Hey, I need your help if you can. I just want to launch my own YouTube channel related to India's serious problems. My team always disturbed me and did not stand with me. They always leg pulling of me but I have no other choice. What should I do?

I started my YT channel Clash Guide when I was working with HDFC Bank, every night I would sit down on my bed with my laptop and a mobile, would look to make an advancement in YT.It doesn't matter what your colleagues have to say

How to get views on a freshly made YouTube channel

I went to Vidcon this past week, and here's my advice:Since competition is stiff, focusing on the Long Tail is generally recommended.Instead of guessing potential titles that you might think are good, use Google's Keyword Tool and

I have found videos on my 14 year old son's iPad of him touching himself. What should I do?

You need to have a serious talk with your son. While masturbation is a natural for a 14 year old to do and completely appropriate activity in private, recording it can land him in very serious trouble. While age of consent is different in different countries and sex may be

My 17-year-old cousin has a YouTube channel of 300k subscribers and wants to pursue as a YouTuber full time and want to leave studies after 12th standard. What advice do you have for her?

If you don't care about jargon and technical stuff, skip to the last two paragraphs.Before I begin, I just want to help with some of the jargon: CPM is cost per mille (thousand views) in advertising and an MCN is basically a Youtube company that does

What kind of fitness videos can get more subscribers for a fitness YouTube channel?

Hello,Firstly you have to determine in what direction you have to go, there are various types of videos in fitnessWorkout Motivational VideosSpeech Motivational VideosFitness Educational VideosRecipe Preparation VideosAs soon as you finalise the category on which you have to work second step is to make sure you record best pixels which is 4K so that your video can set

Why is my YouTube channel not growing? I am doing my best to make high caliber videos but I am still not getting the views I feel the video deserves. I am beginning to lose hope after being on the platform for years now.

Hey, just looked at one video posted 2 weeks ago and I have the following suggestions:I won't watch the intro if you aren't going to talk to me in the first 3 seconds. I had to wait for almost a minute for all those scripts to scroll through!!Your sound is

How to get more views for YouTube videos

Ask your audience what they wanna see.Use a blog or a website to promote your videos.share your videos through social media.Email your video to your friends, family & coworkers.pick tags that will be good for SEO.choose a good thumbnail.Make your title short & interesting.Write a good video

When I watch YouTube videos, the volume keeps repeatedly lowering for about three seconds. It doesn't matter which browser I use and it only happens with YouTube videos. I'm using Windows 10 on a Dell laptop. Why is this happening?

This is one of those crazy weird issues that's almost impossible to figure out.With that said, I'm suspecting that it might have something to do with your down arrow key being actuated somehow. The Up and Down cursor keys control the volume slider in YouTube, and is specific to YouTube. I guess it's