Are Kegel Balls an effective way of doing Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are medically proven to help women with a number of pelvic floor problems like urinary incontinence, smoother recovery after pregnancy and lack of libido etc. But the effectiveness of a kegel exercise depends on doing it correctly. Though you can do kegel exercise for free with the help of traditional

At what age does a woman begin menopause? At what age do periods stop?

Menopause is a long transitional stage in a woman's life, the time when the childbearing period ends. Menstruation stops, the hormonal background wholly rebuilt. Doctors classify the following steps of menopause: say that it is impossible to determine precisely how much the climax begins in a woman, because they are

Can a pregnant woman exercise her abs?

I would answer this question, by asking the question, "What do you hope to attain by exercising your abs?" Here are just a few questions that a qualified strength coach or personal trainer should ask a pregnant athlete:What's your training maturity (frequency, volume, intensity, type, etc.?Have you ever had

Can a woman work out during her period/menstruation?

Exercise at any point in your menstrual cycle is beneficial to your health, and during menstruation exercise is typically not harmful. Exercise can help ease menstrual cramps but not for everyone, some people will find that pushing themselves too much during menstruation can increase cramps and

Do infertile women menstruate?

As you probably already know, if you're not ovulating, then you can't get pregnant. So women who experience heavy flow due to this reason are infertile. But even if you're not dealing with menorhhagia, it's not a bad idea for you to talk to your gynecologist about any abnormal changes in your flow

Do women get hornier after menopause?

There are many reasons a woman's libido may increase after menopause without even considering possibly favorable hormonal changes - here's just a few:no more concern about pregnancy - a tremendous burden and cause of anxiety, especially if a woman doesn't have access to very effective contraception or if the male partner refuses to wear more risk

Do women return to normal after menopause?

Well, in my case the answer would be

Do women still have sexual desire after menopause?

I am a primary care and emergency physician. However, I have had a side study of human sexuality all of my life. The answer I am going to write is written partially on study and partially observation.Sex drive or libido in both sexes is due to testosterone. Men of course have gonads dedicated

How to become incredibly flexible

Accept that you may have limits, and that you can't be sure about where they lie, so don't see it as a failure if you can't achieve this laudable ideal ; )Inborne-ness (genotype) will set some of the limits, but environment, especially in this

How to get rid of cramps

5 Scientific Ways to Stop Muscle Cramps1. Train specifically for your race.Most cramps happen when you push yourself harder thanyou're used to. If you make your training more similar toracing in terms of intensity and duration, then you'reprobably less likely to cramp.2. Rest.If

How to shape up and stay healthy for the rest of your life

I made some changes to my physical activity five years ago and these have helped me to maintain a healthy routine over time. Find something you enjoy and make it a part of your routine.  This will keep you motivated and it will not feel

How does menstruating feel?

This is the first time I have read about first hand experience during menstrual cycle. Even though I have read about physical changes during menstrual cycle, I never knew that experiencing it happens to be such a dreadful thing. I

How early (age) can women go through menopause?

A woman can experience medical or surgical menopause at any age. This happens when the ovaries are removed or otherwise cease to function. Some women with a family history of ovarian cancer opt to have them surgically removed as a preventive measure.For natural menopause, the average age is 51.

Human Spaceflight: How does the lack of gravity affect menstruation?

This is a good question and it was a problem engineers treated seriously when women entered space programs. The actual reports are actualy quite funny to read today.The answer, determined by women actually having a menstrual cycle in microgravity, is that the effect is about

Is it better to go through menopause later or earlier?

What an interesting question. The answer, however, depends on the woman involved. For some, an early menopause equates to freedom. No worries about pregnancy (or preventing pregnancy) ! No more monthly periods and the accompanying symptoms. Yay!But for others, menopause means an ending of sorts. No more pregnancies, no more emotional highs and lows as estrogen, progesterone, and

Is it normal to menstruate within 19 days?

Within 19 days from what? Did you have a 19 days cycle? That is a bit short, but not unheard of. A normal menstrual cycle is between 21 and 35 days long (maybe even longer for young women). This is the

Should girls do weight training in gym?

I found an answer and I found it in the affirmative. But excess of anything is bad, and so is weight training. You need to select the body type you want. Girls striving for athletic body must do weight training for toned arms and legs. 30–40 minutes of weight training for three days

What are some tips for women going through their menopause?

The only real way to get relief is to start using bio-identical hormones, namely get Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT). Many doctors frightem women by claiming they give cancer but is not true for bio-identical hormones (oestradiol and progesterone). They have a very good safety record. To get a prescription, she need

What can be done to stop/treat extremely painful and horrible period menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea)? What is the remedy for menstruation pain?

All women are not created equal. Some sail through their periods with little to no pain while you and me feel pain like we're giving birth to a fully formed giant rhino who's ripping your body out while also lending our backs to a rugby team

What does 'altered menstruation' mean?

Altered menstruation means change of the menstrual date every month of the cycle. The date of menstruation alters every month in some women and in some it remains the same. This can be due to many reasons like diet, lifestyle and stress. These three factors alter

What does it feel like to go through menopause?

I am one of the ones who has a terrible time, yuck, yuck, yuck.  I have been known to grab my doctor by his white coat, throw him against the wall and say "give me those damn hormones right now you bastard," not really, but I've thought of it.There are

What is menopause and when do women go through it?

Menopause is the term for when women are ending their pattern of menstruation. Prior to that, the menstrual cycles become irregular, but in menopause the hormonal changes are notorious for causing hot flashes, vaginal dryness and atrophy, and other irreversible changes. When the woman has not had a menstrual cycle for a

Why do I get my period every 16 days?

The irregular menstruation if a term used for menstrual cycles in a woman that show a variation of more than 8 days at a time. It can be explained as the irregularity of length of monthly cycles in a woman usually accompanied

Why do I get my period every 3 weeks? Is it normal?

Are you counting from the first day of your period, to the first day of your next period? Or are you counting from the last day of your period to the first day of your next period?The length between your periods are counted from the first day of your period, up to

Why do people get stomach pain during periods?

Cramps happen during menstruation. They suck. The uterus basically starts contracting so that the lining comes off and is expelled. These cramps can cause bowel issues such as constipation or diarrhea, which can cause cramping in the lower abdominal region. Basically if the uterus isn't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Why does my period change every month?

What Causes Irregular Periods?Because each woman's cycle is different, and because there are so many factors that cause an irregular cycle, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint an exact reasons for irregular periods. Periods are often irregular during the first couple of years

Why I have lighter period than usual for 6 days?

The female cycle is a basically a biologic time piece. Works well enough for the human race to make this far but it is not as accurate or reliable as a modern mechanical time piece or even a time piece of a century ago.Even with an impeccable every 28 day menstrual history there will be

Why is exercise so important to our vitality?

The video below answers just this :) I hope you become motivated to start working out from today on after watching!There are many videos on work out routine, how to do squats, push-ups and all that, but not so many on WHY we should work out to begin with. I believe if you don't have a strong

Why is my period 16 days late?

Your period can never be

Can I do workouts during my periods?

this answer has been copied from the article "Period Workout: Lifting the Curse" written by "JAYME MOYE" at women's health magazine:Call it the female advantage. At the same time in your cycle that you have cravings and cramps, hormonal changes can give you boosts in pain tolerance and muscle recovery

Can living with a cat make women infertile?

I had to do a bit of research before answering this question. Cats can carry the toxoplasmosis parasite in their feces (Toxoplasmosis - Wikipedia). While toxoplasmosis does not have noticeable effects on most people, it can be dangerous for pregnant women because it can

Can one ovulate during menstruation?

No, it is very unlikely you would be ovulating during menstruation. Menstruation actually implies that menstrual cycle reaching its natural end, a conclusion of that menstrual cycle if you like.Indeed, menstruation occurs usually 2 weeks (14 days) after ovulation had taken place, if a pregnancy had not occurred in that

Can women do exercise during periods?

During periods some of the asanas and exercises can be done and some can't be done. You will find a several lists of that on the internet. But I advise you to not to blindly follow them. I prefer that it would not

Could humans be bred to alter menstruation periods?

Could humans be bred to alter menstruation periods? Similar to the encouraged egg laying seen in chickens.?No, we can't really modify humans through breeding.  First of all, it's unethical.  Secondly, it's just not feasible due to the length of time it takes for a human to reach sexual maturity.  We've been able

Do infertile women still experience monthly periods?

The question you are asking is whether women who can't have children still have periods. Barren women means they are unable to have children. So, yes, they do.And the testament to that is the hundreds of thousands of women who've tried to get pregnant and weren't able to and sought the intervention

Do men know when women are menstruating?

In my university days I shared a house with three women. I was the only non-scientist. I was the only one with a car and so I tended to do the large grocery shopping. One day I tossed in a packet of tampons for one of the woman. When I gave

Do some women really enjoy menstruation?

I had my first period at age 13. I was overjoyed!At last - I was a REAL WOMAN! Or so I thought.I remember sitting on my pad, going to the loo every hour to check how much ahem, blood, I had on it

Does eating papaya during menstruation increases pain?

Something we cherish most about summer is the dazzling choice of crisp organic products. They won't just make as an incredible nibble for a sweltering summer day, they'll likewise be marvelous for your period. Period super nourishment, as it were.Why it makes a difference what you eat amid your periodThe nourishment you choose to eat amid your period can

Does exercise affect periods?

I am not a professional, but from my experience it is possible, but may depend on many different factors. When I first started exercising I was completely sedentary and that definitely affected it greatly. It would come late and be very

Does the menstrual cycle cause chest pain?

The menstrual cycle is a natural physiological phenomenon. A woman experiences physical pain during the menstrual cycle. It can affect heart Symptoms like Angina, is a temporary chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart. As a result you can feel

Does working out affect your period cycle?

keep in mind top women athletes in peak physical condition; often don't even get their periods at all yes, exercise definitely affects a woman's cycle(to tell you the truth, that's why i STARTED working out, LOL, 'cause i didn't want my period anymore! but i don't keep myself in

How bad is my period / menstruation?

You mentioned it's an odd question, but it is not. Once in my past I was asked by a doctor "Are your periods heavy?", and I had to respond "It's not like I have an easy benchmark to compare to". So, it's good that you are asking.Yes, your periods

How can any women prevent and cure back pain?

I have had friends who stopped their back pain by building up their core muscles. The stomach muscles then do all of the work rather than the back muscles.Also other friends who have had back pain ended it with doing yoga under the supervision of a certified yoga teacher.But before

How to prepone my menstrual period by natural methods

Well the points I am going to mention are not sure ways to delay periods but may work if you follow them properly.One thing to remember is that you should not try to change your period if it is not incredibly important, because this can affect the regularity of your period. Here are some natural ways

How do animals cope with menstruation pain?

Menstruation is a feature only in primates (only in humans, apes and Old World monkeys) and in some bats. All other mammals have the oestrus cycle.During the oestrus cycle, the endometrial wall is absorbed by the body, and the period is characterised by the animals being "in heat".

How to get fit after menopause

You have to work 3 times as tough, physically. And you need to consume about half the calories you could before.Do you remember what it felt like before you were 'possessed' by menopause? Or maybe you still feel like that but you're looking to see what

How to get rid of period cramps at school

I your cramps makes you unable to function and you need maximal legal dose(or more) of painkillers I would suggest skipping school and sleeping it off.First of all you are as not fully functional even with painkillers. There is usually advised not to operate machinery if on drugs. Also painkillers can be

How to deal with menstrual pain

I get severe pain in my abdomen during my menstruation. I used to take pain relievers every month. But later, realised that the natural way of healing menstrual cramps are much more effective and have no side effects.Menstrual cramps usually occur during

How to treat secondary amenorrhea

It seems that endurance sports such as running and swimming, especially when started before puberty, predisposes women to amenorrhea, due to a lowering of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone the cause of which is still not understood, see The Running Doc Discusses Menstrual Irregularities -

How does a prolonged menstruation affect pregnancy?

Usually a menstruation last about 3–7 days. If your menstruation is more than 7 days, it is likely that ovulation has not occurred, or there may be something disrupting the lining of the uterus, or there is a problem forming blood clots.There are many causes

How does menstruating feel?

Well I came across this question and could not resist but answer it straight away as mine are just about to start. I am 27 and it's been a long long time since I started my periods (back in grade 8). It was a bit irregular initially and though I didn't have

How does PCOS affects the human body?

PCOS can cause irregular menses and amenorrhea, and because the endometrium may grow thicker and thicker without shedding, there is an increased risk of endometrial cancer.  The birth control pill can help with this by causing endometrial shedding every month, or medicines can be used to cause a withdrawal bleed every 3 months. 

How is infertility in women diagnosed?

Hi Amisha,If a couple is trying to conceive naturally for a period of 6 months to 1 year and is unable to conceive then we call it a case of infertility.—Also, when a woman has recurrent miscarriages we call it a case of infertility.One has to go to infertility specialist to get the diagnosis process started

How painful can menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) be?

One bright sunny morning I was at university. Having just finished a lecture we (myself and two guys) walked across the road to a shopping centre where we sat in the food court and had lunch.The pains came whilst I was

How should I get rid of menstrual cramps without using pain killers?

What causes your menstrual cramps?We know that. You have a love and hate relationship with your uterus. Your uterine muscle contractions are triggered by prostaglandins. You will have severe cramps if your body is producing higher levels of prostaglandins.Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for period cramps. Women usually experience annoying pains from in the lower

Human Spaceflight: How does the lack of gravity affect menstruation?

This is a good question and it was a problem engineers treated seriously when women entered space programs. The actual reports are actualy quite funny to read today.The answer, determined by women actually having a menstrual cycle in microgravity, is that the effect is about the saem as the amount of damage

I'm 14, missed my period by 15 days. I hit my stomach pretty hard and now there's balls of blood. This happened before but only for a few minutes. It's been 2 days. Can I die from blood loss and will this go away on its own?

You are not bleeding. Really. You are not bleeding. Keep telling yourself that. All the fluid that leaves your body during your period was gathered in the lining of the uterus two weeks or so before. It (and there's more than just blood) lines the inside of the uterus in case a fertilized egg moves from the

Is it safe to have cramps the day when the period should arrive?

Yeah its totally Natural. In fact most of us treat cramps and pains as indication that the ‘WINTER IS COMING' ( aka bad days and periods :p )However, some people experience such things in a heightened way. The intensity of pain gets worse and it starts few days prior to periods

Is it possible for a lady to have a normal menstrual cycle and be pregnant at the same time?

I have had 8 pregnancies in my life, 4 healthy, beautiful happy babies (that are now teenagers and making my life absolutely crazy – – thank God) & 4 heartbreaking miscarriages. Often

Does having your period hurt?

Oh yeah it hurts a lot! And by lot I mean a pain rating of 10/10 for me. So whenever I get my periods the first 48 hours I get persistent pain with pain level taking a peak in between

Is menstruation manageable?

Yes.Menses*/Periods*The symptoms cited----an offshoot of irregular menses, hormonal imbalance and constipation.  Menses*Every individual possesses 4 excretory channels, feces, urine, lungs & skin. But a female possesses 5th channel, namely, MENSES. Every young girl/spinster/woman must know the significance of Menses cycles, regularity of maintenance with the aid of acupressure techniques & to maintain ‘the best of woman's

Is menstruation really a thing to be ashamed of?

A girl is sitting in a library and reading for her exams. When suddenly she feels something, upon checking she is sure that her monthly nemesis has arrived. She checks her bag and finds that the usual emergency pad that she keeps in

Is rope skipping or jumping jacks harmful during periods/menstruation? Is it safe to skip rope or perform jumping jacks during menstruation?

The basic premise to any movement being practised is the logic and introspection whether it is in congruence with the anatomy of the joint and musculature being used. As long as it all does, there is no problem.Girls and Boys can BOTH

What are some home/natural remedies to treat/prevent menstrual/period cramps?

As ladies, we as a whole know it, fear it, and are in some cases even appreciative that we get it - I'm discussing our month to month time span. We as a whole know the steady throbbing and cramping torments that accompany it.

What are some reasons that could delay the onset of a menstrual period?

Possible Reasons for Missed Period:Pregnancy. You should make home pregnancy test. After the discovery of a positive or negative result it is necessary to be examined by specialists. An ultrasound can show the presence of pregnancy from the first days of a menstruation delay.

What are the side effects of gym for womans?

Well, this is a very interesting question. This looks like an incomplete question to me. A lot of women go to the gym and run on treadmills, do yoga or zumba. Well, if you are going to do that, find a recreational park instead. Paying a gym fee to run on a machine

What are websites about women's health?

LADYFORST.COMLADYFØRST is a FREE Video Magazine with the focus given to WOMAN HEALTH & FOOD REMEDIES.As women, we play many important roles in life, except for a good employee, we also do our best to be a good daughter, a good partner

What can be done to stop/treat extremely painful and horrible period menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea)? What is the remedy for menstruation pain?

All women are not created equal. Some sail through their periods with little to no pain while you and me feel pain like we're giving birth to a fully formed giant rhino who's ripping your body out while also lending our backs to a rugby team for tackle practice. Multi-tasking sucks, right?Your first challenge will

What causes pain after menstrual periods?

Pain after menstrual cycle depend on many things, as far as I know , Many a times after taking ECP , a pain is felt. or there may be some kind of disorder. I found similar question as yours on following links, although the best option is to consult a doctor.I have stomach pain even

What does 'altered menstruation' mean?

Altered menstruation means change of the menstrual date every month of the cycle. The date of menstruation alters every month in some women and in some it remains the same. This can be due to many reasons like diet, lifestyle

What does it mean not having your menstruation for months?

Only two things are majorly possible.PregnancyHormonal DisorderIn case you have had unprotected sex in your fertile window then there is a possibility that you have conceived.If not, then it is due to your hormonal imbalance. This can be due to PCOS or Thyroid or both. Here the metabolism of the body is affected and it directly impacts the

What does it mean to have a short menstruation period than the normal period?

Your own ob/gyn is the best person to ask, as he or she knows your medical history and current state of health.The most likely reasons that a woman might have a very scanty period (only a couple of days, virtually no bleeding) or an irregular period or an absent period when she knows

What does the first menstruation feel like?

About a day before it started, I felt a sudden, weird sharp pain in my abdomen. It was kind of like when your foot cramps, only it's in your lower abdomen, like some tiny dagger-wielding demon is hacking at you from the inside. It wasn't

What exercise should I advoid during my period?

No exercise. If feasible complete ed rest & easily digestible food.Menses*/Periods* HOW TO REGULATE?The symptoms cited----an offshoot of irregular menses, hormonal imbalance and constipation.Menses*Cause[s]: Displaced solar plexus, hormonal imbalances, anxiety/tensions, indiscriminate consumption of birth control pills, steroids for diabetes, depression, vigorous coitus, etc. It is common

What is a menstrual cycle?

Its a periodic bleeding occuring once every 28–35 days in a woman. It is called a cycle because it's repeated approximately every 30 days.If you want to understand what menstruation is and why the bleeding occurs every month, i will give

What is menstruation cycle? Can anyone explain me without using complex biological words?

I wasn't aware about the term menstruation till grade 8. Back then I used to go for morning tuitions. On a Wednesday morning I was wearing white skirt as a part of my uniform.After the tution got over, I stood up to leave. Everyone laughed loudly except the girls and my teacher.When I turned

What is the best pain killer for menstrual cramps?

The dysmenorrhea is the set of symptoms that affect a large number of women coinciding with menstruation. 50 percent of them are affected by the pain of rule in their mild forms. But, up to 10 percent of women suffer symptoms so intense that they see their normal life conditioned. In many cases, it is essential to use some

What is the biological importance of the menstruation cycle?

Most animals have a regular cycle for the female to produce eggs that can be fertilised.  And to attract males at that time by some special signal. Placental mammals take this to an extreme because the female retains the eggs and builds a complex placenta to feed the foetuses, which are born in a relatively developed

What is the relationship between amenorrhea and osteoporosis?

If you are interested in traditional medicine, I suggest that you read the following book:

When I gain weight, it goes straight to my butt and thighs. Ideally, I'd like to lose the fat without gaining muscle. What is the best way to work these areas, using gyms and workout facilities?

Butt and thighs?  Well, I consider it my duty, my obligation, to answer this one.  Why?  I like fit butts and I can not lie...Right off the bat I can see some common misconceptions women have about physique enhancement/body composition-based training.  And I'm assuming this question is coming from

Why am I having pain in my elbow when I cycle?

I have had this problem, myself. I realized that I was putting too much pressure into my arms and onto the bars. I corrected it.You should be lightly touching the bars, theoretically, barely touching them. Your core body and legs should be balanced in the vertical center

Why am I having painful cramps when I am not on my menstrual period or pregnant?

The most common and likely causes would be gas and constipation. But many different illnesses can cause painful cramps.Such as :Ovarian Cyst-Two types of cysts can form in the ovary, causing cramping but no period. One is where the egg fails

Why am I still cramping after my period?

Cramps after your period ends aren't usually menstrual cramps. So if you're thinking, why am I cramping after my period or is it normal to cramp after your period, you are smart because there is a reason.Spotting and cramping after period may be caused by several different reasons. Here are the top 7 reasons-1. You got pregnant-

Why do all of the female mammals lactate if milk destroys bones, causes osteoporosis and fractures?

Well, God didn't design women and female mammals to lactate because, well, imaginary characters from ancient myths don't exist.But this aside, you are missing the key point: the research refers to adults. And more specially, to human adults since ours is the only animal species that drinks regularly milk after

Why do human women have relatively more frequent menstruation (estrus) cycles compared to other mammals?

Actually, they don't. Broadly, all the animal kingdom fits into two categories:-seasonal fertilityfemales go into estrus once or twice annually, typically in spring or fall. Goats and deer  are some of those, that mate in autumn months and hawing their young in early spring.

Why does menopause cause osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is decreased bone density, which can cause bones to become brittle and break easily.  Osteoporosis affects about 10 million Americans, 4 times as many women as men.  There is a well-documented correlation between osteoporosis and the loss of estrogen and testosterone

Why is a female's menstruation cycle referred to as a 'period'?

There is so much chatter on this subject and so many unanswered questions that as a Physician I consider it almost my duty to get right answers out to as many people as possible. I have tried answering as many questions as

Why is menstruation considered impure?

Menstruation is something that brings images of uncleanliness to the male dominated society that we have in India.Well the Hygiene issue was true before the era of Sanitary Napkins and Tampons.In ancient india when the rules were created in various smritis. The Mythic origins are as followsSource: Worshipping while

Why is menstruation so painful? Why are periods so painful? Why do menstrual cramps occur?

Normal, healthy periods are not supposed to be painful, heavy, crampy, clotty, nor to be accompanied by bloating, diarrhea or moodiness. Sadly many women experience these things.I suffered with awful periods for many years. Eventually when I took birth control pills, my periods became much worse, and I began to have all sorts of gynecological problems. I then

Why is my menstruation cycle delayed due to taking Surbex-Z supplement? When will my menstruation period be normal?

From what I can see, Surbex-Z is a high potency supplement for those who have vitamin B, C and Zinc deficiencies. It is possible that if you were deficient in any of these vitamins or minerals, your menstrual cycle may now

Can girls run during their periods?

Yes, girls can run during their periods.There's nothing a person can't do during menstruation, although it's important to consider hygiene needs during menstruation and performance can differ too - many people find their performance dips during menstruation, but it isn't always the case. Another factor

Do muscle relaxers help to ease the pain of menstrual cramps?

I get extremely bad menstrual cramps: I throw up, get dizzy, black out, and am pretty much confined to the bed for the first day of my period. After that, I'm fine. I was put on birth control for a while, first Yaz and then I switched to Loestrin 24-Fe. The Loestrin

For young women experiencing hair loss, what are some ways you've found to cope?

I have a close family member who struggles with this, and the best thing she has found is a bottle of fibers to sprinkle in to her hair to cover the thin areas : Toppix. You can buy it on Amazon. It hides it. Also, clip in hair extensions - they are quite inexpensive on Amazon now. As far

How can a girl manage periods in school?

A girl with periods at school might find it a bit tough . But its not that difficult to take leave from school just because she is on her periods.☆ Always have an extra sanitary napkin/ tampon no matter if its not the time of menstrual cycle .☆ Once periods has started , use a good quality sanitary

How to get rid of cramps

5 Scientific Ways to Stop Muscle Cramps1. Train specifically for your race.Most cramps happen when you push yourself harder thanyou're used to. If you make your training more similar toracing in terms of intensity and duration, then you'reprobably less likely to cramp.2. Rest.If you get a cramp, the best way

How to lose belly fat? I've been going to the gym for months and following a plan of 1330 calories (I'm 160cm, 53kg but have an ugly belly) I have low estrogen but I'm taking birth control pills (doctor recommended). How do I lose it

So it depends on certain factors.What type of a program are you on? Have you been coached on proper fatloss and strength training? As well as what are you eating and more specifically the times you eat?All this will play in weather you will lose weight. Think about it- most over weight people do a ton

How to lose weight after giving birth

Step by step instructions to Lose Weight After Pregnancy Naturally and Quickly Attempting to get in shape after you conceive an offspring can be a testing process, however you can lose your pregnancy weight without depending on herbs and supplements. The normal lady who begins her pregnancy at an ordinary weight just loses 80 percent

How to know when you've worked out too much

As User-13575218621724130352 states, injury is the obvious dead giveaway. But even if you're not injured, there are a few additional signs of over-training. One is overall fatigue - not only is your body tired, but your muscles burn even when doing simple tasks.Another is "plateauing." You will stop making any kind of

How to manage when you get periods in public

Its unlikely to pour out of you, unless you are 1 of those rare women whose period starts suddenly and heavily so just excuse yourself and head to the ladies ASAP. You may have a little blood on your knickers but that's all. If you are