How to check if my iPhone is being tracked or tapped

A regular house phone has lots of space to slip in a microphone transmitter! Not really possible in a cellphone, no free space!But! Your phone could be its own bug! Some Apps are able to monitor your microphone and send

Does the launch of the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and Apple Pay mean that Apple is still the most innovative consumer technology company?

One thing you can say for sure, Apple knows how to obsolete its existing equipment like no other company.  I look at a 2004 Windows PC, and generally, not that much changed, until very recently.  But, how things have changed on the Mac side of the world.As I

What are some tips for taking better iPhone photographs?

Treat your iPhone like a serious capture device, because it's probably all you have with you.Don't think like an iPhoneographer. Instead, think like a photographer. Find the best light or most interesting perspective and shoot.Don't let your phone set a focus point for you, instead,

Does the iPhone 6 overheat?

Almost every phone does heat. The iPhone's were thicker till the 5S and after it became slimmer there have been such problems. The iPhone 6 heats up while using heavy apps and if you use WhatsApp like apps for a very long time. You don't have to worry about that. The heating

Why does the iPhone need so much less RAM than Android devices?

When the user is not actively using an app, the system moves it to the background state. For many apps, the background state is just a brief stop on the way to the app being suspended. Suspending apps is a way of improving battery life it also allows

Why does the iPhone cost more than the iPad?

It's because of the matter of priority, you give for certain products.Trust me, in the rational world prices are set for the products based on the demand for that product rather than the quality.For instance, Galaxy Note 7 had great features and it costed around $1000 during the launch.

How to hack an iPhone 6's text history

I'm going Plain and helpful , because my mom is on Quora and so is my ex. Recovering the information you need is really not a big deal, but why do you really need such data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices; private life

Apple just ripped me off... Should I ever buy a new phone again?

How did they rip you off? Apple usually does everything in their power to make customers happy. Unless you went into the store and acted like a major asshole. Then they will usually do the bare minimum they are required to do. Even then, though, they will not rip you off.You don't go into any

What is the best iPhone 7 case?

Depends on what you are looking for!Going with Rhinoshield (RhinoShield Protective Cases by Evolutive Labs) isn't a bad choice at all :-)Currently using my CrashGuard, I bought a new PlayProof at Black Friday, both protection up to like 12 feet.

Will Xiaomi ever overtake Samsung or Apple in phone sales?

We cannot predict the future of anything .Agreed xiaomi is doing well in numbers but it's limited to Asian markets.Its cheap and also not so reliable.More affordable markets wouldn't prefer them.After all no body knows if they start

Why are iPhones so expensive?

(Please read the full answer)Some of the reasons areApple takes Apple tax. It doesn't go into their treasury but to the development of next iPhoneApple makes one of the most secure phones on the planet. They gonna charge for it.Apple makes its very own OS. It isn't that easy. They have to pay to their software

What are some good iPhone hacks?

If you have purchased a newer version of an iPhone you can use your older version iPhone ( After resetting to factory reset older iPhone) along with new one using the hot spot of new iPhone. What are the benefits?From new iPhone turn off apps like location services, amber alert, emergency alert,

Does Apple charge for updates on apps?

Apple has not charged for any updates on any of their apps since they all have been moved to the App Store. Prior to then they charged for updates.All apps in the App store, Apple or not, can be updated at no cost. There is no mechanism for paid updates. Companies with apps they

Why doesn't Apple launch a dual SIM iPhone?

I don't think Apple would think of space constraints, or UI changes or battery consumption to implement something as trivial as dual sim, we can say that not providing a dual sim option or extendable storage is a design decision,

Is Huawei the next Apple?

Nope not even close , Huawei is making some really good phones but they're also very shady. They're banned by US government, any one from FBI to CIA is not allowed officially or unofficially own a Hauwei device.Also Apple makes their own OS for mobile

What cell phone do you own?

Nokia 3310I am using this model since 2004. The best cell phone ever! It has all the functions a cell phone needs, and a very few ones which are unnecessary (although I would remove games - I never play them). Add high quality, signal stability, reliability, and long

Do you know any app or site that could track the location of a mobile number?

Yes, way2sms . com allows you to see the loaction of the number provided.or i have seen an app relating to the same, you can visit a linkedin group : iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet & Mobile Application Development

Why does an iPhone cost three times more than an iPad with the same capacity?

Thanks for the A2A.An iPhone costs more because...a).'s a phone. The base iPad doesn't make cellular phone calls. That costs something.b).'s smaller. It costs more to get all that functionality in that small a package.c).'s supply and demand. Apple has a right to charge what people are willing to pay.

Does iOS device(iphone/ipad) support IPv6?

As with most questions of this form ("Does $DEVICE support $FEATURE?"), it depends on what you mean by "device" and "support." iOS 4 added support for IPv6 on Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad.  Various IPv6 features have gradually been added on since then such as stateful DHCPv6 in 4.3.1.There is not support

Why is Apple's new iPad (2017) just called 'iPad'?

They did something similar with the successor to iPad 2 (not ipad air 2, ipad 2, way back when), calling it the

What mobile phones do most rich people in India use? iPhone's or Android phones?

I think this is a question of interest to many people who are either climbing the ladder of success to become rich or have come to realise that their progress graph has hit a platue.My answer is- it depends on what the rich people desire from the phone.Being rich is a very generalised term..Became rich the hard way-

Is it possible for a hacker to remotely control my iPhone?

If your iPhone is not jailbroken then it is virtually impossible for a hacker to remotely control your iPhone. I only say

Why does everyone like Steve Wozniak so much?

Because he is a genius. He's a nice man and likes to help people. I'm currently reading Steve Jobs' official biography now (I know it's a little bit late but late is better than never) and I really like Woz, he wanted to give away the Apple I to people

Should I port my cell phone number to Google voice?

I recommend it without reservation, personally.  I think there's great advantage to keeping your number on GV because it gives you so much flexibility regarding carriers without ever having to worry about changing your number.  If you get a new cell phone, there's no

Why did Apple just kill off TouchID?

Bezels:As seen in the photo below. In order to push the bezels away, smartphone manufacturers have to hide the finger print scanner. Most companies found back of the phone to place their finger print scanners. And quite honestly it is the place where you finger lands naturally.

Why do phones have to be unlocked?

International use: Unlocking your mobile phone allows you to use local SIM cards on GSM carriers. allows you to unlock your device just minutes after receiving your unlock code. You can use your mobile phone abroad just like at home.Better plan choices: Carriers raising their prices for less service and

Can an iPhone be tracked by other people?

Certainly, if enabled: How to use Family Sharing with Find my iPhoneProbably, by hacking: Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 / 10.3.1 / 10.3 / 10.2.1 For iPhone And iPad [Latest Status Update] | Redmond PieSince Apple deliberately patches exploits to defeat jailbreaking, hackers queue up exploits discovered in (jailbroken) versions of iOS before publishing

How did you unlock your Sprint CDMA iPhone from the carrier?

You will need to get it unlocked from its carrier (Sprint) or purchase a network unlocking code from 3rd party network unlock code providers.Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock iPhone using a 3rd party provider.Step 1: Where do I unlock it?You will obtain the unlock instructions from

Why is Apple better than Samsung?

Let's compare few aspects of Samsung and Apple flagship phones and you can decide for yourself. It all depends on whether the product satisfies your day to day needs and whether you can afford to buy it.OS Updates - Apple is the undisputed leader

Is the iPhone 6's display harmful for the eyes?

No,Apple wouldn't release a product that would be harmful to your eyes,Now obviously looking at your phone for an extended period of time causes you to blink less, thus making your eyes feel dry and sometimes can make you feel nauseous.Anyway, with iOS 9 Apple introduced

What would happen if Apple, Google, and Microsoft merged?

It would be Skynet! The beginning of the end. Kthulu, and Sauron, and Voldemort, all merged into one. The Borg. Sell all your electronics and move to the forest. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated

How to delete mail app from my iPhone 6+

Upgrade to iOS 10, once it becomes available. It will allow you to

Which is the best app for mobile tracking for iPhones?

KidGuard is a great one. It not only allows parents to track their children's phones but also allows them to see their kid's texts, but also allows them to see calls, websites visited, and apps used. It is also a

Why does Apple advertise white iPhones and iPads more heavily than space grey?

Whilst this isn't the sort of thing Apple would ever explain, we can theorize...I remember reading in a profile of Jony Ive (chief design officer) that he has always preferred the white variants of their products, and really pushed for them to be able to make iPhones and

How is Samsung better than Apple?

I think Samsung did a great job by introducing the edge design. Its looks great as well as innovative than the crappy match box design in every smartphone.1.Samsung is a legend in screen quality. The AMOLED screen of Samsung is by far the best screen i have seen on a smartphone.2.

What are some unknown facts and tricks of iPhone?

This's the one that I discovered myself, hust follow the steps below and enjoy a approximal effect to dark mode.General > Accessibility > Zoom > Zoom region > select Full screen zoom > swipe right > zoom filter > select Greyscale Inverted> swipe right twice >

How to fix a cracked phone screen

Here are some different ways you can fix your screen, from the lowest to the highest price:1. DIYRepair manual websites like iFixIt have several tutorials on how to fix various devices' phone screens, complete with guides on what components you should

Which phone has the best security, OS Apple or Blackberry?

iOS and BB both are considered to be highly secure OS. I have used both and would go for the latter, if you would want peace of mind.

Which phone is more secure Blackberry or iPhone?

Security is less concerned when we talk about purchasing a smartphone. We always look upon features, ease of use, price and how much handy the smartphone is.When it comes to security and securing the data off my answer from the both will be an i phone as it is the only concern of personal

Why does the iPhone cost more than other smartphones?

Use an iPhone for a month and the entire price will get justified right before you.Well, if you don't have and cannot afford one (at least in near future due to any reason), you should know a few facts about Apple.Apple itself designs the hardware that includes the chipset, cameras, display and battery as well as

Why do phones have to be unlocked?

International use: Unlocking your mobile phone allows you to use local SIM cards on GSM carriers. allows you to unlock your device just minutes after receiving your unlock code. You can use your mobile phone abroad just like at home.Better plan choices: Carriers raising their prices for less service and

Apple makes the MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, and iPad Pro. Where is the iPhone Pro?

Why do you buy Pro versions of Apple products?A MacBook Pro is better and a MacBook for music and Garage Band use than a MacBook, when you are up on stage as a musician, or when you are a wedding photographer doing image

Does Samsung like its customers more than Apple?

Try getting support from both companies and you'll realize how much more Apple cares about their customers. I've been trying to get Samsung to fix a TV and they have been a total disaster and could not care less about helping me.

Can I charge overnight my iPhone or iPad? Is it bad for the battery?

I routinely charge my iPhone overnight, that way it's ready to go for the next day. It is not bad for the battery. Virtually all electronic devices like phones and computers have battery management chips in them now to prevent overcharging and to manage the battery charge.Your

Is BlackBerry's OS more secure than iOS/Android?

To answer your question we need to define first what secure means.Android is the most diffused OS, plus it is open source. Therefore it is reasonable to state that, in terms of potential known hacks, Android is the least secure.If we keep measuring the security by the number of known vulnerabilities, most secure devices are