What is it like to work at Google DeepMind?

Their recruiting is still separate from rest of Google as of this writing, so most of what you read about Google don't apply. They do share a lot of the infrastructure stuff including HR, but they do their own candidate

What's it like to start work at Facebook?

Before my first day at Facebook, I recieved a PDF with detailed instructions of the various ways to get to Facebook HQ.  I elected to take the Cal Train from SOMA to Palo Alto. There were actually two stops in Palo Alto I could get off on (Palo Alto & California Ave),

Is Square an unpleasant place to work?

As a past employee, I can confirm that most of what has been written here is totally true.But to answer the question "Is Square an unpleasant place to work?", it really depends on who you are.If you're a unicorn combination of excellent engineer, extrovert, and

What is it like working as a nurse in Australia?

Nurses in Australia really have a high standard of living are known as one of the most respected professions in the country.Work in Australia in 3-6 monthsUnlike the USA, approval is quick and uncomplicated. You just need to do the IRON(Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program over there along with the OET. Once you have passed

What's the worst part about working at McKinsey? What's the dark side of working there?

They say at McKinsey that the top partners don't have the Devil on speed-dial, he has THEM on speed-dial. No, kidding. I just made that up. There are no Faustian deals or visits from Emperor Palpatine.  McKinsey is not evil.  In fact, I loved working there and don't regret it.  But I did leave McKinsey, motivated by