Animal Behavior: Why do parrots dance?

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Are animals better than humans?

Maybe on one level they are. Each level of life on the earth-inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human-is more complex and possesses more qualities than the one(s) before it. Man has a trait that exists nowhere else in nature-ego. We also have the ability to remember the past and plan for the future.When

Are animals human?

Are animals human? No. Are humans animals? Yes. Think about it as a rectangle and a square. A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not necessarily a square.Edit: The question was changed from

Are human and animals really different?

Humans are animals. This is a plain and simple fact. Humans are animals. We are not "really different." We are not different at all. We are animals.All the traits that define whether something is an animal, we possess them all.We like to place ourselves on a special pedestal and forget this simple fact because we have language and tools.We

Are humans the best animals?

That's the problem, where so damn good we don't know how to control it. We can find the most powerful excuses to abuse your young and hit them. We can find the strongest reasons to self terminates ourself. We can find the best reasons to cheat on our

Are humans the only species that get addicted to substances?

Definitely not! Read on!!Sydney has quite a rat problem. They arrived with the First Fleet and have been endemic in the dock areas ever since. They are pretty damn big,It has been discovered that not only does the rat poison "warfarin" not kill

Are wild animals afraid of fire?

Generally Wild Animals tend to avoid Bright Light in The Darkness, & also During The Hot Afternoons in Summer Season they will Relax under a Tree or in a cave or in a hole dug underground to get rid of The Hot Sun by Panting, The Wild animals will

Can animals be tickled?

Yes. Most other primates laugh when tickled, but note that their laughter may not sound like laughter to us. Chimpanzee laughter sounds more like panting and breathing: our vocalized laughter may be a side effect of the changes to our voice box that help us talk.

Can animals communicate with one another?

Of course they can. Life would be pretty miserable to all species on earth if they were unable to communicate. We can only communicate with a percentage of humans because of language barriers so must rely on other non-verbal methods to get by, animals do all

Can animals comprehend ideas?

Some can. My dog Mudge could understand (,comprehend,) my thought and action.Current dog Candy does not like water. Sometimes, I used to tease her that I will give water. It knows the words so well, that she use to react (,even when no pipevor other water source is around).I

Can animals enjoy music the same way as humans can?

When I have forgotten myself and started singing while I'm doing a menial task, my cat Juno comes to find me and gazes at me like I'm a magical being.I love cows and that they seemingly cannot resist walking across a field to say hi to you. Maybe that's

Can animals talk to one another?

In the sense of speaking with words to communicate ideas and abstract concepts, then No. They can't.But they can and do communicate quite effectively using a combination of grunts, screams and all varieties in between combined with body attitudes and facial expressions, they manage very well to get their meanings across, not only their own

Can different kinds of animals communicate with each other?

Why, yes, yes they do, although their language is in large part very different from ours. Elephants, for instance, have a huge vocabulary, most of which is subsonic and is felt through their feet, if I understand the studies correctly.Dolphins are so sophisticated that each pod (family unit) has a sound that indicates that family unit,

Can polar bears, brown bears, or grizzlies interbreed?

Yes, and the hybrid is called a grolar bear or pizzly bear. Since 2006 or so there have been at least 9 sightings in the wild and some have been confirmed with DNA. There is even a DNA confirmed second generation one. We knew it could happen already from zoo studies. And there is a specimen form the 1860s

Can snakes be domesticated?

No, and I don't really think they can be tamed either. They can be acclimated to human contact, but that's about it. Keeping something in a cage does not make it domesticated.Domestication implies a species-wide dependence on humans to survive.

Can we communicate with animals?

Yes. We can communicate with animals in many ways. Physically, vocally, energetically and telepathically. Your animals certainly understand you when you talk to them. They may not understand every word of the language you speak to them, but we speak words with intent, and they understand intent.They also understand a limited vocabulary,

Do animals communicate better than humans?

I'm not a scientist per say but, personally I believe animals communicate much better with eachother, (within same species of course), than humans do. Animals are more instinctual in their interactions and communication with eachother. I highly doubt one possum tells a joke in front of a group of possums and a

Do animals feel regret?

Sultan and Mohamed Al-HelwThis is a true story that happened in 1972 at the National Circus in Giza, Egypt...Mohamed Al-Helw riding on SultanIn front of a huge audience

Do animals feel rhythm like humans do?

If by rhythm you mean the urge to move to a beat, the answer is almost never. Birds are an exception. This link features a summary of animal dance research and a video of a parrot rocking out to the Backstreet Boys: 

Do animals have intelligence?

Given that humans are animals and that we're pretty clearly "intelligent" (because --- well --- we invented the word to describe, amongst other things, ourselves), I'd say yes.If you mean, non-human animals, then the answer ends up being. . .

Do animals sweat?

In humans: fundamentally three types of sweating; mental, emotional and thermoregulatory...sometimes they occur together, sometimes not. With respect to animals, the situation is complicated because sweat gland function appears to serve the same object but in fact almost certainly does not. Thermoregulatory sweating in those animals which can be made to sweat in response

Do animals talk?

Yes they do. If you have spent time in the woods, you will be able to pick up on their communication. All animals (herbivore and carnivores) have distinct sounds or calls. If the animal is aggressive, it's sound will be very loud and powerful. They have a slightly low pitch calls, which they use for

Do animals think like humans?

Each animal species has a unique way of problem solving, even further than that would be specific breeds think differently and act/react differently.I am no expert in psychology, however i am willing to bet each individual human has a unique way of thinking. My reasoning is if everyone thought the same, we would be equal

Do cats know people aren't cats?

Yes, they definitely do. The best way to describe how cats see us boils down to cats viewing us as a mixture of a mother/provider and a dim-witted kitten. I know that seems contradictory, but it really is a combination of the two, and it also depends on whether the cat

Do dogs know people aren't dogs?

Dog apparently can discern even pictures of dogs from pictures of any other animal-including humans. In 2013, French researchers tested dogs with a series of photographs on computer screens: 3000 images of dogs of all varieties, and 3000 images of non-dogs. Backgrounds were all uniform

Do female animals menstruate?

Menstruation in mammals is the shedding of the uterine lining ( endometrium ). It occurs on a regular basis in sexually reproductive-age females of certain mammal species .Though there is some disagreement in definitions between sources, menstruation is generally considered to be limited to primates . Overt menstruation (where there

Do other animals talk to themselves?

Thanks for the A2A. It is currently impossible to know exactly how any animal thinks but some animal researchers believe that dogs and cats think in pictures. What you are really talking about is consciousness. Humans talk to themselves because they are conscious of

Have you ever had a close up encounter with a polar bear? If so, what was it like?

I, personally, have never had a close-up encounter with a live polar bear. The closest I came is that one day when I was in grade school, there was a bear in town and we all had to stay inside after school.Polar bears are incredibly large. Like, it's hard to grasp just how big a full size

How come most animals can understand commands from humans but can't speak?

Please see my answer on the topic of animal language: Kilo Victor's answer to What separates humans from other animals? We used to think it was using tools, being self-aware, language but now we know some animals do these things too.

How do animals depend on plants?

Animals are totally dependent on plants. First of all plants produce oxygen which is vital for life on earth. Then, for many animals plants are their basic food, or if plants don't make up 100 % of their diet, plants are nevertheless essential

How do snakes eat other animals?

Snakes eat by swallowing their prey.Unlike other animals, snakes don't use their teeth to bite or to chew food. Their teeth aren't designed for chewing or tearing flesh.Non-venomous snakes kill prey by constricting the animal until it suffocates and eventually dies. Constrictors such as pythons and boas have an array of teeth that are curved

How does a cheetah defend itself?

Thank you for the question Christian Martinez.Although adult cheetahs are skilled predators built for speed, as we all know, they are weaker than other big cats (lions and leopards) and hyenas which are their natural competitors. They can, and often do, steal their preys and also kill their cubs. Besides, as cheethahs rely on

How does human endurance compare to animals'?

The athletically active human being stores additional energy in their butts (not kidding) that other animals proportionately cannot. While an animal built to run at greater speeds can successfully get away from a human being with limited acceleration, a human being as an experienced hunter and athlete can track them while running

How humans are different from animals?

Basically we humans are also animals. We are just the most advanced creatures on the planet. I will try to put some points for the differentiation between animals and humans.We heve been gifted with high level of intelligence whereas animals are not.Our posture is vertical while it is horizontal in animals.Animals have accessory

How often do most animals in the wild eat?

Most animals in the wild eat when there is an opportunity to do so. This has a greater meaning than most people think. Many animals are perpetually hungry because of the quantity and quality of the food.Big herbivores like deer and

How strong are bears?

Insanely strong. Grizzly bears have been known to smash into doors and break into cars without much trouble, and if you visit the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, they have an old polar bear toy on display that was made of super-tough plastic materials that was destroyed in about a day- Polar bears

If all animals suddenly gained human intelligence, which species would come on top in a world wide war for dominance?

A very good question and one which I remember being posed years ago: I think it was in BBC Science Magazine Focus.Anyhow the answer mentioned (and one which I believe in) is the answer to this question would be (drum

If you were being chased by a polar bear what would you do?

I would slide across the ice flow with the bear hot on my arse. As he came closer behind me I would feel his hot, skanky breath on the back of my neck. I would kick my ice skates off backwards. The blades would become lodged into his ribs on either

In animal camouflage, how does it know how to evolve?

I am not sure if the way you worded the question is because of a limited grasp of syntax, or if you you see the world as being the product of

Is a fish an animal?

It's practically similar to this subject of fish frequents me.Typically I don't eat any fish on the grounds that for reasons unknown the possibility of it just disgusts me, unfortunately there was a period that I ate a fish once and in the event that you set aside

Is a polar bear bigger than a grizzly bear?

Polar bears are generally bigger than grizzly bears. A full grown male polar bear weighs around 350–700 kg (772–1,543 lb), while a female is about half that size.Grizzly bears weigh about 270 kilograms (600 lb) in the interior and 400 kilograms (900 lb) on the

Is exclusive homosexuality common within other species?

Apparently so:  Roy and Silo  Sheep, too, apparently:  "One species in which exclusive homosexual orientation occurs, however, is that of domesticated sheep (Ovis aries).[9][10] "About 10% of rams (males) refuse to mate with ewes (females) but do readily mate with other rams."[10]"  (~wikipedia)

Is homosexuality observed in animals? Is it steady orientation or occasional behavior, and which is more common?

Before anybody jumps all over me:No, I am not saying you are evil for being gay, or bashing gays in any way. I am simply answering this question as factually as I can.This question likely came from a point that's been circulating around the internet, that some LGBT activists have said.It's something along the lines

Is intelligence a sign of evolution and is there any species of animals that might have larger intelligence than humans?

All life is a sign of evolution. Intelligence isn't any more or less a sign of it than stupidity. A worm is just as a evolved as a human. As is a begonia. Evolution doesn't have a direction or a goal. That's one of the major

Is keeping an animal as a pet actually bad for the animal?

I'll put it this way, in a non-science-y (yet a non-science-conflicting) way:Particularly for domesticated breeds of animals, by this point in their evolutionary path, it's crueler to set them all free, honestly.They're pathetically underdeveloped for the wild, compared to their wilder counterparts. I mean, pathetically.They're not as big,

Is menstruation necessarily connected with menstrual cycles in all the mammals species whose females menstruate?

The menstrual cycle is the cycle of ovulation, and, yes, there is often spontaneous abortion in many species when conditions are bad for raising young.Trying to separate a "menstrual cycle" from an ovulation cycle just cannot be done. In species who do not menstruate,

Is there any difference between humans and animals nowadays?

It depends on the circumstances like for example- in knowledge and implementing we have to say humans are growing enormously well, but also we have to consider the dark side terrorism, terrorists are more ferocious than are premium animals which include lions, tigers and cheetas and targets

Should animals be able to talk?

They do just not in our language.Every morning you wake up and hear the birds singing, they are talking to each other you just don't know what they are saying.When your pet meows or barks at you it's trying to talk to you, but they only know a

Should human beings domesticate almost all the wild animals?

Ever thought of this: Could it be that we did not domesticate the animals you mentioned, but that they domesticated us?It takes two to tango.Your suggestion to domesticate everything else tells me that you are convinced humanity has more abilities than other mammals wile infact we are the

What animal is more intelligent than other animals?

I agree with Eric, that being the ordinary crow, but his post doesn't quite cover just HOW intelligent crows are.Crows have phenomenal powers of recall and communication. If you do something to make a crow remember you (for good or ill), it'll tell the other members of

What animals are not suitable as pets?

The worst pets are, in fact, that bring harm to human lives and also those that find it difficult to adapt to the city life.Except for a Fennec fox or the trained Siberian Fox, red foxes are erratic by nature.American alligator or crocodiles make worst pets

What animals can speak excluding humans?

Generally speaking, among non-human animals only birds are able to sound human words clearly. Other animals just don't have the right-shaped mouth, tongue and vocal cords.. We had a cat who very definitely said

What animals have underrated intelligence?

Fish.I think many people believe fish to be little more than unfeeling automatons, tearing hooks out of their bloodied mouths with a careless abandon that they could scarcely tolerate inflicting on even the most reviled of their mammalian cousins, the rat.There are countless pescatarians who recoil at the thought of eating mammals

What animals kill their own young when the young don't seem fit to survive?

I covered this on another Quora answer, and will copy the relevant parts here. My answer is non-exhaustive. For more examples, see the original thread, where many posters have contributed (What animals eat their own babies?). An excerpt from The National Geographic (LINK): Indeed, mother bears, felines, canids, primates, and many species

What are some really cool ways animals defend themselves?

There's a lot of bizarre creatures on this planet, most of which have developed some sort of defense mechanism that's equally unusual.I've compiled a list of what I think the top 12, wildest wild animal defense mechanisms are.EDIT: Please be patient with the GIFs if you're interested in them. They may take a while to

What are the characteristics an animal requires to evolve intelligence?

Biological evolution is a structural experiment of trial and error game that is played by the selfish (gene) DNA so that it can survive in the given environment and ecological conditions. It is random, very very slow, since the phenotypic changes has to happen with the changes at the gene level

What are the similarities between human and animal communication?

Take a look at this answer to another question that is very closely related to yours. Terry Rankin's answer to Why is it inappropriate to call animal communication a language?If you want further clarification beyond that response, post a comment reply to this answer

What do wild animals do when they're sick, to heal themselves?

Various animals handle being sick in all kinds of ways depending on what is making them sick.  One thing most of them have in common is to rest/sleep but they all do what they have to do to increase their chances of survival.  Dogs

What happens if every other species of animals on this earth goes into extinction, except human beings? Can human beings still survive?

Probably not. The reason behind this one is, all the plants and animals including humans, play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance. For an example, trees need Co2 to do photosynthesis. How could humans alone exhale such enornimous ammount of Co2 ??? There animals help us. They too exhale Co2. As a result, the living organisms

What is a bear that is white, but is not a polar bear?

Bears have four ways of wearing a white coat. Polar bears have genetically adapted this coat as a camouflage on the ice sheets where they live. Bears can also be white due to albinism, extreme variations of their natural colors, and interbreeding with polar bears..All mammals can be white

What is a good list of animals ordered by intelligence?

The question with which we must start is: can animals with very different cognitive strengths and weaknesses be uniquely ordered by a single cognitive measure? From 2006 evidence has been gathering for a pan-primate metric by which we might be able to do exactly that. Such a metric is refereed to as

What is the cause of homosexuality in animals?

I highly recommend you read the book ‘Biological Exuberance' by Bruce Bagemihl. Sexuality evolved to facilitate reproduction, but it didn't stop there, and reproduction is not the only purpose for sexuality in a great many species, now. Theists are wrong about humans of course

What is the difference between Human and animal? Is human a animal or animal is human?

Humans are supposed to be higher version of animals. Or you can say humans are highest form of living being.This is because humans are born with four powers, self awareness, imagination, conscience and independent will.We are aware of our emotions and can control them.We

What is the importance of wild animals? How can they be protected?

The importance of wild animals does not depend on how much they can produce for us. They are important because they all even each other out into a balanced and effective ecosystem, along with abiotic factors. The apex predators are the most important, because they act as a

What is the largest bear you have ever seen in the wild?

The largest brown bear was a big coastal bear I watched through binoculars from my kayak on the Prince William Sound of Alaska. This huge boar was eating from the carcass of a dead whale and by my estimates, he easily ran 800 to 1000 lbs. It was late summer and he was putting on fat, but he would

What is the Major difference between Human & Animals?

A2A.Major differences between human and animals:-A human is more intelligent than any other animal.Humans have evolved such that they lack a post - anal tail, while all other chordates have post - anal tails. In humans, the tail is just a shortened bone and is known as

What makes an animal a pet?

What makes an animal a pet?There are funny tumblr posts, TV show lines, etc that get made into what in fandom is called

What makes us different from animals?

Your question is: What makes us humans different from animals?To preempt those who will (correctly) point out that humans are animals, I propose a more appropriate question: What makes humans different from all other animals known to us?The answer is, many things, far more than I can possibly

What's your pet's name, and how did you choose it? Does the name have any special meaning?

We named one of our dogs Tessie. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, and

What separates humans from non-human animals?

Many members of the species Homo sapiens delusionally and falsely believed/believes/will believe (often enforced by theistic/religious beliefs) that our species is the

What single animal had killed the most humans?

You might be tempted to say other humans. We certainly kill each other like there's no tomorrow, right?Well, you'd be wrong.How about wild animals, sharks or snakes? They're certainly scary. If you stop think

What wild animal kills the most people?

I would have disagree with Nick Nicholas' answer. Although flying insects like the mosquito and Tsetse fly play a essentially important part in causing disease, they do not cause the disease themselves. They are the zoonotic vector - carrying microbial disease itself - most often viruses (malaria, yellow fever, dengue, small pox), protozoan (African

What wild animals are afraid of humans?

An easier way to put the question might be

What would happen if a Gorilla attacked a Bear?

Ladies and Gentlemen..... It's getting past the point of comical to pure lunacy with respect to Gorilla encounters.Let me be as clear as possible as to what animals can

What's your favorite wild animal? Why?

An animal which is admired by the humans for its magnificent beauty and extraordinary stamina and strength, is none other than, the quadruped beast-Tiger.The tiger is a mammal and one of the largest carnivore animal, that is, it feeds only on other small animals. It is a part of the cat family. It is generally found in Asia. Tiger

Which animal is underrated as a pet?

Already mentioned in the answers: Rats.It's so true. I've had many kinds of pets. Rats. Are. The. Best.I've had three in my lifetime and when I had to euthanize my last one (she had an abscess in her throat and was unable to eat) I sobbed like I've never mourned for a human.

Which animals are more dangerous in Europe? Which animals kill the most humans in Europe?

I imagine cows kill more people than any other animal. I can't find any stats for Europe or the UK but I have seen that cows kill more humans worldwide than any other animal (excluding microorganisms/parasites like malaria etc) and I believe it. They can be surprisingly aggressive when they are with their young if

Which animals are NOT scared of humans?

There is a surprising number of animals that have little or no fear of humans. Some of them come by that lack of fear naturally. For instance, grizzly bears and American bison are local animals that tend to be unafraid of people. Neither has much to fear, either, since both are easily a match for an unarmed human.A lot

Which are the Ten most dangerous snakes for human beings?

Most dangerous snakes in the worldTo determine how dangerous a snake is, experts look at mortality, the efficiency of venom delivery, the toxicity of venom, and the snake's behavior when it encounters humans. The origin of venomous snakes can be traced back to

Which is more dangerous - a brown bear or a grizzly bear?

Grizzlies (Ursus arctos horribilis) are only slightly different to Brown Bears - in fact they are subspecies of them. They are almost the same animal, being distinguished only by their habitat and diet, and as a result by their size as well. Browns tend to be larger due to

While homosexuality is prevalent in the animal kingdom with homosexual acts observed in over 1600 species, does gender dysphoria exist in animal species as well?

Homosexual acts are common among animals, but homosexuality is found in one species. Homosexual orientation, or any sexual orientation, requires self-identification and this, in turn, requires self-consciousness. Only one species is known to be self conscious.The same is true for gender dysphoria. You can find many animals

Why are humans animals, but animals are not humans?

This question opens the door to a range of responses.One is purely biological. "Animals" are not humans for the same reason that humans are not birds, and kangaroos are not fish, and elephants are not gorillas. Each species has its

Why are humans attracted to baby animals?

Let me describe what a baby is like to a man. It smells funny. It doesn't talk. It's helpless. It's FREAKING ANNOYING. It consumes your resources. It consumes your wife's time. It hijacks her breasts. It traumatizes her female parts, putting a hiatus on your happy-fun-times with her. It competes with you for her attention. It literally shits

Why are humans called humans and animals called animals? And if any animal developed intelligence close to a human, would they no longer be called an animal?

Why are humans called humans and animals called animals? And if any animal developed intelligence close to a human, would they no longer be called an animal?There are thousands of kinds of animal: elephant, dog, fox, human, gorilla, bear... This is one use of the word human: a common name for one particular species of animal to distinguish it

Why are humans the only animals that can speak?

Humans are not the only animals that can speak.Humans are the only animals that can speak words, as we define words.Almost every animal speaks. Go out of your house in the morning and listen to the birds talking. Each bird knows what another is saying, and there are a hundred conversations going on at

Why can't animals speak like humans?

You may be surprised to learn that it is essentially derives from the fact that we have extraordinarily complex hands.WHAT? !!!Let me explain:All animals are

Why can't animals speak?

Some are physically capable of doing so--parrots and mynahs, for example, and I believe dolphins to some extent. Others--gorillas and chimps and bonobos, for example--lack the physical mechanism but can be taught to sign at a fairly rudimentary level. And yet others--dogs, for example--can learn to understand a number of

Why can't chimpanzees speak like humans?

Several reasons. First, understand that humans, like all other animals, DO have instincts. (And contrary to popular ideas, they generally obey them, too). One of the most critical human instincts when it comes to your question, is the instinct of humans to acquire and use

Why do animals talk to people?

Some believe that prior to the fall of Adam and Eve that Adam (who named every living thing (see Genesis 2:20)) that a common language existed between humankind and animals. That is supposition, and the Bible does not actually confirm this belief.In Numbers 22:28, the LORD gave human voice to a donkey.Apart

Why do elephants and other wild animals enter into the human life?

Because they are sympatric and both occur within the natural distributions of each other. See helpful Wikipedia article below.Sympatry - WikipediaTo say that humans have encroached upon habitats and areas which were formerly the exclusive preserve of animals is disingenuous and unscientific. Humans are one of the most widely

Why don't animals care about their fitness?

Talking about wild animals, their diets are still composed of whole natural foods. They still hunt for their food. A snow leapord must always be fit to get its natural diet everyday.Coming to domesticated animals, their diets or exercise routine depend on owners choice. There have been incidences

Why don't animals menstruate?

‘The girls' - hopefully you meant to say humans, and not imply that all ‘girls' of all species menstruate, and are wondering why ‘boys' don't. I'm hoping you're asking why humans menstruate, and other species don't.The answer is, some other species DO. Some species of bats menstruate, and so does the elephant shrew. The reason why

Why don't people care for animals?

Because they are lacking in empathy and do not understand or accept or believe that animals are sentient beings who feel the same range of emotions as we humans do (most of us, barring psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists).Also plain selfishness and

Why is active camouflage less prevalent in terrestrial animals?

I'm not sure that camouflage occurs more often in aquatic animals than terrestrial animals, and I suppose it depends on what kind of camouflage we are talking about, as there are many kinds in nature.Whether we are talking about water or land, cuttlefish are certainly very special animals. I don't