 30–40g of protein every 3–5 hours. (Called optimizing muscle protein synthesis.)As for what type is best?Whey Concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysateThere's whey

What is the effect of a protein shakes when consumed before your workout?

I agree with Vivek. Post workout is usually the ideal time to consume them, but I will often do one in the morning before a workout when I don't want a really full stomach and need something that digests quickly. As with anytime, having protein consistently will help to deliver the branched chain amino acids and

What makes protein shakes foam?

Milk is answer on your question. More precisely, mixing milk with and other ingredients of your protein shake.Also, if you need any idea for making healthy shakes and smoothies, check my Instagram profile where I publish healthy and fast prepared food that have low rate of calories. Recipes are delicious and nutritious, and

What's the best time to drink protein shakes?

The best times to take ANY protein drink or protein supplements are as follows.I've listed them in order of importance, so based upon what you can afford, start at the top of the list and work down.WHEN SHOULD YOU TAKE IT?The most important time is right after a workout. Your muscles are like a sponge

When is the best time to consume a whey protein shake? For the past months, I've been eating protein bars post workout and no shakes.

Fitness supplements are just that, supplements. Do you need protein shakes? Not really. However, most people have a busy life, they barely have enough time to get a quick workout at the gym. When you do get in the gym and have an epic workout, you're hungry, your muscles hurt. All you want to do is

Where can you buy cheap protein powder?

Hi there,This would depend on where you currently live. I can only speak for myself as I reside in the UK and Europe.Myprotein:The best place to get really affordable protein is definitely Myprotein. Not only are the protein on offer from Myprotein incredibly cheap, they are made from the highest grade ingredients (backed by

Which is better for a skinny fat guy, whey protein or mass gainer?

Mass gainers are filled with too many calories that's it . People prefer Mass gainers because you can consume more calories with that but what if i tell you that you can get all those extra calories from your home made protein shake which is healthy and filled with all digestive enzymes .I have

Which is better for skinny people, a mass gainer or whey protein?

It DependsWhey protein contains mainly protein, while mass gainer contains protein plus lots of carbohydrates. In other words, think of taking whey protein as being the equivalent of eating a chicken breast, while mass gainer is like eating a chicken alfredo pasta.taking mass gainer

Which is the best protein for improving body mass?

PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOT NECESSARY IN MUSCLE GAINS.If you are able to meet your daily protein requirement from food , then protein powders aka supplements are not necessary. That is why they are named as supplements.Whey isolates or Gold standard whey is great. ON is the brand

Which is the best protein for lean body?

No matter what your fitness goals are, from everyday nutritionally inclined individual to the muscle-inclined bodybuilder, protein is a must for all.As the protein glory increases, the protein market is booming. While consuming protein is critical for adding lean muscles, choosing the best protein from a menagerie of protein supplements has always

Which is the best protein shake to achieve lean muscular body?

Protein shakes alone cant do anything for you. Its a key combination of a balanced diet ( below your calorific limit if cutting) and some exercise in your case weight training. Regardless the best i suggest is DREXSPORT Wild Muscle Protein. its extremely effective if used properly ive seen amazing results in a couple of months.personal