A man has been saving money in a secret spot on his own property, unbeknownst to his wife. If they were to divorce would his wife have any way of finding about this money?

It could depend on how he came to have the money, how long this had been going on, and how much money was involved. If he had at some point started sticking back half of his paycheck then it's probably someone could figure

Am I an irresponsible selfish wife in the following scenario?

From what you've said and the details you'e provided your husband seems to be an insecure chauvinist. You met with him and tried to compromise and things never seem to work out for him and he's bitching about it.I'll tell you that cooking and leaving a job is NOT

Are husbands or wives more likely to seek a separation or divorce - why?

Seeing as women file 70% of divorces, then yes they are more likely too seek a divorce, but separations I believe are roughly the same, 50/50.But the thing too remember is that separation can't completely turn your life upside down, divorce can and it

Are married women physically abused by their husband?

First I want to mention I am not against Husband but just to give a glimpse I am penning down some facts which people should know--( including girls who worships their shitty husbands).Most of the times women get abused specially in North and East states. I found South Indian Women

Are there marriages where the wives abuse the husband?

Yes. Abuse takes many forms. It can take physical forms and it can take emotional forms. Women are as capable of abusing men as men are as of abusing women. Unfortunately, I have known several men who were or are in abusive marriages. Women do not tend to do serious physical damage

Are wives and husbands naturally jealous about other women?

Insecure people are jealous of other people. Wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, unrequited crushes, complete strangers--people in general feel jealous when they feel insecure, fear abandonment, or feel they might lose something they feel entitled to.In my experience, secure people tend not to feel jealous. This has nothing to do

Are you cheating your husband/wife with someone else? Why?

YES i did ...and i m happy that i didi met my wife when i was in my 2nd year of graduation since then she is the only women form whom i had my eyes for ..i loved her more than i love myself some of

As a woman would you come in as second wife?

I am the first wife in a monogamous marriage, so for me this is purely hypothetical. I cannot conceive of ever sharing my husband's love with another woman, whether she was a second wife (in traditional context) or a mistress. I do however, feel that I can still do justice to the question at hand.I am

As an Indian husband, what do you wish wives knew?

Not married. I want my future wife (Definitely not wives) to know these things.You don't need to pay me for letting me into your life. But, if you want a grand wedding I'm not spending my entire savings on it.Be prepared for our

As an Indian husbands, what do you wish wife knew?

Dear future wife, hope you are reading this.I am sure it will be our arrange marriage and I want you first to be my best friend then a wife.I may sure you are busy in chat with your boyfriend but hope that I will NOT be the last one in your life.

Can a hindu man have 2 wives?

Hindu polygamy is prohibited by law in indiaArticles 494 and 495 of the Indian Penal Code of 1860, prohibited polygamy for the Christians. In 1955, the Hindu Marriage Act was drafted, which prohibited marriage of Hindu whose spouse

Can a husband and wife leaving together from the same house apply for a mutual consent divorce?

The divorce by mutual consent is filed by both parties on the ground that they have been living separately for a period of one year or more, that they have not been able to live together and that they have

Can a husband ask his wife to leave his house without divorce?

Sure, you can ask for almost anything. That doesn't mean you're going to get it. If a husband and wife are living in the same house, they're both entitled to stay in the residence. Either can ask the other to leave, but neither is obligated to do so. If there's a divorce, the courts

Can a husband force a wife to take a divorce?

Maraige is a divine institution although sometime over hyped topic still this should get highest priority. When two people are involved in decisions should be taken mutualy. Both should be agreed upon and no one should force or influence their decisions.In india major problem is

Can a husband get a deceased wife's mother's property?

Yes because he is consider Heir to her estate through the deceased wife if she was listed in her mother's will if there was no will he still has a claim threw the wife.. as legal heir and he was still married at the time of her death.However if the wife's mother

Can a husband learn to respect his wife once he's used to disrespecting her?

When a woman learns that she has a right to be treated with respect and starts honoring herself, then she can learn to confront disrespect whenever she encounters it. In this way, she will teach others to respect her.Yes, absolutely, a wife can teach a husband to respect her. Once she starts confronting and standing up for

Can a husband slap his wife?

Sure anonymous, go right ahead, but just know this, there will be consequences for slapping Mrs. anonymous.You can end up being charged, and arrested for domestic violence, and then find yourself in a cell with a much bigger guy who will probably

Can a husband & wife live together after giving a divorce notice?

By Divorce Notice, I'm assuming a Contested Divorce filed by either of the spouse.Yes. Despite the notice and pending Court case, both the parties can live together. There is no legal objection to the same.The husband can also opt to move out and live in a separate accomodation till the pendeny of the case.The wife too

Can a Muslim man have a second marriage if the first wife is alive?

Of course a muslim man can marry even if his first wife is alive. A muslim man also can marry and keep four wives at a time but he must follow the sharia laws which asks him how to treat his wives :1- First of all if his wife

Can a Muslim woman be considered a common law wife if she is a second wife?

According to Indonesian law, yes. As long as they married legally. It mean they married in KUA (Kantor Urusan Agama - Religion affair office) that handle marriage for muslim people in Indonesia. However, they have few conditions: First wife permition (written one) and able to support both wife finacially (showing husband's monthly salary for example).Then

Can a wife claim a husband's property after a divorce?

91Yes, a wife can claim a husband's property after the divorce but subject to certain -conditions. A divorce consultant who handled the divorce matter can submit a petition to the Court asking for the portion of the property.The conditions which are considered to

Can a wife claim a share in her husband's property, even after getting permanent alimony?

Yes if the marriage survives and no decree of divorce issued dissolving the marriage, then the status of the woman after the death of the husband shall be that of a widow, she can get share in the property of her deceased husband. As such no right of the wife is their in husbands property when the

Can a wife claim her husband's self-acquired property when the husband is a drunkard and is losing the property due to his addiction?

If the property is self acquired by your husband, you cannot touch it during his life time for any reasons. You have no rights to your husbands ancestral/inherited properties as well. Don't go to court and waste your time and money if any stupid advocates says

Can a wife cope with the death of a husband?

Year 2008. Sultry afternoon in Mumbai. I was waiting for that phone call. That was the time when my daughter would call me every day.Finally I heard the phone ring.

Can a wife file a divorce if she is not physically satisfied with her husband?

No. Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction (ED)) of husband is a ground for divorce, but that is a much stronger condition than dissatisfaction. Also dissatisfaction can result also due to psychological issues (as opposed to physical like ED) between couple, and it

Can a woman leave her husband when he is retiring?

I know I should pass this question...but I can't help myself. So here it is.Yes she can, ( as god/she said right? ) I don't know who came up with this rule that it is not ok to leave your SO when:It is his b-day (hey 50 cents

Can I fix my marriage with my husband if he doesn't try?

You can't fix your husband only yourself. It might be that nothing you do can save your marriage but it's always worth trying. Think back to when you were dating or first married what things did the two of you enjoy doing together. What are things you did for him that brought you both close. I'm not talking

Can I get my husband back from his second wife and three children?

#Question name: Can I get my husband back from his second wife and three children?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be adventurous in

Can Indians have several wives?

Thank you for the A2A. I'm not an Indian, nor am I from India. But I'll try to answer your question as much as I can. I did a google search in regards to what you'd asked, and this is what I see from Wikipedia:

Can wife gift property to his husband?

I think the question you're asking is what gifts can a wife get for her husband that he will really like? The answer to that really depends on what things her husband is interested in.For example, I work for a

Do abusive husbands/wives realise what they're doing?

I will specifically address verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse from first-hand  experience and over 15 years of research on the subject, but I believe this would apply to physically abusive people as well. The answer is YES, but the

Do all wives make married life miserable for husbands by nagging, irritating, and being illogical?

You have described a life typical in many families in India. You are not the first husband and will certainly not be the last one to go through this phase of married life.Your wife must have either had a

Do Arab wives feel when their husbands marry again and flaunt their new wives without any restrictions?

We all have feelings and what so ever and they do feel anger but religion brainwash is just strong.As you know, Islam is being taught from childhood in schools and they teach them to surpress their feelings and be submissives.If they show a signs of disapproval either divorce is

Do divorced wives remember their ex-husbands?

Remember as in they will remember their names and who they were . And why it did not workout between the two and thats about it . Dont we all remember all those friends we fought with ? Its just the same

Do husbands like stronger wives?

Well, humans like/love/admire/envy/follow/wish-to-be stronger humans. Strength means :1. the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.2. the influence or power possessed by a person...and similar meanings..!!.So everyone eventually requires a stronger everyone...son wants a strong dad/mom, wife wants a strong husband, mother wants

Do husbands love it when their wives initiate love making?

I was thinking the other day about the miscommunication that occurs between husbands and wives when it comes to love making. This analogy came to me. See if it works for you.The husband is like the ice cream man at an ice cream parlor. His greatest satisfaction comes when he serves his wife a flavor

Do husbands taunts their wives about her past relationship after marriage even after wives being loyal to their husbands?

This question is very important because the relationship scene is changing greatly in India, at least in metros. School and college children are having relationships. it is not cool not to have boy friend or girl friend.Under such circumstances, it is important to know

Do Indian wives cheat?

A lot of them.I'm an escort and when I first started out I was really surprised as to the reasons why women cheat on their husbands, also in a country like India, where marriages are considered a pure bond. However, there were so many common factors, some I never really thought about but here are a few.Surprisingly a lot

Do Indian wives like to dominate their husbands?

Both men and women dominate each other, but in a different way. It's just that we don't realize it easily.Due to biological factors, men are supposed to be domineering in nature. They are physically much stronger, thus it creates a psychological pressure

Do introverts make good father/mother/husbands/wife?

It's not based just on introverts. Actually, introverts can also be of many types. They could be brooding types. They could be artist types. They could be kind types. You know what I mean? So, the introverts which are not 'the

Do Irish women make the best wives?

Ireland has changed so much in the last 100 years and particularly in the last 20 years.Irish men and women are very liberated and the population has changed dramatically.Up until I was 16 I had only ever seen people of different races on T.V. or in magazines and now I live in a country

Do modern age husbands feel inferior if their wife is more successful or earns more than the husband? Especially in India?

Nothing like that if they know intricacies of a happy marriage.Prudent to study intricacies of happy marriage/relationship/co-habitation , so that both of you can keep happy for life. Details follow:WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER

Do most husbands not want children, but acquiesce to the wife's ultimatum (divorce or kids)?

Wow, what a depressing view of men you have.No, this is not generally the case as far as I can tell. The men in my circle who have kids were enthusiastic about becoming parents, and at least two went through significant difficulty before achieving parenthood (in

Do some wives like to be spanked by their husband?

Spanking can be an enjoyable experience for a wife and even a husband, depending on preference.As far as some wives who do like to be spanked, the level, severity and type of spanking will differ based on their individual preference and pleasure.It can add spice to the

Do the wives of Army men cheat on their husbands?

Not all of them of course. And you can't group any set of humans that

Do wives continue to have sex with their cheating husbands?

Surprisingly, when the wife first finds out of her cheating's husband's affair, the reaction of the vast majority is NOT to dump his lying, cheating sorry self, but to make herself even more attractive than the husband's affair to keep him interested in her (the wife), instead of him focusing his attentions on

Do wives like their husbands wearing lingerie?

All depends on where you go and who you ask. I am sure there is a large contingent of Ladies who will say it is terrible or wrong. That they want their man to always look like a man or whatever stereotypical image they were brought up to think is acceptable.Actually, there is nothing wrong with that and

Do wives think about keeping their husbands happy?

Hari om , you are asking a question as to : " Do wives think about  keeping  their husbands happy?." If wives don't keep their husbands happy , whom else they will keep happy?  After marriage , for a woman the whole life revolves around her husband only.

Do women expect their husbands to help with housework?

I cannot answer in general, but I don't expect(want) my husband to help me with any housework. Let me tell you the reasons.I was pregnant with my son and as I was dusting the house, he saw my difficulty in climbing up a stool to clean the ceiling fan and so

Do you regret divorcing your husband/wife?

No, no, and no. Divorcing my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me. We were horribly mismatched and the few years I spent with him were amongst the most miserable years of my life.Here's some background. I was in undergrad at the time. Although

Does a husband get divorced from his wife when he is not interested in his wife?

If husband is not interested in his wife, he can as well hire a good advocate and file a divorce petition in court, even if you dont give consent to divorce, court will grant divorce. No need that all the necessary requirements as per Law be fulfilled for granting divorce.

Does a wife belong to her husband?

Mine belongs to me, as I do her..Not at all like property but we definitely belong together. Belong has more than the one connotation.It is the natural state of our hearts..Until the end of everything and we start again and seek each other out in the next place...Its cheezy, I know., but there was a time

Does a wife get alimony if a husband proves cruelty by the wife?

It is unfortunate that anyone is getting tortured by the spouse, and it gets worse when the wife is the one to do so, and also plays the victim card to get alimony from the husband.Fortunately, laws in India does not support such an

Does a wife have automatic right to property of deceased husband?

That depends where you live. Different jurisdictions have different estate laws.If you live in a country ruled by Islamic law? No. Women have no property rights, they don't own anything. Whatever the husband has will be left to his closest male relatives. It may be a son(s), it may be his father, it may

Does a wife have rights on her husband's father's property?

Indian Wife in India, especially the Hindu wife, has hardly any right on the property of her husband during his lifetime leave aside the father of the husband.The right of the wife is limited for claiming maintenance and place of residence only from the husband under the Protection of Women from the

Does a wife miss her husband during separation after 20 years of marriage?

Cheating is very common and for good reason. It is normal for a person to continue to be sexually attracted to other people even after making speeches in public. A speech doesn't change your biological nature. Monogamy is a cultural norm that doesn't actually fit many people's biological and natural instincts.I am one of these people that monogamy

Does anybody have any examples of an ex-husband and ex-wife continuing a close relationship after their divorce?

Sure. My co-parent and I divorced 20 years ago-her choice. Coming out of the courthouse afterwards, she turned to me and said

Does the military frown upon military wives reporting their husbands for cheating or domestic abuse?

No. The military is the most corrupt organization funded by the government out there. They will do any and everything to protect their investment while dumping on anyone that tries to discredit them.Until it's inconvenient; then they harass, hassle, and neglect their members until

Does the Qur'an tell husbands they can beat their wives?

I see that nobody has given any sources to their answers, so I'd like to start with the Qur'an.Qur'an 4:19, Allah says:

Does the second wife have to meet the first wife?

God no!When my new wife asked me what would happen if we ran into my ex, I said I'd crawl out a back window and run.  I'd call her later to tell her where to pick me up.She says she'd love to meet her.  She's 18 years younger and beautiful as well

Has anyone in India experienced wife swapping?

We're from Mumbai. Wife is from Delhi. Our's is a arrange marriage. I've always be a one woman man who my life. No looks no physique. Nothing but money that can call for woman. Being part of affluent family I was though will be a spoilt brat. However I knew

Hinduism: Why do some wives (Hindu by birth) of Hindu husbands practice Christianity secretly?

I would request some scientific data behind the question or I would assume the question is motivated by misinformation or presumptions. As rightly pointed by others, Bharat is a secular nation and every citizen has right to choose their faith as long as they don't cause trouble to others because their faith is different and

How can a Hindu husband be divorce from his Muslim wife?

In my opinion, such marriages are under special marriage act and hence the divorce is also in compliance with the same act.But I am not a professional, hence whomsoever is concerned must contact the lawyer once for right guidance.Till then, read from our helping hand Wikipedia article:Special Marriage Act, 1954 - WikipediaLet me know

How can a husband control his wife?

I see a lot of sarcasm in the answers, and my guess is those writers are never controlled by their spouse.Let me provide a direct answer to your question, from a wife who was controlled by her husband.We have been married for over 5 years and have 3 kids together. Beautiful kids. They're under 6 at

How can a husband/father choose the another woman over his wife and kids? Their marriage was great.

Maybe it's was a terrible relationship....Everyone is quick to put the man down. What if the woman lied and said he assaulted her and had him thrown in jail. I just watched a video of a woman shooting a gun off making her partner admit on video he is in

How can a husband forever stay happy with his wife?

Honestly, a husband can't stay happy with her wife forever. Its totally hypothetical. There may be a lot of good days and very few bad ones but there will be a balance between happiness and sadness.You can keep the love intact between the two of you and treasure it all along and build on it. This will

How can a wife abuse her husband?

Women are just as capable of domestic abuse as men are. All domestic abusers generally use the same tactics to one degree or another. Women may do it slightly differently, but they can still do it.Gaslighting: Trying to make the target of abuse think

How can a wife control her husband?

#Question name: How can a wife control her husband?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope

How can a wife get away from an abusive husband?

Depending on where you're located, immediately try and reach out to family members you trust and a women's rights organization! If you feel like your life is in danger, or if you feel threatened in any way (and if you reside in the U.S), don't hesitate for

How can a wife take care of her husband?

For a wife to take care of her husband, she needs to know the difference between the sexes. God created the male and female (Gen. 1:27) and in marriage the beauty and challenge of bringing masculine and feminine together happens. Men have a tendency toward the outward, explorative and needs to accomplish tasks at hand. Women like to linger.

How can a wife undress in front of her husband?

A wife doesn't undress herself in front of her husband in India. After all, we are Indians.A typical Indian husband is made up of the greatest expectations about his wife, and the most defensive excuses for his own shortcomings, in equal measures.For him,

How can husband and wife live together as a team?

It is like playing a mix doubles match. It's a teamwork.One takes the lead, other watches with appreciation. Encourage the other partner to take the lead and watch it. When the rythm gets going there is no one to stop, life will be fun and full of bliss.When one partner is tired take the brunt

How to be a good wife? What does husband want from his wife

I bet you are or will be, by only raising the concern you have achieved one important value, that you care about your partner happiness, I will speak based on my experience:Faithfulness, betrayal can destroy a relation in a fraction of a

How to convince a devoted Christian lady to be my second wife

You mean while you have a living wife? You cant. Its totally against Christian mores and teachings. And in the US its illegal so not only would a marriage be invalid, she would be living in sin according to Christianity. It would be a life of adultry and fornication as well as breaking the law. . If shes

How to convince my first wife to come and live with me and my second wife

This is really something you should have figured out before marrying your junior wife.Assuming your first wife didn't think to demand that you agree in advance to certain conditions specific to subsequent marriages - which was within her right - then you are in for a negotiation.If you can't treat your wives

How to find out if my husband got a divorce from his first wife

Ask him for the divorce papers, like the order and decree of divorce issued by the court, you can confirm the facts about the divorce from the court records yourself or through some lawyer of the state where the divorce process took place.

How to get a nice wife

Be a good catch. If you want to marry a princess, make sure you are a prince. Easy is it not?The long version is a bit more complicated but it boils down to improving yourself in all 7 areas of attractive male traits to the

How to get divorced from my husband if he already got a second marriage and children from his second wife

You dont say where you are but bigamy is illegal in most western countries and his second marriage would be declared invalid. To divorce you do the same as any other couples, do, you separate or kick him out of the house (maybe send

How to get my wife back

#Question name: How can I get my wife back 1?TOP 11 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WIFE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Heyyy friends, I checkedd all Quora answerrs and marriagge tips on the internnet and below are besst tips to save your marrriage.

How can my wife and I balance our time together when we have our own apartment but have families to take care of who need us almost every day?

You didn't mention what part of the world you are in. I suspect it may not be North America.You and your wife will each need to talk to your families. You need to let them know that you care about them, and want to help them, but that you can not be with them every day.Even in cultures where

How to handle a controlling wife

Hi! Do you have some examples of your wife being controlling? I'm a "controlling" wife...with that said, can I just offer some insight? When I am being super "controlling", what I usually want is more information; I don't just want to control the situation. For example, you

How to tell if your wife is unhappy

If she constantly swears at you and tells you what a jerk you are.You sit down to dinner and instead of putting food on your plate she dumps it on your head.If you hear her on the phone making a date with another man.If you go to

How common is it for wife to beat her husband especially in india?

It is not at all common for a wife to beat her husband.. Simple reason is if the husband hits back she will be in more pain..Playfully wife can beat her husband also I have seen wife biting her husband.. But these are only

How did you catch your cheating spouse?

Which one? LolFirst relationship (spouse), I was never exactly sure, but plenty of signs I was in denial about. Two purchases for spa/massage treatments on credit. I received only one. He said the other was for an old lady customer of his that'd been so nice. Umm-hmm. Also discovered computer conversations, plus he completely denied me of

How did you forgive your husband/wife for leaving you?

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.Its a cruel hard fact but if your spouse walked out and/or left you, they don't want or need your forgiveness.To your ex-spouse, they could care less about your feelings or wanting your forgiveness.Get that idea out of your head

How did you leave your alcoholic spouse?

order of protectionservedhe didnt even look at it for a year, went into defaultat court he asked if we could try again, so i knocked it to a separation trialhe violated his oop, got a stay away orderhe left for a

How did your spouse act when you told them you wanted a divorce or wanted to separate?

I was married for 25 years, blessed with 3 beautiful children, and an absolutely lovely stepson I had in my life since he was about 2.My husband and I had worked hard, struggled at times to make ends meet. He worked as

How did your spouse surprise your with a divorce?

We had been together for nearly 10 years. Living together for 9 of those years. Married for the last 4.We spoke the same 6 languages. We were both crazy enough to pack up and move to a new country without much of a plan. Taiwan, Switzerland,

How do a husband and wife maintain a good relationship?

Ten Secrets to a Successful Marriage is a great article, that I summarized below about the secrets of a successful marriage.Happiness is not the most important thing. Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness will come and go. Successful couples learn to intentionally do things that will bring happiness back when life pulls

How do husband and wives of Western European countries share the life expenses?

My husband and I have one bank account that we share. We both put both of our salaries in that account (we put money in savings and investments, too, but all joint accounts). I pay bills, he manages investments because that

How do husbands catch their their wives cheating on them? Is it by checking their wives phones? Or by their behavior changes?

A lot of things go on in our life that affects us in ways we can not imagine.Sometimes we are the cause of all this things and when i say we are the cause i mean there are things we can avoid yet

How to divorce a narcissist wife

Very carefully.I have gone through divorcing a narcissist husband, more than once. No, I'm not dumb, just trust too easily. Narcissists usually take your trust and run with it, not letting their narcissism run rampant until sometime after you have married them. Then, you find yourself in

How to find a wife

Lol, it would be great if one only had to follow steps 1 through 7, then possibly repeat a few steps and voila wife and great marriage.Alas, its not so simple, and honestly everyone's situation will be so different that what works for one probably wouldn't work

How to get my wife back after divorce

#Question name: How do I get my wife back after divorce?TOP 11 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WIFE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Heyyy friends, I checkedd all Quora answerrs and marriagge tips on the internnet and below are besst tips to save your marrriage.

How to get my wife back after she left me

You have to realize how significant it is that she physically moved her self and her life out of the once-shared home you used to have.It is almost a guarantee that she is not interested in you or your relationship anymore. Because, it takes a lot to pull up

How to get my wife to get a job

We moved to states 16 years ago. If your wife cooks,cleans and a good house maker, she can work from home. Tell her to do some research and invest her time to learn a new skill. It is hard to find good job in US without special education.I was a teacher in India.I could not find any job

How to get my wife to play with another woman

The question needs to be changed to how can I help my wife want to be with another woman?First, she needs to know you will not touch either woman, this is all about her. You intend to sit in the