A few days at the end of each Q, my manager asks me to work overtime (like until 10 pm). He asks me not to report this to avoid paying OT and offers 1 PTO day for each day that I work past 5 PM. Is this legal? Is it a good deal?

If you are paid hourly, it's likely a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act for your employer to offer time off in exchange for overtime.Comp Time - Exchanging Overtime for Future Time Off - Payroll Services LLCThe US Department

Am I the only person who is too lazy to work every day?

I can certainly say without a doubt that people from all walks of Earth can, at times, be lazy to work. When you find yourself with all the basic needs already satisfied, your next need in life is to find purpose and self-fulfillment. Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, finding the drive in our lives is a result

An employee of mine at the store consistently shows up on time and early for at least the last 4 years like clock work. What is a way I can reward aside from a raise, and let her know how much I really appreciate her and her dedication to the job?

This type of employee is a gem and it is only natural to want to express thanks and appreciation of her time and dedication to the job. There are a few things you can do depending on what you can afford. You can think about ordering a plaque for her to be presented to her at an

Are hard work and motivation overrated?

motivation will work for 1 to 2 weeks but ur attitude your habit will always make habits of your daily target ...A jobless man applied for the job of "sweeper" at Microsoft. The HR interviewed him.. Then watched him cleaning the floor

Are there any genuine companies offering work from home?

Some few points i will add on this question.If you search on classified web site you will find thousands of Work from home jobs. They sell work from home form filling or Novel typing pages.They have unique pattern of packages.Means to start your work they take money from your. And they tell

Are you excited to go to work every day? What is your job?

I really enjoy my job and believe in what we are doing.That being said, I wouldn't say I wake up literally excited every morning.People are excited when something truly amazing is about to happen, not when they are doing the

Are you "safe" in your job, and could advance for better pay, but if you do, there is a great possibility of being fired, so you stay where you are?

Unless you work for the government, there is always the possibility of losing your job. Companies are bought and sold every day. Companies are run out of business by competitors. Companies are forced to reduce staff because of costly government regulations. You think you are safe

Are you satisfied with the work you do? What motivates you every day in your work?

Yes. In construction the motivation for me is seing the final outcome . We are now just coming to the end of an 8 week contract . Have been baked in the heat , blown to pieces in gales , soaked through to the skin, been standing in mud ankle deep , worked sometimes over

As an experienced software engineer, how long have you been idle, without work, and how did you keep yourself motivated to stay in the profession?

I've been a software engineer for nearly 30 years, and I've been laid off three times. In my experience, that happens to nearly everyone at some point, the other people answering this question seem to be quite fortunate on average.The first

At what point does art become work?

It isn't completely clear to me what you mean by the statement. I am wondering if you mean at what point in time do artists reap monetary rewards for their work? Or if you are asking if an artist ever gets bored doing

Can a salaried employee be forced to work weekends?

Yes, assuming you consider the threat of termination of employment to be force. That's perfectly legal in every jurisdiction I'm familiar with - but I've lived my entire life in the United States, where labor laws tend to be more employer-friendly than in most industrialized countries. It might not be true in some places.Assuming you mean literally forced, as

Can an employer ask an employee to work an unethical number of hours?

It depends.I've done a fair amount of research on this, because I'm in the VFX industry, and "unethical" hours are part of the job.in the US, while it depends on individual state laws, and profession, you generally can be asked to work any

Can an employer force a salaried employee to take a sick day if the employee has worked 40 hours?

Yes. Absolutely. If you're sick , they have the right and a duty to protect the rest of the workers. They should not take away any sick pay however. If the are using their discretion and know that you have put in 40 hours

Can anyone become olympian as long as they work hard?

No.Sports at an elite level require some amount of youth and investment of time, which is the most finite resource.There are kids who fly to where snow is at that time of the year so that they can practice snow sports all the time.Some of them have

Can hard work/effort beat genius?

Yes hard work and preseverance can beat intelligence and genius.Because

Can hard work make up for lack of intelligence?

Undoubtedly. I see it as an equation - the three key factors are:1 - your level of intelligence (LI)2 - the intelligence requirement of the work you have chosen to do (WR)3 - the amount of work you put in

Can I take a few days off if I am ill from work exhaustion?

Taking that route would likely be a career limiting move.  You would likely be labeled and opportunities would dry up without you ever knowing.  Instead, I would step back and do some self-reflection on whether you are in the right place for your temperament and/or learn how to get back to a work-life balance.  Stepping away from

Can I work out 7 days a week?

It probably wouldn't be the best. You want at least 1 days rest to let your whole body regain some strength. If it works for you try it. I was doing 6 days and 1 day rest for a while it didn't effect me in any way I don't think. 7 seems a lot but if you think

Can one work hard and be a successful physics major without a strong aptitude for it?

The important thing to understand is that working as a physicist is different than excelling at physics courses. Although research frequently requires some of the skills taught in the classes, there is not the certainty of a closed form solution, knowing if your solution is correct in your lifetime, or the existence of a solution at all (in the

Can you be both a working woman and a housewife simultaneously?

From what I understand, single parents (men and women) have a full-time job (and sometimes a part-time job or more than one part-time job instead of a full-time position to meet all of the bills), yet until the children get old enough to

Can you improve your intelligence through hard work or is it fixed to a certain point?

Can you improve your intelligence through hard work or is it fixed to a certain point?Your intelligence is the result of the capability of your brain. During your first five years, your brain makes new connections at a rate of millions a

Can you work at Facebook without a Facebook account?

Aside from the philosophical reasons for why you should want to dogfood the product of the company for which you work (which in my opinion is reason enough), I'll humor you by answering the question more tactically.I think it could be incredibly difficult to do

Do all doctors have night shifts?

The basic answer to this is no, we don't all have night shifts, but you will often work at least some nights along the way.As an intern or registrar, you'll usually have some nights as part of your training. For instance, you'll often be doing after-hours cover in the hospital, working in ED, or that

Do British Princes and Princesses work normal jobs? When they wake up in the morning, what do they do?

I canot give you a itinerary of there activities of a day to day basis. There scheduled are given to them by there private Secretary's . There is likely correspondence to answer. The Royals are involved in various charities and foundations. They sit on The boards of various organizations ,are involved in fund raising, and other activities, then

Do men who work out a lot usually go out with women who work out a lot?

Preferences are preferences.I can attest for myself though. Ever since I've been working out mine changed, I find that women who put effort into looking good and being healthy are definitely more attractive and that goes beyond looks because beauty fades and if you don't take care of yourself it only gets worse. I used

Do most people enjoy working out by themselves or do they enjoy working out with a few people? Do real gym goers hate being bothered while working out?

I mostly work out by myself because I just feel like when I work out with friends, it's too time consuming. They always just try to chat, or dick around, and not work out. Like every time I go with a friend, a 2 hour session always turns into 4

Do online hacking sites work or are they fake?

You'd probably have stumbled upon quite a few sites if you search in Google which says that you can hack anyone's Facebook or any other password by just entering their Email or user-ID but there are absolute fakes.Lets take some random example site which claims it can hack Facebook password

Do people who work hard really succeed in life?

Absolutely.When I first immigrated to USA 19 years ago, I was desperately broke, had some health issues, a newborn, and every reason to despair.I was on government assistance, ashamed of having bad teeth. My little Geo car kept breaking down and it had no heater or air conditioning. It smelled of old food and

Do we really need 3 meals per day?

I've skipped breakfast & lunch for over 2 years now...I mean, I drink coffee in the morning - and I snack on some nuts at lunch time , but I don't really eat anything.I just eat dinner now days. Mostly fish and sushi.Is it hard

Do you cycle to work?

A friend of mine cycles to work every day. He cycles about 20 Km to and from work. He absolutely loves cycling and is one the fittest person I know.In fact, everyone should cycle to work if possible. Cycling has many benefits such as building muscle mass, burning fat, reducing

Do you enjoy your work?

When I started my career, I did not know how important it was to enjoy work. For me, at the age, money was all I needed from my job. But as I spent more years in corporate, I realized how if one does not enjoy work, every thing else does not give lasting happiness. So, I paused, asked myself

Do you live to work or do you work to live?

A question with thousands of unique answers, many of which could probably be characterized as accurate, so here's my take on the situation.Here's the long answer:One common goal among everyone who is granted the opportunity to live on earth is, undoubtedly, the pursuit of happiness. Each person's life

Do you think couples work hard for their marriage to work?

Successful marriages have two people who are working hard to better their relationship while other marriages are dissatisfied or broken because one or neither are working together. Marriage is not easy but if two people are willing to fight well and towards a common resolve,

Does hard work always beat talent, or is it just a saying?

In theory , hard word beat always talents.I will use an example. You are in class and the teacher gives you a hard math problem. You try to solve it but can't. You even attempt hard by seeing the materials and

Does hard work always lead to success?

Oh god no. Success is the carrot used to spur hard work. Most of the time for most of us, it is a lie. Then the more devious of them marionettists realize, we can profit off the frustrations of those who

Does hard work beat talent? If so, why do I see lazy, talented people succeed in life in comparison with hard-working people?

Yes there are few exceptions but still the odds are in favour of hard-working ones.And let me rephrase you that lazy,talented people never succeed in life.Lazy is a negative term; it reflects procrastination,irresponsibility over a task. Successful people who happens to be talented in their pursuits are never lazy,they just require lesser time input in their tasks

Does hard work really pay off?

Yes. Hard work and consistency pays off.This is a story of 8 years which began when I joined a coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan.18 Apr 2011: A green 16 year old steps into the heat of Kota, leaving his home, having a dream to join a top IIT. In the entrance test, I was in the top 5 of

Does intelligence overshadow the hard work?

I would like to share a small story regarding thisThere is a guy who is extremely intelligent but lazy . There is another guy who is not intelligent but hardworker . They both aimed for jee . The intelligent guy didn't qualify and studied CSE in deemed private university whereas the hardworker got a decent

Does smart work beats hard with? What are some examples?

Both hard and smart work improve/increase the results. Which one is better, if you only do one, depends on how much each changes the results.If you work smarter by using Ctrl : in Excel to put today's date, that is smarter than just

Does talent beat hard work or hard work beat talent?

Does talent beat hard work or hard work beat talent?Talent is necessary in the entertainment industry. Either you can sing, have a knack to act without coming off as a ham, or you are funny enough to be a successful comedian.Talent is necessary in any skilled job. In that situation talent is

Does working out improve productivity?

This is a medical explanation of this claim that Exercise improves productivity. Over a shorter time-frame, an exercise routine can give you more energy  throughout the day. Most of your cells contain components called  mitochondria, often referred to as the cell's "power plant."  Mitochondria produce the chemical that your body

Does working the night shift make it harder to loose weight?

I don't think it would make it any harder than to lose weight on the day shift, unless you are eating at night and during the day. If you're eating during daylight and late at night, this will likely lead to weight gain, instead of weight loss. If you are careful of what and

Exercise: How can I find time to work out while going to school and working full time?

The usual reason for this question is that exercise is what you don't like to do. If you liked it best, you'd be asking, "How can I find time to do go to school while working full time and exercising to stay healthy." Each of us sets priorities. It is easy to fit in one more. Exercise can

For someone on salary in NC, why would an employer require taking PTO or go unpaid for a couple hours if working less than 40 hours. But if working over 40 hours don't pay OT? Seems if they don't pay OT, they couldn't withhold pay under.

For someone on salary in NC, why would an employer require taking PTO or go unpaid for a couple hours if working less than 40 hours. But if working over 40 hours don't pay OT? Seems if they don't pay OT, they couldn't withhold pay under.The Fair Labor Standards Act does not

Have you ever felt so burned out from work that you considered quitting your job?

yes i did get burned out and there were always vultures waiting in the back ground to tear me apart. there were many times i had to work at un-natural hours with little sleep and another 12-16 hours to go.  i would get in the

How to add exercise during my day while working

This is all from personal experience. I know many people who literally never find the time to exercise when they work all day.I wake up a half hour early in order to get my strength training routine in.Every hour at work I walk around the office, deliver items to

How to avoid being stuck in traffic every day while driving to work

Here's several recommendations:If you can, move closer to work. When I was searching for my house, I limited myself to subdivisions within a half hour of work. I ended up purchasing one 15 minutes from work. I saved commute time. I saved gas. I saved wear and tear on the car.Make use of your company's flex

How to enjoy work that I am doing

Find out what your interests are.Discover your potentials, strengths and passion.Choose a Career where your interests and passion fits.Love what you do and Do what you Love.Never Play Politics and Have a Heart of Service, You'll surely enjoy your job.I once met a nurse who is busy from morning 6 am to 3 pm or 3pm to 12:00 am

How to find the motivation to work out when I hate it

If you hate working out then you're more likely not able to find your motivation because you have all the reasons why you don't want to work out.It's not how to find your motivation to work out, but why do you want to work out?Before you seek your solution, you need to understand your reasoning.Just like

How to lose 10kg weight while working in night shifts

Hi,Many people who work in night shift are prone to gain weight due to uneven sleep hours, working time, Stress, and Eating Habits.There are many ways to reduce your current weight, like:You can take advantage of your night shifts and do the things according.Means, Prepare your own healthy food

What do I have to do to not work a day in my life?

Be smart. Beg in style, like a buddhist monk.Throw away all your clothes. get absolutely naked. Then sit under a tree. (Trick: A roadside tree. Many people must be able to see you sitting there.) And now close your eyes.

How to save more time for myself

You can save time for yourself if you have job near to your place, as it help in saving traveling time. You can come home early and have your

How can one motivate oneself to work harder everyday?

Motivation won't keep you going for long. It's just like food, you need to consume it every day and still you will at times, find yourself without it. What you need is a habit. A habit is lot better alternative to motivation (You can't really compare the two). Life gets a lot easier if something are just

How can smart work vs. hard work be explained?

Story of Two PebblesMany years ago in a small Chinese village, a farmer called Feng had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to a village moneylender. The moneylender, who was old and ugly, fancied the farmer's beautiful daughter Mei. So he proposed a bargain.He

How can someone work tirelessly for 16 hour every day? What keeps those people motivated?

There are a number of factors that can create this type of obsessive behaviour.Obviously one of these factors is a tendency to obsessional thoughts and acts, so people with OCD are strong candidates.We can also expect those on the Autistic Spectrum to find it easier to act in this way than most people would.Working for such a long

How can we live long and healthy life without work?

Work gives us, humans, a reason to live.Without having a passion, a purpose, or applying yourself to better the world around you, what would be a reason to live? Simply conversion of O2 into CO2? Well, plants can do that, and hope that humans are a bit

How can women manage work with family?

It gets really difficult for the women to strike balance between work and family after marriage.Women should prioritize their personal and professional goals and same should be communicated to the family members. And yes, the most important thing is your husband's support. So, discuss with him each and

How to increase productivity within the same 7.5 hours of work

Identify and understand the tasks you're working on during your 7.5 hours.Identify tasks that aren't giving you the value desired and quit/reduce/outsource those.Identify tasks where you're wasting time or things that are taking longer than expected. Look at those systems/processes and figure

How do actresses manage to work in their period?

Actresses manage to work on periods not because they are superwomen and rather by taking in lot of medicines.Here are the ways Actresses manage to work on period:Using tampons instead of padsActresses don't use the regular sanitary napkins common people do. They use menstrual

How do astronauts entertain themselves while working in the space station?

Those of us on the ground like to remove that concern by keeping them busy working.  But, the docs say we have to give them some free time.The first thing astronauts usually mention is the simple act of looking out

How do hard work and smart work compare?

There are two ways it can be explained with concern to different peopleHard work is about putting continuous and intensive efforts to accomplish something and it consumes more time and efforts of an individual whereas smart work is about putting continuous metal efforts to

How to convince my boss of my performance

You need to keep a record of wha you do so you will have a portfolio to show, and accurate resume details. You will also be able to use this information to update your boss with weekly reports. This won't matter if your boss thinks anyone can do your job.Also , apart

How to convince myself to go work out

There are three most common reasons people don't work out, when they think it is a good idea to work out.They don't like working outThey are out of shape, and working out wipes them out physicallyThey are embarrassed to go to the gym when they don't look greatWorking out is boring or otherwise uncomfortableThey have trouble actually getting

How to deal with verbal bullying at work where my boss and I don't work in the same office

You should start documenting everything the person does that makes you feel bad. The trick is that you don't talk about it in your documentation like you feel bad, you talk about it as a behavior. For example, it should look like this:3/3/15 - Assigned work,

How to enjoy work again

If at one point you enjoyed your profession, try to remember those reasons again. Just don't forget all careers will have a few aspects you may not particularly enjoy. There may be other fields you would be more suited for, depending on what you decide to do.Think of all the current problems you are having at work,

How to find work-life balance

Here's a different perspective on the topic of work-life balance. Everyone wants it, yet no one seems to have it. Could it be that concept of work-life balance is unrealistic, especially in this high paced digital era? And is there an easier, more realistic way to achieve personal and professional satisfaction?Luckily, there's a

How to go to work and school full time

So, the way I did it was through partial support through the beginning and then full independence for the home stretch, through three universities and three time zones, two countries and two US states. It was not easy. Basically, you just can't give up and have to understand you will be making

How to handle moving away for work

Thanks for asking me to answer, Michael.I moved for work three years ago, and it was the biggest, scariest adventure of my life so far.First, there're always a lot of questions and worry from family members and friends. I'd highly recommend taking the time to sit down with any of them that express concern and

How to handle work pressure

Pressure entails a sense of urgency to complete a certain amount of tasks within the specified timeline.So deadline of the tasks is a pressure for you. You also experience pressure to complete the tasks correctly per your client requirement or per your boss expectation.For example, you have

How to handle working in a male dominated field

Make sure you earn your grades, take your time with it but demand the respect you deserve from day one. Be easy-going, no need to act like a feminist, but draw a line and stick to it.Learn how to take jokes but be ready to be assertive and leave the room if it gets too far.Stay professional and

How to keep myself motivated to work in school

My suggestion is to get a manual labor job that does not require much education and ponder the prospect of doing it until you retire. (Oh and check on the retirement benefits of that occupation, to see how long that will be.)Please

How to keep myself motivated while working hard

Finding and sustaining motivation is always a challenge. Yet, without motivation it would be tough to make significant progress in life. My suggestions to ensure that you remain motivated are as under:Begin with extrinsic motivation.ยท Here the focus is on some benefit/ tangible reward / visible progress / monetary gain etc. For employed or those in business

How to know if I'm working out too hard and need a break

There's pain that's normal and pain that's not. Frankly, your trainer should take your pain seriously and assess it.

How to leave work at work

This is a tough one - for me anyways, in that I abused myself for years. I let work become the defining factor of how I felt about life and my self.You deserve self love and self care. That is the best way I can put it. You are paid for the services and work

How to loose weight while doing night shift job

here is what you can to loose weight while doing a night shift job :-Start workout anytime of the day whenever it fits to your schedule, make it habit and do it everyday. Do running or any other fitness activity whichever you like, just

How to overcome work stress

I like to discuss what stress does. We all are stressed out at times. Some people are stressed all the time and this is called chronic stress.Acute stressLet's say you were in a minor rear-ender accident. It is annoying, but at least you had no injury. But you have to deal with the insurance company, get the

How to prepare for a night shift job

Don't depend on drugs except possibly Melatonin supplements. What you must do is to alter your body clock and teach yourself to get enough sleep during the day.Melatonin is the

How to refuse my boss if I don't like the work he assigns

No work is bad. Its always a new experience. If you don't want to do your boss's assigned work, go and candidly tel him/her. But be sure that you are losing a life time opportunity to do work that you hate. Also in future if you get similar obnoxious work, you can easily do that for you have

How to stay healthy with long workdays

Who's ready for storytime?One of my clients, Karen, just couldn't get breakfast right.Her mornings were rushed and scattered and she'd often leave the house without having eaten breakfast. For Karen, the morning was a race. She derived a great sense of pride getting to

How to survive working night shift

How do you survive working the night shift? I can offer a few suggestions from my experience. I had worked the night shift for 6 years out of a 18 year period performing different jobs.Different people are different of course. Here are some things that I have learned for myself. Keep in mind that your body may be fine

How to tell my boss I don't want to work with him

Your question begs an immediate question as an answer to your question. Why do you want to tell your boss that you don't want to work with him? What will you gain by telling your boss you don't want to work with

How to work 14 hours every day happily

Split up your work and types of work. 14 hours will pass by quickly.Here is one way to work that long in a given day:7: Brush teeth, watch news and eat breakfast7:30 - 8:30: e-mail / simple work8:30 - 9: shower and get ready9-12: meetings and operational

How to work hard and smart

Work hard:Sometimes you know what you need to do, you just have to do it. I wouldn't rely on a fickle thing such as motivation, instead learn to grow your dedication and will power muscles. Dedication and will power can be trained to grow because they are based on your mind set, goals, and how bad you

How to work with a horrible boss at work

Firstly, how do you classify another fellow human being as

How do most people deal with going to work every day?

Life is a series of compromises. By working a regular job, you get some positive reinforcements; you are permitted to live a "normal" life without being questioned. If you marry, have children, buy a house, retire and die you will have made choices that few will bother to criticize. I think

How do people who don't work stay busy throughout the day?

I get up late and read and journal and drink coffee which takes at least until noon, sometimes later. Sometimes I journal over 20 pages. I do it as long as I want and it feels decadent. This is always the best part of my day and I put the word out not to call

How do people work two jobs a day? Is it good? Any tips on working two jobs a day?

It's not good for your health, definitely. Even computers break; but at least they are repairable and their repair costs less than a medicine course for a human being.I've been always working 2 jobs: one a full-time corporate/company job, another - the one I could do in the evening and/or

How do some of your best 'life hacks' work?

It seems like a trivial thing to advise but actually the best hack is the one that suits universallyAnd the universal truth goes Time is your currency. You can deposit it, throw it away, spend it wisely/unwisely in one word)Start with understanding what your time goes to.

How do the 21 Day Fix portion control containers from Beachbody work?

Each container is a different size and color and they pertain to different types of food. The concept behind these containers is basically to take out all of the guesswork with how much food you should eat of each type. Below is a

How do tips work?

In countries where tips are used properly, such as the UK, they are a thank you for good service. They are discretionary and they are a taxable supplement to the workers' incomes. However, much of the US has totally distorted the tipping system by allowing employers to use tips to make up an employee's

How to get ready for work every day

Wake upFall out of bedDrag a comb across my head.(10 points for anyone who knows the reference!)In all seriousness though, usually for me it's a pretty quick process.8:30 AM : Wake up - make bed and hop in the shower.8:45 AM : Done with shower, time for the holy brushing of the teeth!8:50 AM : Teeth brushed.

How to keep motivated when you work for yourself and work alone

I have been self-employed for about six years. I work as a research consultant, and my commute to work takes about 10 seconds - I work out of the master bedroom in our house.The key to working for yourself is to create structure and accountability. In a job for a regular employer, that's already created

How to make a hard marriage work

What most people do not know that marriages take a lot of work, patience,and prayers to work out.Marriage survive because of hard work, patient and prayer. People you see having 25years in marriage,they go through all the pain but come out as winners.What to do to have a successful marriageBe independent, learn to stay in

How to manage time between work and study

Here are some things you need to do:1)Take regular breaks and do the most important tasks immediately after the breaksInstead of taking too much pressure and stress it is important to take short breaks. Play an instrument, listen to song, talk to friends or go for

How to motivate employees to take ownership at work

For employees to own their work they need to be granted autonomy. The workforce is changing and employees are now expecting more autonomy than ever before. Employees want to have more power over how (and often when and where) they perform their jobs. Research by Gallup has repeatedly found that

How to motivate young people at work when they don't see a future in the job and don't take it seriously

Education.Young people are not fools.If there is no future in the job, don't try to

How to plan your work to be more productive

I wear many hatsI am a senior officer of Indian Revenue Service responsible for a large amount of tax collection.I am a published author. I plan to write one book every year. My two books are already published and the third book is to be published soon in this year.I am a voracious readerI daily

How to stay healthy during the work day

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time during the day can be hard on your circulatory system, and cause your feet and lower legs to swell. It's important to get up and move around when you can. Take a walk around the office or go