An employee of mine at the store consistently shows up on time and early for at least the last 4 years like clock work. What is a way I can reward aside from a raise, and let her know how much I really appreciate her and her dedication to the job?

This type of employee is a gem and it is only natural to want to express thanks and appreciation of her time and dedication to the job. There are a few things you can do depending on what you can afford. You can think about ordering a plaque for her to be presented to her at an

Can your boss take your phone away?

Let's begin with the basics:  your employer may insist that you don't have your phone at work, or to have it fully turned off or not to use it.  You do not have a right to have or use your

Career Advancement: What are some tips to earn a promotion at a job?

Tips To Get A Job PromotionTake total responsibility for your failures. Don't play the blame game. If you knew there was a super important paper that had to be brought you should've delivered it personally. Or if you gave a client/customer the wrong information apologize and admit you were wrong. Stop

Has you boss ever caught you talking bad about them, what did he/she say?

No, I was there for him listening to him with his divorce problems. However after he started to date he told me he expected the woman to pay her part all of the time. He is a doctor and he dates

Have you ever had a boss who took their job way too seriously?

Yes. And the funny thing is he is still a boss although so have since retired for unrelated medical reasons. Please understand that a boss who does not take his job seriously communicates a message to his employees that they don't need to be serious, either. At that point management of the group

How to deal with a boss that doesn't take my notice seriously

I gave in my notice to my boss three weeks ago with the last date I was going to work was the 8th of September. Out of generosity for my boss and my replacement, I extended it to the 15th of September. My boss has stated that he's taking his family on holiday for two weeks after

How to tell my boss I want to do something else

Making a transition within your current company can be difficult. They hired you to do a specific job and may not be able to see you in another role. Here are my recommendations.Be clear about what the

How can one learn to be politically correct in the workplace?

I don't think political correctness should be a behavioral goal in the workplace. It can itself create a toxic environment as it is ideologically based.I've been in the workplace for nearly 40 years, and in my experience the people who help make work environments pleasant for the most employees

How to present yourself in a way so that your colleagues and clients take you seriously if you're one of the youngest at work

I seem to have this knack about me for always being the youngest guy in the room.  For a while, I felt insecure about it.  Especially out in the working world people would ask how old I am, smile, and then as if comforting an infant, say, "Awww, you're still so young!"Now, I see

How common are secretaries offering sexual favors to their bosses?

When I was drop dead gorgeous 24 year old young woman, I took full advantage of my assets. I had voluptuous breasts with an ass to match. I ensured all of my work clothes were both professional and sexy. I wore bright red lipstick and long red nails. I knew I could get most men to do

How to ask my boss for a leave without sounding confrontational

Ask your boss face to face. Emails or other forms on communication miss a large part of communication, the non-verbal part. Leaving out non-verbal communication opens a gap for mid-interpretation. He may very well feel you being confrontstional, even though you worded your

How to confront a boss about her mentioning my mistakes in front of colleagues

If they are factually mistakes that you have made, then approach it as a learning process:"Hi boss, I know the way I handled it wasn't correct. I'm pretty clear on the process going forward. Is there anything else we can do to prevent this from happening?"The idea is

How to confront my boss about my job scope

I don't know any better way to put it, so I'll be blunt.You're an intern. Shut up.Instead of complaining about what you're doing, you should be happy to be where you are. A lot of people want to be interns, and never make it. You whole point in being there, and starting to understand how the professional world works

How to confront my boss about pay

are you productive at your job is your position important to your boss can your boss do without YOU??? and do you have a second plan? my advice is have a second job as a backup this way you have some type of SECURITY keep in mind that today boss's

How to confront my hard to handle boss

If your boss has a sense of humor, make a couple of jokes about some people around the office.Say you've heard this funny one about yourself, then move onto your boss.If your boss laughs, move it up a step and just keep making your boss laugh.This will make your boss like you a little bit more

How to convince my boss of my performance

You need to keep a record of wha you do so you will have a portfolio to show, and accurate resume details. You will also be able to use this information to update your boss with weekly reports. This won't matter if your boss thinks anyone can do your job.Also , apart

How to handle work pressure

Pressure entails a sense of urgency to complete a certain amount of tasks within the specified timeline.So deadline of the tasks is a pressure for you. You also experience pressure to complete the tasks correctly per your client requirement or per your boss expectation.For example, you have

How to overcome a boring workplace

You can't overcome a boring workplace. Why?Because the workplace is an extension of the employees.If your workplace is loud and exciting and colleagues are coming over and asking about your weekend, then you're working with extroverts.If your workplace is quiet and people tend to stick to themselves and focus on

How to tell my boss I don't want to work with her anymore

These are your options: 1. Address any issues directly; 2. Go to her boss; 3. Try to refocus on work; 4. Find another job.Try to have a conversation about any issues you have with her and see if that gets you anywhere. For the most

How to tell my boss I don't want to work with him

Your question begs an immediate question as an answer to your question. Why do you want to tell your boss that you don't want to work with him? What will you gain by telling your boss you don't want to work with

How to tell my boss that I don't want to be acknowledged for Administrative Assistant Day as I feel like I do a lot more than just Administrative tasks

Frankly, I can't imagine why you'd want to create a problem where none exists. Your boss wants to give you some sort of recognition and you want to tell them it isn't enough? Don't expect that to go well!What is your actual job title?

How to work with a horrible boss at work

Firstly, how do you classify another fellow human being as

How to deal with workplace depression

Mindfully tasking from a list with timers set for expectation if procrastination is a hindrance. Guarding your conversation to not focus on you and humor even under sadness as a underlying frequent. I made it habit to know a few clean yet witty quick one two liners especially for work. Humor can be used

How to deal with your boss

A boss is an employee in the firm just like you - and many a times the behaviour you find as weird are because of the pressure the higher management puts on him. This is a recursive process - your manager feels same as you

How to protect yourself if your boss prefers your colleague who underperforms and gives your work to your colleague so he can take the credit for it in front of others, and your boss blames his mistakes and your colleagues on you

I'm not sure there is much you can do to protect yourself in the situation you describe.Make sure, however, that your perception that your colleague underperforms is an accurate one. It sounds as if the boss thinks that it YOU who is underperforming. See if you can get some honest, unbiased feedback

How to write a polite reminder email to your boss

How to write a Gentle Reminder letter – Must ReadThis is the letter, which I am writing to my boss, as a source of reminderThere are certain gentle and polite ways to start your

How should I allocate my hours, if my boss hasn't given me more work and I don't have anything else to do?

It sounds like you're doing some manual task requiring little thought or creativity. And it sounds like you would like more challenge from your job.Options in order from worst to best:coastAsk for more work to make yourself more valuable.Develop systems

How should I confront my boss for not being open with me about my performance and development?

I do not recommend setting a plan in motion that is about confrontation. You don't really want confrontation. You really want progress in your personal and professional development. I am certain that your organization does not support confrontation, but I'll wager that they do support constructive means by which to enhance the development of all of

How should I cope with an abusive boss?

Nilufar Baratova is right: it's not just about coping with a bad boss, you can be proactive. Here are some strategies that can help you to work proactively with a bullying boss:10 Minute Meeting: Ask to stop by his office for 10 minutes at the

How should someone act around a boss that is a narcissist?

In her great book The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists, Eleanor Payson writes about how to be in relationship with a narcissist. It's a terrific book and I highly recommend it.The long and the short of it is - leave as soon as you can. Narcissists don't change, and actually don't care to

How would you deal with workplace bullying?

I'll answer this from the manager perspective.Bullying is not okay, but it can be hard to define. My personal definition is a consistent, targeted pattern of behavior that the perpetrator(s) know or should know will cause distress. It can be accidental or intentional.Accidental bullying is the only kind I've

I asked my boss for a raise but he said I didn't deserve it, so I sent him my resignation letter. Now he is asking me to stay with a higher salary. Should I accept his offer?

I've been in this situation before with a Company I worked for, been with them for 4 years and at the same salary and have seen others get raises. This was a restaurant and that company did very well financially as they owed 16 of them, the problem was not they could not afford raises it

I don't like doing busy-work and I don't mind being fired over it. How should I tell my boss to give work that has value?

First, I've literally never encountered someone who described themselves as a genius and thought anything positive about them. This, despite working with and being friends with a large number of literal geniuses (the perks of having a spouse at NIH). The very fact that you'd describe

I have an employee who always does everything faster than everyone else on the team and spends most of the day playing video games and not helping his coworkers. Do I fire him?

Let's do a little comparison, shall we? Two workers, doing the same door assembly job, for the same company.On one hand, you have Carl.Carl has tons of experience in the laboring industry. He's grown up being told that

I just started a new job a week ago, but my boss is extremely rude and degrading to all of the staff including myself. I don't want to quit after such a short amount of time, but he makes the job almost unbearable, what should I do?

If he or she is the owner, or the highest authority in the place, resign and get another job. If he is not the highest authority, Go to the authority and tell them that you want to complain. Have a written complaint but hold it to see how strongly the authority supports

I told my boss that I'm going to resign, and he offered me twice my current salary if I stay, what should I do?

TLDR: I was offered a job by a customer of my company, and then counter offered nearly 3X my existing pay to remain with my company. I took the customer's offer, and never regretted it.I worked for one of the largest computer hardware, software, and services companies in the US as

I usually leave work at 6 pm. I work hard but my boss doesn't like that 'my commitment lasts for work hours only'. Should I quit?

As an employer, I find the described view of the boss appalling.When I hire someone, I expect their best work and, in return, I've provided the best salary I feel is appropriate along with a good working environment, benefits, and

I was offered a great salary from a competitor company and I already have been rejected by my own boss to get a salary raise. Should I resign?

I don't think I understand the question. Your boss rejected your request for a raise and another company offered you what you consider a

Is it acceptable where you work to ask your colleagues what they earn?

My personal and professional opinion: it's not unacceptable but is incredibly taboo in the white collar workforce. Blue collar workers have zero qualms with exercising their right to speak about their wages and working conditions - and white collar employees should follow their lead. You have rights under the National Labor Relations Act under the

Is it ok to confront your boss about being overlooked for overtime?

Yes..Of course, it's difficult to communicate with people whom are in places in you life that are in authority, and especially when they hold the purse springs. Furthermore, unless you let it known your boss may assume your not interested, their busy! And this way

It seems like my work supervisors and colleagues don't trust me with responsibilities. What do I do?

Interestingly, I have come across this complaint a lot from younger employees. Every time they came up with this issue I sat with them and told them how they can improve upon their job and take on more challenges within their same

My boss never takes me seriously. What do I do?

Someone once gave me this advice and it has worked and it counter intuitive (at least to me).   You will advance further by telling people and thanking them publicly for their help to you than you will publicizing your own achievements.   It is very strange but people remember the former and take it more seriously much more than the

Should I be offended my boss almost never looks me in the eye?

One or more of the following may be the reason:The boss is introverted and does not like socializing. When she/he is talking to her/his subordinate, the purpose is to discuss official work, give instructions and be done.The boss believes in a boss-subordinate hierarchy: The subordinate has to be fully

Should I confront my boss about his rude behavior?

Dear FriendIt requires courage to admit your mistake, you are courageous enough but courage also means you don't let fear stop you from confronting ur boss.Just give him/her sometime, the way u admitted ur mistake, maybe he/she also realizes and shows some courage. If it doesn't happen, go and talk to him/her, share what how u

Should I correct my superiors at workplace if they do blunders?

It depends upon the blunder and the superior.Blunder. If there is a life threatening safety issue, raise it AT ONCE. If there is an issue that could put someone in jail, raise it AT ONCE. If there an issue which could bankrupt

Should I show up late for work?

Always call ahead and be honest with your boss.  Showing up late is far worse than having to explain why you are going to be late.When you explain to your boss, try saying, "I'm going to be late just this week, because I signed

What are some strategies for maintaining good communication in the workplace?

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful business, whether it's the way you share internal messages or how you speak to clients on the other side of the globe. But are you making the most of the technology now available to help streamline the way you work?1.

What are some tips to succeed in the workplace?

Hello there people thanks for A2AThough i have started to work a year back i am able to Learn much of things that would make to succeed in the workplaceCommunication Skills : one of the most important quality for every employee is to Communicate effectively with in the team and also at

What are the characteristics of colleagues that you don't want to work with?

I might have too much to say on this. Going anonymous just in case.People who keep their mobile phones on loud, and make personal calls, loudly, at their desk.People who sing, hum, whistle and/or talk to themselves while they work.People who can't keep their temper.People who don't clean up after themselves (mainly in shared

What are tips on becoming more productive in the workplace?

Having a balanced lifestyle is vital in order to perform to your best abilities; as you know, the key is balancing your personal and professional life to be as productive and efficient as possible. By being more calm and clear-headed you will be able to strengthen your focus, making you more likely

What do I do if one of my colleagues is very selfish when doing work and not assigning me any work and refusing me to give me any work?

It is natural in the work stations for peer competition ,selfishness ,perceived peer threat for survival ,and personal comfort and ego to be personal priorities .Values ,trust,and faith get compromised ,just because the instinct for self-preservation and survival is the highest in all of us.But it is unfortunate that your colleague belongs to the club

What does it mean when your boss allocates all your work to your colleagues and you are left with no work? Please be informed that I have been awarded many times for doing excellent work. Does it mean that your boss wants to get rid off you?

I'll give you the benefit of doubt and assume you are a good employee. It could be that he (or she) is shifting work to others to challenge them to get them to the same level you are at currently. There may be some objectives the others need to meet in their performance management plan

What has happened when you have been brutely honest to a superior in the workplace?

Many years ago I took a job with a small company. Within 1-2 weeks I had to advise them that the books were not up to scratch, not anywhere near as healthy as they should be and that serious action needed to be taken as there was no money left to pay

What is good office etiquette for every employee?

Always write your name and more importantly date below your signature, unless you are the CEO or director of the company.Whenever drafting a mail, always mention the name of recipients in descending (preferably) or ascending order of seniority.When you are late for a meeting, never say

Why do people work for bad bosses?

The term ‘bad boss' is subjective in itself -one person might find a boss who does not communicate with them to be a bad boss while another person might feel ‘no news is good news. Still, I think that most people would agree that certain traits are common to the definition of a bad boss

Why does my boss think he can boss me around?

I actually thought this was a trick question at first... I mean, it kind of answers itself! But, assuming you are serious in your inquiry- are you doing your job? Do you need someone to tell you what to do all the time? It can

Why doesn't my narcissistic boss like me?

Why doesn't my narcissistic boss like me?Thank you for the question. I don't know enough about your specific situation to give you a definitive answer, but I can share my experience with a narcissistic boss and offer some insight, which may be relevant

You & a friend are up for a promotion at work. You are equally trained and experienced. After the interviews are done you find they bad mouthed you to the boss. Do you do anything about the negativity? If so what is the best course of action?

This happened months ago. Did you get the promotion or did he? If he got it by bad mouthing you he owes you. If you got it anyways you win! Get over it.Let's assume you lost. He owes you. You owe it to yourself to get revenge. You need to

How to deal with a boss that gets caught up with minutia instead of looking at the big picture of what we need to accomplish

What is ‘the big picture' exactly?Most of the time it is nothing but time wasting bullshit.There are exactly two things a business has to do to continue to exist. 1. Generate cash. 2. Make a profit.Take your eye of either of these and all of a sudden the

How to stop paying attention to my coworkers, and start paying attention to myself

End ‘em.Or grow up and realize that you're not the only person in the world.If you need to say that you're just distracted while at work this entirely depends on what kind of work you do if you can wear headphones learn to discipline your eyes so you're not looking at them or if it's simply an issue of

How should I confront my boss for not being open with me about my performance and development?

I do not recommend setting a plan in motion that is about confrontation. You don't really want confrontation. You really want progress in your personal and professional development. I am certain that your organization does not support confrontation, but I'll wager that they do support constructive means by which to enhance the development of all of their staff

I have a relatively new coworker, (she's worked in our dept for about 6 mos. now) who relies entirely too much on me to do work that she should be picking up by now. What's the best way to set boundaries without my boss thinking I'm sabotaging her?

Did she get any formal training? If not, talk to the boss and suggest a formal training period would be a good idea. If you are good at it, outline one so you can give it to him when you meet.If she did get

Occasionally I handle the incoming calls at the office. I am shocked how rude people can be. Can you ask a person who is belittling and cursing at you to stop swearing, or is it better to just hang up the line?

If it's for a job, definitely don't hang up, as that would possibly get you fired.But otherwise, I'd say it depends on what exactly is being said.If their flat out insulting you, attacking you, etc., then yea, ask them to

Should I correct my superiors at workplace if they do blunders?

It depends upon the blunder and the superior.Blunder. If there is a life threatening safety issue, raise it AT ONCE. If there is an issue that could put someone in jail, raise it AT ONCE. If there an issue which could bankrupt your employer, raise it AT ONCE.

Do abusive bosses reduce workplace productivity?

Yes.When you fear for your safety or your self esteem, your productivity reflects your fears. The feeling among the workers is either always feeling sorry for each other; looking for a chance to throw someone under the bus to curry favor with the boss

How to know if I'm ready to be a boss in my work

Hi!When your name cross their minds at once when they are finding solutions or in some problem or troubles.When people count on you.When they respect you and your decisions.When they like to be with you.When people like to join you as team members or in discussions and decisions.When they can openly

I just started new job how do I make my new co-workers like me?

They don't have to like you, they have to respect you and give you what you deserve.But if it is so important for you, getting the job done is great way to let them like you, in fact if my company hire someone but it work sucks and give me more work, i don't think

I'm firing my best employee for working too hard (I run a laid back office and his coworkers aren't happy with his overachieving work ethic). How can I make sure my firing won't do lasting damage to his self-esteem and career?

I'm firing my best employee for working too hard (I run a laid back office and his coworkers aren't happy with his overachieving work ethic). How can I make sure my firing won't do lasting damage to his self-esteem and career?My question for you would be who is

I want to quit my job after barely 6 months, How do I tell my boss?

My advice : don't quit until you have a real opportunity elsewhere, or until you found where these opportunities can be.As some (maybe abruptly) mentioned in the other answers, a lot of people don't like their job, unfortunately. To me, the main life goal is to grow up, and to give yourself the opportunity to

Is there any evidence to suggest working from home improves efficiency or productivity?

TLDR: I work from home, and I'm much more productive because of it.For most people and companies, "working from home" is a loaded statement. It carries the burden of failed attempts at trusting people to do the right thing; of lazy and entitled people wanting "special treatment" to avoid the office, the commute, and the place where

My employer keeps "forgetting" to update my availability. I put in my request March 15th (nearly 2 months ago) and I was told it would only take 2 week until the next schedule. What can I do?

First, you can file a complaint with HR. Before doing that, I would ask him if there is anything you can do to help him remember. This is strictly to establish a paper trail, but perhaps that is all he needed. If he still doesn't update

My mom works for a woman I don't trust. During travel, they shared a hotel room. In the morning, my mom found her wallet stolen. Her boss said someone broke-in but, after security came, she found it on the floor. Should I tell her to quit this job?

I'm looking this that follows. Your mom works for the lady she with. She is your mothers boss. If her boss is the one paying her, owner or representative, so boss is probably paying the hotel rate. I'm thinking this could be her supervisor and that would be another story was a

Should I quit my job when my boss does not like me?

Interesting question. I have been there. I came very close to quitting my job two years ago because I felt like my boss didn't like me and couldn't relate to me. I am so glad I didn't. I got some very good advice from

Should you still give a two week notice and work the two weeks when quitting a job if you think that your current boss doesn't like you and might give you a bad reference to a new, potential employer?

Suppose you're wrong about what you think.That is, had you worked for the two weeks, your boss wouldn't have given you a bad reference. That is, your boss wouldn't have given you a bad reference...until you up and quit with no notice.Why give your boss an additional reason to dislike you?At my last job, I gave 7

Some of the people at my work talk all day but I love to focus and get things done. My boss has mentioned he wants to give me my own team. But now I'm getting the feeling other team mates don't like me. What can I do?

One of the hardest things in life is accepting victory, that you won, that you succeeded. This seems odd one would think accepting defeat much more difficult but accepting victory may be just as difficult or under some circumstances more difficult. This is because

What advice can you give for a first day of work?

My first day of work was ... Yesterday ! Here is a sneak on my experience, I will try to keep it short and simple.Rest ! If you want to be ready mentally and physically, you will need to rest a bit before the big day. Go on holiday, travel, make sports, sleep a lot, be sure not to

What are some good excuses to take leave from work if I don't feel like going to work?

If you're just ditching it's good to have a semi thought out story, but generally try not to offer an explanation at all.Think of it this way, nobody wants to hear an excuse (which is actually not true because everyone secretly loves drama, but we pretend we don't like excuses) so just save the time and don't

What does your workplace have that makes going to work more enjoyable?

Nothing is enjoyable if you don't enjoy it!It's all about environment that you made around yourself. It's about the colleagues you've got, friends that you've made, the bond with the company.One of the best part in my workplace is we

What is necessary etiquette for women?

What is necessary etiquette for women?The rules of etiquette for constantly evolve. In the early part of the 20th century, for example, it was considered vulgar for a lady to make a pun. In the 1950's, Amy Vanderbilt considered eating corn on the cob with a knife and fork to be the preferred method.Etiquette is defined in

What is the most frustrating things about your coworkers?

The ones who are lazy and incompetent.Those are the ones who don't carry their weight. They chose to be in this job and have the freedom to leave at anytime. There is no excuse for someone to be incompetent.Then there are the ones who take credit for things they didn't do. I worked with a girl that all

What should you say to a co-worker to motivate them to lose weight?

Nothing. It's unspeakably rude to comment on another person's weight.Now I've heard of offices were groups of people decided to lose weight together, motivate each other, etc., but in that case it's up to the person to choose to participate.If you're overweight yourself and want to start

Why do most employees hate their boss?

I have had a few good bosses but they are rare and sadly, it seems the bosses that are liked by their subordinates are usually disliked by their bosses and thus, do not last long as bosses. It seems the only way to be a good boss in the eyes of your boss

Why don't engineers look at you when they are walking down the hallway at work?

From my personal experience, the older generation of professionals coming from this area of specialisation in Italy were very full of themselves and many were convinced to be superior to those who hadn't graduated in their field. It was basically a question of incredible ignorance

Why don't you quit if you don't like your job or your boss?

All of the previous answers have merit, with Isabelle's response a real-life good one. However, let's alter the question to hating and fearing your boss, who is a nightmare, along with not liking your job.Why would people stay in a situation where you are cursed, disrespected publicly and made to feel incompetent when you are

Why employees give 2 weeks notice if they already have another job lined up? Couldn't they just walk off the job, and why do they care if they're quitting anyway?

Even if you plan to never return to that job again, it is a small world and you will possibly run into some of your co-workers again in the future. One might even be your future boss.I can't count the number of times a resume would come in and someone in the company knows

Why would my current manager, who dislikes me, ask about what role I am going for at another company? I feel she has certain motives for asking but cant figure what.

Is your current manager a nice person? I mean, if she doesn't like you but gave no reason, I am assuming that other than the fact she dislikes you, she wouldn't (or shouldn't) put her nose in places where it doesn't belong.Positive side:She doesn't hate you to the point of

Is burping loudly in the workplace considered normal in the USA?

If you watch movies, especially Animal House-style adolescent and young adult comedies, you'll see that screenwriters know they can introduce a character quickly and conclusively as a jerk by putting an early and resonant belch in her/his dialog.You can take it from there and come to your own conclusions.

Is there any type of defense I could have for punching a guy at work who is a jerk and basically mentally abuses everyone with his demeaning comments and rude personal opinions? I know it's workplace violence but is it warranted in this case?

I think not.If you haven't punched him yet: don't. This could have three effects. The first is, obviously, he gets punched, and presumably his victims and you feel good about it. However, the second effect is that it immediately puts you in the wrong, and your company has a duty to

Should I tell my co-worker that I like him?

Write them a note with your number on it lol.Atleast that's what a female coworker did to me a week ago.However, I declined.Honestly, I'm against dating inside the workplace, always have been.Now, if the girl was really hot and we

Who was the worst boss that you have ever had, and what did they do that made you realize that it was time to change jobs?

Far too many to mention !!!!!My first job was working for Allders International Duty Free Shops at Heathrow a Division of the old UDS Retail Group in the UK.Mr Bully from Huddersfield was about 6 feet 6 inches tall and was just a horrible nasty piece of work - he would do things to drop you in