What are some tips for winning a fight?

First, let's clear out some assumptions:You didn't provoke the fightIn the presence of two witnesses, you tried to deescalate the situationEtc., Etc.,Okay, now back to the fighting...Most important rule: Walk away NOW. Nothing is worth it. Your manhood will be okay. Your girlfriend or wife is a big girl and can

If slot machines and casinos are not rigged then how is it that when you first walk into the casino they always let you win a little to make you think this is your lucky day?

Who says they do?Do you suppose they have someone watching the front door and when you come in and they track you to a machine. Someone then calls the computer people who change the settings on your machine alone to allow you

How to keep a team motivated to win? I am the coach of a successful football team, but over the time the players get satisfied and do not give their best in every game. How can I improve their long-term motivation to keep winning

Rotations!If there is one universal truth in football is that everyone wants glory, however, to achieve this one has to win and win and win... However, as humans we grow tired of it. Fortunately, in association football teams are made up of many players and as there is a starting lineup there is always

If you really believe That you can win the lottery, can it really come true or is that a myth?

If you really believe that you can win the lottery, can it really come true or is that a myth:MYTH.....Over 98% of the timeMega Million Jackpot:Players may pick six numbers from two separate pools of numbers - five different numbers

How to win back her heart

You're convinced that her emotions don't match her behavior and you really know what's going on inside her. So basically, you think know her better than she knows herself. Which makes you an arrogant misogynist. Nice going. Stay away from her. Respect that she isn't interested, or she would make

What are some hackmania's hackathon winning projects?

We've been conducting hackathons pan India since October 2014, with all our hackathons we've over 100 awesome products built here are "some" of the winning products:Smart Health: Global interface between hospitals and patients an application which combines the health data with an aadhar card so as to make the health record more portable and secureDirection SMS: Getting directions