Is there any evidence to suggest working from home improves efficiency or productivity?

TLDR: I work from home, and I'm much more productive because of it.For most people and companies, "working from home" is a loaded statement. It carries the burden of failed attempts at trusting people to do the right thing; of lazy and entitled people wanting "special treatment" to avoid the office, the commute, and the place where

What are the best productivity tools for programmers?

We'd all like to use our time efficiently - however that translates for us: waste less time refreshing social media we ultimately don't care about, split screens to compare data without flipping between pages, or getting our 10-year plan into the day-to-day so we can feel more productive instead of just

What is the best To-Do List and Task Management application that also has Project Management features?

I'm very guilty of Productivity Porn.  I've tried nearly a dozen different websites / apps to keep track of my projects and tasks.  Each time, I feel like I've accomplished something because I spend hours recording everything I need to do.  I felt like David Allen would be proud! (Although