The Manhattan Project: Why, although USSR was one of the Allied Powers, did US keep its Manhattan Project a top secret from USSR?

I want to quote a very famous phrase that aptly explains the question.                      "Enemy of an enemy is a friend!"In 1941, when Germany was at its peak, the USA had not actively entered WW2 against the

What are some interesting facts about Germany?

I am argentinean and I've visited Germany twice in my life, but both times by just a few days.Things that I've found strange:1) When you buy a train ticket, you have to pierce it yourself before getting on the train. Otherwise, if a guard finds

What are some of the costliest mistakes ever made in history?

An article on Storypick highlights some mistakes that changed course of history. 7 Stupid Mistakes That Changed The Course Of History Drastically A deed no matter what kind or how big, sometimes can be significant enough to change the course of history.  Seven such events from ages ago that although were tiny,

What are some of the longest kept secrets in world's history?

In Chinese Song Dynasty, Did Song Taizong (The second Emperor of Song Dynasty, and the little brother of Song Taizu, the first Emperor of Song Dynasty) kill his brother in order to inherit the throne, remains a mistery.If you open the history books (Official), you

What are some of the most under rated (under appreciated) moments in human history?


What are some unknown facts about Churchill?

Winston Churchill was born to a aristocratic family in 1874 who went to win Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953, serve as the British Prime Minister twice and is credited with British victory over the Nazi Germany during World War II.He performed poorly in school and was later sent to a boarding school where he

What are the most unknown facts on the Second World War?

1. Canada declared war on Japan before the US did.2. Col Wenck, chief of staff for the 1st Panzer Division, composed the daily situation reports in rhythm during Operation Barbarossa.3. Col Wenck created a unit out of nothing. After the encirclement of Stalingrad, he rounded up stragglers and anyone or

What country has the most underrated military history?

Japan has one of the most underrated military history. Most people know Japan's military capacity from WW2. However Japan was always an independent state. Mongols, Chinese, Western Powers just could not invade the island. Even Americans could not invade the island by classical terms and forced to use nuclear weapons to end the war. Japan's success

What is the best kept secret in the history of the World?

The history of the world since Atlantis is the we are gods. The same consciousness of god is in each of as as individualized consciousness. If we knew we had the same creative forces within, we would not need churches. They would not need to exist as

What is the biggest moment in human history?

I think the biggest moment in the human history was that when we realized that we are not the privileged children of God but rather our existence has only been for 50 million years and whereas the earth and Universe is around 13.5 billion yearsTill the age of my grandfather it was believed that there were 9

What is the most under-appreciated achievement in human history?

Any achievement by a linguist. apart from Chomsky many people still don't appreciate how linguists are preserving the cultural history of humanity by writing grammars of dying languages.People seem too obsessed by technological development to care about humanity, they don't care that some

What was the biggest regret of WWI?

World War One destroyed what is known as the

What were the best kept secrets that are now uncovered?

1.  That doctors know everything; 2.  That parents know everything; 3.  "You will do this when you grow up";4.  That Americans stand for democracy and Representative government; 5.  That Americans are concerned about the welfare of

Which is the most powerful military unit in the world?

May be we all have different views regarding this answer but according to me our INDIAN ARMY is the most powerful army in the whole world.1. I remember one famous saying by Mr. Saddam Hussein on INDIAN ARMY ' if I have 300 soldiers from INDIAN ARMY

Ethnic and Cultural Differences: How did the concept of '7 day week' originate and spread across the world ?

This is an interesting question. As far as I know the the 7 day week has been here for a long time. According to some sources the earliest civilizations (Mesopotamia) of the Middle East started using a seven day week after being influenced by the seven major celestial bodies

Is Carfentanil the most dangerous narcotic in the history of mankind?

Question: Is Carfentanil the most dangerous narcotic in the history of mankind?No, it's not.There are various analogues to fentanyl and sufentanil which as powerful, if not more so than carfentanil. Since they have limited or no medical use, most had simply been

Were there fat people in prehistory?

Interesting question! I'm not an archaeologist, but I'm sure there were some overweight people way back when. Early man used a lot more energy than we do simply finding food. Hunting animals on foot and trekking through the forest for fruits and veggies expended A LOT more energy than we do preparing a meal in

What are little known historical facts from World War II that most people do not know about even today?

The Dieppe Raid was always considered to be a complete failure, with no reason for the raid even being offered. Recently, records were opened to public scrutiny, which show that the raid was being used as a cover for an attempt to do a snatch and grab of intelligence from the Germans. They

What are some dark truths in international politics that people rarely talk about?

I suppose it was inevitable that a question like this would round-up the fruit-loops but let's have a go anyway. These thoughts may be provocative but less nuts than the ones collected so far.Dark truths of international politics:Conventional arms are useless - you'd have thought that Vietnam, 16 years in Afghanistan and 9/11 would send some sort

What are some false historical facts?

There is no such thing as false historical facts, or false facts in general. Facts are by definition real. False notions or falsehoods are not facts.What you probably mean are claims or notions that are generally believed to be facts but are not actually facts.On example

What are some interesting facts about IBM?

IBM was not IBM from the very beginning. Its actual name was "Tabulating Machine Company" and was founded by Entrepreneur Herman Hollerith is 1888.IBM (International Business Machines) was founded on June 15, 1911 as a corporation Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR). "Bellsouth

What are some interesting facts about Roman culture?

Roman culture changed a lot, from early republic, through the fall of the republic and the rise of the empire, through later generations and the decline of the empire.You can see this change in naming conventions. Normally the first male son would take the father's name. So they added first

What are some interesting facts about Yemen?

What are some interesting facts about Yemen?Here are some interesting facts about Yemen.The main two reasons Iran can not intervene directly in the Yemeni civil war with a massive number of Iranian troops are:1). Geography:1a.). The two thirds of Yemen closest to Iran are Iran's

What are some interesting historical facts?

Here is my list:Gathering is more effective than huntingRecent Researches show that gathering fruits, grains, vegetables, roots and little animals provides more calories in the same time than hunting. It is discussed why our ancestors or people still living a hunting-gathering life style today did

What are some of the most common historical myths or misconceptions?

The most common on I can think of is: When European colonization of the Western Hemisphere began, they encountered sparsely populated continent that contained nothing but primitive, savage tribes that were incapable of competing with the advanced civilizations that were

What are some of the most interesting unknown events/facts (mysteries) of history?

The Voynich Manuscript :-History is littered with ancient languages that have been decoded, and ciphers that have been cracked, but if there is one bizarre occurrence that marks a thorn in historians' sides, it has to be the Voynich manuscript. What

What are some shocking facts about Hitler?

Original question: What are some shocking facts about Hitler?Probably that he was so horribly mundane - by the way, he both drank alcohol upon occasion and ate meat. He started a legend for a reason.What he couldn't do is eat meat in a portion that would be normal for dinner - you can't serve sausages at a state dinner.

What are some unknown facts about Churchill?

Winston Churchill was born to a aristocratic family in 1874 who went to win Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953, serve as the British Prime Minister twice and is credited with British victory over the Nazi Germany during World War II.He performed poorly in school and was later sent to a boarding school where

What are some unknown historical facts about the US that they don't teach you in school?

I've been listening to some American history podcasts recently and they have brought up some interesting points. Such as when the declaration of independence was written all men who signed it were committing treason. For that matter the breakdown of colonial relationship with England was

What are the best fun facts about Mexican history?

I believe this one to be the most hilarious one:Just 20 years after our independence (which, by the way, was mostly achieved thanks to Spaniards living in Mexico, with the support of indigenous communities), we went to war with France because, Mexico didn't wanted to pay for CAKES!Yes... This was known as the

What are the best photos of World War II?

I think the best photos are those that tell the stories.  The answers so far had very few pictures from the Eastern front. This side of WW2 seems less familiar to many people in the West, and I would like to "tell" it, as it happened, in photographs. 

What are the most disturbing facts about World War II that most people do not know?

The skewed lies of the victors in World War II, lies told by both the Americans, Soviets and their allies. I have met many American people on the internet, many who believe that America was the driving force behind the Allies of World War II - one of the major two, yes, but not the sole driving

What are the most unknown facts about World War II?

On behalf of Germany and the Soviet Union, foreign ministers Ribbontrop and Molotov signed a non-aggression pact between the two countries on 23 August 1939. So sudden was the event that for the signing ceremony in Moscow four swastika flags were borrowed from a film studio in Moscow which was actually producing anti-nazi propaganda films.

What are the most unknown facts on the Second World War?

1. Canada declared war on Japan before the US did.2. Col Wenck, chief of staff for the 1st Panzer Division, composed the daily situation reports in rhythm during Operation Barbarossa.3. Col Wenck created a unit out of nothing. After the encirclement of Stalingrad, he rounded up stragglers and anyone or thing he could get his hands

What are the world's most underestimated countries?

( I had added this as a comment to one of the answers. I suppose due to short answer, that one got collapsed. I am adding the comment as separate answer.)Poland.I have lived in Poland, and I liked it there. The infrastructure was good and it's improving. Living costs are low while you can

What is one interesting fact about every country on Earth?

To avoid the list being impartial, I will now restrict myself to just 1 fact on every country in the world. Also all facts are totally positive one liners unique to that country. The order of the countries is as of the population (at this time I am writing

What is the most memorable or chilling historical fact for you?

The November, 1963 assassination of JFK in my mind was both memorable and chilling. I vividly recall the time, place, and moment I learned of the shocking assassination news. I was in my California morning high school algebra class, and the school's public address system suddenly came on to state President Kennedy was shot and dead already

What is the most mind-blowing chart or infographic you've ever seen?

It has been so widely circulated that it has become a cliche, but I've never seen anything that can beat Minard's chart of Napoleon's march to Moscow.It's not just me:

What other exercises do you implement to exercise the brain?

Video games! It let you exercise your problem solving skill in a fun and exciting environment while in the comfort of your own home! Puzzle games for sure, but even regular action adventure and shooters involve some kind of problem solving. Nowadays, people aren't satisfied with simple shooting

What were the most popular sports in the world 2,000 years ago?

Lacrosse, and it's still played today!!!Lacrosse has its origins in a tribal game played by eastern Woodlands Native Americans and by some Plains Indians tribes in what is now Canada. The game was extensively modified by European immigrants to North America to create its current collegiate and professional form. There were hundreds of native men playing

What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had never lost the war?

The world if:GB made a nonaggression pact with Germany after the fall of France. Hitler never wanted a war with GB since they were Anglo-Saxons. USSR eventually surrenders to Germany. Germany realizes it cannot occupy all of the USSR so the Soviets remain in

What's your most controversial opinion on history?

Lincoln was a son of bitching despot who managed to get 700,000 of his governed killed or maimed and as many families ruined, allowed his generals to rape and pillage the southern states, and burned Atlanta to the ground.THIS from a vaunted great negotiator.If Lincoln were alive today he would

Which century was the most disastrous for mankind?

Looking further back, I would have to say the 14th century, because of the Black Death, also known as the Black Plague and the Bubonic Plague, which took place from 1346 thru 1353.It ravaged Europe, Africa and Asia with a death toll of approximately 200 million people, which

Who is the hardest working person in history?

Frederick DouglassIt is hard to imagine any person with a greater work ethic than my personal hero, Frederick Douglass. Born a slave, he endured the reality of forced labor as a teenager albeit at times in circumstances that were far

Why do communist systems ban religion?

Karl Marx, the father of Communism, once said that "religion is the opium of the people". He rejected religion, because he viewed religion as a way the ruling classes to give false hope for the working classes. This is not

Why has Afghanistan always been a war torn country?

Q:Why has Afghanistan always been a war torn country?Ghengis Khan conquered it, British and Russian empires attempted, past 40 years there's been the Soviet invasion, civil war, Taliban uprising, US invasion.But why has it been such a war torn country that always gets invaded? Is its location valuable?A: Superb Question.Disclaimer: This is a picture

From a historical point of view, how accurate is the story from 300 and its sequel?

All of the other answers to this question are incorrect. The film is very accurate although not totally accurate. Most of our information comes from Herodotus.The movie opens with a Persian emissary traveling to Sparta to get Sparta to submit to Persia by sending back earth and water.

Given the opportunity, would you have participated in Manhattan project?

I'm guessing your wondering about the highly technical work, in which you'd have at least an idea of what you were working on. For me, I have two diametrically opposed answers, made from vastly different perspectives.Answer 1: No, because the project was monumental pressure cooker with strained schedules

Has Russia ever apologized for stealing nuclear secrets from the United States during the Manhattan Project?

No.  Any more than the USA would apologize for keeping it secret from its wartime ally.Note also that the main source was information given freely by scientists who felt the secret needed to be shared.Note that Germany

How did cricket change over the last 100 years?

From time less test matches to Five days test cricket to 60 over ODI cricket to 50 over ODI to T20 cricket has been constantly changing. In last hundred years the changes were progressive and in last 40 years they were drastic and

How did people train their bodies to be physically fit in ancient times?

I'm only speaking for Ancient Greece and Rome, as this is all I'm familiar with...Although iron bars may not have been incorporated (smelting was rather primitive), the ancients did have weights. They trained with kettlebells and heavy items like rocks, livestock, filled containers (sacks, pots, boxes), and bigger, heavier

How do historians know that anything happened?

Almost all historical knowledge comes from written/printed sources. It's not history if it doesn't. How does one know if what is written or printed in a source is true? The best single test is to ask what motive did/does the writer have in recording the information?

Was the purpose of Magellan to circumnavigate the globe, or was it Elcano's decision?

Magellan's intention was just to sail to the Indies, probably to return the way he came. This was given up because the ships were insufficiently seaworthy and manned, and because the Pacific Ocean was much wider than expected. Although in fact one of Magellan's ships did try to return to Mexico, but averse winds made this impossible.

What are a few things each country is famous for?

USA - Hollywood movies, music, pop cultures, fast food, military.Canada - Mapple syrup, mapple trees, politeness.Mexico - Sombero hat, taco/nacho, Aztec.Argentina - Football.Brazil - Football, samba, Amazon forest, favela.Cuba - Communism, old cars, Castro.England - Language, music, overtanned tourists, Shakespear.Ireland -

What are some common historical misconceptions?

Invading Russia during winter is an impossible featIt's a generally accepted historical rule that you should never invade Russia during winter unless you wish to accept sheer and utter defeat like Napoleon in 1812 and Hitler in Operation Barbarossa. However, this is not true. Throughout history, though not often, different armies

What are some common misconceptions about the Middle Ages?

There are a number of other interesting answers almost all worth reading. Like the others, I find it impossible to confine myself to a single point because the misconceptions about the (misnamed)

What are some common misconceptions about World War I?

The Britain, France and the Allies are the good guys. The Germans, Austria-Hungarian and the Ottamans are the bad guys.Oil reserve in the mesopotamia region (under the control of Ottoman Empire) was well known. For example George Bernard Reynolds drilled an oil well in the region in 1903.Around that

What are some common misconceptions about World War II?

One very common misconception is that battleships were highly vulnerable to attack by aircraft.The modern version of events has it that battleships were easy targets for dive bombers and torpedo bombers and that they succumbed easily to such attacks. This is why battleships vanished from the navies

What are some hidden secrets of historical kings?

Did you know how Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan mourned his beloved wife Mumtaz's death? He immediately married one of his cousins! So much for true love! It is said that Shah Jahan's favourite wife Mumtaz died at the age of 39, after giving birth to her 14th child

What are some of the longest kept secrets in world's history?

In Chinese Song Dynasty, Did Song Taizong (The second Emperor of Song Dynasty, and the little brother of Song Taizu, the first Emperor of Song Dynasty) kill his brother in order to inherit the throne, remains a mistery.If you open the history books (Official), you may find that something about the death of

What are the most common misconceptions about globalization?

A single world government is the inevitable goal of a global economy.This is by far the most common misconception people in the west, primarily conservatives, have about globalization. It does not matter how diverse nation-states are, or the recognition and respect for their existence

What did Hitler think of India and Indian people?

Hitler was a megalomaniacal, opportunistic, genocidal, racist arsehole with a penchant for inventing a number of theories based on lies with his Nazi pals and repeating it long enough to convince those around him (and even himself) that they (his theories) were facts.His views regarding Indians were similar to those held by him for Slavic people.He considered

What events are VERY important to your nation, That only very few from the rest of the world have ever heard/learned about?

ANZAC DayEvery year on April 25th both New Zealand and Australia pause for a day to commemorate an event which happened 104 years ago and to pay respect to all those who have served in the armed forces of either country.It's

What is the best kept secret in the history of the World?

The history of the world since Atlantis is the we are gods. The same consciousness of god is in each of as as individualized consciousness. If we knew we had the same creative forces within, we would not need churches. They would not need to exist as The Spirit

What is the most invaded country in history?

Italy is a good candidate. The following is a list of military campaigns conducted in what is now Italian soil by powers, armies and States that are not historically based in Italy and that are not generally considered of

What is the name of the world's oldest tree?

The planet's trees have seen plenty of history pass by their trunks. In fact, they began to populate Earth 385 million years ago, toward the end of the Devonian period. Considered living historical records, the organisms can withstand generations of development and change.But which tree has been around the longest?Until 2013, the oldest individual tree in the world

What was the weirdest restriction placed on people serving in the Los Alamos installation during World War II?

No more babies.Well, almost. It didn't reach the level of restriction per se, but General Groves and Oppenheimer tried to make Los Alamos a sort of

What were some of the big secrets in world history which only got revealed later on?

Try this on for size: The smoking gun that links 911 to the Saudis, Hillary Clinton, and Bush family that the FBI has known about, and covered up for 15 years. These two links spell it out for you if you are willing to read: and

What's the easiest way to learn history?

You're probably going to hear a lot of people say that you need to read and watch documentaries and stuff, which is completely true, but what is more important is having the right mindset. You need to always remember that you are

What's the longest war that has ever been fought in the history of the world?

There was this cross - Mediterranean disagreement.Rome and Carthage Sign Peace Treaty Ending Punic Wars After 2,131 YearsABIB FAKHRI February 5, 1985TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) _ More than 2,000 years ago the Romans overpowered the Carthaginians, razed their ancient capital, plowed its ruins into the earth and sowed the soil with salt so nothing could grow again. On Tuesday, modern

What's the world's longest-lasting religion?

While Hinduism might indeed be the oldest one out there, the fact remains it was not attested in literature until towards the end of the Pre-Common Era.If we were to go on purely on whatever we get written testimonies about, I would say the cake

When history has proven a misconception of historical characters and events, is it not the duty of historians, documentaries and especially educational systems to bring forth the correction for the sake of ending ignorance?

Yes. We do a very poor job of teaching history in our schools. Christopher Columbus, for example, was idolized. We were never told how he killed and enslaved the natives of the lands he

Which country has the longest period of history in the world?

The honorable mentions first:USA- Unchanged political system since 1788 despite many parts of the present USA being parts of other nations or entities then.Iceland- Strong unchanged national identity since 1814Israel (and Palestine)- Holds the oldest continuously inhabited city, Jericho (inhabited since 11000

Which is the oldest sport in the world?

In South Africa, a part of the Great Escarpment that surrounds the South African Plateau is called the Drakensberg Range. It serves the eastern end of the land traversed by hunting-gathering San people, though many of them has been converted to farming since 1950s by the

Which part of the world has the longest history of peacefulness?

The parts of the world with very little humans - such as the ones in Arctic and Antarctic circles, along with sparsely populated islands in the Pacific. I will take this question seriously and will use it as an opportunity to explore world history such as why Costa Rica doesn't have an army and why Japan was spared of

Why do some developed countries' people think they know things better than developing countries' people?

Now, firstly, let's be clear here: We're obviously not talking about the marjority of people in any country here, we're discussing the reasons for such views, that are held by radical minorities. Or so I'd like to believe.And now, what I think could be the answer: Because they think that if the developing countries are poor then

Why has the West been so successful over time?

Fascinating question with so many possible answers. I'm going to assume you are referring to material success, because success could also be defined in many other different ways (mental health, spiritual etc). The West can be taken to mean mostly North America

Could a person from 5000 years ago learn high school math and physics? 10,000 years ago? 50,000 years ago? 100,000 years ago?

If you are teaching someone high school mathematics, but they're having a deeply existential crisis over the concept of

Could Usain Bolt be the fastest human to ever live?

Using the extrapolation method Usain Bolt may not be the fastest human being to ever live. Biologically, Bolt is a descendent of people of African origin who migrated to the Americas only a few hundred years ago through slave trade.

Did royal arranged marriages ever turn to love marriages?

Yes hell yesThere were some cases in ancient royal Chinese families which the emperor fell madly in love with his wifeConsort Donggo (1639 – 23 September 1660) ,Consort Donggo was born in the Manchu Donggo (董鄂) clan, which was under the Plain White Banner of the Eight Banners.

Did the USSR accept gay people?

Officially, no, except a brief period between 1922 and 1936.Homosexual relationships between men were always frowned upon, and were criminal offense in before 1918 and in 1936­–1993 in Russia and all other USSR republics according to penal codes. Practically, this article was not

How many human species existed 100,000 years ago?

I am not exactly sure what you are asking. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think you are asking the following:

How would modern drones be used in World War II?

Imagine how the Pacific carrier battles would have been if one side or the other had drones, or both did. The question is unanswerable in a way, because to have drones you would also have to include the technology that produced them. That technology would have had an affect on all the other weaponry as well.

Is there anywhere in the world where a 7 day week is not observed?

The Soviets actually experimented with various sized weeks. The thinking was that if the size of the weeks changed that would make it impossible to observe Sunday as a religious day of gathering (or Saturday for the Jews), this was a part of the general campaign to eliminate religion from the "Soviet Paradise"At first

What are some examples of learned helpelesseness in the modern world?

There are many examples of learned helplessness in the modern world.Instead of walking long distances we will use a transportation vehicle.Instead of hunting other animals we will buy our meat in the supermarket.Instead of cooking we can buy ready-made meals or visit a restaurant......

What are some of Europe's most important contributions to the world?

Interesting Question, thanks for a2a.There are so many nearly everything is connected to Europe. But i go with:Science (Greek)Maths (div.)HygieneMedicine  (Greek, Swiss)Aufklärung - Age of Enlightenment (French, German)World Wide Web (British, created in Switerzland, proto type USA)Democracy (Greek)Exploring the worldTime (second) (Swiss)SteelConcrete /

What are some unknown facts about Kerala and Kerala people?

Lets start from the beginning. Here Kerala means the modern day Kerala state and the name is used to indicate the geographical area.People inhibited Kerala from 10,000 BCE. The dolmens of Marayur are a testimony of the stone age inhabitants. Similar burying grounds

What are the best overviews of modern world history?

Not the easiest readings but two stellar books that give a true overview are 1) Paul Kennedy, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers (1500-now) H.G. Wells, The Outline of History (from the Big Bang - 1920) and

What is India's worst contribution to the world?

A2Aed by Anon.IMO, None.All of India's man-made things like corruption, population, illiteracy, casteism and so on are its worst contributions to itself.The good thing about other countries, especially the developed ones, is that they only absorb the best of the world. So they have happily

What is man's greatest achievement of all time?

The Voyager 1 space probe. On August 25th, 2012, Voyager 1 crossed the heliopause and became the first man made object to enter interstellar space. After 37 years, it is still receiving and sending data to us on Earth. If all traces of life

What is war's greatest achievement?

Perhaps one of the longest lasting achievements of many wars is technological and scientific progress that takes place during conflict.  Consider tanks in WW1 which later gave us tractors and massively improved agriculture, thus allowing considerable increase in world populace.  Or WW2 - atomic bomb and rocketry that later

What is your character assessment of Rasputin? Historians please.

Sadly, this is just too complicated to answer quickly. Based on all I've been able to ascertain (in 20 years of gathering information), my conclusion is that he was in over his head in the aristocracy and nobility of St. Petersburg - he just

Which is the first recorded murder in the history of humans?

Well scientists did discover a skull that is proof of a murder that took place about 430,000 years ago. Someone apparently took a bludgeon of some sort and whacked another person upside the head twice (thus the intent to murder and kill), and then threw the body in a pit, where it stayed for hundreds of

Who is the smartest woman to ever have lived and smartest man to have ever lived? And who do you think is the smartest between them?

I think this is a pointless question which misses the point of valuing intelligence. There are many different kinds of intelligence, knowledge, skill, etc., and generally people are good at some things and not so good at others. Intelligence isn't a one-dimensional scale where you can give someone a