Was Hillary Clinton liked or disliked at the White House when she was the first lady and when she worked as Secretary of State?

I don't know about the White House, they went after her because she fired the guy that helped reporters with money when they needed travel help. That was travelgate, she fired him because he was running money through his accounts to help the reporters when the banks were closed. Now, understand that

Is it true that Donald Trump routinely puts our nation and all of our lives at risk by using his own, easily-tapped cell phone instead of the White House phone that can't be tapped, because he doesn't like the short wait required each time to use it?

It is public record that Trump refuses to use a hardened phone with greater security, and that evidence of Chinese and Russians have routinely triangulated the white house to intercept his signals.Since he believes Russians, and North Koreans over our own intelligence agencies one has to wonder what his thought