What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had never lost the war?

The world if:GB made a nonaggression pact with Germany after the fall of France. Hitler never wanted a war with GB since they were Anglo-Saxons. USSR eventually surrenders to Germany. Germany realizes it cannot occupy all of the USSR so the Soviets remain in

Would you go back in time and kill baby Hitler?

What a great question.  I love the paradox or time travel and bending history to meet a desired outcome.  The problem with the question and all questions of this nature are that they presuppose something.  This question presupposes that killing baby Hitler would have yielded a better result to history.  The question completely ignores the

How would modern drones be used in World War II?

Imagine how the Pacific carrier battles would have been if one side or the other had drones, or both did. The question is unanswerable in a way, because to have drones you would also have to include the technology that produced them. That technology would have had an affect on all the other weaponry as well.