Are most yoga classes in the US really just stretching & balance classes, and not actually yoga, since the teachers aren't yogis? What percentage is true yoga?

Having studied Yoga history for many years, a few patterns became obvious to me. The first is that Yoga has never stayed the same, and each generation of new practitioners has changed it based on their experiences and discoveries in practice, and based on the changing needs

Are there any exercises that would alleviate pain from an SI joint injury caused by deep stretching during yoga?

Hi I would advise getting medical advice first and then based on that advice build up an exercise programme. I know someone who damaged their SI joint in a fall and found the best exercises were those devised by Thomas Hanna called Somatics. There are trained practitioners in

Are yoga, running and weight training complimentary forms of exercise?

I would rather define Yoga as a practice that impacts mental, physical and sprititual aspects. Yoga is highly mistaken to be a form of excercise. From many of the experiences i have read, yoga keeps one fit mentally and physically. i presume yoga provides strength, flexibility and endurance. 

Can hot yoga help to lose weight?

Yes, yoga can help to lose weight and to know more about yoga poses and their benefits for weight loss visit this article.Can Hot Yoga lose weight?Performing yoga in a heated room will burn more calories and make you sweat is performed in a heated room.

Can six packs be formed by practicing yoga?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 24 days.Whether you are aiming to accomplish your exercise objectives or only

Can we continue yoga and exercise together?

What is it that you are calling as Yoga?At the time of Patanjali, people already did a lot of physical activity. Exercising the body and keeping it fit and healthy was not the only aim of Yoga. Infact, the word Yoga stands for Union. If you

Can we do exercise before yoga?

It is good to exercise before practicing yoga. It is always best to have a cold water shower before starting Yoga, specially after your exercise routine. It is also advised that you have an empty stomach condition. Depending

Can we do yoga before body exercise?

Yoga is most beneficial after a workout as a great cool down. The poses will stretch all of the muscles you just used, which can help to reduce soreness and speed healing. Because yoga focuses and relaxes the mind and body, a class is a great way to end a workout.In classical scriptures, the best

Can we reduce belly fat by yoga?

I personally don't like going to the gym - too many sweating people queuing up for equipment! Plus the expensive monthly costs! I have been using a fantastic yoga program at home, so I can do my routine whenever i like and still get fab

Can yoga and the gym be done simultaneously?

Before you start practicing yoga and side by side go to gym for extensive workout, you should know what is gym and what are its benefits and what is yoga and how it helps you.Gym boosts the blood pressure and yoga is a way to keep the blood

Can you develop abs with yoga?

"This should be interesting...

Do you need other exercise if you practice yoga?

If you are practicing yoga, then you don't need to do any other exercise. There are bunch of yoga exercise which helps in maintaining the entire body. In fact yoga can be practice by any age of group it doesn't matter whether the 3 years old child doing the yoga or old people at the age

Do you think yoga is really good exercise?

Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. It's been around for more than 5,000 years.Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation.There

Has anyone tried face yoga (or some exercise for the face)? Does it really help in lifting the face?

For everything you need to know about face yoga, I suggest you read my exhaustive guide on the topic. I'm a professional facialist and have been working with face yoga and face exercises for close to a decade.The EvidenceMany studies have documented real beauty results with face yoga and facial exercises.A study at

Health: What basic exercise can I start to stay healthy?

1) If you cannot be regular, you might as well forget about your health. Your body doesn't care if you are lazy or not. So if you don't take care of your body, your body will simply fail, and you will die sooner than the rest. 2) If you don't make time for your own

How does yoga benefit our body?

Anil has a very thorough answer below, but I'd like to add a few other points.Injury preventionYoga helps to strengthen stabilizing muscles, which is helpful for preventing and healing injury. Because a lot of Western-style yoga (really can't speak to anything else) encourages listening to your body, you are less apt to cause additional injury. It allows you to

How is yoga different from exercise?

Yoga and exercise are not the same. Today, most fitness programs teach exercises,Exercises are aimed at building your muscles and physical strength and endurance. Exercises involve repetition of certain movements aimed at building a certain group of muscles,

How many times per week should I practice yoga? I'm a beginner

Hi,the normal exercise regime advice is twice a week for maintenance and three times a week for improvement.I had particular problems with stiffness due to weight training & age (over 50) and at the start found even bending over difficult. I also had a weight loss goal so I embarked on a daily hour session of yoga. A

How often is it healthy to do hot yoga?

Here I explained the hot yoga and their benefits and to know more information about the hot yoga visit this article.Bikram yoga, you have probably heard, since this discipline has invested our gyms. This form of hot yoga very trendy developed by BIkram Choudhury, is practiced in an overheated room. Verdict: we

How often should I stretch to improve flexibility the quickest?

Many practitioners of Taekwondo will tell you to spend 10,000 minutes in a stretch before you become good at it.Personally in my experience this is true, the more time you can spend in a stretch the easier it will become.However, like in all things in life you should question

How yoga is helpful?

All-round fitnessWeight lossStress reliefInner peaceImproved immunityLiving with greater awarenessBetter relationshipsIncreased energyBetter flexibility & postureBetter intuitionWith all this and much more to offer, the benefits of yoga are felt in a profound yet subtle manner.Let me share some yoga pranayam.kapalbhati pranayam : The breathing technique involves "active exhalation and passive inhalation". During inhalation the stomach sinks

In what ways could pilates help with or complement yoga?

Great question! And thanks for the A2A!The could be several different aspects to this answer, so I'm going to try to stick to basics and be concise.Both Pilates and yoga work on joint mobilization through their respective movements.Both address muscle flexibility (and inflexibility) through the movements and poses.Both create the

Is doing yoga 3 times a week enough?

Any amount of weekly yoga observe is more advantageous than none, but."Yoga account" recommends two or three hour-long or 90-minute classes per week. Nationally everyday yoga trainer Rodney Yee suggests 45 to ninety minutes day after day but adds that a brief daily session -- even half-hour --

Is going to the gym good?

The goods first:-You'll feel a sense of purpose in your life after going to gym regularly.Discipline that you follow in the gym will make other areas of your life, such as academics, Relationships, Job, Business, disciplined too.Pushing your physical limits in the gym will

Is hot yoga better than regular yoga?

In short, it's not. Yes, you sweat more, but the detoxification idea of yoga in the most traditional sense is that you are heating up the body from the inside. Using external heat is kind of a shortcut. You may enjoy hot yoga, but it is not a strictly traditional way to practice and there are no proven

Is it better to do yoga at home or go to class (and pay)?

Most people who commit to yoga will develop a personal practice and will practice at home.If you have no experience I would recommend you attend a class. At least for a time. Alternatively go on a yoga holiday. To get some grounding.Yoga is an internal journey. You need to develop the memory of how

Is it enough to do yoga for 45 minutes for 6 days a week?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no yogi master, but the basic overview is as follows:More than simple stretches, yoga is focused on creating balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation in the body through a series of poses, postures, movements and breathing patterns. Different types of yoga require differing

Is it worth doing yoga in the morning?

Morning atmosphere provides a serene experience to do yoga. The calm and quiet fresh air instills you to practice more. But this would happen only while you are doing yoga, but not at the start of yoga. Usually, you may feel uncomfortable to start doing yoga in the morning because your body parts

Is running or hot yoga a better way to loose weight?

Here is the thing, I'm going to tell you which one is better in different ways.30 Minutes of Hot Yoga Vs 30 Minutes of a moderate jogHot Yogawill enhance your flexibility and muscular strength but it does not have a great benefit of improving your cardiovascular system.Joggingwill improve

Is yoga considered an aerobic or anaerobic exercise? Why?

What is an Aerobic ExerciseAs defined by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) aerobic exercise is any activity that uses large muscle groups. Aerobic exercise is considered when ATP (adenosine triphosphate – a small molecule that transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism), is released from the cells.The criterion measure for aerobic capacity is the

Is yoga considered exercise?

Yoga is sadly understood as some stretching exercises or different body postures (Aasanas) but it is much more than that. The word Yoga originated from Saskrit word 'Yuj' which means union or to integrate. In simple words we can say that Yoga

Is yoga just a set of exercises?

In addition to the benefits of doing regular exercises, such as weight loss, strong muscle, flexible body, free from injury, high energy & activity level, yoga promotes all round fitness & good health. Good health doesnot mean free from disease. Good health is when you lead a happy, joyful life & in

Is yoga really beneficial for everyone?

Yes, the yoga really more beneficial for everyone. Here the benefits of yoga given below and to know more information about the benefits of yoga visit this article.Main Reasons why Yoga Works.Benefits of yogaThink that we are you and me, sitting in a

Should one do a 60-minute yoga workout before or after a 30-minute run?

The answer depends on what your fitness/exercise focus is for that particular day.  What is it you are trying to accomplish? What type of run and what type of yoga will be the most effective in creating the fitness results you are looking forAssume

What are potentially harmful yoga poses?

Yeah, there are some yoga poses which are considered as harmful and are not advisable to practice also. The most dangerous ones in terms of the side effects are listed in this article.1. Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)Shoulder Stand or the Sarvangasana is believed to bring in benefits such as better thyroid and metabolism regulation.

What are some simple yoga poses for beginners?

Yoga for Beginners – Are you new to yoga? Is it true that you are searching for what is yoga? Would you like to know benefits of yoga? Do you believe that your body

What are the best yoga poses for belly fat?

Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat:Belly Fat/Stomach fat is considered to be the most annoying thing in our body. They tend to be stubborn and we get noticed by people when they look at you. Some even pass comments and embarrass you.

What are the different yoga asanas to practice at home to reduce anxiety, as I don't have time to attend yoga classes due to my hectic schedule?

Yoga is a household term at present. Irrespective of the age group, starting from the kids, teens to adults, everyone is a fan of yoga these days. People don't mind making explicit yoga trips to top yoga resorts during holidays. Many people attain yoga classes in a regular fashion. However, the maximum

What is best time for yoga activity?

When to do yoga?Discover the right moment to practice yoga . The best time, the good day. To know more information about yoga visit this article.Rather be morning yoga or evening yoga?Everyone wonders when to do yoga to be more comfortable doing their postures.At what time of day, is the body more receptive to doing yoga?Certain times

What is better: power yoga or gym?

Staying in shape is very important as it keeps you healthy, to face the daily challenges. Some of you might prefer gym workouts for men other may go for a variety of yoga asanas, but one thing is common,

What is the best exercise or yoga for good health?

Here the best yoga exercise given for good health and to know more useful information about the yoga for good health visit this article.YOGA 4 POSTURES FOR GOOD IMMUNITY!Today I come back to you with a basic subject in our health: immunity! Rich meetings that I have had with

Which yoga reduce the stomach fat?

Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly FatTadasana (Mountain Pose)Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend)Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)Naukasana (Boat Pose)Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose)Marjariasana (Cow Cat Pose or Cat Pose)Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)Shavasana (Corpse Pose)1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)Tadasana is an ideal warm-up pose. It improves the circulation of blood, thereby ensuring

What is the difference between yoga and exercise?

The difference betweenYoga and ExerciseYoga and exercise are not the same. Today, most fitness programs teach exercises, Yoga asanas, pranayama, Tai Chi, aerobics, martial arts, etc or a combination of these. Though all of these are aimed at maintaining and improving health, few understand the difference between the Yoga asanas

What is the difference between yoga and gym?

Yoga & gymKey difference: The main difference between yoga and the gym is the effect it has on the body. Yoga is effective to all organs of the body; whereas, gym is effective to only specific parts of the body.Yoga traditionally originated in India. It is a generic term for physical,

What stretching exercises can I do to relieve severe lower back pain?

Before I give you my three favourite lower back exercises, it's important that if you're regularly experiencing lower back pain, that you get a physical therapist to assess your back and determine the root cause.Okay, here are my favourite lower back stretches:Cobra StretchThe cobra stretch

What yoga exercises help improve balance?

The most important thing is to enjoy practicing balance, which means having fun with it. Rather than trying not to fall (which leads to boredom or anxiety) focus on relaxing and playing. If you learn to enjoy practicing balance, you will practice

What yoga postures help with back pain?

Starting in tabletop position on your hands and knees, alternate between arching your back and rounding it as you push down on the floor with your hands and tops of your feet. These postures help to massage the spine, while also stretching the back and the torso. These postures are a great way to

What's the better form of exercise for people over 50, pilates or yoga?

They both have huge benefits to anybody of any age but once you're over 40 (or 50) the best thing about both is that they are low impact.Basically, kind to your body and your joints !Great thing is too, both can be done easily from home if you can't afford classes or personal training.I do both and this is

Which are the best yoga exercises in the morning?

Yoga derived from the word Yuji meaning union is a well-known practice that connects the mind, body and soul using various poses, meditation and disciplined breathing. The word found its first mention in the oldest Indian scripture – the Rig Veda. This practice has been prevalent for centuries and for the

Which is better for weightloss yoga or weight training?

Yoga is definitely good if you are looking for sound body and mind but if you are some thing in to quick fat loss and toned up body Yoga cannot be the best choice from my perspective. As a fitness expert I have been

Which is better: yoga or gym?

I consider myself qualified to answer this question. Since i have practiced both of these.I have been doing the gym from past 3 years or so. It used to be my daily routine until Dec last year. Starting 2015 i decided that i will try yoga just for

Which is better, yoga or gym, for the growth of the body?

Here are some strong point which shows that yoga is better as compere to Gym.Yoga will help tone your body but while it's doing that, it also helps you to be truly in the moment and infuses your spirit with positive energy. A gym workout is focused primarily on improving your body's physical condition.The twisting, stretching

Which is the best way whether yoga or gym for fitness? Why?

Both are equally good routines for fitness. Understand that fitness is closely associated with regularity and discipline along with your diet. If you are taking a proper diet then it will be really helpful in bringing out the efficiency for any exercise you do.Yoga - If you want to improve your overall health, both internal and external, while finding

Which Yoga exercises should I do for fat loss?

My opinion All Yoga Asanas are Helpful to stay in Health and for weight loss.All Yoga's are helpful for reduce fat in our body.Check the Below 10 Yoga and their benefits practice daily you are definitely loss your fat in

Which Yoga pose will tone my stomach?

You may do cardio regularly and have a healthy diet that's low in fat and high in protein, but find that your routine is lacking something. The regular practice of yoga is not only a relaxing way to build a stronger mind-body connection, but it can help you develop a stronger core.

Why do people practice yoga?

Many Intellectual out there have so many things to say but being a YOGA STUDENT I can tell u my experience with yoga.Back in the days I used to get some criticism for being skinny and weak. So it was my 11th grade and I chose Physical Education as my optional subject. And starting

Why does my body feel lighter after doing yoga?

Know it or not, we often carry tension around with us – be it in the shoulder blades, lower back, or the neck. It almost feels an unavoidable part of modern day life. A little yoga, meditation or even a few simple, regular stretches can make the world of difference. Your body feels lighter, brighter, restored. And no one

Why is gym a more popular tool for fitness than yoga?

Yoga versus Gym| 7 Clear Differences and BenefitsPhysical activity is very important in the current life style to keep up good health. Health experts advice to take up exercises, sports or yoga as part of daily routine for a healthy living. But

Will Yoga make me be able to lift my body weight faster than weight training?

YOGA FOR WEIGHTLOSS? – SOMETHING NEW TO CONSIDERAside from the popularity with celebrities and thousands of studios popping up from East to West, there is something that sets yoga apart from the crowd when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Though yoga is

Will yoga make me fit?

Hi, do you want to collect more information regarding meditation and yoga? Then I can supply you with a perfect answer to get to know regarding meditation and yoga. Simply go to google and type: "Mindyoga4u" to discover what exactly is meditation. I was very much amazed with them

Would you choose yoga over gym?

Hi,I prefer a balance of the two. Both the forms of exercises have their benefits. Let me try to make readers understand the difference:Quick weight lossIf you want to lose weight fast, I think gym will be better. But again, you need to watch what you eat. Yoga

Yoga or gym - which is better for reducing belly fat?

When it comes to weight loss, me and most of my friends have tried and tested everything from GYMing to DIETing.Result - NOTHING REALLY WORKS!While some of us find it hard to restrict our diet, others believe strenuous forms of exercises just

Yogis, can I start doing yoga on my own as a beginner or is it best to pay for yoga classes with others and a teacher?

You can start on your own. ... I know more than one admirable yogi who got his/her start by referring solely to books or videos. Many people feel intimidated by the idea of going to a group class (though, after some time with yoga, you will realize there's no need for shyness!).BUT!Although you CAN start on

Are most yoga classes in the US really just stretching & balance classes, and not actually yoga, since the teachers aren't yogis? What percentage is true yoga?

Having studied Yoga history for many years, a few patterns became obvious to me. The first is that Yoga has never stayed the same, and each generation of new practitioners has changed it based on their experiences and discoveries in practice, and based on the changing needs of society.The second pattern I saw is related to this one, and

Are there any cases where yoga really improved vision?

thanks for asking question. Improvement in eyesight is one of the side good effect of yoga. Its a technology that makes human a human and spiritual person.I improved my eyesight...Believe in shiva and do can do it with in 9 months with daily pranayama....Shiva is

Are there yoga and pilates workouts in Xbox Fitness?

Yes,There are definitely programs for Yoga & Fitness on the xbox platform.You can read more about them hereXbox One Yoga - Xbox fitness yoga program - The Nirvana YogiXbox Fitness launches new YO:30 yoga workout for balance and strength

Ashtanga Yoga: Do I need to have a veggie diet for yoga practice?

Unless you want a pig to eat your child, you better not eat that pig's child!A lot of people get offended when we say "YES, YOU 'HAVE TO' STOP KILLING ANIMALS"Yoga is all about respecting the 'body.'When you can not

Ashtanga Yoga: Is yoga a good alternative for gym?

By nature, I am not a comparer. Everything has its plusses and minuses in my book (except, of course, yoga which is all plusses!). So, while I am not anti-gym, I do think that yoga kicks the gym's derrière on every level, and you can kick

At what frequency should I practice yoga?

After observing students at our studio for over 8 years and dovetailing that with my own practice I suggest the following:one one hour or 90 minute class a week in most any style more vigorous than restorative yoga is for fun.two one hour or 90 minute classes a

Can Christians do yoga?

NO,YOGA GOES AGAINST CHRISTIAN FAITH.IT IS VIOLATION OF 1ST COMMANDMENTYoga is seen as a secular form of meditation and hence many practice it as an exercise regime, irrespective of religion . My attempt is to portray the Catholic church's view

Can I do exercise and yoga together? If so, what is the right order?

HELLO ,I'd like to tell you how an exercise protocol should be made .WARM UP >> STRETCH>> STRENGTHEN >> COOL DOWN / RELAXYoga has a much greater stretch component than other excercise forms .. for instance take surya namaskar , if you do it properly , your quadriceps , hamstrings , calfs , back extensors , abs

Can I do modern exercise and yoga together?

Yes of course you can do gym workouts and yoga and all that you like as long as you have the stamina to do it all. But I would really like to know why you want to strain yourself so much. Why

Can I do yoga after exercise?

Yes, Of course you can do yoga after exercise but give some break after exercise and also take 10 to 15 min. break after each and every yoga pose. Continuation could be harmful or painful for your body and it could make you feel tired.

Can I do yoga and exercise on alternate days?

Absolutely! I'm a yoga teacher and I actually like to combine the two when practicing at home. I'll warm up with yoga poses then incorporate some form of exercise (strength training, weight lifting, an online class, an exercise app, etc.) and then I'll cool down with yoga at the end.I also take yoga classes several days a

Can I do yoga just after walking?

For months together, I spend an hour for walking in the early morning, followed by yoga workout including Surya namaskar. I become fully energised & active& happy. Morning walk & yoga which are complementary to each other help me to reduce blood sugar , contain BP within desirablelevel, improves respiratory power, tone up & strengthen the

Can I get fit just by doing yoga?

What Is Fitness?Before you can prove yoga keeps you fit, you must first define what "fitness" actually means. This isn't a simple task. Ask eight different physiologists, and you'll hear eight different definitions, says Dave Costill, Ph.D., one of the first U. S. researchers to rigorously test the health and fitness benefits of

Can I learn yoga without yoga Classes?

Reading the last comment really took me aback more than the others. While there is good advice spronkled throughout theae answers, I am asking that you take the time to read this post to get a different viewpoint from a yoga teacher with appropriately 4,000 teaching hours of Hatha, Ashtanga,

Can I really do yoga at home?

Yoga is one of my favorite physical activity, to be very honest I use to found gym and cardio very tiring. I jumped from doing Zumba to aerobics then cardio I even tried to go to gym but I use to get so bored. I don't know why but I really used wait for it to end. I

Can we compare yoga and gym?

On the basis of results we can but not on the basis of exercises. We can compare yoga with the free hand exercises of different sports like cricket football etc.Yoga is a completely different set of practice than the gym, the physical workout in yoga is completely different from or any other.Yoga helps us in different categories and one

Can we do exercise and yoga on same day?

If you are talking about doing rigorous physical exercises, it is generally advised to do them first. Your body is very actively engaged and metabolism goes high in such cases. Once you finish your rigorous exercises and close it with some relaxing & stretching components, you would be

Can we do exercise before yoga?

It is good to exercise before practicing yoga. It is always best to have a cold water shower before starting Yoga, specially after your exercise routine. It is also advised that you have an empty stomach condition. Depending on the Asana that you practice, this should range from 0-4 hrs. If you meet

Can we do yoga before body exercise?

Yoga is most beneficial after a workout as a great cool down. The poses will stretch all of the muscles you just used, which can help to reduce soreness and speed healing. Because yoga focuses and relaxes the mind and body, a class is a great way to end a

Can yoga and other exercises be done at the same time?

HelloYes you can, but that should not be the heavier exercises.How I do practice yoga ? Let me tell that will fetch answer for thisLoosening exercises:- I start with loosening exercises that is like jumping,running,hand stretching,hip bending,leg shaking,head rotation ,hand rotation and so on.Surya namskara: the

Can yoga compensate less sleeping? Does less sleeping (with regular yoga) harm the body?

Sleep is nothing but a period of absolute rest for almost all parts(except some involuntary muscles, brain etc). It also is a period of regeneration & rejuvenation. Thud it is very necessary.However, the yogic asanas Shavasana mimics sleep. It is further also accepted

Can you do exercise and yoga daily?

Most people practice yoga to improve flexibility and balance, relieve stress, and reduce aches and pains. But yoga also can help your clients lose weight.While yoga generally doesn't burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercise, it does have a positive influence on the mental aspects associated with

Could yoga practice help to decrease my anxiety?

Thanks Jessica Fontoura for asking this. Yes, yoga can help to regain mental and physical well being as a complementary therapy. Please do not stop taking your medicines without the consent of your doctor. Include yoga to your daily routine (better if you do it with a like minded

Do I need to go to the gym if I practice yoga and ride my bike?

There were many people in the days before gyms that were strong and healthy.  A gym is merely a convenience - they have all of the equipment in one place, with an environment that promotes training and exercise.Try a calisthenics workout if you'd like to integrate strength

Do you need other exercise if you practice yoga?

If you are practicing yoga, then you don't need to do any other exercise. There are bunch of yoga exercise which helps in maintaining the entire body. In fact yoga can be practice by any age of group it doesn't matter whether the 3 years old

Do you practice yoga?

I've been practicing yoga for 6 months or so and it's been the best thing I have done for my body and mind. However I do more intense yoga, 1h a day.It helped me with my spine issues.Helped me build upper body strength that I was lacking.It made me more organized during the day

Does hot yoga help burn more calories than other forms of yoga?

Weight loss is a byproduct of yoga. To do weight loss you shouldn't learn yoga. There are other physical workouts which are best suited for weight loss.Yoga is much deeper than what commercial yoga classes call it

Does the fixed firm yoga pose help shape your legs?

No. The only thing it will do for the legs is stretch the front of the quads, which has the benefit of alleviating back pain if you suffer from slouching typically caused by frequent deskwork. If done properly it will also strengthen the core.I recommend following it with ananda balasana to reset from the back arch.If you

Does yoga alone helps us reduce weight?

Hi...I'm not sure what type of yoga you are referring too but personally following a severe ankle injury which required surgery where I was off my feet for 5 months in which I gained 18lbs. I researched what would benefit my ankle because I now had

Does yoga help improve your fitness?

Yes, yoga can help in improve your fitness as it is an excellent complement to any other form of physical activity. Yoga is a beautiful practice that both strengthens and stretches your muscles and fascia to create a strong and limber body.If you're looking to yoga for fitness, watch for the words

Does yoga help increase flexibility?

If you are one of these people that love to work out, you should understand the importance of being flexible. Flexibility will also help prevent injuries. As mentioned earlier, sometimes you strain your muscles just to finish a movement. When you are flexible, your muscles are able to move with more freedom leading to fewer injuries.

Does yoga help reduce thigh and arm fat?

Starting on with the yoga health endeavor, you might be having the common question like,

Does yoga help to full everyone?

Yoga is a full body and mind changing acrobatic art that gives you a peaceful mind. Yoga practice is a revitalizing exercise that gives total rest to the mind, brain, nervous system, senses, and body. whatever age you are in,

Does yoga solves heart problems?

Yes.Yoga has cure for many problems ,a man face in day to day life.coming to the heart problems, there are different types of heart problems ,may be different symptoms, the best solution for this is PRANAYAMA.There are many pranayama(think 7 related to reduce these heart problems), in which Anulom vilom pranayamakapalabathi pranayama can hep

Does yoga usually cause muscle aches? Is it okay to practice yoga when it still hurts?

This is quite an interesting topic for me; as just last week I was in an advanced training with an Iyengar based teacher, and my own practice is Dharma Yoga (a traditional Hatha Yoga practice with some similarity to Sivananda school).

Fitness experts: what sort of weekly routine would you recommend to combine weightlifting and yoga?

I think this depends significantly on your goals, which I'll have to infer. It seems you're disappointed that you lost some balance strength and/or flexibility during the weight training. It also seems that you enjoyed the lifting or you wouldn't be asking how to maintain it, going forward. I will make another assumption: that you've done yoga longer

Gyming vs Yoga?

I think for burning fats, cardio and weights training are best.Cardio instantly burns up the fats, whereas weights helps build muscles, which inturn utilize the fats through out the day, even when we don`t exercise.Yoga on the other hand helps bringing flexibility to muscles and relaxes the body.An exercise routine

Hinduism talks about various types of yoga like karma yoga, dhyana yoga, sankhya yoga, hatha yoga, and bhakti yoga. What do they all mean?

Yoga essentially means union - the union that happens when the individualized Consciousness (jeevam) merges in the supreme Conciousness (deivam). This has been alluded to in many many ways in the Hindu scriptures. This yoga is the essence of the eternal spiritual duty (Sanatana Dharma) of humankind